GIANT SEAFOOD on Africa’s Biggest Island! Catch and Cook with Primitive Technology!

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ADDRESS: Manakara, Madagascar
🥜CASSAVA: Boil cassava in water for 30 minutes. Once soft, mash the cassava, mixing in crushed peanuts until the texture is similar to mashed potatoes.
🍈BREADFRUIT: Boil the breadfruit until soft, then add a bit of salt and mash.
🦐SHRIMP: Sauté shrimp with onion and tomato. Add cassava leaves on top and allow it to boil in water to create a shrimp soup.
🐟TUNA: Cut the tuna into sections and put it in a hot steel pot. Add in fried onion, tomato and salt and allow it to steam until cooked through.
🦀(What the heck? Where’s the lobster emoji?) LOBSTER: Cut the lobster down the center and grill to perfection!
💸PRICE: Tuna 2.26 USD/8,000 MGA per kg (our tuna cost 10 USD) | Rainbow Lobster 5 USD/18,000 MGA
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. People either enjoyed my undeniable charm or enjoyed watching me eat things like coconut worms, and thus Best Ever Food Review Show came to be.
I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer. If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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17 mar 2019

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Willie G. Macthur
Willie G. Macthur Hace 4 horas
I always get hungry watching your videos..
Daniel Levieux
Daniel Levieux Hace 8 horas
My mother is from Madagascar and my father is from Québec. I’m actually quite sad that I didn’t visit Madagascar yet :(.
Sona Avakian
Sona Avakian Hace 14 horas
What a lovely bunch of warm, open hearted people.
PJ Torres
PJ Torres Hace 16 horas
Kyachu Bubbles_Benham
You are so kind hearted I love seeing the way you interacted with Charlice!!!
lisa Hace un día
"boiled greens" is everywhere. Makes me feel good to see this!!!
fei mohach
fei mohach Hace un día
Hey! Thanks for putting smile on our faces n all the places you go,enjoy n be safe!
Latoya Webb
Latoya Webb Hace un día
Loved this video!
Leroy Jarvis
Leroy Jarvis Hace un día
Crab be sayin, "yea, I'm up wi dat", while looking all pitiful
Bemboy Paid
Bemboy Paid Hace un día
Hahahah that's is your crazy crabs
Jeuis Deleon
Jeuis Deleon Hace un día
I love the concept 😍 I love the Foods🌮🌯🍜 I love the music used🎶🎵 I love the smiles😁😀 I love everything about this channel😍😘
PeterMb3 Ho
PeterMb3 Ho Hace 2 días
“*There are starving kids in Madagascar*”
Sophia Lin
Sophia Lin Hace 2 días
"Or it's a new pet" 😭😭😭😭😭
Viisitors gt
Viisitors gt Hace 2 días
FACT: Did you know africans have almost the diamonds in their land.but africans don't use it as advantage with money but instead other countries make money with it and used africans as workers and pay them little
AnnNC North Carolina
Makes me want to travel and try things on my bucket list. Now I want some seafood. Lol.
will Chisess
will Chisess Hace 2 días
Beautiful people
Nathan Brenner
Nathan Brenner Hace 2 días
bruh you just ate like 2000 worth of the highest quality seafood
Thy Bui
Thy Bui Hace 3 días
Beautiful people with a simple life. Love to go there one day
Justin Huang
Justin Huang Hace 3 días
8:17 the kid in the background was like Oh my god, u gud?
ERIC FARTMAN Hace 3 días
Beautiful country and beautiful people
aubrey charles
aubrey charles Hace 4 días
Shes so beautiful! 😍
Nadia Montanez
Nadia Montanez Hace 4 días
Poor translator looking for meat in the lobster tail 😃
Gio R
Gio R Hace 4 días
10:24 The Men are served first. This is typical in many cultures. I think it should be Children, Women then the Men. :) Great Video, thanks for sharing.
Pedro Chiapello
Pedro Chiapello Hace un día
@Gio R Yeah, but sometimes you can't do what makes you happy, but what's the best for surviving. Don't misunderstand me, even if i say that i myself would like to do that too, but we need to comprehend the situation they are in. Cheers
Gio R
Gio R Hace un día
@Pedro Chiapello Makes sense, its all about culture; however I would love to see my Children and Wife eat first even if I provided the food, that would make me happy. But I understand your point.
Pedro Chiapello
Pedro Chiapello Hace un día
It's that way because Men provided the food, then children because they are the next to get the food and women last because they just process the food
Nikita Rana
Nikita Rana Hace 4 días
Love this food👐👐👐🤗
sycratify Hace 4 días
I love how respectful he tries to be while interacting with other cultures. He understands that women eat last, he knows that he probably shouldn't eat with his hands or share food he has touched, but he always asks if something is okay and tries to show the utmost appreciation for the people inviting him into their home. An outstanding guest and ambassador for Americans.
CravingPvpZ gaming
CravingPvpZ gaming Hace 5 días
Tfue goes to Africa to get an epic victory royale
slick king
slick king Hace 4 días
CravingPvpZ gaming you’ve been playing too much fortnite bro
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers Hace 5 días
11:18 i think sonny took a leak.
Nakkeran Nakl
Nakkeran Nakl Hace 5 días
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor Hace 5 días
I would love to see the same show, experienced by an American Black person. It would be so enjoyable to watch an American Black person travel, be silly, imitate, and attempt to reconnect to cultures that was historically snatched from them.
folks chris
folks chris Hace 5 días
the kid in 12:01 cute hahaha😂😂😂
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Hace 5 días
Thank you for showing more proof that Africans shouldn't be allowed in European countries.
Luz Rivera
Luz Rivera Hace 5 días
Puñeta ... Me dio hambre.. Esa langosta se ve deliciosa y el mapen ni se diga.
sade allen
sade allen Hace 6 días
They treat their women awfully👿
ilichuu Hace 6 días
this video made me smile
Cindy Mercado
Cindy Mercado Hace 6 días
Why dont they give Kim Namjoon that crab HE LOVES CRABS
Cindy Mercado
Cindy Mercado Hace 6 días
Why dont they give Kim Namjoon that crab HE LOVES CRABS
Nevaeh F
Nevaeh F Hace 6 días
they really be eating good everyday. lobster & crab😭 luckyy
OnlyYeng FFS
OnlyYeng FFS Hace 7 días
This was America before technology
Jijo Esahac
Jijo Esahac Hace 7 días
5:35 ASMR
This is everything ❤️
Fun Tube
Fun Tube Hace 7 días
Lady cook is beautiful
Fun Tube
Fun Tube Hace 7 días
I love that he specifies that he helps the village by buying their catch!! I love hearing that!
Ralph michael Sison
Ralph michael Sison Hace 7 días
Salamat is a filipino Word
Gregory King
Gregory King Hace 7 días
I really want to play soccer with the kids
s2k Co 3964
s2k Co 3964 Hace 8 días
I wish i could give them all my food
dieselphiend Hace 8 días
The quality of this content is well beyond anything you will find on network or premium television. It's unbelievable. Almost as if you're filming in 8K and downscaling to 4K. I'm almost certain it's the best I've seen for outdoor content. I wish them much moneys!
kuty patooty
kuty patooty Hace 8 días
That is it i am moving over there
Pokefan731 Hace 8 días
I wanna know what that crab was
sonic soviet
sonic soviet Hace 8 días
Precious experience ❤️ those rare good food
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