Going to *MAX HEIGHT* In Hamster Balls! Ft. Lazarbeam & Muselk

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13 mar 2019






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KITTYZINHA006 #PlanetaNovo
the killingh high is arround 1.450 meters
KITTYZINHA006 #PlanetaNovo
your first video is best then lannan's latest one lol
bekfast gaming
bekfast gaming Hace 3 horas
Ur featuring muselk
Hayden tgw
Hayden tgw Hace 5 horas
That intro
Humairah Ibriam
Humairah Ibriam Hace 8 horas
Use code fresh
scatch master
scatch master Hace 14 horas
forknut copied overwatch!!!
Ghcdy Fortnite
Ghcdy Fortnite Hace 16 horas
9:26 it’s a perfect day for some mayhem Like if you get the reference
Arusharko Bhattacharya
Fresh: in the air most if the game .... Still get a 14 kill dub
malachi newport
malachi newport Hace un día
roses are red girls like flowers only pros land at Tilted Towers
Gracelyn Adams
Gracelyn Adams Hace un día
When I tried this I went so high that I died
Raphael Fink-Jensen
Raphael Fink-Jensen Hace un día
When fresh was spectating Muselk , He didn’t have his inventory organised???? /\
Nate Yeo
Nate Yeo Hace un día
hey guys. yes...
Sergeant Of Fortnite
If You Use Code Fresh Your A Legend.
faze mint
faze mint Hace 2 días
Sub to fresh to get him 1MIL or 1000000000000000 subs
Mikala January
Mikala January Hace 2 días
I don't have any wins and I'm actually pretty good at the game but I don't have any wins I play on XBOX I do have a mic and my gamertag is CannedParty786
Mikala January
Mikala January Hace un hora
Ok den
Hite5113 Hace 4 horas
Mikala January ur mum gay
Abby Edmonds
Abby Edmonds Hace 2 días
lachlan just stopping in to say hey
Daron Webb
Daron Webb Hace 2 días
12:07 they say NOOOOO at the same time is the funniest Thing😂
Teh_Speed_Dash Hace 2 días
new to your channel...that outro is insane i love it lol
Brooke Alexandra
Brooke Alexandra Hace 2 días
In the intro you should change the skin from the bright bomber like skin to reflex
evie didcote
evie didcote Hace 2 días
i love yor vids you are te reason why i play fortnite
eat diaper
eat diaper Hace 2 días
anybody else realize that all the sweaty mama's boys who build 90s in casual combat always die lol
TLM Minecraft
TLM Minecraft Hace 2 días
Tesla model S Model 3 Model X Model Y OHHH elon musk you good
Eddie TZH
Eddie TZH Hace 2 días
jesse sheppard
jesse sheppard Hace 2 días
your Trash get a life 1v1 me u Trash kid
Alexander Alfaro
Alexander Alfaro Hace 2 días
12:08 perfect duets 😂
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez Hace 2 días
Are you Asian and if you are why do you have a Mexican song on your intro
Henry McCracken
Henry McCracken Hace 2 días
i did this after getting 9 kills out of retail and hit the sky barrier
Wade Mew
Wade Mew Hace 2 días
I want to know that intro song
Maria Barragan
Maria Barragan Hace 2 días
I use code lazar :)
jannlee Hace 2 días
Fresh! diggin the Jet Set Radio background music! hitting me with some nostalgia!
Abraham Lopez Jr
Abraham Lopez Jr Hace 2 días
wait did you know that your theme song from 0:15 is a Mexican song?
Mikey Sheep
Mikey Sheep Hace 3 días
speaking of max height, remember when you ballooned lannon into max height on a quad
Master Diddy San
Master Diddy San Hace 3 días
If you're SEASON 1-5 Like this Comment, If you're 6-8 Replay!! I also make Fortnite Funny Videos so It would be greatly appreciated if you guys could check them out!! :)
Ida T.G.
Ida T.G. Hace 3 días
Lazarbeam went higher than the storm
No Limits
No Limits Hace 3 días
Alpha Bro
Alpha Bro Hace 3 días
Do final kill trickshot and highest kill
Jack Elkins
Jack Elkins Hace 3 días
Okay I love your content but please don’t do the **MAX HEIGHT** and stuff like that please it’s so annoying thanks
Baldwin Lagamy
Baldwin Lagamy Hace 3 días
At 1:10 when muesli was in the sky that he eliminated someone with a rifle
Fortnite Playerz21
Fortnite Playerz21 Hace 3 días
Is this lachy and Lannan I hear?!
NYo FaceNinja
NYo FaceNinja Hace 3 días
lol why do i love watching you be the pro and muselk just leaving you for dead and crap as he wins boasting about how he is soo good
ShaleX Hace 3 días
7:57 "i hope nobody is touching my balls" xD
Isaac Orozco
Isaac Orozco Hace 3 días
I went so high that I died from max hight
Hakeem24 Hace 3 días
Who’s here after they took the glitch out of the game
Haunted Hace 3 días
I mean I got to 1,225 meters high of this glitch
Leo Burdett
Leo Burdett Hace 3 días
HELP! Desperately looking for Fortnite players to take part in my university dissertation survey about motivations for purchasing items on their store! PLEASE as it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete!!! bournemouth.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/fortnite-non-functional-goods-pretest-copy
Judah Rubin
Judah Rubin Hace 3 días
use code lazar
_.jrichardson Hace 3 días
I would watch this but it’s with Elliott
Techno Bacon
Techno Bacon Hace 3 días
Fresh's outro is actually amazing.
Cole Stephens
Cole Stephens Hace 3 días
Fresh I’ve gotten victory’s after victory’s with this strat. Get a ball and sit in a tree for every zone. No kidding I have won that way. Trust me do this strat. Also gotten wins in pre scrims using this. Pls use
Ace Morello
Ace Morello Hace 3 días
I found this by accident yesterday and it confused the shit out of me
SHAW-76 Hace 3 días
"Can we do it again, I want to do it again, can we do it again" Eliot March 2019
slickboi 76
slickboi 76 Hace 3 días
Fresh has ultra instinct
J Chin
J Chin Hace 3 días
Funny I have done that before you many times
Connor Asher
Connor Asher Hace 3 días
Fresh is better than ninja
Minty Hace 3 días
at 9:10 what wrap is that
M3TRX_ Noble
M3TRX_ Noble Hace 3 días
If u get a squad of 4 and get everyone to attach to eachother look up and constantly spam the jump button u can stay up in the air
Tadhg Murtagh
Tadhg Murtagh Hace 3 días
I went so high on the lava fall I died
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey Hace 3 días
Your intro is annoying
bulby dec
bulby dec Hace 3 días
If you keep on staring up you get higher
bulby dec
bulby dec Hace 3 días
Fresh when I did the glitch I reached the death barrier
Shuriken !
Shuriken ! Hace 3 días
Who else heard lachy
Weezy Hace 3 días
Dafuq that ain’t no max height that’s double max height
Cope Chick
Cope Chick Hace 3 días
Can we talk about how he uses Shane Dawson’s intro 😂 “ hey what’s up guys,yes”
ConArtist 52
ConArtist 52 Hace 3 días
What does “Munk” mean
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Hace 3 días
Your a bot
Lucas Murphy
Lucas Murphy Hace 3 días
I was sent from lazerbeam But still use code fresh orrrrrrrr lazar
discord.gg/nqy6zz Join this discord server they give out 3 stacked accounts every 10 Minutes! 50+skins BTW
Xander Hace 3 días
6:37 I can tell you’re a man of culture for choosing this music
Jason Solis
Jason Solis Hace 3 días
Apale Boi
Apale Boi Hace 3 días
Fresh Fresh If you can find the difference, your a legend
JBro 009
JBro 009 Hace 3 días
Bet this is Fresh's first ever 1 kill game/win
JBro 009
JBro 009 Hace 3 días
and 0 kill game/win with lannan
Not J4S0N
Not J4S0N Hace 3 días
*Only People That Remember The Tac Smg Can Like This.* also Small Channle Trying To Grow. *Only People That Remember The Tac Smg Can Like This.* also Small Channle Trying To Grow.
D K Hace 3 días
2:00 the music brought back so many memories 🤧
Jack Elkins
Jack Elkins Hace 3 días
D K I can’t hear the music
Gaming with tommy Bryer
What’s up guys Yes Today were going to be Cearing Music Laserbeam
crazy cadie
crazy cadie Hace 3 días
8:27 sounded like lachy
Lyndon Bierlein
Lyndon Bierlein Hace 3 días
Who is better muselk or lazarbeam like lazar comment muselk
09 Boi
09 Boi Hace 3 días
Cannibals eat flesh See your flesh be gone protect yourself by using code fresh flesh was the closest thing I could rhyme with fresh btw
Bobanachos Hace 3 días
8:28 sounds like lachy
IgHtzzz Games
IgHtzzz Games Hace 3 días
is he mexican
Ethan W
Ethan W Hace 3 días
Amit Trivedi
Amit Trivedi Hace 3 días
Laura Metzger
Laura Metzger Hace 3 días
Good job muselk
Nami PlayzYT
Nami PlayzYT Hace 3 días
I think in the second match I was the bush camped bc it was a yellow skin and I was raptor and hiding in bush I’ll be so happy if it was me
Nami PlayzYT
Nami PlayzYT Hace 4 días
Use code fresh or your a t- series fan ...
Hi bruv
Hi bruv Hace 4 días
12:07 Perfect timing👌🏾 *Naaaaaaaauuuuuuuu*
Luke Burns
Luke Burns Hace 4 días
Go fuck ur self
timi posl
timi posl Hace 4 días
i hope they dont fix this
Jessi Bowser-Allshouse
eccept my freind reguest its The_cash_man_D im pretty good but know were cloce to you mr pro
mortal gamer
mortal gamer Hace 4 días
dude the baller is the best vehicule so far
Arad Mahmoudi
Arad Mahmoudi Hace 4 días
Hey Fresh can you do a face reveal. Like if you want to see a face reveal
GamerKidE Roblox
GamerKidE Roblox Hace 4 días
Jmoney Jackson
Jmoney Jackson Hace 4 días
fresh sucks
Dylan Mcclain
Dylan Mcclain Hace 4 días
I did that first try and i died
Official Zesty
Official Zesty Hace 4 días
why does fresh say yes every intro he does?
Robert Kolberg
Robert Kolberg Hace 4 días
So I did this got to Max height and died
Mike D
Mike D Hace 4 días
5:01 there are 3 yellows😂
HeadShot 8
HeadShot 8 Hace 4 días
Funny meme😂😂😂
Crazy gaming
Crazy gaming Hace 4 días
Anyone else hear Lachlan talking at 8:15 through 8:38
D M Hace 4 días
code lachy
Still Still Chill chill
Because that intro has a Mexican song
Still Still Chill chill
Are you Mexican?
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