God of War: Raising Kratos - Announce Trailer

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COMING SOON right here to PlayStation ESvid: Raising Kratos documents the five year, herculean effort to reinvent one of the greatest stories in gaming, God of War. Facing an unknown future, Santa Monica Studio took a massive risk, fundamentally changing their beloved franchise and re-establishing their rightful place in video game history. More than just a “making of,” this cinematic journey of second chances rooted in family, sacrifice, struggle and doubt follows game director Cory Barlog and those who chase perfection in art and storytelling. Witness the incredible defeats, the unpredictable outcomes and the down-to-the-wire tension on full display in this true-life redemption story.
Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language


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20 abr 2019






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Nagarajan Rajan
Nagarajan Rajan Hace 19 días
This game coming mobile please open Android
princessthyemis Hace un mes
Seeing the boy's acting and that concept art makes me REALLY wish Atreus was a better-written character...
Darth Obsidian Eternal Lord of the Sith
1:46 Spartan Pride I am no longer a ghost for I have broken my chains to Olympus.....
Darth Obsidian Eternal Lord of the Sith
0:40 someone get this guy a fvcking coffee.....
I Lead The 5th Crusade
I dont think Kratos can get any Baldur
black-_-ghost 75
black-_-ghost 75 Hace un mes
ضد موت كريتوس
The Noob 3aerfos
The Noob 3aerfos Hace 2 meses
I hope they won't mix more Greek and Norse mythology...... It gives me weird feelings
HENTA1 MEL0N Hace 2 meses
A big respecc to all console/pc game dev
yan bin loh
yan bin loh Hace 2 meses
Anyone tell me what the soundtack are in this trailer ??
Happy NAAOOO Hace 2 meses
Kratos:I’m hungry Crowd:*screams*
Evade_Assualt Hace 2 meses
You can see a hole in where he stabbed himself
wakeb1444 Hace 2 meses
I haven’t felt this way playing a game since Ocarina of Time as a kid, they tapped into that energy, best game of its generation
Logan Tajimi
Logan Tajimi Hace 3 meses
Raising kratos? raising dion?
GS Hace 3 meses
Does anybody know the name of the song that starts playing at 1:10 ?
ony arekrezpektor
ony arekrezpektor Hace 3 meses
its from the original soundtrack of this game, valkyrie
mrcatsoocool TAM
mrcatsoocool TAM Hace 3 meses
How much longer do I have to wait for the trailer? To finally come out.
kylerknows Hace 3 meses
This is seriously one of the best games ive ever played. I haven't played the old ones but I plan to but this game is close to flawless. Id buy the PS4 just for this game lol
Jorge Fernandes
Jorge Fernandes Hace 4 meses
Andrew Kelts
Andrew Kelts Hace 4 meses
What’s the name of the song at 1:10 ?
moikanos11 Hace 5 meses
You would have thought people would have figured out by now, you don't kill Kratos, Kratos kills you.
Badran patatata
Badran patatata Hace 5 meses
Whats the point of killing kratos...
JowXD Hace 6 meses
If you do make a
Sora Technical
Sora Technical Hace 6 meses
The last sence in kratos have Not leviathan axe an not blade of chaose maybe that's past moment In Norse mythology 🤔🤔🤔🤔
susi flores
susi flores Hace 6 meses
What yaii!!!
DANNUY Hace 7 meses
Sony please let us play as Thor or make DLC. It would be the most epic GOW moment.
DrVince Hace 7 meses
After finishing the game i really had a feeling that maybe soon they will have kratos die at some point and arteus be next Or... arteus die and kratos become that killing machine again
Eric Permenter
Eric Permenter Hace 3 meses
Atreus is Loki, he ain't going nowhere.
Dr. Halayqeh
Dr. Halayqeh Hace 7 meses
Thier "i make those people life miserable" 😂 But, they're happy. My boss "it's okay to make your life miserable" Me "pay me more then" My ex boss "you're fired" The moment i was so happy.
milkboccle Hace 8 meses
1:20 mini joffery
Jose Cuervo
Jose Cuervo Hace 8 meses
This is one of the best games i have ever played. This game is truly an epic masterpiece.
Darth Dovakiin
Darth Dovakiin Hace 8 meses
'I make their lives completely miserable' He gives me life
KING_JeremyM Hace 9 meses
Ragnarok comes
Pusit Sangkayoolakul
dawood & saad
dawood & saad Hace 9 meses
cory barlog 1:16 if you are making them do this ifront of 1000 people than you are making there lives miserable
khaled-ynwa Hace 9 meses
Best game ever ♥️😍 thank you Cory
Cody Hace 9 meses
The day Kratos dies is the day a part of me dies
mr.p on you
mr.p on you Hace 9 meses
What ever happened to kratos twin brother
Ali Skillet Man
Ali Skillet Man Hace 10 meses
Can anyone tell me what's going on? Is that a teaser for the next sequel or what?
Karazu X
Karazu X Hace 9 meses
Just a teaser of the over an hour long documentary of this game. Feel free to watch it
He is the best game director on the planet earth. Long live the barlog
Trevor Olague
Trevor Olague Hace 10 meses
Never kill off kratos
Soul 432
Soul 432 Hace 10 meses
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Me voy a volver loco jajaja Que genial. Estoy esperando el VS Thor
Fisnik _.z
Fisnik _.z Hace 10 meses
1:20 Calm down boy!
Arie Elder
Arie Elder Hace 10 meses
Give back kratos weapon Blade of chaos😎
Virus boy
Virus boy Hace 10 meses
I think odin and thor atreus throw kill kratos
Ali king
Ali king Hace 10 meses
عاشت ايدكم والله على هيج لعبة رائعة
Bloodraven43 Hace 10 meses
boring. i need the real kratos back
Adri Hace 11 meses
best game in the world with last of us
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch Hace 11 meses
The child looks just like Atreus, but Kratos...
shafi pasha
shafi pasha Hace 11 meses
One of the best game forever i watch gameplay videos i never bored he is intressting kratos you live long life you die after my age 80years old 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
shafi pasha
shafi pasha Hace 11 meses
Playstion says you play all games.when you realise you are bore then he lunche ps5 so keep gaming n bored 😂😂😂😂😂i think he realise this 2022
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips Hace 11 meses
If they kill kratos im never playing gow again
john wayne
john wayne Hace 11 meses
Silly mortals only Kratos can kill kratos😂
Rayyan Kinza
Rayyan Kinza Hace 11 meses
Why "its time to kill kratos"
Aziz Al-Hajri
Aziz Al-Hajri Hace 11 meses
If kratos died this game is dead to me
Epic guy
Epic guy Hace 11 meses
Maybe boi is bigger in age now!
MultiJapan Hace 11 meses
Does anyone know if this game is going to be on PS4?
GokEr hmed
GokEr hmed Hace 11 meses
We will have new seson ore not ples somer one tell me
Munookhan Khan
Munookhan Khan Hace un año
If kratos die in this game I will not play any sony interactive games😠
Om 123
Om 123 Hace un año
What about Thor man?
Alaerick Hace un año
1985: There will be flying cars in the future 2018: BOI
Some Nobody
Some Nobody Hace un año
*xbox has left the chat*
Igarki Busca
Igarki Busca Hace un año
This is the journey of Kratos to his redemption.
Heba Adel
Heba Adel Hace un año
I just finished the game.. I wish it was a bit longer, I loved every single detail in that game
Ali Kağan Aydıngör
Ali Kağan Aydıngör Hace 11 meses
Same here
HULCK BRANCO!! Hace un año
Italo Sales
Italo Sales Hace un año
Eu tenho 13 ano de idade e eu ja zerei todos deus da guerra eu chorei
Mansour Aleissaee
Mansour Aleissaee Hace un año
If kratos dies am gonna die also I DONT CARE
X и Т 22
X и Т 22 Hace un año
Why video games actually take long time to make?
Vctry Hace un año
That screen room probably smelled WILD
naveen iglesias
naveen iglesias Hace un año
I'm not gonna play this game if kratos dies ,,hit like if you do the same ,,,,
MAXIMUS Hace un año
The end of the scene looks like teaser from PS5
Bruce Meyer
Bruce Meyer Hace un año
1:51 Song Name??
Alvaro CG
Alvaro CG Hace un año
Is this a dlc?
Alvaro CG
Alvaro CG Hace un año
Is this a dlc?
Umbrella Agent #1
Umbrella Agent #1 Hace un año
What’s the name of song they used
Rahand Faraydun
Rahand Faraydun Hace un año
1:09 can somebody please tell me what's the name of the song in the background
Felipe Castillo
Felipe Castillo Hace un año
I think it's from Valkyrie, but it sounds like an edited version for the trailer.
Mowlye G
Mowlye G Hace un año
PAUSE THE VIDEO WHEN HE TURNS AROUND. He looks older 🤨 or is it just me ??!?!??!????
Outside _85
Outside _85 Hace un año
Raising Kratos and showing him being carried around armed like a toddler makes me think of an exposed food blender that occasional goes off. "Kratos, please stop murdering Ms Henderson and you will get your sweet... please don't make me shampoo the carpet again..."
ASHRF TNT Hace un año
السلام عليكم لماذا لا تصنعون فلم ارجوكم
marios karaoulis
marios karaoulis Hace un año
Release date?
Firman Aitken
Firman Aitken Hace un año
Swifty werbend man jensen
borre j
borre j Hace un año
No sabéis cuando parar !!! iros a la mierda hombre...
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