Girlfriend Not Allowed To Have Guy Friends

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28 dic 2020






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Comentarios 27 044
P.C.N Hace 2 minutos
My dad said that watching ur kind of videos mush my brain... so I am secretly watching ur vids....... I luv u... and I am a ten year old😜
xtinaslvr Hace 2 horas
Sniperwolf love your videos
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar Hace 2 horas
I love your videos
Annabelle Haurik
Annabelle Haurik Hace 5 horas
Like all of my friends are Boys 😂
Eve h
Eve h Hace 6 horas
Surprise he has a crush on the bf😃
precious Goodwin
precious Goodwin Hace 7 horas
Yo, there's really nothing wrong in having a guy friend.
X. Hace 8 horas
thats why i dress as a boy in online games ;)
Andee Levin
Andee Levin Hace 11 horas
Me: so interested *drops phone on face*
Lateefha Parker-Wearing
You are my best buddy and happy happy Birthday birthday to love love miss y’all so happy
Kiribaku kid
Kiribaku kid Hace 17 horas
ESvid getting wayyy too specific about situations and that makes me uncomfortable with the energy we created in the studio today-
Isabelle Carcallas
Isabelle Carcallas Hace 19 horas
mari watching this: am i a guy????
josue barrera
josue barrera Hace 19 horas
iam guy and i think that a guy friend should just be friends
Christy Craft
Christy Craft Hace 20 horas
Sounds like Adrian : she's JuSt a FrIeNd agreed to Its Maddie
Benichyo-Chan Gacha
Benichyo-Chan Gacha Hace 21 un hora
I have a guy best friend but he thinks where just friends and so do I
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown Hace 22 horas
Ay im a boy with plenty female friends
Tony Guo
Tony Guo Hace 22 horas
She’s just a friend😐
Azumi Donati
Azumi Donati Hace 23 horas
Azumi Donati
Azumi Donati Hace 23 horas
toga_himiko Hace un día
And this is why I only have friends that are girls
“He/she’s just a friend” worst sentence ever (MLB fans will understand)
Garrett Kaffka
Garrett Kaffka Hace un día
yo I'm ten I just went to the skatepark and got this girls number😂💯
Amazing Adaah
Amazing Adaah Hace un día
Like Me and her are similar. I hug my older brother when I make him like on my birthday I made my brother hug me. I don’t have any guy friends soooo yeah but fact about me “I was best friends with all guys and now I’m only friends with girls. I’m kinda friends with guys to roast them✨🔥😏
Carol Ellis-clarke
Carol Ellis-clarke Hace un día
꧁✨A F R E A K✨꧂
Ay, the guy doesn’t know that friends love each other? MY FRIENDS ADD HEARTS IN THW CAPTION yes, some friends are boys even tho I never hang with them :)
Katsumi Todoroki
Katsumi Todoroki Hace un día
Omg dis happened to meee, i litterly relate to this so much
Rampart Hace un día
This is relatable on soooo many levels
Miraculous text story
Ok so he likes his BFF why is that so bad I actually feel bad for him because he confused but she turned him down it’s miraculous all over again
ItzSourPlays Hace un día
Ofc he gonna hookup
ItzSourPlays Hace un día
Dude just don’t be friends with Adam
Izuku㍿Midoriya㍿ Hace un día
Karma More
Karma More Hace un día
litterally-n0thing Hace un día
Lia: Just a friend! *miraculous addiction flashbacks* Me: Yeah thats not true.
Norah noneya
Norah noneya Hace 2 días
Okay girl I love you but you look like a Christmas tree 🎄
Nicolette Moise
Nicolette Moise Hace 2 días
From the start of this video Adam was dummy sus
Nkem Usha Ugbogulu
Nkem Usha Ugbogulu Hace 2 días
Just friends real funny mann
Linnekens Linnekens
Linnekens Linnekens Hace 2 días
ze klaar 86jhh54gf32s
Snowy the snow leopard
Girl : Were just friends - Adrien : WeRE jUsT fRiEnDs
・ C A P R I C O R N ・
Lol 😂
Tanya Miller
Tanya Miller Hace 2 días
LoL we're just friends
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes Hace 2 días
I have a boy 👦 Best friend and I ask him do you like me And he said no
Eliel Chijioke
Eliel Chijioke Hace 2 días
Anyways ssniper I loved your sweater
Elon Wishart
Elon Wishart Hace 2 días
I watch all of dhar manns videos and sssniperwolf videos
Sqgle Hace 2 días
Mark 1:15 records the inspired summary of Jesus' message as He began His ministry: “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” Repentance and faith go together because if you believe that Jesus is the Lord Who saves (faith), you have a changed mind about your sin and
Mya Schneider
Mya Schneider Hace 2 días
wait digital has a gf
Sssniperwolf: *talking about how a guy doesn’t just wanna be friends with a girl* Me: Bruh what is adrien doing then saying marinettes just a friend
Jerry Doughman
Jerry Doughman Hace 3 días
And Smile Squad Skits
Jerry Doughman
Jerry Doughman Hace 3 días
Isn’t the girl also in Kurt Tocci vids?
Awesome heat
Awesome heat Hace 3 días
It’s my bday
Awesome heat
Awesome heat Hace 3 días
Adrien: ShEs JuSt A FrUeND
Kornelia Purczynska
Kornelia Purczynska Hace 3 días
sssniperwolf:thats sus next thing you know an among us ad comes up
Jovan Rafael
Jovan Rafael Hace 3 días
2:50 i mean thats how animals interact in irl and were just big brain animals so that makes sense
gachalifewolfmwa Hace 3 días
luka and mari are so cute together
gachalifewolfmwa Hace 3 días
Wow im not the only one who watchs that show :D
joseph a dumas
joseph a dumas Hace 3 días
joseph a dumas
joseph a dumas Hace 3 días
You need to stop toking
Gacha*Demond Robertson
MLB be like: Adrien: *Just a FREIND* Marinette: *Omg Adrien
Bralond Ray
Bralond Ray Hace 4 días
If some one try this on me I'm try and go with her if he try sum
Summaya Ali
Summaya Ali Hace 4 días
They are just friends
RubyPlayz 1
RubyPlayz 1 Hace 4 días
I have a friend who is a guy
Vernon Smith
Vernon Smith Hace 4 días
I love your video so much
Ashley Brownell
Ashley Brownell Hace 4 días
Why was the video so short
Caitlin Creed
Caitlin Creed Hace 4 días
But it was adam dressed up at the end and he kidnapped ahd killed her
Ayanda Ritsuri
Ayanda Ritsuri Hace 4 días
Adam:were just friends Adrian:stop steeling my lines
Autmo speaks
Autmo speaks Hace 5 días
I’m friends with a guy! But that’s different cause he has a boyfriend and we both gay as hell and uh- yea
Titus and Rosie smock
徐永红 Hace 5 días
Isabella and Anberlin
You are a tiktoker too Just like me
Blue blondie
Blue blondie Hace 5 días
2:53 but adrien for miraculous find Mari just friends but Mari wants to date him
Little fairy 's
Little fairy 's Hace 5 días
Adrien - marinette no she,s just a friend Me - trying to kill him
gdiaz Hace 5 días
What in the holy moose knuckles did he say he said the s word with an e and then?!??!?!?! The x?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
kittycorn little kitty
Adrine: shes just a friend HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA!!!
Nick James
Nick James Hace 6 días
I have female friends that are just friends but i will admit that i have one that i woukd like to be more then friends with but if that ends up never happening witg i would still want to be friends with her cayse i do enjoy our friendship
Stxrrbee Hace 6 días
Silvia Mares
Silvia Mares Hace 6 días
Hold up adrien agrest has a crush on mari wait I MEAN OKAY
Arun Hace 6 días
dhar mann lookin like a wallmart vikstar123
Dreaming Sophia
Dreaming Sophia Hace 6 días
It’s my birthday!
Victeria Spear
Victeria Spear Hace 7 días
I thought that was her boyfriend but it is her friends
Connor Caron
Connor Caron Hace 7 días
Dam. Daniel was right
Sabrinaaaa Hace 7 días
I didseeit
devilsrxse Hace 7 días
When I’m gonna be a mom I’m litterally gonna watch the men like a hawk lol
Random Potterhead
Random Potterhead Hace 7 días
If he was a real friend he would be very angry at her boyfriend and get him to apologize and help them get back together
Pro Gamer / Info
Pro Gamer / Info Hace 7 días
i have a girl bestie and i keep it like that
Jose Sa
Jose Sa Hace 7 días
You s x
awamleh Abdul
awamleh Abdul Hace 7 días
The wise perfume functionally laugh because claus only end onto a ethereal ice. cumbersome, shrill aftermath
candy pop's World
candy pop's World Hace 7 días
I hace a friend that its a Boy and were just friend
Brid Doyle
Brid Doyle Hace 7 días
Sssniperwolf:I love them .... mehh they're alright
Robloxlydds Hace 7 días
Ummmm my best friend is a boy I have no boy friend and my best friend that’s a boy always treats me like a princess when we at school when we of FaceTime he a nerd😳
Chick Adventures
Chick Adventures Hace 7 días
I thought digital nex was your boyfriend
karen dog
karen dog Hace 7 días
be reminding me of Adrien and marinate.. "she's just a friend.."
Encantada 77
Encantada 77 Hace 8 días
In my opinion if you are in a relationship, you cant have close friends of opposite gender, becouse its humans nature that we just cant be ,,just friends" as male and female, its just always at least such a friendzone or something more. I am women and i would not let my bf have female friends, and obviously i would be fair and i also have not
Mark Long
Mark Long Hace 8 días
Leah looks like a Christmas tree
Eggy Santana
Eggy Santana Hace 8 días
That’s really my mouth and my dad and then mom‘s best friend and I feel that way too
~* Eri-Chan *~
~* Eri-Chan *~ Hace 8 días
These miraculer's are going crazy in the comments with how 'Adam And I are just friends' Welp Im a miraculous fan and Ngl I agree :)
Ellie Duncan
Ellie Duncan Hace 8 días
I have never had a guy friend that hasn't ended up liking me
Tyraji Talley
Tyraji Talley Hace 8 días
😭 So sad
countryland ♡
countryland ♡ Hace 8 días
-Venixana Fox-
-Venixana Fox- Hace 8 días
Adrian: Maris just a friend Mari: we are just friends
That Tiger Sunset Is Me
My mom has a guy best friend and me and my bro and his daughter (I think of her as a sister) we all think Peter has a crush on my mom. (Peter is the guy best friend)
Karla Tecum
Karla Tecum Hace 9 días
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