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Breaking free will require more than keeping her sanity. Based on a novel by Stephen King, Gerald's Game is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.
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Gerald's Game | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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6 sep 2017

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Comentarios 2 197
Lalisa Simpson
Lalisa Simpson Hace un día
Damn the trailer is so different from the movie itself. NOW I CAN’T FUCKING SLEEP OH GOD OH GOD
IAMDIMITRI Hace un día
You definitely can dislocate of break her thumbs to escape.
TS7 IS COMING Hace 2 días
the talking conscience concept was from Hush
Lalisa Simpson
Lalisa Simpson Hace un día
TS7 IS COMING And the main character in Hush is also here in this movie
Sworded demon123
Sworded demon123 Hace 3 días
50 shades of spook
Νατασα Μαυριδη
What happens in the end??
Loren xd
Loren xd Hace 6 días
Now yes now yes now yes
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Hace 8 días
Vijay Kumar
That One Girl Named Michal
Haven't watched it yet, but why didn't she try kicking the post with her foot/feet?
No One Cares
No One Cares Hace 9 días
That movie make me crazy
Karen Burden
Karen Burden Hace 9 días
Everyone concerned with this film did really well. They had two professional lead actors at the helm. Netflix is certainly upping their game, no pun intended.
MoonyDubMusic Hace 11 días
The trailer alone shows a few details that are not in the book. Is it still worth watching it?
Universal Gaming
Universal Gaming Hace 11 días
"Hey Alexa, call 911" End of movie
Yizzy Roger
Yizzy Roger Hace 13 días
Tell me netflix do I have to pay next bill🤣
AA of Hearts The Faulty Deck
Plot twist: that bedpost is super breakable, just scoot down to the side, get a leg up and kick it off. (woman)................. if we got a male specimen however, just grab the bedpost and snap it of with one arm as u pull in with the other cuffed one. (sexist? nah biologi.)
Paul Lannister
Paul Lannister Hace 13 días
I will never re-watch the movie because of the handcuff scene 😊 I'm not even that sensitive I have seen martyrs and frontier(s) French chock torture films and wasn't affected but the handcuff scene and the broken piece of glass yikes..
Noah Wachs
Noah Wachs Hace 14 días
七転び八起き Hace 16 días
Hereditary was pretty good too.. Have yet to see this
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen Hace 16 días
Looking at this milf in her silk night gown for 2 hours? Damn wtf is this? A movie made solely for me?
Alamet Haber
Alamet Haber Hace 18 días
netflix bu filmde saçmalamış neden derseniz yatak başlıkları genelde sabit olmaz metal bir baza olsaydı yani daha sağlam olabilirdi ama genede izlemeden acımasız yorum yapmamak lazım
Nicholas Conopa
Nicholas Conopa Hace 19 días
Sorry but that four poster bed coulda been broken, tapering columns create easy break points, but hey, all for the plot 😂
Skybournesoul Hace 19 días
just finished watching it... The thrill, the secrets, the vibes... it was nice...11/10 👌👌
Skybournesoul Hace 19 días
" Your not real... Your not real... You're only made of moonlight..."
BlazeiX Hace 20 días
This movie was unexpected
Raheela Yasmeen
Raheela Yasmeen Hace 22 días
This is so scary
liam davis
liam davis Hace 24 días
I'm sorry, but she doesn't appear to be that trapped, I sat through the trailer solely thinking why didn't she kick off the posts on the headboard, they're pretty thin and it wouldn't require much effort. There was no suspense in this for me.
Alexis Nicks
Alexis Nicks Hace 24 días
What...wtf...pssst bet
Hanku Gautam
Hanku Gautam Hace 24 días
the most freaking part was the ghost. Awesome movie!!
Raju Doke
Raju Doke Hace 25 días
Kal Hace 26 días
Movie suck
Onfroi Hace un mes
yeah... you should not be kinky if you're over 50
Wee Woo
Wee Woo Hace un mes
Amber Crooks
Amber Crooks Hace un mes
This movie seemed to be all about man bashing... Literally every male character was a creep,rapist,pedophile,or even devilish monster. And a sick headed man locked a woman In chains to die and against all the odds the "strong,brave,oppressed" woman conquered all of the evils that the big bad rapist man devil used to hold her down.... This movie was bull shit and it was so anti man that it made me sick.
JustRaine Hace un mes
This movie was so scary to me. Every part. Stephen King has a way of messing with your mind. Dont watch it if you are scary like me.
Cloud s
Cloud s Hace un mes
Bondage gone wrong
skawzy Hace un mes
This is why I never let my girlfriend to try that on me!
Parkoman Hace un mes
Just break the wooden poles lol
Oliver green
Oliver green Hace un mes
The haunting of woods house
Dani Hace un mes
Hearing voices and everything, but her greatest delusion was thinking her iPhone's battery would even last more than one day and a half.
Zishan Tamboli
Zishan Tamboli Hace un mes
Copy of bollywood movie
Blu Lagoon
Blu Lagoon Hace un mes
The concept is actually scary as fuck
Lemon Squeezy
Lemon Squeezy Hace un mes
Another one of those overrated movies
Carly Anne
Carly Anne Hace un mes
moments like this is when siri voice control comes in handy
Munich FX
Munich FX Hace un mes
Synopsis: Empowered, kind, young, beautiful woman breaks free from the bondage of Patriarchy, represented by her old, nasty, perverted, impotent husband. All men are evil monsters. Don't watch, it's garbage.
Another One
Another One Hace un mes
Bollywood movie "Ragini MMS- 2011"
Mexlycan Lobo
Mexlycan Lobo Hace un mes
Moral of the story: Always keep the key in reach of the handcuffed victim, just in case.
kingston bear
kingston bear Hace un mes
All she had to do was flip her legs up, kick the post to break it, home free.
ugh her mind
ugh her mind Hace un mes
imagine if she was blindfolded too oh lord
Horacio Ibarra
Horacio Ibarra Hace un mes
That’s an iPhone right? She can tell Siri to call 911
Horacio Ibarra
Horacio Ibarra Hace un mes
That’s an iPhone right? She can tell Siri to call 911
xxshinypinkxx Hace un mes
What did her father do? Jerking off? I don't want to watch the movie.
Razz Nadupuru
Razz Nadupuru Hace un mes
Manuel Nardin
Manuel Nardin Hace 2 meses
all New Magical Fantasy Adventure Movies we are watching together with my family every weekend using boxxy software and getting a good vibes
Carl Horton
Carl Horton Hace 2 meses
Fantastic film, can't recommend it highly enough !!
Maelyodas ϟϟ
Maelyodas ϟϟ Hace 2 meses
Someone help me.. this woman Clara Gugino stole my heart
مصطفى آل دليم
jolol4 Hace 2 meses
jesus I wanted to punch my screen when he was manipulating her into not telling what he did.
I make bad content - Don't Watch!
after this movie the cast went on to make THE HAUNTING OF THE HILL HOUSE
hossam ahmed
hossam ahmed Hace 2 meses
fuckin dumb movie
Elle luna
Elle luna Hace 2 meses
This movie is GREAT!
This movie is crap, the adrenaline from the fear would’ve allowed you to at least skip your hands out of the cuffs
Jess C
Jess C Hace 2 meses
The haunting of hill house cast.. feels weird lol
Kong David
Kong David Hace 2 meses
He should've just got a bj LoL
Mariamyupperz Hace 2 meses
It's the Spy Kids mama!
Einstein Escamosa
Einstein Escamosa Hace 2 meses
I realized that I need to set up siri
Brianna Hace 2 meses
“Hey Siri... call 911”....that’s all she had to do...
my fathers speak chingchong
the ending made me cry.
Keela Éire
Keela Éire Hace 2 meses
I couldn't believe what she did with her wrist and hand but I guess you'll do absolutely anything to survive. Brill movie 10/10
Gold Coin
Gold Coin Hace 2 meses
When bondage goes horribly wrong.
Traywooz Hace 2 meses
He got ligma
rnt Hace 2 meses
this movie is so fucking bad
Alice Is not my real name
shes sooooo beautiful
Kassidy Miller
Kassidy Miller Hace 2 meses
Oh lord I can't watch this
Fuad Sughayer
Fuad Sughayer Hace 2 meses
fifty shades of the caren's
Morad M
Morad M Hace 2 meses
i just anna says to everyone who said the movie is scary fuck you veru much for wasting my time
louie trujilllo
louie trujilllo Hace 2 meses
Plot twist he was playing dead and well he was pretending he really died! Lol😂😂😂😂
louie trujilllo
louie trujilllo Hace 2 meses
Lmfao Hahahaha wow!!!!
La ra
La ra Hace 2 meses
I am here after The Haunting Of Hill House 💃
Nancy minota
Nancy minota Hace 2 meses
Una pérdida de tiempo ⏳
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan Hace 2 meses
Waste of time.. lol
akhs denlew
akhs denlew Hace 2 meses
Let's see. A horror movie, a couple getting a house isolated from everything and everyone in the woods. Convinient, unrealistic and cliche. Why does it always have to be a huge house alone in the middle of the woods and nothingness? I'll go with a nope. At least she is handcuffed so she can't check the wierd noises coming from the basement, alone.... in the dark, cus that's what people would do ( not).. so that's progress.
Netchayev1869 Hace 2 meses
Lars von Trier approves that movie
Jacc Baraccat
Jacc Baraccat Hace 2 meses
im a big fan of psychological thrillers but this one is too boring to watch
Ramitachi Kun
Ramitachi Kun Hace 2 meses
Who is here Coming after finished The haunting of hill house? 😳
Anisa Ratna
Anisa Ratna Hace 2 meses
Luisa Gil Di Sabatino
wiinterflowers Hace 3 meses
God this movie was really creepy and amazing at the same time.
Virtualstylez LTD
Virtualstylez LTD Hace 3 meses
taking a movie for what it is can make it enjoyable. However if you're the type of person that didn't like " Open Water " cause two people in water for 2 hours. prepare for two hours of watchen a woman on a bed. ( no sex btw )
Arru Akhtar
Arru Akhtar Hace 3 meses
Copy of boolywood movie “Ragini MMS”
nightmuffin937 Hace 3 meses
Oh if this movie was released in theaters there is 76% chance people will walk out the movie theater in terrror and look away in screaming cringe agony on that Degloving scene
klesk173a Hace 3 meses
Stupidest movie i hav ever seen....She could of just hit the wood pole with her legs and brake it end of story..geeeeeez Look at 1.16 lol If she could easily make tat posture she could of easily break tat pole with her legs...lol
Jess Reed
Jess Reed Hace 3 meses
Ok, this was the one book I read where I was like, they will not make this in to a movie. It was the one book I was like I dare them to try. Well Netlfix. You did and you did it right.
Edgar Soria
Edgar Soria Hace 3 meses
When you actually watch the movie it looks like a horror but it's actually quite beautiful
Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf
I just finished this movie after refusing to watch it because I thought it was some Fifty Shades of Grey shit. So much better and definitely not FSOG. I loved it. What a weird movie! The marketing department should have advertised it differently.
King Diamond
King Diamond Hace 3 meses
Ok movie but not best, i saw this from netflix once, could be pretty vomit movie for sensitive stomach, i have strong stomach, i will bear watching most everything.
Stripe Hace 3 meses
Why doesn't she try standing up and slipping the cuffs out of the bars on the bed? :/
Eriplane Hace 2 meses
There's a part of the post preventing that. That was the first thing she tried.
Dylan Greer
Dylan Greer Hace 3 meses
If this movie it's proof to always have "hey Siri" on idk what else is
Alice Graham
Alice Graham Hace 3 meses
Well darn. This turned off my desire to every try handcuffs.
xCherry TV
xCherry TV Hace 3 meses
AlphaLeader772 Hace 3 meses
yup that's why i don't like the handcuff kink.
jhj pater
jhj pater Hace 3 meses
good movie
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews Hace 3 meses
This movie really surprised me. Stephen Kings adaptations are usually a big miss, but this one was really good. The flashbacks, the twist. It all was great.
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