Ghostbusters 2016 - Its As Bad As I Remember

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For all the terrible movies I've reviewed in my time, there's one that's escaped my critical eye until now. Grab the strongest booze you've got and join me as I review Ghostbusters 2016.

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1 jun 2020






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Jet Streamer is there a fifth element video?
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Wtf literally everybody loves the movie
Who Crusader
Who Crusader Hace 9 días
The beginning was visitors exhibiting a....Titanic exhibition! Really unforgivable
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy Hace 10 días
only Michael McDonald was good in this movie. but that's because Michael McDonald is good.
cruxer666 Hace 16 días
Have a look at "CURSED" from netflix. It seems to be a proper shitshow. Man bad ,woman good feminist crap.
LadyDoomsinger Hace 15 horas
If your antagonist is unimpressive, you're not going to be impressed by the protagonists defeating him.
çØrT Hace 18 horas
Idk why. I feel like this movie would’ve been better if it was a different idea of why these women became Ghostbusters. Four middle aged friends have always been diehard fans of the Ghostbusters since they were kids. They are so obsessed that they even want to even join them. However, the guys have been out of business for years because they are old, in retirement, and the area has been free of ghosts for a long time(plus they probably don’t want to deal with hyperactive fans). Since these friends milk their obsession with these guys so much, they decide to become ghostbusters themselves. By becoming, I mean they buy some costumes and run around town in them with their fake proton packs(that they probably bought off of eBay). No one can take them seriously cause they’re just fans with no experience. They aren’t real ghostbusters so they obviously have no idea what to actually do. The retired ghostbusters hear about these crazy fans on the news. They don’t think of it much until the women start to wreck havoc across town with their dumb role playing. Pretty soon though, a ghost actually finds its way into town. The friends act like this is their opportunity to save the day. Surprise surprise, they can’t. They’re still some dumb fangirls. With encouragement and thought, the true ghostbusters come out of retirement one last time, catch the ghost, and teach the women a lesson. What was the lesson? Don’t try to remake the goddamn ghostbusters. Just leave it be. Sure... this is a shitpost of a comment. However, this would probably be more fun to watch. We all love watching karens make fools of themselves.
William Watson
William Watson Hace 20 horas
Most of the cast practiced their craft on S.N.L. There's a reason I stopped watching S.N.L.
Oddball Hace un día
People who talk about "humor of 5 year old kids" don't have their own kids I guess... Believe me i heard much better jokes from 5 years old kids making me LMAO just because they have such amazing imagination. It seems that SJ people are more like blokes or something is jammed inside their heads.
Sebee Duran-Lopez
Sebee Duran-Lopez Hace un día
After watching this. I think shee trying to act like Chris Tucker
Matt Critchley
Matt Critchley Hace un día
Literally switched the film off half an hour in. Queef jokes, fart jokes, 'you shit yourself' jokes and talentless actresses gyrating against the firemen's pole in the fire house disrespecting a couple generations' childhoods was about all I could take of this masterpieces 'writing'.
M S Hace un día
Its easily the worst film I've ever seen, by a country mile.
Billy Hill
Billy Hill Hace un día
I'm surprised it wasn't a hit with the "urban" demographic, with such hilarious lines such as "hell naw the debil is a liar" or "its a Callack!!!"?
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY Hace un día
its a whole movie where every second you see right through the bullshit of it and see the SJW propaganda fully in your face while they think we dont catch the brainwashing indoctrination of it all.
A Deutsch
A Deutsch Hace 2 días
a gorilla is prettier than leslie jones. there I said it. The nudes are weapons of mass destruction. The feet sucking pics are so wierd and unreal I legit tought they are works of a troll group and its fake... it wasnt.
Robert Lorenzo
Robert Lorenzo Hace 2 días
"A shameless copy of the original movie" so pretty much the Force awakens 🤔🤔🤔
Kaizer Khan
Kaizer Khan Hace 2 días
MEDIOCRE is the new black
James Bennett
James Bennett Hace 2 días
I have tried watching this movie on 3 or 4 occasions ...I just .....I just can't get through it. It really is that bad.
Jean Paul LeBlanc
Jean Paul LeBlanc Hace 2 días
i think dan aykroyd was also reluctant to join in.
Canadian Deplorable
Canadian Deplorable Hace 2 días
I'm sure I would have wept if I had paid to see this movie in the theater.
Tales From SYL Ranch
GB 2016 is what Red Letter Media calls "non-medy." There are jokes that are funny. There are jokes that fall flat. Then there are jokes that somehow make you feel less happy after they were told. The latter is "non-medy" and describes GB 2016 perfectly.
Duran Bell
Duran Bell Hace 2 días
My girl got mad I wouldn’t watch it with her and I said yeah I’m one of the people that don’t wanna see it because it’s 4 women as the ghostbusters 😂
Jonathan Cook
Jonathan Cook Hace 3 días
It's lik e they based the girls on the cartoon version of the guys ... and the cartoon was pretty bad ... this was a joke and a shame to the original movies ...
Thorish Hace 3 días
@15:52 holy crap is that Abby's voice throughout the whole movie or only when she's stressed out? Well either way that's another reason I could never watch this movie.
Trolltrain Hace 3 días
Chris Hemsworth played a dumb blonde, he was the best part of the movie
MegaSupernewbie Hace 3 días
anti-irish sounds exceptionaly blatantly recist wtf
Snow Crest
Snow Crest Hace 3 días
Lesson #1: Comedy remakes are never as good as the original. #2 Women will never be as funny as men.
paraboo Hace 3 días
I used to work concession when this was in cinemas. Never seen so many people walk out in the middle of a movie.
Jim Kilpatrick
Jim Kilpatrick Hace 3 días
Queefing is the height of hilarity....
What am I Guy
What am I Guy Hace 3 días
Heres the reason why we shouldn't allow feminists direct movies
noless Hace 2 días
Not even feminists wants to go and see these movies.
Shaun Chappell
Shaun Chappell Hace 4 días
The remake of the theme tune is it's only small redeeming feature of this utter abortion of a movie
Martin Diaz
Martin Diaz Hace 4 días
I wonder how much more interesting Black Panther would have been, if Ernie Hudson had played T'Chaka.
Chris Burkert
Chris Burkert Hace 4 días
thor made me laugh a few times, though
Gaza Llewellyn
Gaza Llewellyn Hace 4 días
Jaws 2021 next with an all female crew except the evil shark $$$
Nathan C
Nathan C Hace 4 días
Consistent with Progressivism, the role of the black man could only be reprised by a black woman. Any other race would be racist.
bluejay fett
bluejay fett Hace 4 días
The extended cut didn't do Ghostbusters 2016 any favors.
GrimmyReaper Hace 4 días
I thought it was insane how someone got FIRED for having actual proof of a ghost.
Tyler Littleton
Tyler Littleton Hace 5 días
A few years ago we saw "Ghostbusters" was available for free on our family tablet. My daughter (3 at the time) was upset because it was this version and not the original. True story. I've never been prouder.
Mr Cave
Mr Cave Hace 5 días
its 4 years later and i still haven't seen it. I think, I never will.
Baseball Cards And Diecast
I agree with groundskeeper willy
Nick K
Nick K Hace 5 días
Plus....I mean...The villain is kinda right. He's just someone society shits on and he wants to strike back at it. It's not done well, but still. So, what do we do with a downtrodden, socially abused, talented person? Shoot him in the dick and banish him to Hell. Kinda proving he was right to hate everyone, doesn't it? At this point, I feel like he was the hero fighting against this terrible movie.
David G
David G Hace 5 días
Eh, it was mediocre but not terrible. Any other franchise it would have led to a shrug of the shoulders. What irritates me is that the special effects team was bloody well on point. Makes me hesitate to be too negative because some people know what they were doing in the production ;).
Rick Logan
Rick Logan Hace 5 días
Worthy Enemies. I think You are onto something there. Your oppositions won't grasp it. It will go over their heads. But maybe Your other subscribers would like it as much as I.
Noot Hace 5 días
What really sucks(besides the whole movie), is that all the main actresses have proven that they can be fucking hilarious before. McKinnon And Leslie Jones are both really good on SNL, Melissa McCarthy was a riot in the heat and in identity theft. Like none of them are bad actresses, they were just given the worst chance of success possible cuz the movie was written so shitty
FitzieZX Hace 5 días
I remember watching this with my girlfriend at the time of release. Afterwards, despite being a feminist, she absolutely hated it.
wulfbooy Hace 5 días
mixing horror and comedy was done pretty good in Mandy
RandomComputer Hace 5 días
Dont know why you bother to review the modern holllywood garbage any more. All films are now crap
Anthony Divon
Anthony Divon Hace 5 días
I know you love Jack Daniels like I do but watching this garbage ship wreck of a movie makes me wish Bacardi still made 151
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard Hace 5 días
I would’ve said “stop it I only have so many kidneys and I need another shot”
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard Hace 5 días
It’s not as bad as I remembered it’s worse
Ryan Dougherty
Ryan Dougherty Hace 5 días
"you can have goofy slapstick comedy or you can have serious, dramatic horror, but you can't have both at the same time." I have to respectfully disagree. And that respectful disagreement is called Evil Dead 2.
Satan Drives a UFO
Satan Drives a UFO Hace 5 días
I could only watch 20 mins of this movie
Robin Elliot
Robin Elliot Hace 6 días
I enjoyed it when I watched it but I was in prison at the time.
1000revoluciones Hace 6 días
Sorry, but the original was a shitty film too (the power of nostalgia). If you cannot see that, I don't know how you could raised a ESvid channel with such arrogance.
zammo zimm
zammo zimm Hace 6 días
This movie basically says "Man's are jobbies"
CanuckTrucker Bear
CanuckTrucker Bear Hace 6 días
That movie was so bad that ruined any movie that any of them were part of after, and before....
ilan silver
ilan silver Hace 7 días
It appears like someone got their hands on the red letter media (rlm) script. Can I consider your review a remake of the original rlm. I wouldn't blame them if they have you a copyright claim.
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller Hace 7 días
Femenism and woke culture uniting to create the worst movie of all time
Mr. Vidja Gamez
Mr. Vidja Gamez Hace 8 días
Not that it would have been much better, but if they had kept the cast of this thing and made the plot the time-told fan vision of a GB3 being set around the franchising of the company to different branches of new hires, I would at least have a shred of respect for it, rather then trying to do a full on, unnecessary reboot of the franchise.
LTNetjak Hace 8 días
The film should have ended after that footage "mysteriously" showed up online. Abby put it there. Erin should have cut it off right there after Abby got her fired.
Ghost Burgers
Ghost Burgers Hace 8 días
The clip of the lady from the fifth element laughing is overused and it gets on my nerves. Good content besides that.
Officer PewPew
Officer PewPew Hace 8 días
At least they didn't put Amy Schumer in it
gastronomist Hace 8 días
I thought it was roughly on par with GB2, until I saw it again about a year ago. It really isn't good.
Giancarlo Nurko
Giancarlo Nurko Hace 8 días
I'd rather swim in the river of slime than watch this movie again. I'd rather pick pumpkin seeds out of Samhains pumpkin skull. I'd rather eat a raw egg laid by the Were-Chicken. I'd spend a night in Lupisville before I'd watch this movie one more time...
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