giving snakes there legs back.

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YouTube Hace un mes
finally someone cares enough to give the snakes their legs back 🐍❤
Enzo Medici
Enzo Medici Hace 14 días
MixableWeevil81 Hace 23 días
never seen youtube comment on a video before...
Shetty404 Hace 28 días
Gods Hace un mes
BumpyTalks Hace un mes
Hyper Nova
Hyper Nova Hace un mes
This isn't giving snakes legs THIS IS GIVING THEM A MECH
yes i need the plastic chair it comforts me
Standby for titanfall
jonas Hace 4 días
like that one episode from rick and morty
QuietBorb Hace 4 días
Low responsibility
Low responsibility Hace 10 días
@Nate yes
King Animation
King Animation Hace 10 días
​@JLJoe_ Boris: It's a UG, here? Raiden take it down! Raiden: I can't! it just jumped six miles in the sky and then came back down and flattened me I need and upgrade! Boris: Raiden... RAAIIIDEENNNN!!!!!
Jebina Khuhly
Jebina Khuhly Hace 19 días
As a member of the snake race, we would like to thank you for your consideration of giving back our leg.
laundrybucket Hace 9 días
we appreciate your efforrttsssssss
Mr. Shickadance
Mr. Shickadance Hace 15 días
On behalf of the entire snake community we offer you our thankssssssssssssssssssss
Sir. Jean Horsey Face
Sir. Jean Horsey Face Hace 25 días
As a snake owner i always feel so bad for the snakes in breeder set-ups with tiny little enclosures and no wiggle room. Having said that, I do love the concept of snakes with detachable legs.
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Hace 19 horas
as a fellow snake owner, I'm cool with it so long as they don't display discomfort or decreased life expectancy
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Hace 19 horas
@SalSa Official lol u focused on balls
Jared Connell
Jared Connell Hace 23 horas
Any animal living in a cage is cruel
Wolf Fang
Wolf Fang Hace 4 días
@DTGgaming SHOOK
DTGgaming Hace 6 días
My son aswell, has detachable legs they are not however, reattachable
Blake Muscha
Blake Muscha Hace 23 días
I’m glad he’s helping animals just to help
E Hace 13 días
ScubaDouba Hace 25 días
“Only someone who really loves snakes would do this, right?” Only someone who harbored deep secret hate for snakes would ask that question
FluffyEevee Hace 8 horas
I love how the mother says "no" right before it cuts off lol
Chiranshu Gupta
Chiranshu Gupta Hace 3 días
@Code Red only someone who harboured deep secret hate for anacondas and deep secret love for centipedes would say that.
Code Red
Code Red Hace 10 días
I watching a movie where they cut two anacondas and join them to make a giant centipede
RandomNoob101 #FlyHighTweek
@Galax Ray Only someone with a deep secret hate for Maxfire 32 would relpy
Galax Ray
Galax Ray Hace 13 días
@Maxifire32 Only Someone who harbored deep secret hate for PDP would still reply.
TeleMan500 Hace un mes
We did it boys, through hard work and perseverance, we invented lizards.
Abu Nirmal
Abu Nirmal Hace 3 días
Halfhalf Hace 4 días
Yo let’s go boys we did it
Katelyn Vasquez
Katelyn Vasquez Hace 4 días
Maitreyee Chakraborty
Enderman be like
 turtledude412 animated
Let goooo!!!!!!! We did it!!!
Kyle Kalmbach
Kyle Kalmbach Hace 26 días
This was so stupid and intelligent at the same time. It's hilarious. Thank you for your labor!
JoshyD888 Hace 22 días
4:59 Alen : "only someone who really loves snakes would do this, right?" Random Stranger: "NO!" 😂
Canyon Hace 23 días
I made a prosthetic foot for a goose that lost his (or hers) she was always the first one I fed in the morning and she came back for 4 years. I lived on a pond with sticked bass they loved it, it was made from my daughter's old baby shoe and Paraffin wax it held for a few months at a time
Naiare Rich
Naiare Rich Hace 9 días
First snake to ever walk in our time, and is very cute too. You could see Allen genuinely fell in love with it. I did too. So cute. 🐍😍
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
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Mr_Pigman101 Hace un mes
I have no idea how this man has enough confidence to just walk into a petco carrying a giant tube with legs
M Ghiyas
M Ghiyas Hace 18 días
He has a noble goal that of course such mortal thingy didn't hinder his way
Duncan Cameron
Duncan Cameron Hace 24 días
Hes used to it 😏
Acharich Speaks
Acharich Speaks Hace 25 días
Robotic Intelligence Unit 1A
*2 tubes
loloshua Hace un mes
I would
Nightfall Noir
Nightfall Noir Hace 25 días
You know, snakes were my favorite animals since my childhood. But this… is an evolution of like.. Everything. ✨
John Travolta
John Travolta Hace 21 un día
Notice how the snake stopped crawling once it was inside of it and just seemed to enjoy the ride. Im certain it understood this as a free ride which must have meant that it enjoyed it. Wholesome and possibly a first time someone ''entertained'' a snake and making its life easier. You done more then prove you love snakes. no homo.
Jaxie Uwu
Jaxie Uwu Hace 12 días
This is funny as hell but amazing at the same time like “NOBODY TALKS ABOUT FINDING THE SNAKES LEGS!”
Camel Don
Camel Don Hace 17 días
This reminds me that old Chinese saying, draw legs on a snake, which means doing unnecessary things to make things worse than they should be. Turns out this is really fun and innovative
Dallas Seeger
Dallas Seeger Hace un mes
I was originally thinking "a tail would help stabilize the walking". However once I saw the snake pilot enter it's mech suit, I realized "the snake already has a tail".
Ruka Rengoku
Ruka Rengoku Hace 17 días
@Cameram-Guy Lizards are a tail with a head and feet
Cameram-Guy Hace 17 días
Snakes are tails with a head
GLASSHEAD Hace un mes
Aleister Lavey
Aleister Lavey Hace un mes
@what am I studio the outside is the tail.
Steve Hace 25 días
You are a comedic genius among men you gave that snake a opportunity no other snake on earth has had and you made me cry laughing on the way, this video is gonna BLOW UP
Glendi Hace 17 días
dude this is funniest shit ive ever seen xDDD. i have a snake myself and am a big reptile enthusiast but i never thought about trying to give snakes legs xDDDD
STARZZ! Hace 25 días
"so, what do you do for fun?" "oh, i build legs for snakes." "e-excuse me?"
Daryl James Catamio
Daryl James Catamio Hace 24 días
someone so so so nice can give their snakes back this is the best ever.
Sand Turtle
Sand Turtle Hace un mes
the fact the family realized he was making snake legs immediately is so funny to me
Emanuele Polisena
Emanuele Polisena Hace 28 días
@ZerglingLover lol
Jennifer R
Jennifer R Hace un mes
@Jared Jones I took this at face value until I rewatched it and realized it was a joke
Conner Peterson
Conner Peterson Hace un mes
@Bartholomew Short 🤣
Thomas Eriksen
Thomas Eriksen Hace un mes
The part where they exit the store and go "What's that?" "Snake prosthetic" Is cut from the end result
Violet Alice Evans
Violet Alice Evans Hace un mes
@Philosophy_Bot is it a bot or a dude saying they are a bot? or is it both? 😶
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar Hace 24 días
At first i was not sure but later the interest and curiosity increased which made me to watch the complete video , Unfortunately it finished so fast. I really like your research about snakes trying to walk. its a good thought. Keep up the good work bro.
Handy Andy
Handy Andy Hace 25 días
I love this project. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this but, this is one that didn’t work as well as others
General cock
General cock Hace 25 días
Wow the legs literally move exactly like my leopard gecko i didnt think it would be that spot on
dingolovethrob Hace 24 días
What an excellent and entertaining video by snake lover Allen Pan. :o)
Coach Hace un mes
Now we have the next glaring issue: Millipedes have too many legs. Give them wheels.
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Hace 19 horas
give them wings 😈😈
Guy Simm
Guy Simm Hace 18 días
Vaughn De Verteuil
Vaughn De Verteuil Hace 23 días
Canyon Hace 23 días
@Sunny! Duct tape 🤞
I can't think of a good name
Clement palmer
Clement palmer Hace 22 días
Everybody must learn how to code. It’s really fun! Kudos bruh. #solving problems 💜✨🙌🏻
Corny The Corn Snake
Corny The Corn Snake Hace 23 días
Yo thanks for making our dream come true again for the homies.
GvG Hace 23 días
This is too wholesome for me😇♥️ Bless On The Snakes Who Wants There Legs Back♥️♥️🐍
Robbani Achmad Fauzi
Robbani Achmad Fauzi Hace 22 días
this man is pure of jokes I really enjoy the video hahahaha
Luc Dunn
Luc Dunn Hace un mes
Allen's face when he speaks to the family in front of pet smart is perfect. "Only someone who really loves snakes would do this, right?" The absurdity, uncertainty, pleading, and frustration are all there. Lmao
Philosophy_Bot Hace un mes
Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "It's Morbin' time!" ~ Morbius
Philosophy_Bot Hace un mes
Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "It's Morbin' time!" ~ Morbius
Laura Schmitz
Laura Schmitz Hace un mes
Abyssaracnis esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-L6z84sedczM.html 😳
Ethan Oyh
Ethan Oyh Hace 12 días
Allen: I can't believe it, the snake want their legs back! The snake: Oooooo, nice vehicle.
Liparty People
Liparty People Hace 24 días
Thom Blair III
Thom Blair III Hace 22 días
I wonder if they could skate on a long set of in-line skates, like a rollerblade set for snakes? The slithering motion might work well with skates.
Chris Jason
Chris Jason Hace 23 días
I think this just proves further that animals are ALOT smarter then we actually think they are.
I did a thing
I did a thing Hace un mes
From snakes all over the world, Thankyou Allen Pan!
Dominika Nowakowska
Dominika Nowakowska Hace 19 días
Why didn't you put a space between 'thank' and 'you'
sad pearl
sad pearl Hace 20 días
Hi dad
Zafar iqbal
Zafar iqbal Hace 24 días
Ysten Hace un mes
What did you do?
the Riddler
the Riddler Hace un mes
That snake got better treatment than my boi Brandon get. Dont think we forgot
Weeddrift Hace 21 un día
This has to be one of the best videos on the internet
Vaughn De Verteuil
Vaughn De Verteuil Hace 23 días
your robotic talent could really help people who lost their legs to walk
Ali Per Capita
Ali Per Capita Hace 18 días
It should be able to control the direction and speed via its body movement. That's the next level.
Kkman kku
Kkman kku Hace 13 días
Listening to him was more entertaining than the legs theselves
sharpshooter9407 Hace un mes
I can't wait for the eventual future episode, "Giving Komodo Dragons wings"
Anh Tran
Anh Tran Hace 18 días
and then you give humans tails again
@KiNGPEN Hace 23 días
Even wings wouldve been awesome
Sideswipe Hace 25 días
I am the 69th reply
Null Point
Null Point Hace un mes
Lập Nhân Phan Đình
"One small step for snakes, one giant leap for mankind"
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
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Sebastian Fuchs
Sebastian Fuchs Hace 17 días
She's got legs, she knows how to use them
Charles kavoukjian
Charles kavoukjian Hace 24 días
You blew that snakes mind. Imagine God popped down and gave someone the ability to fly for a day. Imagine trying to tell your friends.
Emily Hace 26 días
It’s so adorable
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Evolution: *Takes a long time to do its job* Allen: Fine, I’ll do it myself.
Mr Sxber
Mr Sxber Hace 9 días
Haha, this is God's curse upon the serpent for the deceit of mankind
Dominika Nowakowska
Dominika Nowakowska Hace 19 días
Exact 900th like 😎
He did nothing but built a useless cyborg for a snake which has got to be stupidest invented
vormiam Hace 22 días
Do you know the number of times someone has replied to your comment with an "I see you everywhere" or some variation of it? Because I know it's at least hundreds by now, probably the thousands.
Elite 8
Elite 8 Hace 23 días
@Jason Grubba evolution has been refused so many times , now there are new explanations to evolution , but they still faill to explain how the world was made
existe_mas Hace 26 días
This is amazing. Now let’s give back Komodo dragons wings and fire breath 👌🏼
Ezra Cold
Ezra Cold Hace 12 días
Could a sensor on either side allow for turning so the snake could actively steer the prosthesis?
Pradipta Ghosh
Pradipta Ghosh Hace 23 días
Humans after 2 years- "Give us our tail back"
adrenalinejunky789 Hace 26 días
I just found you and I’m happy about it
David J Hoyda
David J Hoyda Hace un mes
This man can give a snake legs but can't figure out the difference between "there" and "their". It checks out, he is definitely an Engineer.
He neither gave the snake legs nor he needs to....
Jon A. Scholt
Jon A. Scholt Hace 22 días
@Kojin "I felt it necessary to speak my piece because I think that urge is often self serving and not beneficial to the person your "helping" by correcting and we could all benefit from some live and let live vibes in 2022." Please tell me you used "your" on purpose knowing that it should be "you're"
Dymaxion Chronofile
Dymaxion Chronofile Hace 27 días
Meanwhile I, a former spelling bee champion, can't even glue two popsicle sticks together without the paramedics being called
Dennis Jungbauer
Dennis Jungbauer Hace 27 días
@Kojin Or you're a perfectionist and it just bothers you, doesn't need to be about intellect. But I would agree with you, unless it is ambiguous. Which it isn't here though. Typos or bad phrasing also slows down reading and/or understanding and more importantly (primarily the latter) can create ambiguity and raise the potential for misinterpretation. I'm all for clearer communication to reduce this (can't be prevented) and save on disputes and misinformation. I have the feeling it could solve many issues. But I guess I'm blowing this out of proportion now, it just touched a nerve* and I kept going, writing this second, related paragraph. :D (* Is this a correct expression? Not sure now)
pointythingsman Hace 21 un día
That's the first snake ever to walk on legs in the universe 🤣
Stevie Obie
Stevie Obie Hace 15 días
This is the first snake to walk in thousands of years 😇
Phillipine K
Phillipine K Hace 22 días
This is the best content I’ve seen in a long time.
Rogelio Beringa
Rogelio Beringa Hace un día
It is interesting to see that the snake can walk like a lizard 😁
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
Hey 👆 Thanks For Watching You’ve Won 🏆 A Prize 👆🎁🎁
TwoSquids Hace un mes
From failed mythbuster to snake lover. I'm so proud
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
Hey 👆 Thanks For Watching You've Won A Prize 🎁🎁
Master Bowler
Master Bowler Hace un mes
@Sir Derty ֎ done
Apple Imchen
Apple Imchen Hace 17 días
Imagine that snake with his legs going on a hunt in the wild
SMToon en Français
SMToon en Français Hace 22 días
I was originally thinking "a tail would help stabilize the walking". However once I saw the snake pilot enter it's mech suit, I realized "the snake already has a tail".
Aiman Baharudin
Aiman Baharudin Hace 17 días
"Have you ever bring her for a walk?" He was just like: I've done once. N it scares people
Knockem Gaming
Knockem Gaming Hace 25 días
@Allen Pan - You should have put sensors.. So when the snake started to move.. The legs started to move.. or better... use bearing balls and have them marked with lines and have sensors on the other side of the balls. So the snake could move but not really go anywhere but his legs would move as he does.
Davin Williams
Davin Williams Hace un mes
In case he changes it later this is a public record that the original title was "Giving snakes there legs back."
Moosetastic Bombastic
@Joogly I feel like he's wayyyy too lazy for that shit. And it's funnier this way. 😂
Dakota May
Dakota May Hace un mes
Omg Thank you this is bothering me so much glad I'm not the only one to notice that he used the wrong word
I love eating food
I love eating food Hace un mes
@Davin Williams r/wooosh
CyAnAURA Hace un mes
@Emerald3079 offense**
Big Show
Big Show Hace un mes
Part 2. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ctEonn2TnjY.html
Aldi Store
Aldi Store Hace 23 días
I just saw Nilered somewhere not in a lab and it leaves me confused as to where he should be
keladry12 Hace 24 días
Oh my GOD I love this SO MUCH.
The Infinity Knight
The Infinity Knight Hace 26 días
The man’s smart enough to build snake legs but misspells “their” in the title.
M.Grey Hace 24 días
can't imagine someone this smart believing in the concept of evolution which has literally degraded in to the personification of a scientific slang for every factual nomenclature out there.
Cyril Gigee
Cyril Gigee Hace un mes
The snakes initial reluctance to metamorphosize is only logical. There is always a moment of uncertainty before becoming the most powerful version of oneself.
Filler Hace un mes
@Pelagornis G i like Jim Rothstein for putting toy guns in people's mouths. Yeah idk i just i do need to stop commenting im just filler like everyone else
Cyril Gigee
Cyril Gigee Hace un mes
@Filler Just as Alex Jones said.
Pelagornis G
Pelagornis G Hace un mes
Where have I seen you before?
Dr. Scam
Dr. Scam Hace 15 días
GOD wants a word with you Allen
GOD after watching this, " Iam gonna end this mans whole courier "
Tito Perez
Tito Perez Hace 25 días
That man literary spoiled that snake from it naturalness by giving him multiple enhance damn it just image getting ravaging by those snake haha our days are cutoff
:l and?
:l and? Hace 17 días
imagine just seeing a giant snake sprinting at you lol
Pabvo Tech
Pabvo Tech Hace 22 días
I guess everything happens for a reason...don't you think that's how nature has to be
Windstreak Hace un mes
NileRed just casually being in this video just gave me belly laughs, like when he told you to turn left and when you can just see him casually filming the snake with his phone. Like no introduction or anything, the chemistry man is just chilling.
ApricotStone Hace un mes
@JnManuelAG I’m not sure. I know each episode of the podcast is recorded weeks in advance. I think they were staying nearby or even in William’s house? Probably for one of those creator get together things he does sometimes
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Allen Pan has mastered the casual cameo.
Ben McCann
Ben McCann Hace un mes
I had no idea! Are they a couple?
シWeabowoshi Hace un mes
They don't let nile red go home so he's just in every video that's not his now
Drago Tatsuki
Drago Tatsuki Hace un mes
Wait. Whats the time stamp?
•RaY •_
•RaY •_ Hace 18 días
Ive never seen such a beautiful thing in my life
Gavin Hansen
Gavin Hansen Hace 23 días
You’re the devil!! Snakes don’t have legs for a reason!! Nah I’m just kidding, love your channel dude!
Perla Hace 22 días
Great idea but the tube looks a bit restrictive to its body movement
CupricUkraine 🇺🇦
The dude is literally wearing the same shirt that Rose wore, what a beast! 😎
Trey Bananas
Trey Bananas Hace un mes
“They lost their legs and nobody’s even trying to find them.” Perfect quote.
so pity..
Ioan Luke
Ioan Luke Hace 18 días
@Kahnu wtf
Stefan Ortlip
Stefan Ortlip Hace 18 días
@Acharich Speaks Yeah I don't think snakes need their legs back
विपिन यादव
Darwin found them
Derek Watkins
Derek Watkins Hace 19 días
@Kahnu what is wrong with you
blinkensnorf Hace 23 horas
1:25 they are so squimbly i love them
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
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Gherin Ryo
Gherin Ryo Hace 14 días
This man is amazing crazy
Anosh Kaniskar
Anosh Kaniskar Hace 11 días
really nice of you man.. I think that if it can be more of tailored according to the size of the snake would be super cool...
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
Hey 👆 Thanks For Watching You’ve Won 🏆 A Prize 👆🎁🎁…..
CV Hace 15 días
Allen:gives a snake legs God:i specifically toke away their legs for a reason
Dani Hace un mes
Based on my own snakes I'm assuming the snake in the video did get comfortable and felt safe, it probably didn't want to go in because it was clear more than anything. Now, I don't necessarily think it has the brain power to comprehend it had legs, but it did in fact experience some sort of stimulation as it was so active and curious!
Paleo Bolt
Paleo Bolt Hace un mes
@Google Plus is gone If I ever have thee time I will
Google Plus is gone
@Paleo Bolt can you please add some line breaks to the bulk of the text I'm sure what you typed is interesting but it's all in a block so it is very hard to read
Paleo Bolt
Paleo Bolt Hace un mes
@Quickkiller2880 As I said I didn't bother with much punctuation because it is just a youtube comment also I never said that the last time I checked that information was two months ago I said that the last time I had to get a lot of sources on this exact subject was a few months ago also I'm sorry if I misread some parts of our comment as I said I was in a rush and still somewhat which is the other reason I am/was not bothering with much punctuation also I never contradicted myself if you think I did then explain when also as I said I will give you sources for anything you ask for and reading things wrong is not evidence of not studying also it doesn't matter if I have done lots of studying this subject and am up to date with the facts which I have and am as long as I can prove that I am likely to be right which I will do once you explain which parts you want sources for also not intelligent and dumb mean pretty much the same thing and I said I am probably somewhat more reliable than someone who just keeps up with a few parts of the study of animal intelligence also you don't need to be rude even if I am wrong being rude makes me less likely to be corrected and after I give sources you need to give your other wise how do I know that you aren't just lying about this?
Ogshua Vlogs
Ogshua Vlogs Hace 14 días
“And this is a fish abounded by God”😂😂😂
AwesomeGamer_BG Hace 23 días
Congrats on being featured on Daily Dose of Internet's video :D !
J McLane
J McLane Hace 24 días
Make snakes legs great again!
Jay Kim
Jay Kim Hace 2 días
Howdy? My snake Crawley would love these legs. I was wondering if you can upload the plans for the entire system? 😅
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
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Newtybot Hace un mes
Imagine being a petco worker and you watch a dude carry a tube into your store, loudly announce he’s going to go look at lizards, then an hour later watch him walk his tube out as if it were a lizard
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
@Kadzar Happens all the time.
Newtybot Hace un mes
@Rhodochrone REAL never
Rhodochrone REAL
Rhodochrone REAL Hace un mes
ayo I've heard of you somewhere
Dragon714 Hace un mes
@Kadzar yes yes he did
Dr. Dunsparce
Dr. Dunsparce Hace un mes
@Cobyc5150 she woulda been crawling too
Peka Ngente
Peka Ngente Hace 13 días
This is so hilarious😂
Apollo2021 Hace 18 días
You need to do it to dolphin so they can tell us how they feel
Ryan W Roblox
Ryan W Roblox Hace 19 días
You are so right snakes are so cute🥰
 daily dose of Entertainment
looks impossible to think about to have snakes feasible legs
Hazzmat Hace un mes
Two things I learned that have scarred me for life: snakes have two retractable penis-legs, and there's a fish with disturbing spider leg-whisker-antenna-feelers
Syaredza Ashrafi
Syaredza Ashrafi Hace un mes
@liv leigh i thought the fish's fins is it's leg
Kristian Stefanov
Kristian Stefanov Hace un mes
@ScionStorm that tripod fish looks like a gun with a tripod on the bottom like a sniper
Oliver LaRosa
Oliver LaRosa Hace un mes
Welcome to nature, friend!
Ozzi T
Ozzi T Hace un mes
@Kelisha Robinson there's actually a number of creatures that come from the same evolutionary line as snakes, and simply regrew legs. WE, humans, and most landlocked non insect life, come from a tiny finger-nail sized, limbless[yes, finless too] fish. Effectively a tiny snake. All legs evolved from something legless. cept bugs. they did their own thing.
camo Hace 25 días
that snake is just too adorable
Tersus Hace 18 días
That is a very cute snake tho 🐍 🥰
Lordskyrim1989 Hace 18 días
The way he keeps saying that he loves snakes.
Doctor Blaze
Doctor Blaze Hace 25 días
- Why do you have legs? - Nanomachines, son.
Ryan Renshaw
Ryan Renshaw Hace un mes
"The snakes want their legs back!” “The Children yearn for the mines!”
Abraxas Hace 23 días
@Viktor Bazina I-2 WTF??
Viktor Bazina I-2
Viktor Bazina I-2 Hace 23 días
@Abraxas People like dark humor.
@Joogly what
Joogly Hace un mes
Anyone not gonna talk about the name? First, it was there, next it was they're (still wrong)
Kazu playz
Kazu playz Hace un mes
want They're* not their XD
Tan Tanapol
Tan Tanapol Hace 17 días
This is totally awesome!!
Jaron Loar
Jaron Loar Hace 4 días
"And this is a fish abandoned by God" Holy shit LMAO
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
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SKY WARR10R Hace 10 horas
OMFG my Romy would totally rock that 💝 she'd be stalking her cat buddy around the house 😂🤣😂 OMG I'd love to Volunteer her for that 🤣🤣
Me On Telegram 👉AllenPan1
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