GGV: LizQuen officially confirms their relationship in Kuryentanong challenge

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Enrique Gil reveals that he and Liza Soberano are already in a relationship for more than 2 years when asked in Kuryentanong challenge.
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10 feb 2019

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VIP Bigbang
VIP Bigbang Hace 10 horas
Baka dahil baliktad ang lagay ng kamay nimliza
Armina Adjani
Armina Adjani Hace 17 horas
Haltang tkot na tkot tlga c Quen dun sa machine
#SebGen14 003
#SebGen14 003 Hace un día
Magkano Kaya any device na Yan?
okhwjiw Boboyo
okhwjiw Boboyo Hace 2 días
1 wb2bu2nsu2bwu2nwh2nwh2ns 1bwn2jj2nsn2 wh2nsb2nsn2 sh2 1 sb2nwn2nsn2 sj2wjenehhe sne
4:46 tingnan mo si vice hahahahaha
gabriel Pagal
gabriel Pagal Hace 2 días
Sobrang fan nyu ako talaga lizquen
Jumila Balunso
Jumila Balunso Hace 2 días
Joy Velasco
Joy Velasco Hace 2 días
5 years na sila dis oct 24 2019....sa ig post ni quen nagcelebrate sila oct 24 2018..nilagay nya na caption is 4 years na baby...na dinelete nya...he he Lizquen forever..God bless
Arielrhose Sarte
Arielrhose Sarte Hace 3 días
October din mama q is my fav..month
Monleon Pack
Monleon Pack Hace 4 días
Cla yung LT na nakasmile ako all through out. ♥️
CUTEMIL TV Hace 4 días
this love team is perpect ...sila ang halimbawa ng totoo ang 4ever..susundan ko ang love story nila dhil idol ko cla..😊😊😊😊
Ericka Kim
Ericka Kim Hace 5 días
gail Hace 6 días
6:11 revelation😭
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Hace 8 días
Merong kambal si Vice 8:04
Arwen Abueg
Arwen Abueg Hace 8 días
Isko Bautista
Isko Bautista Hace 9 días
Yung itsura ni Enrique 8:31
Kurt Criann Egot
Kurt Criann Egot Hace 10 días
Mga idol😍😍
Majeed Sarah
Majeed Sarah Hace 10 días
Vice pls....pwd ba mag guest ang cocoyasss
Majeed Sarah
Majeed Sarah Hace 10 días
Vice pwd po ba mag guest ang cocoyass pls.....
Young Draco
Young Draco Hace 11 días
8:04 lil Vice
justin dos
justin dos Hace 11 días
idol vice ganda
Trina Santos
Trina Santos Hace 11 días
When Liza shout 😂
TUKTIK 4095 Hace 11 días
So cute😍😍 from thailand
It's Roselle Roldan
It's Roselle Roldan Hace 12 días
4:37 enrique anong tili yan
Rix Morales
Rix Morales Hace 12 días
Magkamukha na sila
eddieson manantan
eddieson manantan Hace 12 días
anu name ng aparato?
Janayea Laton
Janayea Laton Hace 13 días
4:47 Vice’s Reaction is So Funny😂😂😂
Cherry Cruda
Cherry Cruda Hace 13 días
Im a Kathniel Fan pero talagang kinikilig din ako sa dalwang to . Same na ng mukha eh😍 also Jadine😊
Jessica Chloe Sicat
Jessica Chloe Sicat Hace 14 días
Sila naman na talaga ehh
Alexis Angelo Galang
Alexis Angelo Galang Hace 14 días
Alucod Chag
Alucod Chag Hace 14 días
Buti PA sila..awwww.eh ung joritz ko LoDi..Malabo ..huhuhu...sna mauwi s forever to..lizquen ..
almarjyou Hace 16 días
Kilig off the chart
Rhea Agag
Rhea Agag Hace 16 días
Ang swerte ni enrique ky liza... Sana sila na nga forever☺️☺️
Bal Lab
Bal Lab Hace 16 días
Savage One
Savage One Hace 16 días
Ang gaganda ng mga batang to. Sarap balik.balikan tong moment na to 😂
Little Rock
Little Rock Hace 16 días
Perfect talaga sila 😍🥰😍🥰
belinda albos
belinda albos Hace 17 días
Gwapo ni enrique grabe
Rare Gacha K
Rare Gacha K Hace 17 días
Hahahahahahahah sarap ulitin lalo na yung time na Mas brave pa si Liza kaysa kay Enrique
Lecias Ambrocio
Lecias Ambrocio Hace 17 días
2ng mga 2 kala mo naman nabigla d ba halata
Marvin Garcia
Marvin Garcia Hace 18 días
0:51 napatili sya eh😂
Q *
Q * Hace 19 días
Ang ganda nga ng kuko ni Enrique. Bat ganun 😯
Bunny Yui
Bunny Yui Hace 19 días
Liza's sooo charming, how can she pull off being pretty, classy and cute at the same time? Napaka-unfair ng mundo.
Dirk Nowitzki Anoyo Balasbas
Hoy enrique wag kang papakita sakin ha
Mica Cailer
Mica Cailer Hace 21 un día
Natatawa ako sa reaction ni Quen Kung madali daw umamin😂😂
joy joy
joy joy Hace 21 un día
joy joy
joy joy Hace 21 un día
I miss them 😭🥺💕
Apolo Torres
Apolo Torres Hace 21 un día
Nakakakilig tong dalawa nato grabe..😚😚😚
chinito tura
chinito tura Hace 21 un día
ang kilig sobra,,,
Li Ma
Li Ma Hace 21 un día
Ang ganda ng mga magiging anak nilang dlwa grabe like Marian & Dingdong gandang lahi😍
Tomie Hace 21 un día
Parang mas gumuwapo si Enrique ah
Jehara Ungklang
Jehara Ungklang Hace 22 días
Sobrang kilig talaga ang interview na to. They're so cute!
dhyz soidap
dhyz soidap Hace 22 días
September 2018,not official kc kelaNgan paalam n Ken sa lolo and fafa, then now Feb. 2019..more than .2years..na.... Hehe wala lng, binabalik balikan ko lng kc c liza, gandaa ei..
marion mm
marion mm Hace 19 días
Since 2014 pa sila. Liza admitted it in twba interview.
Teejhei Angeles
Teejhei Angeles Hace 23 días
Si Liza yung babaeng haLata na hindi marunong magsinungaLing . iLoveyou Lizquen
alexa jaganas
alexa jaganas Hace 23 días
oh i love them both specially when they are real couple now 😍😍😍 they are really BAGAY na BAGAY!!!
Weeh Hace 24 días
Imagine na sila lang dati yung mga extra or love triangle sa mga teleserye ng kathniel like, Princess and I(enrique) and Got to believe (liza : yung sa last part na yata) and now sila yung magkaloveteam at nagkatuluyan. I'm so happy for them!! Kathniel and Lizquen is love 💖
Doll Face
Doll Face Hace 24 días
Buti nalang si Enrique naging partner ni Liza and not Gerald hahaha
Taeyeon Yoon
Taeyeon Yoon Hace 24 días
Jusq August 2019 na pinapanood ko padin toh huhu... favorite couple ko talaga sila huhu my heart
Music Nation
Music Nation Hace 24 días
Sila lang yung couple na kilala ko na nag po po at opo kay vice
Boss Mohammed
Boss Mohammed Hace 24 días
Enrique Gil used to be my crush when I used to watch his movies and I am now ten turning eleven
Jan Erwin Aljo
Jan Erwin Aljo Hace 25 días
Kumpleto pa daliri ni liza dito .
Xylene may Carasco
Xylene may Carasco Hace 25 días
Napatili ako sa sabrang kilig
Bal Lab
Bal Lab Hace 25 días
Mae Darlenne Depon
Mae Darlenne Depon Hace 25 días
Mas bagay kami....
MJ Robis
MJ Robis Hace 25 días
Grabe good looking sila sobra dito
white butterfly
white butterfly Hace 26 días
Perfect match from heaven 💑
You Do NOTE Hace 26 días
Lizquen my love😍
rama cruz
rama cruz Hace 26 días
I love liza,
Ahjay Camatoy
Ahjay Camatoy Hace 26 días
Solid LIZQUEN kiligmuch ❤❤
Win Ligon
Win Ligon Hace 27 días
4:56 hahaha
Trishia Jae Bacani
Trishia Jae Bacani Hace 28 días
Yieee sila na 🙈💖
Trishia Jae Bacani
Trishia Jae Bacani Hace 28 días
Hahaha kulit ni kuya Quen whahaha
boo meow
boo meow Hace 28 días
I love Ate Liza's personality. Sweet and innocent. 😍
en ji
en ji Hace 28 días
Baller’sWife Hace 28 días
Galing manghuli ni Vice ahahaha
Purple Cat
Purple Cat Hace 28 días
Psych student si liza she knows how thing work by staying calm
Vivian Velano
Vivian Velano Hace un mes
My favorite love team ever😍😍😍
Emprie Quezon
Emprie Quezon Hace un mes
Naeyak ako maygaddddddddd
Julie Hace un mes
Ang cute ni liza and enrique❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Vminkook 28
Vminkook 28 Hace un mes
Wala na tapos na may nanalo na po lizquen for the win lizquen is real 💜
MrGrandeflipper Hace un mes
So I just got a TFC subscription about 4 months ago and my first teleserya was OTWOL and then TIMY and honestly those two shows made me HUGE Jadine fans. I stumbled across this video not knowing who this couple was at all and it led me to Forevermore and can I just say WOW. This pains me to say this, but the acting I just watched from LizQuen...it's on another level. Still love and will always love Jadine, but Liza and Quen's acting alone (as a love team) beats out Jadine in my book.
marion mm
marion mm Hace 19 días
@Lizquen Soberanogil I just watched dukot and I'm awed at Enrique's acting. Hes not just a pretty face, the boy can act. Liza on the other hand is a quick learner, she has a potential to be a very good actress. Hope they can have more movies together and individually.
Lizquen Soberanogil
Lizquen Soberanogil Hace 29 días
Trivia: LizQuen became officially couple on October 24, 2014 but they admitted onlr this year and forevermore premiered October 27,2014. It means they decided to be in a relationship before they became successful & famous as a loveteam💗 If you're wondering how it happened? LizQuen already has a history since 2013. Their friendship blossomed during the early taping days of forevermore.
Lizquen Soberanogil
Lizquen Soberanogil Hace 29 días
In my opinion Dolce Amore has it's own magic. LizQuen were able to showcase their versatility as an actors playing completely different roles from being Xander and Agnes. Forevermore will always be special. FYI Quen was required to gain some weight in Dolce Amore to make him look lesser gwapo daw & poor but he's charisma is still there. While Liza has to learn the way Italian speaks. Hope you'll like the show🙏😊 @MrGrandeflipper
MrGrandeflipper Hace 29 días
Is it as good or better than Forevermore?
MrGrandeflipper Hace 29 días
@Lizquen Soberanogil I know, I saw the interview on Tito Ogie's channel yesterday! I will look out for it pero my next binge teleserye will definitely be Dolce Amore. It's funny because I was talking to my ina-anak the other day telling him about how I just started watching these teleseryes (I'm filipino-american btw) and I was telling him about how I was huge fans of Jadine and now LizQuen and apparently he is very good friends with Kathniel and I said "Who?" :)
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