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GFRIEND - INTRO + Time for the moon night | 여자친구 - 밤 [2018 KBS Song Festival / 2018.12.28]

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* 2018 KBS Song Festival Play List
* MC : Chanyeol(EXO), Dahyun(TWICE), JIN(BTS)
- LIVE Dec 28, 20:30 (Seoul,UTC+9)
- With English sub : Dec 30, 08:40 (Seoul,UTC+9)
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28 dic 2018

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Comentarios 2 920
Darling Yowonie
Darling Yowonie Hace un día
Umji💖 how pretty!!!
eybie bagaporo
eybie bagaporo Hace 5 días
Yuju never disappoints! I'm glad you're back!
Mina k _GFRIEND Hace 5 días
This performance deserve 1ML and more like every Gfriend song . My golden stars
Sheng Xiong
Sheng Xiong Hace 5 días
They are grown..you can totally tell their appearance, singing, performance is more different than before..improving and beautiful
Devrinta Rose Nataya
fashion me
fashion me Hace 7 días
sowon an talented goddess ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Iris Olvera
Iris Olvera Hace 7 días
Any chance you guys are willing to help out with voting on music shows for Apink we will only promote for 1 more week and we want at least 1win for them can you buddys help us will will help with gfriend when it’s time to vote
Ryou Akamine
Ryou Akamine Hace 7 días
That magic circle is somewhat similar to cardcaptor sakura
fasha02 Hace 8 días
I keep looking at clow’s magic circle at the backgroud, makes me think this song would be a perfect cardcaptor sakura soundtrack
jipey refar
jipey refar Hace 8 días
Goddess GFriend 😍😍😍💜💜💜
Alias Eyman
Alias Eyman Hace 8 días
I can hear yuju's exhale after the highnote..it proved she sing live
nabla lala
nabla lala Hace 8 días
Unaa yaa 😍😍
nabla lala
nabla lala Hace 8 días
Aaa urri yeojachingggu
Family Mart
Family Mart Hace 8 días
Gfriend has new mic
Ceren Hace 8 días
Okay but can we plzz appreciate Sowon’s visuals for a second tho? She’s literally too pretty 😍😍
miguel adam divinagracia
yerins dress 😦😦😦
Luisa Mayví
Luisa Mayví Hace 9 días
Umji natiooon
Nandal lisya_
Nandal lisya_ Hace 9 días
I love gfriend from they are debut until now ❤
Yanna Gonzales
Yanna Gonzales Hace 9 días
Why do i feel yuju has loose weight?something 'sweird with her health
Ayim Ian Than
Ayim Ian Than Hace 9 días
Yuju like Barbie.philipine✋
린크리스 Hace 10 días
I watched this thrice but yuju's highnotes still gives me goosebumps
Jennie is my ult bias, always support blackpink
*I don’t Stan Gfriend (but I want to do it) but this was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard/seen in my whole life. Lots of love to Gfriend and Buddys from a blink💕*
Dark Zaker
Dark Zaker Hace 10 días
Kim Sojung! Jung Yerin! Jung Eeunbi! Choi Yuna! Hwang Eunbi! Kim Yewon! Yeo! Ja! Chin! Gu!.
ryan angel
ryan angel Hace 10 días
The background looks like sakura card captor sakura 😊😊😊
Exo gғrιend
Exo gғrιend Hace 10 días
Umji and sowon 💖
Elasterz 97
Elasterz 97 Hace 11 días
I luv they voice...😍😍 no joke with their real voice..,it's to hard now to hear a new girl group singing live on stage more of them doing lip sync even with a easy move...😓
Manter Hue
Manter Hue Hace 11 días
what I love about gfriend is that their Eyes whenever they perform and esp. on their MVs are telling a story!
Manter Hue
Manter Hue Hace 11 días
i laughed at yerin's dress tangled!! yerin is my ginseng!!!!!
China Remix
China Remix Hace 11 días
Yuju main Vocal 👍
Nice L B G
Nice L B G Hace 11 días
Good for the heart😍❤️
A cup of Tae 2 Suga cube plus a Kookie
SoWon is so beautiful 😍
Luv_ Mochi
Luv_ Mochi Hace 12 días
That little girl look like eunha when she was young
Minguri Sana
Minguri Sana Hace 12 días
Ugh I love them so much
blame figueroa
blame figueroa Hace 12 días
don't you guys think that yuju. might have lost her voice? cuz ever since her disappearance when she came back her voice sounds so studio typed
saya orang
saya orang Hace 12 días
this song still give me a goosebumps🙊
Aryanzr TIME FOR US Hace 12 días
All buddies try to contribute 200% to stream at both channel and one think I want to tell you that 1thek will only give them win in show case as this is common and we don't know 1thek will keep Gfriend MV or delete there mv at future but GFRIEND official channel will always secure there history progress forever ok people try to understand our mission 1thek -100m up Gfriendofficialchannnel atleadt-15m up Sorry for my bad English i think you will understand what i want to tell you Thank you. Fighting!!!
Nuuni Hace 12 días
Yerin Eonni so beautiful 😻😻
Gfriend buddy's
Gfriend buddy's Hace 11 días
Alice Hace 13 días
Wow the thumbnail
Aisyah Nabila
Aisyah Nabila Hace 13 días
Yuju is so thinnnn
Anna Bella
Anna Bella Hace 13 días
Omg this is the first time I can't stop looking at their dresses 💞
Hb Playstore
Hb Playstore Hace 13 días
So beautiful girl
Jolie Trinh
Jolie Trinh Hace 13 días
Their outfits are so greaaaaat
allaysah Tucalo
allaysah Tucalo Hace 13 días
gfriend is so very beautiful
Aldy Pratama
Aldy Pratama Hace 13 días
I'm proud to be BUDDY!
Yanny Swan
Yanny Swan Hace 14 días
0:58 wow I'm blown away
Kania Alma
Kania Alma Hace 14 días
savana gita
savana gita Hace 14 días
Best performanceeeeeeew
TWOpersonINoneACCOUNT Hace 14 días
The little girl is so cute especially when she sings
Miles Justy Taneo
Miles Justy Taneo Hace 14 días
Who's the kid?
fashion me
fashion me Hace 14 días
sowon nations visual 💯💯💯💯💯
김소원 Hace 14 días
Who's that cute girl?
Krypton853 Hace 14 días
Love the intro of that lil girl so cute
misake light
misake light Hace 14 días
Was it just me or yuju looks...sick?
Ryan Bagalihog
Ryan Bagalihog Hace 14 días
That damn dress made Yerin a bit more concisous on her moves but she still nailed it. Idk if it got hung on her earrings or earpieces.
Ialways purpleyouforever
Yerin ahhh
Can someone cut the intro here ? I think this instrumental is part of sunrise instrument (adding it to the sunrise teaser 1)
J Slayer
J Slayer Hace 14 días
Coming back bcs of eunha playing the piano on teaser
Putri Anira
Putri Anira Hace 15 días
Saranghaeyo Gfriend
e f
e f Hace 15 días
sinB's last spin made me a buddy both their performance. omy
J G Hace 15 días
lovely troublemaker Yuju
puglover0817 Hace 15 días
I didn't even know Yerin's dress was stuck on her ear piece in the beginning until a video pointed it out!! professionalism
L F Hace 14 días
I just realised it after I read your comment
Buddies 96
Buddies 96 Hace 15 días
Buddies, lets stream their new teaser at their official channel. We target 700K+✨✨
L F Hace 14 días
Afida Fauzia
Afida Fauzia Hace 15 días
And the piano thing actually a spoiler...
anazuka rim
anazuka rim Hace 12 días
Marianne Toffel R.
Marianne Toffel R. Hace 15 días
Eunha so scared in front the piano and acting like a musician, that's funny and pathetic. At least she can sings pretty well.
jorge dls
jorge dls Hace 15 días
Las niñas son mortalmente bellas, los lentes de contacto y el excesivo maquillaje, a mi gusto es innecesario pues solo desvirtúan su frescura y belleza natural. Ellas son realmente muy bellas.
Yuselmi Coronado
Yuselmi Coronado Hace 15 días
Alguien a notado que Yuju esta muuuuuyy delgada?
Hi T1a2e3
Hi T1a2e3 Hace 15 días
+Yuselmi Coronado si a mi tambien, primero se ausenta por un mes y cuando vuelve perdio 6kg
Yuselmi Coronado
Yuselmi Coronado Hace 15 días
+Hi T1a2e3 en serio me preocupa Yuju es hermosa pero no es bueno que pierda 6 KILOS :(
Hi T1a2e3
Hi T1a2e3 Hace 15 días
Ella dijo que perdió 6kg
버디여친 Hace 15 días
now we can confirmed eunha as a spoiler for the new song coz the teaser eunha is playing the piano too xD
Jessy Peralta
Jessy Peralta Hace 15 días
The intro was such a lullaby it makes me calm!❤️
Aaron Carillo
Aaron Carillo Hace 15 días
akari ncg
akari ncg Hace 15 días
GFRIEND!! Hermoso video ♡todas radiantes♡ Eunha & Sowon !!
remilyn caliboso
remilyn caliboso Hace 15 días
Their breathing ohmo...their still singing even if their steps are hard...(sorry wrong grammar)
Hân Trần
Hân Trần Hace 15 días
info tuyệt thật WWowww
Nicole Gerardo
Nicole Gerardo Hace 15 días
I like the intro
Jung Wheein
Jung Wheein Hace 16 días
Gfriend and Mamamoo were my favorite groups of this year!
Fina Alfauziah
Fina Alfauziah Hace 16 días
Beautiful intro woahh❤👏
張品客 Hace 16 días
Lee Hye❤️
Lahelia Hace 16 días
I wish they can change their mics to smaller ones
Lahelia Hace 16 días
The kid is creepy not cute
Greyfel Cordero Soto
Greyfel Cordero Soto Hace 16 días
Weslie Legaspi
Weslie Legaspi Hace 16 días
Whoaaa. I got goosebumps seeing the pink ocean. 😯😍
cousin and me
cousin and me Hace 16 días
Quina Bendo
Quina Bendo Hace 16 días
F.C.A. Hu
F.C.A. Hu Hace 16 días
I hope yuju will soon gain some weight 😭😭😭 Always my favourite!
Baya Baya
Baya Baya Hace 17 días
Queens 👑💖
darlyn valenzuela
darlyn valenzuela Hace 17 días
I’m living for those outfits!! Gfriend slates this performance!! ❣️
Herdiansyah Permana Soziallity
피아노 악기는 매우 아름답게 만들었고, 신비로운 측면과 밤의 여신의 기운이 나를 매료시켰다. 🌠❤
Aaron Galura
Aaron Galura Hace 17 días
Yuju’s voice made my heart flattered
Aaron Galura
Aaron Galura Hace 17 días
Aaron Galura
Aaron Galura Hace 17 días
My Yuju is beautiful 💕❤️
V Flowers bangtang
V Flowers bangtang Hace 17 días
Quien es la morrita que sale al principio??
focus chanoknan
focus chanoknan Hace 17 días
Why YUQI So cute
Why YUQI So cute Hace 17 días
Sowon you killeed me
譚奧黛麗 Hace 17 días
DARK Black
DARK Black Hace 17 días
Yuju is so beautiful 🔥😍😍😍😍
DARK Black
DARK Black Hace 17 días
They are so beautiful i can't take this 🔥😍
Jjanyangie Hace 17 días
W・ E・B
W・ E・B Hace 17 días
wonderful ori ver.
Kenny Perez
Kenny Perez Hace 17 días
Gfriend ♥️ siempre las mejores City Monterrey Nuevo León México Fabián Pérez
shania oktavia
shania oktavia Hace 17 días
that kid looks similar with taeyeon snsd lmao
andrea Hace 17 días
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