Giant Axe Vs. 10 Fire Extinguishers! 

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16 mar 2023






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Comentarios : 2 391   
David Renick
David Renick Hace 2 meses
Props to editor Jack for not trying to stroke his own ego.😂
Hanzo Crimson
Hanzo Crimson Hace 2 meses
In absolute agreement with that
Gilgalad1111 Hace 2 meses
The perfect comment
King Luke Games
King Luke Games Hace 2 meses
Wish I had an ego to stroke 😂
Mike Bott
Mike Bott Hace 2 meses
All about Jack the Eddie boy!
Sound Tech
Sound Tech Hace 2 meses
That was probably Scott's best science talk yet Props to Jack for that
gideon martin
gideon martin Hace 20 días
Never read the graphic before. Always thought his last name was Goreson or Gorenson. Say it in your head, trust me
K U Hace 2 meses
Just gotta give props to Jack for great editing, Rexy for always being in danger, Herron for having great hair, and Stanford for just being Stanford... I feel like I'm forgetting something. OH YEAH and massive props to KFC for keeping the boys fed!!!
Kawaiicutie Hace 2 meses
K U Hace 2 meses
@Kawaiicutie No I don't think so... oh wait!!! The builders, the drone pilot, the land owners who let them set this up, people who drove past while they were filming... and of course YOU the good people watching and commenting on ESvid! Yep that should cover it! Also I've love to know which of the team liked my comment. Probably either Jack as the editor, or Herron because I said he had great hair! Although I love it to be Rexy somehow!!!
ArcturanMegadonkey Hace 2 meses
Round of applause for editor Jack, done a great job
Chris O'Neill
Chris O'Neill Hace 2 meses
As a woodworker I can say that Scott's hair analogy for how wood grain works is on point. I've used the same comparison myself so props to the man for a really good "science with Gaunson"
MyRegardsToTheDodo Hace 2 meses
Wood also gets more brittle while drying out (and the stump looked a bit rotten), that's why the stump exploded. When you store wood it dries out, which means it loses mass. The inside of the wood gets smaller, which means the grain can tear itself apart, leaving cracks inside the wood. That's why you only use dry wood for building materials and why it's a pain in the a** to store larger pieces of wood for wood carvings.
RIP CRAIG btw this is Iann
Is your daughter named Lily?
Itzurboii_jack Hace 2 meses
There is someone in my school called Anna o‘neil
ZackFairCc Hace 28 días
And props to Jack for editing it!
Tricksters Hace 2 meses
wood does indeed gain most strength properties as it dries out
lepot23 Hace 2 meses
Maybe. But, if you take a green twig, and a dry twig, the dry will snap, and the green tends to hold on to its fibers. I think a rematch is in order with fresh wood.
Cason Knight
Cason Knight Hace 2 meses
Yo I think Scott Gaunson's efforts these past 12 years have been big and he definitely deserves a round of applause 👏
Sadye Chester
Sadye Chester Hace 2 meses
👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 My attempt of a round of an applause 😅
Marlow Sanchez
Marlow Sanchez Hace 2 meses
👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 There's my try.
Cat King
Cat King Hace 2 meses
👏👏👏 👏 👏 👏👏👏 Here's mine
Seaffy Hace 2 meses
Burt Huffman
Burt Huffman Hace 2 meses
Love him too!
Who Shot Ashley Babbitt?
There is no HR without Jack. Give that man a raise! He brings it EVERY video!
MAZspeed Racing
MAZspeed Racing Hace 2 meses
Amazing video as always! As referring to the strength of wood, as it becomes more and more dry, it gets harder and therefore, brittle . It's more prone to split or explode. Freshly cut hardwood or soft wood will have more elasticity so it resists force of impact a little better than dried wood.
Pwrswitchd Hace 2 meses
Huge props to Jack, definitely the glue holding it all together.
Redjack187 Hace 2 meses
I don't know if all Aussie's are fun incarnate like these three fellas, but I very much enjoy watching them and their fabulous videos. They all seem to be having a great time doing everything in their videos and their joy translates well to the audience that watches them. In my opinion they have a similar chemistry with each other that another famous trio have, namely Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. I am truly glad I found this channel and have not hesitated to share it with all my friends and family. I look forward to enjoying their future videos, keep up the most excellent work!😃
Chaz M
Chaz M Hace 2 meses
The pavers being split is definitely a contender for best slowey ever on this channel. That was incredibly satisfying!
Taolan8472 Hace 2 meses
That paver shot is definitely in the running for Slowy of the Year, and its only March! Massive props to Editor Jack for getting that perfectly framed!
Scott Tailor
Scott Tailor Hace 2 meses
Not only is it only March but it's their second video of the year.
Grayson Osier
Grayson Osier Hace 2 meses
😜 this is awesome 6:17 like the fire extinguishers
Mike Coleman
Mike Coleman Hace 2 meses
Good to see ya back boys! This has my vote for the best collection of slowies in a single video. A strong way to come back!
RetroBrian Hace 2 meses
Would love to see 4 different colored fire extinguishers lined up on an angle, where Moses takes off only the valve ends. 🚀 Each guy pick a color, and see who's goes the furthest. BTW, big props to editor Jack! He should pick the 4th color extinguisher. 😂 Keep up the great work through 2023 guys!
Steve Barnes
Steve Barnes Hace 2 meses
Nitrogen cylinders... :-D
SirSam007 Hace 15 días
Thx Jack. Thanks for EVERYTHING. YOU got us so far. YOU are making us a community. YOU are THE boy. Keep it up my man.
MyCrazyLife Hace 2 meses
Absolutely phenomenal boyo's, absolutely sensational! And it wouldn't have been captured do spectacularly without Editor Jack! Great you see you all back!
Anton Benadie
Anton Benadie Hace 2 meses
I started watching these videos a few years ago… then took a break. Now I’m back and I’m impressed by how popular this channel is. Our thirst for throwing stuff onto other stuff seems unquenchable as a species 😂
SilkySid Hace 2 meses
Scott did actually explain wood fibres absolutely spot on. That's how I was taught by a carpenter on how to chisel out wood & how knowing about the fibres helps prevent you accidently splitting wood.
Herobrine Hace 2 meses
Eeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeee
fruitnut123 Hace 2 meses
True for carpentry but when it comes to cutting down a tree you can only cut against the grain. Thus making Scott's explanation completely moot.
One Crazy Dog Mum
One Crazy Dog Mum Hace 2 meses
The wood looks a little burly which would also explain why the 2nd drop shattered the log, the fungus changes the fibres & actually weakens the living tree apparently.
Lrgload Hace 2 meses
@fruitnut123 not moot at all, he perfectly explains why it’s easier to split wood when you work with the grain as opposed to against it. They’re not chopping down trees, they’re splitting wood.
Warren_M_28703 Hace 2 meses
@Lrgload Exactly! The force from the axe would be the same as the force from a wood splitter. And as we see against the grain, it cuts like scissors. If it cut like a chainsaw falling a tree, there would be 2 solid pieces instead of many.
Bert Rigby
Bert Rigby Hace 2 meses
Glad to see that you have found your way back. Looking forward to this year's ridiculousness
Tim OH
Tim OH Hace 2 meses
Round of applause for Editor Jack 😀
Gary Sherry
Gary Sherry Hace 2 meses
I like how environmentally friendly this show has become
Coems Hace 27 días
Y’all have been getting better and better at quality videos, props to Jack for that, too.,
Dave Hace 2 meses
Wood, at least in Sweden, is more flexible when it’s fresh and can kind of bend too but when it’s dry it can break easier when it bends, so I think it’s a little bit stronger when it’s freshly cut. Great video like allways, love it!! Props to Jack, amazing work!!
Zoey Blouin
Zoey Blouin Hace 2 meses
I'll give Scott a round of applause for taking Jack's clever burn in stride 👏
Daniel Mann
Daniel Mann Hace 2 meses
7:26 Get stuffed, Scott Gaunson. Editor Jack deserves ALL the attention he gets, and more! (And I do mean that with the utmost respect to you, Brett & Derek)
Itzurboii_jack Hace 2 meses
How get that emoji in your name
Aaron Spencer
Aaron Spencer Hace 2 meses
I think wood does get stronger as it gets dryer but only to an extent. If you’ve dealt with wet wood before you would know it starts to get almost squishy and eventually starts to rot but at the same time when wood gets too dry it becomes very brittle so the optimal moisture I would say would be almost completely dry with a little moisture left. Basically a log that is freshly cut from a tree that’s had a few hours to dry is what I would guess would be the strongest
MrTyranius Hace 2 meses
You guys have no idea how much I needed senseless destruction in my day today. Please continue all the amazing things you do. God bless you and your team
Nadia Pronovost
Nadia Pronovost Hace 2 meses
We all love Scott he’s the bet
Greg Mercil
Greg Mercil Hace 2 meses
Same, I always get a good laugh out of senseless destruction like this. 😀
Darin Roodman
Darin Roodman Hace 2 meses
Wood gets more brittle the dryer it gets. Also, cutting with the grain yields clean cuts, against the grain is both harder and yields obliterations. Well done Scott!
AngryGinger Hace 2 meses
Yeah, I was going to say it depends on what they mean by "stronger". It will get harder, so the surface will be tougher when it comes to scratches and dings, but the "glue" (I forget what it's really called) that holds the grain together dries out and becomes more brittle.
Darin Roodman
Darin Roodman Hace 2 meses
@AngryGinger precisely. As I understand it, it's basically a combination of the sap and water that lives in the wood.
AngryGinger Hace 2 meses
@Darin Roodman I couldn't remember the word, but I just looked it up. It's called lignin.
Darin Roodman
Darin Roodman Hace 2 meses
@AngryGinger And now we've both learned something! Thanks!
Just my Life
Just my Life Hace 2 meses
An idea for other Giant Axe is to tape/weld/glue the items in a pyramid shape to see a clean cut. Great video lads
Adam Volk
Adam Volk Hace 2 meses
Editor Jack deserves props for the amazing shots he’s taken, especially when he has to do a panoramic shot with the phantom
Holly Keegan
Holly Keegan Hace 2 meses
Simon Multiverse
Simon Multiverse Hace 2 meses
Have you guys tried throwing sodium in a large pond or river? You'll be glad you did!
The Pendulum
The Pendulum Hace 2 meses
​​@Simon Multiverse If they ever do that, I hope they make their own pond, though, because it'll fuck up everything in it.
Archinald Hace 2 meses
I absolutely love that every time I open one of your vids, and I see the action happening, I'm like, "Okay time for the clip reel and intro and it'll take another ten minutes to get to the juicy stuff." And then I remember it's How Ridiculous, and, no. You get right to the action. 17 seconds in and we're already chopping. Thanks guys. I love that yinz don't waste my time.
Tate Thatcher
Tate Thatcher Hace 2 meses
Props to Mr. Scott Gaunson for giving us brilliant scientific explanations for years, his efforts over the past twelve years have been big and he deserves a great round of applause
Donavin Wiszniowski
Donavin Wiszniowski Hace 2 meses
I feel myself rooting for Scott almost everytime
Stu Neath
Stu Neath Hace 2 meses
Science with Gaunson is always a decent side mission, top job lads.
eath93 Hace 2 meses
Editor jack deserves a pay raise 100%
Terra Firma
Terra Firma Hace 2 meses
Would be interesting to put partially filled barrels of gasoline (or other flammables) with ignition sources with fire extinguishers and watch them battle it out in slow motion as fire attempts to start and the extinguisher... extinguishes.
Mobius One
Mobius One Hace 2 meses
An excellent idea
jason D
jason D Hace 2 meses
Add an oxy and acetylene bottle into the mix.
Ricardo Loff
Ricardo Loff Hace 2 meses
Yes please do this
Totto87 Hace 2 meses
@jason D We're not trying to kill them here.. I've seen an explosion up relatively close with oxygen bottles and acetylene. It was honestly scary!
Benjamin Brown🇺🇦
@jason D No
Jason W.
Jason W. Hace 2 meses
Couple things... paver slow motion, probably the best you guys have ever captured! Also, love that you took the punishments out. Great video!
Audrey Olsheske
Audrey Olsheske Hace 2 meses
Jacks “waste of time” answer made me laugh too much at 6 in the morning 😂 also, I love how y’all keep saying “well that’s not in one piece anymore”.
adam Hace 2 meses
problem with pyramids of pressurized vessels is the pressure will likely set off the bottom before the blade even gets close. If you had 2 racks, placed apart to let the axe fall through but would stabilize the items and prevent them from crashing into each other.. might get some interesting results.
KENGREZZY Hace 2 meses
Jack should get props for the shots he's taken not only with his camera but from the boys as well
Opiie Hace 2 meses
Hardwood gets harder as it dries but more brittle. Would be interesting to see this experiment done with a freshly cut log, the cross grain cut might actually stop it because the moisture should give it more tensile strength.
StatikDailey Hace 2 meses
00:15 Concrete Tiles 02:03 Soda Cans 03:45 Fire Extinguishers 05:01 MORE Fire Extinguishers 05:51 3 Tires 06:34 Spray Paint Cans 08:02 Kitchen Pots 09:48 Log 10:59 Logs
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson Hace 2 meses
Much appreciated.
Tank420uk Hace 2 meses
44:00 Club
Gavin Souza
Gavin Souza Hace 2 meses
thank you, I used this through the whole video,lol
Doomster Hace 2 meses
Make this the top comment pls
Mtnman87 Hace 2 meses
I had no idea what was going on untill you posted this. Thank you
matthew thomson
matthew thomson Hace 2 meses
Wood definitely is more plyable when it's green. And the reason wood is easier to split when green is because it is about 40% water, the fibres are more spread out to accommodate the moisture. As it dries they tighten thus it becomes harder to force them apart. I'd imagine that even a green log would explode if you hit it across the grain. Maybe not into such smaller pieces like the dry one did. Knotted wood will do the same with a hydraulic splitter as your essentially splitting with and against the grain at once.
Remote Gold Prospecting
You may have just invented the ultimate block splitter when that block exploded. Green timber is way more stronger to split, with the water content filling up the pores and giving the fibres flexibility. Love it. Cheers 🍻
morey92 Hace 2 meses
Awesome video as always fellas! I’d love to see you set up a few decks of playing cards, if not already suggested, and marvel at the results 😊
Gradumacated Hace 2 meses
Brilliant video. I have to say I thought the pavers would be slowwie of the day, but that spray can explosion pushes it pretty close...
Jason Lovell
Jason Lovell Hace 2 meses
It's really great to see editor Jack utilize his skillset to showcase Scott's talents.
Kimo Cureton
Kimo Cureton Hace un mes
Hell yeah mates. Nice vid, but I think you should take the curvature of the blade into consideration when making your stacks of... stuff. Since it's not a straight blade, the objects closest to the two corners of the blade will have more time to maneuver out of place, or have an incomplete cut, as appossed to the center of the blade. A lot of your objects like the three tires, tin buckets, and stack of wooden stumps would've gotten completely cooked with a straight blade since the point of contact between all the objects and the blade would be more even. The only thing though is you would have to take into account of the height of your pivot point to calculate the correct angle of your straight blade in order for the blade to lay flush with the ground. Although the above may be true, a curved blade is still best for single object cutting, since all of the force right before impact will be directed at the center of the blade then dispersed for an easy cut. OOOHH, and about the dry wood being stronger thing Scott brought up... duh, I mean it's used to make whole structures heavier than that axe😂. But, when it comes to cutting, I wanna say that wet wood would be harder to cut since the wood is softer and more susceptable to changing shape rather than splitting or chipping. Like when round tables are being made, the piece of wood used for the sides are actually steamed then bent by a roller or something to make the curved shape. Just sayin' 😅
Fathead Hace 2 meses
I'd be interested to see the "against the grain" cut with a much longer log---just to see how far the "explosion" travels up the log on either side.
Tynan Patrick
Tynan Patrick Hace 2 meses
wood gets harder as it dries, but that also means it is more brittle. think about smaller sticks. a dried out one is likely to just snap when bent, whereas a wet one will bend much more. by the same token, the lack of moisture makes the fibers more rigid and firm, meaning the wood is harder.
Tim Alexander
Tim Alexander Hace 2 meses
Total props to Rexy for taking another one on the chin for our entertainment.
ClickChick Hace 2 meses
Ain't he a hard worker??
Vaughan Conybear
Vaughan Conybear Hace 2 meses
As a lumberjack, I can tell you wood is much easier to split when it’s dry, wet logs take a lot more force to break as they absorb the impact more
Caleb Dick
Caleb Dick Hace 2 meses
Yes. Wood will get harder as it drys out, especially with woods like jarrah and iron bark. However hard woods (as opposed to soft woods, like pines etc. it has nothing to do with the actual hardness of the wood itself) will become quite brittle as they dry, particularly close to the roots, eg, the stump, or near a branch where the grain becomes very wavy and curly. This is why it exploded, because the grain is not uniform in direction and has no support from the “rest” of the log, sometimes curling almost 90 degrees, so that you would be splitting between grains at that point. If you were to obtain a pine or non hollow gum (spotted gum) log about 1.5 metres or longer and 500mm thick, that axe shouldn’t be able to cut it, so long as it’s not green (so been drying for at least five years) and not from near the base of the tree or containing burl or branch defects. In other words, a prime piece of timber probably worth in excess of $3000 😂.
𝐃𝐫. 𝐊. 𝐖𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞 𝐁𝐄
Precisely what I wanted to say ! Hard yes, but brittle. Just like tempered glass, stone, hardened steel... (but without fibers) (And these logs even seem rotten)
Slava Browning
Slava Browning Hace 2 meses
If the burl was big enough the piece would be worth a ton of money. There are burl poachers who remove burl for the money. Which is a shame. I do know some wood turners who would pay a pretty penny for a good sized burl
Zakiah Bassett
Zakiah Bassett Hace 2 meses
Loved this video, in my opinion, one of the best you've ever done! Giant axe, rexy getting launched, satisfying slow mo, exploding fire extinguishers, destroyed go pro, good humor; THIS VIDEO HAD IT ALL!!!
My Open Mic
My Open Mic Hace 2 meses
I am more and more amazed with each video that my man Rexy is still alive and (mostly) well at the end!
Kathleen Hoban
Kathleen Hoban Hace 2 meses
Great job Jack as always!
Spartan Codak Blue
Spartan Codak Blue Hace 2 meses
Bois let me tell you with the content you're pushig out today let me tell ya every detail matters. You're one of the biggest channels on the site and I've been watching you grow as I grew as a person. Now I'm a boat mechanic, slash painter and fiberglass worker, and yo, let me just say you could pay me $21 an hour to cross continents and help you guys make your shit look real good, real quick. That axe be cutting like diamonds but still looking like iron 💀🥺 love you guys would kill to be a part of the team 🥰
Expert Adder
Expert Adder Hace 2 meses
You guys are my five year olds favorite. It's nice to see a channel I don't have to worry about her watching. We watch you guys everyday before school. Hats off to ya.
Riggi G
Riggi G Hace 2 meses
Never gonna get tired of seeing things smashed, chopped in half, blown up, whatever. Keep it coming!
Devil Wears Adidas
Devil Wears Adidas Hace 2 meses
you guys should get a rounded part where the axe hits and load stuff in so theres less movement. Something designed for the shape of the axe to hit that's indented inwards. So when it lands, it looks like this with no space D)
David C
David C Hace 2 meses
You guys are a bunch of freaking nutters yet entertaining as well. Thanks for the sharing!
creativebro25 Hace un mes
I really enjoy these videos. They always put a smile on my face.
Maso Hace 2 meses
I love how the fire extinguisher hose curls up for impact. Very nice
Mark Bouchard
Mark Bouchard Hace 2 meses
Great editing, super slow mo is insane! Love your videos!
Baloopa Hace 2 meses
Great to see uploads back! Thanks for always giving us something enjoyable to watch.
Jason W Kamigaki
Jason W Kamigaki Hace 2 meses
Applause for editor Jack! 👏👏
Michael Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum Hace 2 meses
Woah! 😮 You could get the extinguishers emptied at a company producing/maintaining them, exchange the powder for coloured chalk and pressurised again. Maybe even slightly above working pressure. Would probably make awesome slowies. Also you're not distributing fire retardant everywhere! 🎉😂
Ingwie Phoenix
Ingwie Phoenix Hace 2 meses
Pops into your recommendations. Explodes stumpies, spray cans and file cabinets with a giant axe. Doesn't elaborate further. Leaves ... you with a smile. =) Always love to see ya guys, 44club is a vibe!
5 phút sáng tạo
5 phút sáng tạo Hace 2 meses
Your experiments are worthy of credit 👍
David Bourgeois
David Bourgeois Hace 2 meses
Life is better when HR is dropping weekly viddies. How good!
Shadowlinkhd `
Shadowlinkhd ` Hace 2 meses
Kind of sad to see the episodes be so short after you guys returned. I need more HR! 😂
Aidan S
Aidan S Hace 2 meses
You know, after hearing you talk about the soda mist you breathed in, I’m worried about all the paint fumes you must’ve inhaled over the years.
Emily Elizabeth Buchanan
That was most likely the best Science with Gaunsen explanation he's ever done. Some are silly, some are on point, but this was fabulous. It's a great example.
UI /ᐠ . ۪ . ᐟ\ノ
Not tuned in in a while. Gotta say loving the new laid back vibe to the channel
SueEllen S
SueEllen S Hace 2 meses
Well, yes…huge round of applause for Scott. However, I must also give a standing ovation to Rexie bec every video I say to myself (okay, out loud…I say it out loud): “REXIE!,” as he faces the unimaginable. Of course, I love all of you humans equally…including Editor Jack.
Derrin Calk
Derrin Calk Hace 2 meses
"Tell em about the shoe's!" Lives rent free in my head. We love you Scott 👏
CSD Hace 2 meses
Another awesome editing job Editor Jack, amazing work as always. The videos you edit are amazing. Oh, before I forget… well done Scott, good job as always.
Jack Wallace
Jack Wallace Hace 2 meses
Thanks, but it was actually mostly Toby who edited this one :)
thebestestoneever Hace 2 meses
@Jack Wallace I am giving the round of applause to Toby then! :)
Singet 23
Singet 23 Hace 2 meses
have you guys ever considered using a trebuchet to launch a giant dart at a massive board? giant axe throwing could be a major idea.
Chad Ritchie
Chad Ritchie Hace un mes
Use a strap to hold the cans together to get a better chop with more distruction. Or make a frame that sits on both sides of ax so big items can be chopped and not fall over. And wood gets dry it becomes more brittle. Green logs are stronger.
Cody Mulcahy
Cody Mulcahy Hace 2 meses
As timber dries the fibres have far more plastic potential energy, instead of elastic potential energy. Which means as it dries the bonds between the fibres are more brittle. That’s why it’s easier to split dry wood than fresh cut stumps. And also why snapping sticks you’ve just cut off a tree is far more difficult than older sticks that have dried out, because moisture makes the fibres far more elastic. When the moisture content is higher its ability to stretch and retract is significantly better. But with all the concentrated force that axe will producing I’m still not sure if it could hold up.
christiannielsen Hace 2 meses
GO editor Jack! The paint slowies are amazing. I have one from way back as a wallpaper on my laptop. That lumber looks rotten. Try fresh wet lumber and also try to slice the "block".
Minty Hace 2 meses
That slowmo with the spray paint cans was class.
Flyboy Gospel
Flyboy Gospel Hace 2 meses
Any plans to make something like a giant pincer or "crab claw" type device to chop horizontally? It could be a big spring loaded device that snaps shut quickly. Would be awesome to see the fire extinguishers get split and launched vertically.
Corwin Christensen
Corwin Christensen Hace 2 meses
2 m beartrap?!
Flyboy Gospel
Flyboy Gospel Hace 2 meses
@Corwin Christensen I like it!
Nick Carter
Nick Carter Hace 2 meses
Great job Jackie boy, loving your channel!
Mark Smithson
Mark Smithson Hace 2 meses
Nice guesses Gaunson. Just enjoy watching every video you guys put out. So entertaining
Sean Wilhelm
Sean Wilhelm Hace 2 meses
You will probably get more of the items cut through if there are two long pieces of metal a couple inches apart to lay the items across. Then the axe can go completely through.
Grant Hancock
Grant Hancock Hace 2 meses
Wasn’t sure about Gaunson’s “cross grain” explanation when it started, but it was actually very good. 😂 Don’t think I could explain it better myself.
D0vidas Hace 2 meses
1. Concrete slabs VS axe 0:13 (slowmo 0:33 ) 2. 120 soda cans VS axe 2:02 (slowmo 2:37 ) 3. 10 fire extinguishers VS axe 3:45 (slowmo 4:30 ) 4. 4 fire extinguishers VS axe 5:00 (slowmo 5:25 ) 5. 3 car tires VS axe 5:50 (no slowmo :( ) 6. 45 spray paint cans VS axe 6:33 (slowmo 7:04 ) 7. 6 metal pots VS axe 8:01 (no slowmo :( ) 8. 1 tree stump (with the grain) VS axe 9:03 (no slowmo :( ) 9. 1 tree stump (against the grain) VS axe 9:47 (slowmo 10:14 ) 10. 21 tree stumps (with the grain) VS axe 10:57 (slowmo 11:27 )
David Blalock
David Blalock Hace 2 meses
Round of applause for Jack, and the boys!
Rhov Anion
Rhov Anion Hace 2 meses
To answer the question about wood strength: Yes, when wood is dried, it becomes STRONGER. However, overly dried wood can become very brittle, especially when you're working across the grain, which is why that dried log seemed to explode.
Black Hawk
Black Hawk Hace 2 meses
They do call it splitting wood for a reason. Applause for editor jack 👏🏻👏🏻😂
Malcolm Richarson
Malcolm Richarson Hace 2 meses
Once again top job. Never disappointed watching your content. Keep up the good work/fun/play. P.S. Props to Editor Jack :)
Yonkage Hace 2 meses
That confused look on their faces when the cross-grainer exploded into kindling had me laughing to tears.
James J
James J Hace 2 meses
Maybe it's been asked and answered, but why no drone footage directly above ground zero? Would have been cool to see the dispersion patterns!
Kevin D Blew
Kevin D Blew Hace 2 meses
In answer to Scott’s amazing question: Firewood gets stronger as it dries, yet it is also easier to split then too. Excellent work today y’all!
Taolan8472 Hace 2 meses
Well, the wood gets *harder* as it dries. Strength is relative to the load.
Utha Hace 2 meses
@Taolan8472 Yup, exactly. Try splitting a green log that size, it will laugh at you.
Ickus Hace 2 meses
In this case its probably more to do with that its rotten/eaten in the middle with lots of cracks all through it already. Might be a bit different if it was solid and non-cracked.
J C Hace 2 meses
Balsa wood actually requires drying to make it worth using. The process applied to Balsa is interesting. The cells are so large that after drying the wood is mostly air. Balsa before drying barely floats.
Dargonhuman Hace 2 meses
@Taolan8472 Yes, exactly. Contrary to popular belief, dry wood's higher hardness factor makes it easier to split as the fibers are less able to flex with stress. The water in the wood makes it far more pliable and harder to split, to say nothing of the extra structural integrity that the extra mass of water inherently provides.
cooper nisbet
cooper nisbet Hace 2 meses
Awesome job guys thanks for making my day👍
Red Level Movies 🅥︎
Lets all appreciate how much effort he puts into his videos
Clancy Moore
Clancy Moore Hace 17 días
While jarrah is very strong, it is also extremely brittle. Under force such as this it’s not too surprising that it exploded. Would be interesting to see the same thing with a straight-grained hardwood.
The Spirit Dude
The Spirit Dude Hace 2 meses
I remember back in 2018 I watched this channel, and this shit was crazy, and it still is, which is amazing, so, they have gained a new sub. 😃
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