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Whole areas washed away by the floods, entire villages wiped out, houses destroyed. More than 160 people have died. Despite excellent infrastructure and sound disaster relief, the effects of extreme weather on Germany are devastating.

On the night of 15 July, storms destroyed whole swaths of land in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Shortly afterwards, heavy rain ravaged Bavaria and wreaked havoc in the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium. Only in the days that followed did the full extent of the catastrophe become apparent.

Now, people are returning to their homes, or what’s left of them. They are overwhelmed by their own helplessness and by the force and speed with which entire livelihoods have been wiped out. Now, the big cleanup begins-which will take years. How are people in the affected regions coping?


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25 jul 2021






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nitin williamson
nitin williamson Hace 7 días
Devasting Floods in Western Europe
Rosemarie Formentera
Rosemarie Formentera Hace 13 días
Diane Dennis
Diane Dennis Hace 15 días
God didn’t do anything but what about the devil wrong thinking but God do want us to repent man will destroy there oneself!
ruxana jewoon
ruxana jewoon Hace 16 días
No one can assume to be superior inthis earth .There is no God besides the one and only creator The mighty the powerful,All praises are due to him
nino flower
nino flower Hace 17 días
I am so sorry let take care.
Miguel Boyso
Miguel Boyso Hace 18 días
So sorry sisters and brothers. We are passing through hard moments in the world. In this situations we become in one unit. We should be preparing and executing work to save ourselves, not to be rich and spend money without any sense. Respect from Mexico. We are having same trouble now.
street cat
street cat Hace 19 días
Electric cars are gonna be useless when the power is cut off
Barry Smith
Barry Smith Hace 20 días
These people need international help, at the whole of Germany should grab shovels and go there to help. They need hope.
John Pianezze
John Pianezze Hace 23 días
Amazing reporting from Deutche Welle.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Hace 22 días
Thanks for watching. We try to cover a broad spectrum of important and often difficult global issues and we really appreciate your positive feedback. We upload documentaries regularly so don’t forget to subscribe.
S. A
S. A Hace 23 días
Last days. Mathew 24 .
Raissa Sistaluk
Raissa Sistaluk Hace 24 días
The cataclysms will continue. Listen to what the scientists are saying. All people on the planet need to unite and build a Creative Society. On 24.07.21 there was a conference called "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone ". People connected from 180 countries. There was simultaneous interpretation in 72 languages. Only through unity can we survive. Watch the conference. The fate of our civilisation is being decided.
Vladimir Zarubin
Vladimir Zarubin Hace 29 días
All people need to unite in order to survive, because this is only the beginning of global climatic changes.
Sethy Koe
Sethy Koe Hace 29 días
Margaret Fuller
Margaret Fuller Hace un mes
Much prays for Germany pray prays is the answer prays in the good times and in the bad times my heart goes out to those families who lost loved ones.
Rea Rea
Rea Rea Hace un mes
Love and Prayers 🙏🙏🙏❣️ Mississippi U.S.A
Jonadab Antonio
Jonadab Antonio Hace un mes
When did it happen?
Fruitarian Hace un mes
germany and the impact of karma
E C Hace un mes
Damn.... the neighbourhood just become another zombie apocalypse. The houses and buildings look like nature have taken over.
Jemima Mey
Jemima Mey Hace un mes
Humans think they are very clever. Where water runs, they will always go back to the place where they originally run for hundreds of years. It will always be! The so-called smart and clever engineering and development think they can change it. Never built and develop where the river beds are .... no one can control the flow of water, it will go where it has ORIGINALLY flowed! The old aboriginal and original people of the land know this phenomenon. "An idealist is like someone who just finds out that roses smell good, so he thinks it will make a good soup." Just like building a house on the riverbed.
Nelda Pido
Nelda Pido Hace un mes
Virginia Douglas
Virginia Douglas Hace un mes
Lord please help your people thank you love you!
Aldemir Freire
Aldemir Freire Hace un mes
Todo o planeta esta ocorrendo grandes inundações, são 7,4 bilhões de habitantes a beira dos 8 bilhões, governos corruptos cidades são criadas Rios assolados córregos em baixo de rodovias sem respeitar o distanciamentos os técnicos nada podem fazer fecham os olhos para defender suas vidas , a natureza não pede passagem o homem q se afaste... "O mundo é um grande teatro! Final do mundo não existe, são para os teóricos da conspiração ocorre são renovações/recomeços e eventos a Terra continua como ocorreu em várias civilizações ex: Extinção dos Dinossauros, Sumérios, Incas, Maias, Astecas os egípcios .. TUDO MUDOU NADA VAI SER COMO ERA ANTES, a Geração vai presenciar o fim de um grande império e o início de outro os nossos antepassados já sobreviveram a situações como essa , a vida humana sempre foi assim... "O MUNDO NÃO VAI ACABAR ... Mateus cap 24 - Cita Eventos do fim do sistema , Eclesiastes 1:4 Sistema corrupto vai ter fim".
Vixinaful Hace un mes
End times. "And there will ne natural disasters, pandemics and the hearts of men have grown cold" -The bible, revelations.
milo jallow
milo jallow Hace un mes
Okey that is not congo
Sally Grace
Sally Grace Hace un mes
I hope you find comfort in around you and to get all support soon as possible🧎‍♀️
Eleanor Tiangsing Domingo 0718
🙏🏼 i thought this can only happen in our beloved country (Philippines) . That’s not new to us but to see fellow earth dweller like German people its really shocking & disheartening to see them experience something what Philippines yearly experience during rainy month. On the other side solidarity and help was there 🙏🏼 trying to be positive in that crisis .. God is good because He sent angel in disguise coming from unaffected with the flooding willing to help fellow Germanian. There must be a message from God with this kind of crisis despite that were facing still under covid19 herd immunization. #Prayer4protection
Nepher Lansiquot
Nepher Lansiquot Hace un mes
Almighty God please help and save your children.let blessing of the lord our God come upon us and establish thou the work of our hands ,the work of our hands establish thou it, Amen
Lorene Wagner
Lorene Wagner Hace un mes
Prophesied by Kim Clement, God is speaking...we must listen.
Tom John
Tom John Hace un mes
Tragic, seems the mud and no running water make cleaning up difficult if not impossible, and what to do with the unsalvageable or to even determine what salvageable, nice to see how people have come together to help…
Mary Ann Aguilar
Mary Ann Aguilar Hace un mes
Time like this the self priority is saving lives rather than overthinking invested material things that can be replace later. Solidarity and teamwork ing support for each other in a community is one good solution to re build again what was left. Be always prepared for every natural disaster that may come and go with our daily lives. To the generous people of Germany may you have a speedy recovery from this devastation that caused starting point re building commitment for a new and strong means of life survival.
Veronica Smyth
Veronica Smyth Hace un mes
God isn't doing this to You.
TanZung Hace un mes
If you willing to take time and pray, and read the Bible especially Daniel and revelation, you could understand this all.. but, you are standing againts the word, avoiding the message, living on your fake pride and lipserving love.. if only..
Theresa Serentas
Theresa Serentas Hace un mes
What you treasure before are now good for nothing 😉
Theresa Serentas
Theresa Serentas Hace un mes
Don't blame God, blame yourselves for not listening to Him. Repent people or else something worse will happen
zoila valera
zoila valera Hace un mes
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Hace un mes
Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment. We kindly ask our viewers to comment on our channel in English so that we can answer questions and encourage dialogue. Thank you and all the best, The DW Documentary Team
samuel gizachew
samuel gizachew Hace un mes
Your technology is meaning less!!!. therefore ...................!!!.
Abdulaziiz Ali
Abdulaziiz Ali Hace un mes
Pruttkudde Hace un mes
No wonder the West hates your kind
Jeanine Magnozzi
Jeanine Magnozzi Hace un mes
So sorry for your loss, we pray for all.
Elfenbezaar Hace un mes
Wow Germany and China got it bad my prayers go out to them
Léya MWZ
Léya MWZ Hace un mes
Aqui aconteceu enchente todo final de ano de 2010 até 2014,o último ano que teve a a enchente 30,casas foi condenada,morro desceu monte de gente perdeu a vida, dinheiro veio pra fazer as casa mas o prefeito roubou, até hj a prefeitura paga aluguel social pra quem perdeu as casas,é um dinheiro q é do povo que podia investir em outras coisas ,essas casa condenada estão abonadonada cheio de matagal, escorpião, dengue,e ninguém fala nada, escorpião picou que mora perto das casas ,os dono das casas não fala com o prefeito pra fazer as casa porq ganha aluguel social,aqui no Brasil quando acontece essas coisas políticos aproveita pra roubar milhões, aqui aconteceu a enchente quase igual aí ,parecia uma guerra veio até o exercícito com aqueles caminhão de guerra com soldado veio ajuda de comida,roupas até dos EUA,mas o prefeito escondeu um quarto cheio de comida,água ,roupa estragou tudo jogou tudo no rio,nunca vou esquecer,mas nunca vou esquecer o q esses prefeito fez aqui , até hj espero.ppr justiça,quero q ele devolve o dinheiro pra fazer as casas condenada, eu tenho a descendência desse povo e acho q puxei pra esse povo porq sou a única que estou triste e querendo justiça pra esse prefeito ladrão devolver o dinheiro q ele roubou pra fazer as casa
Julia Hace un mes
The Lord Jesus is coming soon be ready and pray and read the Bible
Julia Liu
Julia Liu Hace un mes
People against God, when God revenges, No one can help! Repant is the only way to go!
Jennifer Dean
Jennifer Dean Hace un mes
God spared your life. I'm deeply moved by this but it's time to repent. And be thankful for the Father in Heaven is just. Be thankful if your reading this! You are blessed with an other day. Turn and repent from sins. May He have mercy on His people. Christ is waiting for you.
Arman Mazni
Arman Mazni Hace un mes
May Allah (SWT) ease the natural disasters that occur.. from 🇮🇩🇮🇩
ยาย เพียร
Казибан М
Казибан М Hace un mes
Мне мне очень жаль постродавших.Кавказ.
L** Dal****
L** Dal**** Hace un mes
Our controllers control the weather too!
bruno Tamagnini
bruno Tamagnini Hace un mes
Merkel swap Nuclear Plants for Coal Enery Plants : Simple German People pay this silly policy.Stop Burn coal in Plants: what append is the appetizer ( said Gaia). Next soon, if coal don't stop !
BTS Hace un mes
Trolling Daniyal
Trolling Daniyal Hace un mes
Germany, China, Turkey, Greece. All facing extreme weathers. If world leaders do not realise this is a global emergency then god save us all.
하엘 유
하엘 유 Hace un mes
Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near. Yeshua Coming
MrSemilla123 Hace un mes
Note, nobody was looting , like in united states of america.
Mohd Izwan Angah
Mohd Izwan Angah Hace un mes
Who burn the forest should be punish
Dolly Dlamini
Dolly Dlamini Hace un mes
Jehova forgive our sins, we pray in Jesus Christ name. He is righteous and just to forgive us.
aMUSEher Hace un mes
The atmosphere is a mess because of the worldwide droughts, forest/wild fires, volcanoes-emissions spewing, and ice melts. Any atmospheric clouds either evaporate or accumulate to create super cells, like the rains in Europe. The earth is parched, so when it is inundated with water, it doesn’t absorb. People will not be settling adjacent to bodies of water after seeing the devastating effects of doing so in this day and age.
Kasia Basia
Kasia Basia Hace un mes
To straszne , co Was spotkało! Tragedia! Szczerze współczuję! Niech Pan Bóg ma Was w Opiece
Amankwah Thomas
Amankwah Thomas Hace un mes
Sorry for all what a horrible titanic
Angela Greco
Angela Greco Hace un mes
It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the devastation! Be strong our thoughts are with you all.
هاتف محمول
هذا دليل على ان الدنيا فانيه وخراب والدار الاخرة هي القرار جنة الدنيا تخرب لاكن جنة الاخرة باقيه كونو موحدين كما امركم نبيكم عليه عليه السلام عيسى بن مريم عند قوله ومن يشرك بلله فقد حرم الله عليه الجنه فلاتجعلو مع الله ند او ضد فلاتجعلو مع الله اله اخر
هاتف محمول
@DW Documentary i don't know how to talk in english , thanks
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Hace un mes
Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment. We kindly ask our viewers to comment on our channel in English so that we can answer questions and encourage dialogue. Thank you and all the best, The DW Documentary Team
Josh Grigolo
Josh Grigolo Hace un mes
Anna Lauschus
Anna Lauschus Hace un mes
Wieso hilft dieses aufgedunsene Merkill Monster nicht mit beim Aufräumen?
Sarthak Pattanaik Das
How ignorant can one be to still be blaming the rivers n God!! Geez....mankind really needs to die now, wiped off the face of Mother Earth for her other innumerable children to live in peace n for Mother Earth to recover herself. N so she will. Mankind is too arrogant to think they can win over nature but we swiftly forget that Mother Earth was there long beforewe were even born n she will be there even after we r long gone.
Sally Chaiyo
Sally Chaiyo Hace un mes
Martha Gomez
Martha Gomez Hace un mes
Eso es proyecto haarp y proyecto foca
George wazir
George wazir Hace un mes
God save Germany.😔
Akash Rigam
Akash Rigam Hace un mes
The nature is giving sign to humanity. R.. I. P to thos who died in the flood
Olivia Offutt
Olivia Offutt Hace un mes
Made me cry, so heartbreaking
FirstNation Fall
FirstNation Fall Hace un mes
It's God. He makes no mistakes. Tired of humans.
Arıtürk O2222
Arıtürk O2222 Hace un mes
健時方 Hace un mes
🙏pray for the lost one Hope these ppl pick up and rebuild everything ASAP
Navaratnam Ratnajothi
Coco Accom
Coco Accom Hace un mes
Ask Klaus Schwab who's trying to depopulate the whole world. God's wrath the same thing is happening in China!
Jesus Villasor
Jesus Villasor Hace un mes
all I can do is to pray for safety of our people there in Germany and all had been said by our nice people in the world amen.
DogsConkers Hace un mes
I hope next summer it looks beautiful and that a nice memorial is placed for those poor souls who did not make it. Herzliches Beileid.
Bussy Badal
Bussy Badal Hace un mes
Evil shall not go unpunished
Bitza Hace un mes
cars pollute so much people should learn to ride and bicycles are more cars on earth than humans mother nature will come and sweep us off the face of the earth
Anita Sarmiento
Anita Sarmiento Hace un mes
Wake up call!
Life Hace un mes
Jey La
Jey La Hace un mes
Its happening over the world now, in my country Philippines, China, Germany and many more. Water everywhere. RIP to the lost souls 😢😭🙏
Goodbye Hace un mes
Very unfortunate scenario. It frequently happens in India. My prayers for those who survived. Hope you will stand up hand in hand to rebuild your provinces again.
Anderson Oliveira Colares
Aterrorizante. Ainda bem que a solidariedade está contribuindo para devolver a esse povo, um pouco de dignidade e esperança.
Cyril Lucky
Cyril Lucky Hace un mes
God have mercy upon the world.
Millani Tolentino
Millani Tolentino Hace un mes
Stand again Germany and let God, be the center to guide you all🇩🇪🙏🙏
Millani Tolentino
Millani Tolentino Hace un mes
May God bless Germany 🙏🙏🙏
Siraj Ramli
Siraj Ramli Hace un mes
I feel so bad for them 😞
Zuti Mrav
Zuti Mrav Hace un mes
Zuti Mrav
Zuti Mrav Hace un mes
Pruttkudde Hace un mes
Glen Kemp
Glen Kemp Hace un mes
My deepest sympathy to all concerned in this terrible situation... It isn't JEHOVAH'S fault please don't blame him... Its the father of the life's to blame 1John 5: verse 19
Love & Peace Garrido
We’ve sin against a Holy God ruin His earth 🌍 bc we are out of control globally. So much civil unrest, hatred Division, human trafficking, killings like abortion, greed, lust, selfishness, ages on abuse & morally decayed war, unfaithfulness, evil caurosing, etc etc. We need God to forgive & save us through His Son & be a part what’s He allowing to get our attention in fullfilling Bible Prophcey before He comes back the 2nd time not as a Saviour but as a Judge you can hate Him for what’s happening but He is a Holy Righteous God powerful no man can overight His end sin on the His earth but gave us a way thru Christ to conform to His Holiness & be spared from His wrath
csaridon Hace un mes
Probably because of dam
Anonymous Hace un mes
If we don't stop climate change, this will happen to most coastal regions, including many cities
Honda Man777
Honda Man777 Hace un mes
Matthew 24, Luke 21
rozhgar zeyad
rozhgar zeyad Hace un mes
Edwin Day-ag
Edwin Day-ag Hace un mes
pray for the afected area..its nature be strong..Okay ill pray for you guys..from philippines..
Limlaj lis
Limlaj lis Hace un mes
China, too many dams were built so a lot of moisture affected the temperature. No safety for human.
Spike Bender
Spike Bender Hace un mes
Journeyman sheet metal technician. I have two pressure washers, three carpet dryers and a high output water pump all I need is a plane ticket and I'm at your disposal.
Indera Inderjeet
Indera Inderjeet Hace un mes
Very very sad my prayers for you all 🙏🙏🙏🙏
tino sky
tino sky Hace un mes
God is live. God bless you. I am so sad
Delir Degregori
Delir Degregori Hace un mes
Meu Senhor e meu Deus 😢😢😢quanta tristezaa 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Malaikah de Jesus
Malaikah de Jesus Hace un mes
Saudi Arabia's Oil Problem
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