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18 may 2022






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DashieXP Hace un mes
Since I recorded by myself there aren't a lot of bloopers, but the ones I did get I put at the end of the video.. Hope y'all enjoy the video!!
Arianna Strasheim-Kinder
Dashie, do a ghetto news anchor episode about the RESESSION.
Savage Dude and savage bro
I guess it’s over
hiroz zayz
hiroz zayz Hace 7 días
Make a lazy anthem 3!! 🔥 🔥 🔥
2hyye_TonyTone Hace 14 días
i remember when you was supposed to drop your mixtape it’s around the corner now
beemo Hace 15 días
every single vid dash, we enjoy. LUV U MA BOI
ReddCinema Hace un mes
Dashie is back with another banger!
Blue Bomb
Blue Bomb Hace 27 días
@TrashOatz so you saying he sold his souul??
TrashOatz Hace un mes
@beau aloevv𖤐 nah its a real channel weird seeing them here I used to be subbed to them but they started uploading nothing but speed clips
Jai Dejon
Jai Dejon Hace un mes
“1 comment on this channel”
beau aloevv𖤐
beau aloevv𖤐 Hace un mes
bot, bought channeI
Eslot The Destroyer
A collab with Mark is the last thing I'd expect from a skit come-back, this is legendary
Tres Johnson
Tres Johnson Hace 28 días
I’m glad to see your dad is still healthy and laughing. Been watching since I was 11 now I’m 23 lol much love
Wazz upp
Wazz upp Hace 27 días
And sporrrrttt
Allandra Washington
I love the self-love dashie be showing himself all the time.
RoninSleepin Hace un mes
Bro we need way more views on this. This is a special video for all his long time fans. The homie Mark pulled up, sport, even his dad. This is one we’ll remember for a long time. THE FREESTYLE AT THE END TOO?!?! Bringing back memories bro, been watching since I was like 6 lmao
RoninSleepin Hace un mes
Scott James
Scott James Hace un mes
This felt like vintage Dashie. So great to see Sport, Papi and the Mark Phillips cameo as well! Keep these coming Dash ma Boi!
Don't Read My Profile Photo
Please, Don't read my name .......
Dmcd Games
Dmcd Games Hace 27 días
Dont forget baraka.
AndrewKidd14145 Hace un mes
Haha, I remember seeing sport at the barbershop
Isaac Green
Isaac Green Hace un mes
I was 13 last time he released a part, feels like my childhood
Doctor Swazz
Doctor Swazz Hace un mes
Ayoooo 🤨
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez Hace un mes
Mans really hit us with that backward rollerblading and that cartwheel! Skit was amazing! Keep ‘em coming DACHIE
thedtnewt Hace 21 un día
What a great comeback. You’re one ESvidr who has kept the same charm for all these years and this video certainly shows it! It almost felt like 2012 again watching this lol
doliio volay
doliio volay Hace 29 días
I love how dashie can have fun and laugh by himself and this is my second time watching this video it made my day twice🙂
isaiah mulcare
isaiah mulcare Hace 26 días
Been patiently waiting Dashie's return for years and been rockin w him and his skits since 2013. Safe to say he delivered as always. Much love mah boy
JB Studios
JB Studios Hace un mes
I wasn't around back when he made skits but this still was hella nostalgic. Felt like this was made in 2013, especially with the rap at the end
MovedOyster2874 Hace 21 un día
This whole video is amazing, the nostalgia and mark helping you is amazing + the outro rap and bloopers? CRAZY!
Marie Marie
Marie Marie Hace 25 días
I laughed so hard both of my sides cramped up 🤣. This brought back so much nostalgia! R.i.p to the news crew though lol damn
Matty_James Hace 28 días
Seeing dashies dad literally made me smile! I’m happy he’s still down to do videos with you! We need a Dominican dad 4 video!!
Clear Motives
Clear Motives Hace un mes
We need a Dashie x RDCWorld1 collab 🔥 shoutout to Mark for being in this skit 💯
TrulyBlessedJay 
TrulyBlessedJay  Hace un día
I’m the 1.1k th like
Marko J
Marko J Hace un mes
@Ghoul yo Dashie would be a 🔥cameo as megaman or eggman or some shit 😂he dont even gotta be there just a fake FT with him as one of them for a cameo would go crazy
Fresh Sounds Florida
I'm happy Dashie and Mark finally collaborated on this. They work good together. It was a pleasant surprise
HeyImJustAGuy Hace un mes
On god
Ghoul Hace un mes
I hope he’s in the new video game house. I know Dashie would have fun with that video
gamingsurviour Hace 27 días
Funny as always, really loved the top down point of view, awesome stuff love you Dashie. Always great to see the crew as well.
Oh Lyte
Oh Lyte Hace un mes
It felt like i was leaving from school after finishing my homework and hopping in bed to watch some dashie and eat takis. I miss these skits man 😭
Madame Jae Music
Madame Jae Music Hace un mes
Finally a news channel that isn't overwhelming depressing. Good laughs. Dashie is the best
Jasmine R™️
Jasmine R™️ Hace un mes
His pops is adorable! I appreciate all the time and work you do for us dash! ❤️
Abridged Goku
Abridged Goku Hace un mes
So we got Baraka on the crew, we got RDCworld, da homie Sport and PAPI! with a RIP Moments reference. WHO WAS IN THE STUDIO MAKING THAT BEAT MY BOYS! We got spoiled this episode. and for the amount of time we've all had to wait I shouldn't be surprised but I'm very happy with this. I really wish Tpindell, or joe, shadow, or eddie could have made an appearances. But i don't wanna get to greedy. XD Still this REALLY made my day.
Andrew favorite Lara
Hey abridged
The Real MVP
The Real MVP Hace un mes
And the freestyle too
Trunks Hace un mes
Goku watch dashie doe?
Alysra [Toxic Squad]
Tink Hace un mes
Forgot about freestyle
The Geek Kid
The Geek Kid Hace un mes
Been watching you since part 2 dash you always put a lil laugh in my day .
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace un mes
how far you’ve come Dashie I’m jus so proud of you honestly, been watching you for yrs n your growth inspires me! ❤️ love this skit 😂
Real Talk
Real Talk Hace 18 días
I still can't believe ya boi Dashie made a new skit for us all to enjoy. And it's as funny as ever! Thank you Dash. we appreciate you!
Ultimate League
Ultimate League Hace un mes
This is very impressive how you can come up with your own skits man what a success to you dashie keep it up
TyranitarTube Hace un mes
My dude brought his POPS back LOL, perfect video bro 🔥🔥
Ghosty Hand
Ghosty Hand Hace un mes
Lol this dude TTube takin Ls on Articunos like it was his career
Levi Jiles
Levi Jiles Hace un mes
hey ttar whats up
Dxnixble Hace un mes
Fear God t
jack dragneel
jack dragneel Hace un mes
elvatocavron 11
elvatocavron 11 Hace un mes
Bro u know I got away "lying ahh"🤣🤣
RPGMN777 ᗜˬᗜ
RPGMN777 ᗜˬᗜ Hace 5 días
This is one of the best skits you’ve made. I also love it when you rap.
roZy Hace un mes
I loveee this skit 😭 amazing job dash. Keep doing your thing !!
RoadrunnerColb Hace un mes
Thanks for this I'm so glad you still consistent bruh it's a comfort thing been watching u since a kid
Daniel Ornelas
Daniel Ornelas Hace un mes
You still funny as hell you’re amazing dashie
DmanUnt2014 Hace un mes
Dashie and Mark content 🔥🔥🔥
javier soriano
javier soriano Hace un mes
@Justin st pierre if he does appear in a rdc skit he gotta show up in Video Game house as either Yoshi, Mega Man, or Baraka
Kofa Lofa
Kofa Lofa Hace un mes
@Justin st pierre that would be so dope
Kailers Hace un mes
@Justin st pierre I hope
Justin st pierre
Justin st pierre Hace un mes
Yea maybe dashie will appear in an rdc world skit
Tycho Wehry
Tycho Wehry Hace un mes
Thank you so much for skits Dashie I missed them so much. Thanks for all the time and dedication you put Into your videos just to see your fans smile. Dashie if your reading this comment. Thank you for everything much love to you mah boi.
Ancient Ignis Gaming
So happy to see Dashiell back with 🔥🔥 skits and Mark😌🔥💯💯
Darius Thomas
Darius Thomas Hace 11 días
I've been watching you since I was a kid you haven't gotten more funnier than ever keep on remaining the legend
oG h
oG h Hace un mes
I love seeing sport and your father! great episode dash
Primm's Hood Cinema
This the only news media I trust
Young animator
Young animator Hace 29 días
yessir i do luk fressh
WacoDraco Hace un mes
Bro real recognize real. RDCWORLD1, Primm AND Dashie in one sitting?? Amazing
Jake Rattle
Jake Rattle Hace un mes
You're everywhere bro 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Killahfam69 Hace un mes
Just finished your House Party video 🤣🤣🤣
NightLightGaming Hace un mes
Dashies best skit in years. Love you Dashie been watching since 2010
March Hace un mes
Dashie’s toothy smile/laugh at around 6:23-25 is so cute.
Arianna Strasheim-Kinder
You know it's bad when Dashie's journalism is way more reliable and accurate than all of the mainstream media channels like CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Politico, ABC, and the rest.
Kirito-_-108 Hace un mes
I'm so glad he brought back these skits I always loved them but dayum It's so much better seeing them back again
skunkboy g
skunkboy g Hace un mes
One of the only few youtubers that remind you how videos were back in the day on youtube. Just having fun and making people smile dashiexp is one of the greats on ESvid!
Jordon Renaud
Jordon Renaud Hace 18 días
Fr he a legend
Ørison Hace 23 días
Dashie is the goat of ESvid🔥
iPlayWorldCraft Hace 29 días
Charaf Metioui
Charaf Metioui Hace un mes
Gave me that special nostalgic feeling
H O L L O W Hace un mes
I swear even though he hardly makes skits as frequent, when he does drop one it's an instant classic mah boi!
Nade Naturel
Nade Naturel Hace un mes
I love all of your skits but the low budget ones hit different. 💜
Solar Onyou
Solar Onyou Hace un mes
I love it when Dashie puts up a new vid here. The man STILL has it when it comes to making skits.
Stabbz Hace un mes
Seeing your dad made my day dawg. This whole video did bring back hella memories
Jasomega Hace un mes
You Never Disappoint, Dashie!
Jordan Sweeto
Jordan Sweeto Hace un mes
This skit was so good 😂
Mike Ortiz
Mike Ortiz Hace 15 días
@RicoTheGreat this one wasn't that funny but I give dashie props for all the work he put into it the production was a 10 but the comedy part was like a 7
Trash Hace 22 días
It wasss 😂❤️
Austin is thicc emo potato
PropSurfer Minge
PropSurfer Minge Hace 27 días
Damn what u doin here?! 😂😱
H b.34
H b.34 Hace un mes
@RicoTheGreat True but everything gets worse with time, this was still pretty good
Derrick Thomas
Derrick Thomas Hace un mes
So many years later and this man still got me laughing 😂
Ciro Mauricio de Cristo
You've got to bring it more often Dashie! My 2 fav ESvidrs (Dashie abd Mark) teaming up! The Ultimate Multiverse 😅
Azrael Knightquest
Azrael Knightquest Hace 7 días
Freaking awesome, Dashie. We missed you. Still hoping to see some more MK stuff, that is gold!
Kenneth Lamb
Kenneth Lamb Hace un mes
Hilarious video been watching you and mark since middle school and now im 23 definitely nostalgic to see the skits Love ya content Dashie 😁
NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip
OGs remember that Dashie did Ghetto News in 2014-2016, glad to see skits back
Shimmer Shine
Shimmer Shine Hace un mes
@A821 Right lmao he’s mad that he found dashie from mario maker or some shit, late af 🤣
A821 Hace un mes
@I LUV R O B U X u mad cause u found about about dashie late lol, tuff
King Tre98
King Tre98 Hace un mes
Fr hopefully he keeps up with the skits🙏🔥
LynZee SQuadZee
LynZee SQuadZee Hace un mes
Real talk‼️🔥
Wyolkens_ Hace un mes
ブギー Hace un mes
My childhood hero, Godbless you Dashie! Great to see you still up & going
frankie ornelas
frankie ornelas Hace un mes
Hell yea dashie good to see you back my boi your skits always made me feel better when I was feeling down bro 💯
Kevin Awesomeness
Kevin Awesomeness Hace un mes
So nostalgic. Glad to know you still kept the iconic quotes, good video man
Rainer Castillo
Rainer Castillo Hace 11 días
Yes!! Im so happy your dad was in the skit, i love him and I am so happy to see him once again, strong and healthy. Papi is such a vibe. I love you dash your the best Kees it up..!
Denki Hace un mes
While everyone is talking about how good the video was I'm still trying to picture how dash skated backwards 😂😂
Ghoul Hace un mes
Even Dashie doesn’t know how he does cartwheel’s lol. Someone asked him on his livestream
Kylamae Hill
Kylamae Hill Hace un mes
Fr And that cartwheel !!!
Lottie J
Lottie J Hace un mes
@esteban almaraz he been doin the cartwheel since 2011
Denki Hace un mes
@esteban almaraz cant forget the cartwheel 👌
Nova Dragonite
Nova Dragonite Hace un mes
Pastel Goddess
Pastel Goddess Hace 29 días
6:41 that laugh sounded like Naruto's shadow clone jutsu 💀
[EMMA]--C0me 0ver L!ve
The collab we never knew we needed. More of you, sport and rdc please
Jp2Wavy Hace 25 días
Man I love seeing your skits dashie. Glad to see another one fr💯🤝😂.
Just Steph
Just Steph Hace un mes
Amazing job Dashie! I've been watching you for years and I really miss your skits!
Ayoub Haddouchi
Ayoub Haddouchi Hace un mes
Great to see Dashie's dad is still alive and well. Dashie deserves a movie.
eigow ou
eigow ou Hace un mes
While everyone is talking about how good the video was I'm still trying to picture how dash skated backwards 😂😂
Bravemuffinz360 Hace un mes
its good to see you are doing alright dash, much love!
Carlos Lorenzo
Carlos Lorenzo Hace un mes
I’m glad papa dash is good keep it up dashie we love you man❤️
GodChosen Gamer
GodChosen Gamer Hace un mes
Yooo to have Mark Phillips in this is Awesome enough!!!! Keep them coming Dashie I appreciate and love your content ma Boi!!!!
Marcus2RaWw Hace un mes
Love this skit🤣🔥 Dashie and RDC WORLD need to collaborate more
Francesca Charley
Francesca Charley Hace un mes
The amount of effort he put into this is crazy. From running to skating to swinging to napping. What can’t this man do😂😂😂😂😂
Joe G
Joe G Hace un mes
take out the damn trash apparently 💀
jbxzy Hace un mes
Jt Hace un mes
"What can't this man do" Aim.
toxic_userMT Hace un mes
@exorouge23 Cat, C A A T🤦🏾‍♂️😂
exorouge23 Hace un mes
Orenges 😆🙃
BennieFicial _
BennieFicial _ Hace un mes
It’s always a good day when Dashie uploads a skit!
💚Chelsey Doney💚
Lmao this was hilarious 😂 also love how he's still got the tag on his suit
PJ Pacleb
PJ Pacleb Hace un mes
Never fail to make me laugh😂
Matt Barker
Matt Barker Hace un mes
This was so good. I hope he continues to make some quality skits and stuff💯
Junior 4x
Junior 4x Hace un mes
Dashie looks great can we all agree. He has come a long way.
jbxzy Hace un mes
XPM YT Hace un mes
Ikr just compare him with 2017
TheKingPug Gaming
TheKingPug Gaming Hace un mes
I missed these so much. They were hilarious.
Meechiez Thrillz
Meechiez Thrillz Hace un mes
So good to see Papi and the other sport well and in good spirit😂🖤 funny skit Dash💯
SNTMLI Hace un mes
made me genuinely laugh out loud
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez Hace 28 días
Whenever I see a new video from Dashie on my feed it makes my day thank you my man I’ve been watching you since I was like 11… how to chew gum was one of my favorite videos for the longest
acezui Hace un mes
I'm really proud of how dashie has gone after these past several years and he just looks absolutely amazing now. He's worked out so much and improved his figure insanely well, and still is, to me, the funniest person on the platform. Love your videos dash and please make more skits like these!
Most Morose
Most Morose Hace un mes
Dashie the goat
Jeremy Valentin
Jeremy Valentin Hace un mes
He really the goat fr
Yatomii Hace un mes
Mitsuri Hace un mes
Marko J
Marko J Hace un mes
Its crazy me and my homies been watching every video since Nahson! when niggas was in middle school and this is probably the healthiest I’ve seen Dashie 🤔so when he said "boi yah look good “ to weather Dashie this time i felt dat ,its🔥that we got to see his progress
Rkless_Jay IRL
Rkless_Jay IRL Hace un mes
I love you Dash. THANK YOU! THIS 💩 IS HILARIOUS.🤣🤣🤣 Delivering the best as always.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Dex Hace 28 días
This gave me vintage dashie vibes. Love it
zombie 13
zombie 13 Hace un mes
You never know how much you miss something till it comes back. Thanks dash I fucks with you man
ChillKiddOFFicial Hace un mes
This brought back so many memories, I miss the skits 😂💯💯 you never disappoint MAH BOII
Krazy Ki
Krazy Ki Hace un mes
You can feel the difference in the self confidence, mans is glowing. Still so funny but now the energy, good vibes and self love is popping, and idk why but it makes the comedy that much better in turn. I'm so proud of him!
Krazy Ki
Krazy Ki Hace un mes
@DOPEusername Aww sweetheart I guess you don't know how to read. Ask your parents to read what I said slowly to you and maybe you can understand it. You got this! I believe in you!
DOPEusername Hace un mes
This been dashie….
Krazy Ki
Krazy Ki Hace un mes
@eigow ou Facts lmfao Mark is the perfect person for commentating 😂😂😂
eigow ou
eigow ou Hace un mes
The chopper coverage with RDC had me dying LOL 😂
Jaylynn B
Jaylynn B Hace un mes
This was so funny ur amazing dashie😂
Tea' Richardson
Tea' Richardson Hace un mes
I’ve missed his skits!! Your so funny Dash! Hope to see more in the future mai boi 😂😂😂😂
ScaR Hace 11 días
Man love when there's always a upload on this channel thanks dash 🙏
Kj Boots
Kj Boots Hace un mes
This skit was 🔥, this reminds me of the OG skits. Lookin good Dash!
Marcus Mackey
Marcus Mackey Hace un mes
Dashie can run fast, do acrobats, is skillful with blades, and can freestyle. Dashie you talented my boi.
Olivia Joelle
Olivia Joelle Hace un mes
he can juggle as well! a jack of all trades
diamondwolfpack 6
diamondwolfpack 6 Hace un mes
@bunnydoll nali relax it’s just an gi Jane joke 😩
Ronin75 Hace un mes
And he could rollerblade too
aliss liou
aliss liou Hace un mes
I love how dashie can have fun and laugh by himself and this is my second time watching this video it made my day twice🙂
Jackie Hace un mes
we need more RDC & Dashie collabs LOL love u guys
Ian Bischler
Ian Bischler Hace un mes
This brings back so many memories of all the awesome skits you’ve done
MARCACE23 Hace 23 días
This feels just like a classic dashie skit. Excellent work mah boi
Nawhki Hace un mes
The collab we never knew we needed. More of you, sport and rdc please 😂
Antonio Bonner
Antonio Bonner Hace un mes
@ShySK Frosty On god💯💯💯
They already did
ShySK Frosty
ShySK Frosty Hace un mes
@Antonio Bonner have homie play mega man and he'd kill it
Antonio Bonner
Antonio Bonner Hace un mes
Mannn an RDC and Dashie collab would break the internet like in a actual skit like video game house type shit
SOPMAC 999 Hace un mes
Love to see it when 2 of your favorite ESvid channels of all time collab in any way lmao
Heather Deep
Heather Deep Hace un mes
I havnt watched his content in 5yrs and his comedy still the exact same 💀
Kelplar Hace un mes
This was hilarious, never change Dash.
ssj10k Hace un mes
I like how after all this time the weather chart hasn’t changed since Ghetto News 2 love you Dash
Vannamelon Hace un mes
Mewver Hace 28 días
Ysela C
Ysela C Hace un mes
I was about to say the same thing!
Ezzra Hace un mes
No kizzyy
Idf Matkal
Idf Matkal Hace un mes
Fo show dash used to run from tha police like that
Jabroni Hace un mes
V1n Hace 11 días
The “sir please” collab was awsome! Good to see mark again
Kyle Moran
Kyle Moran Hace un mes
Another hilarious one dash 😂❤️ thank you brotha
Thomi Johnson
Thomi Johnson Hace un mes
Dashie is the best TV news anchor ever! 😆
ShortyProGaming Hace un mes
The fact he can still do the Baraka voice after 12 years puts a tear to my eyes
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