Going to *MAX HEIGHT* In Hamster Balls! Ft. Lazarbeam & Muselk

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Katia Vasileas
Katia Vasileas Hace 7 días
dilljv Hace 24 días
12:07 same scream, I love it
King Defaulty818
King Defaulty818 Hace 25 días
“I’m coming, I’m coming” THATS WHAT SHE SAID
BigBoyBuilder BTW
BigBoyBuilder BTW Hace un mes
Dont touch the outro one bit ok fresh
Bogdan Comanescu
Bogdan Comanescu Hace un mes
I fucking hate muselk’s voice
Unreal Gaming
Unreal Gaming Hace un mes
You can build to max height
Goat Ish
Goat Ish Hace un mes
Does anyone else say are u gay when u click on a vid then he says yes or is it just me
SlimJimGuy Hace 6 días
Just you, fahget
Oreo Lizard
Oreo Lizard Hace un mes
What up guys......Yes
Jack McD
Jack McD Hace un mes
I’m so upset they patched this.
Dominique Gingras
Dominique Gingras Hace un mes
The first game muselé had 7 kills and fresh only had 1 lol
Tirandell Hemopo
Tirandell Hemopo Hace un mes
You are so good fresh
Callum Sault
Callum Sault Hace un mes
When I watch ur vids aka all the time u refer to them as zoom zoom
Bart Laureyssens
Bart Laureyssens Hace un mes
Fortnite is dying i dont know what you ganne upload when its for good done..
Upsetdog 456
Upsetdog 456 Hace un mes
Sub to pewdiepie we can still win
Joel Nguyen
Joel Nguyen Hace un mes
The Golden king
The Golden king Hace un mes
Whats up guys.................yes
TheStroyer !
TheStroyer ! Hace un mes
Dude you literally have the same amount of views as subs
STOP Hace un mes
What's up guys..................... Yes
Naj _Raj
Naj _Raj Hace un mes
Roses are red Loserfruit is a big hottie Everybody knows This ain't Lachy
Person Guy
Person Guy Hace un mes
Muselk: We did nothing the whole game. Lazarbeam laughs in the distance
Dylan Condie
Dylan Condie Hace un mes
Fresh is even better than Muselk ate meming
Pratyush Aron
Pratyush Aron Hace un mes
I watch this channel so that i can see videos with muselk. Sorry fresh
Expert Gamer
Expert Gamer Hace un mes
I have got top 4 solo without landing
Cube Aholic
Cube Aholic Hace un mes
8:13 Did anyone else hear Lachlan?
patrik mikšić
patrik mikšić Hace un mes
Intro is shit
Joshua Scher Orantes
Muselk and Lachlan are the divorced parents and lazarbeam is the son but no one likes him so they play with lazarbeams friend mrfresh
Epic Gamer Man
Epic Gamer Man Hace un mes
Time stamp for lazarbeam 12:10
luckycat 49
luckycat 49 Hace un mes
I love your intro
F.B.I. Hace un mes
Why am I getting these Nigerian ads
Pasidu Warnakulasuriya
What’s up guys *Yes*
Nicolas Gleixner
Nicolas Gleixner Hace un mes
Why is there clapping sounds
deadcowboy01 luck
deadcowboy01 luck Hace un mes
Can you buy me a battle pass.i have no skins
20000000000000 M
20000000000000 M Hace un mes
What skin does fresh wear
The Hypersmatrix
The Hypersmatrix Hace un mes
Guys U should subscribe to me and fresh and muesli and lachy and cray
Xscorpion stingX
Xscorpion stingX Hace un mes
Get three people to grapple onto each other in ballers, look up and boost. You can float in the air forever. Let me know if you need video proof. I'll send it on instagram: ciaran_o_toolbox123
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips Hace un mes
Shout out to the diddy kong racing background
Josh Chillington
Josh Chillington Hace un mes
Fresh hands down has the best outrow
Marcodude132 Fff
Marcodude132 Fff Hace un mes
Did I just randomly hear Lachlan at 8:14 ?
Muntaj Gill
Muntaj Gill Hace un mes
Muselk, so here is this game winning strat I found Lazerbeam: want to it in some trees?
Drew Boone
Drew Boone Hace un mes
he gets payed to let Muselk get kills and carry lazarbeam they rent him for certain games a week
Ashton Taylor
Ashton Taylor Hace un mes
You could probably try to get to spawn island!!
LandonRushing Tv
LandonRushing Tv Hace un mes
Why does his intro remind me of Zelda ocarina of time
Anas- sobah
Anas- sobah Hace un mes
hey fresh i like your vids but i like to 1v1 you pls my name is nightemare23 pls 1v1 me
Julian Albiter
Julian Albiter Hace un mes
If your Mexican you automatically know the intro beat😂
Archa Garge
Archa Garge Hace un mes
+martin Gilbert i was gonna do that
martin Gilbert
martin Gilbert Hace un mes
Naj _Raj
Naj _Raj Hace un mes
Idk what it is Pls can u tell me what the intro song is
Max Vallone
Max Vallone Hace un mes
do this in competitive plz sky camp
Cobra attacks 53
Cobra attacks 53 Hace un mes
Fresh has the best creator code:use it and your a bloody legend #codefreshforever
Elizabeth Toney
Elizabeth Toney Hace un mes
Is fresh actually asain?😂
Isaac Bryant
Isaac Bryant Hace un mes
Fresh you sweaty bastard
Mechanical Maniacs
Mechanical Maniacs Hace un mes
Don’t use Gods name in vein
JWkiller 16
JWkiller 16 Hace un mes
Who do you think is the best? Lachy LazarBeam Muselk
juan Hernandez
juan Hernandez Hace un mes
Erik March
Erik March Hace un mes
I got 1500m
Ole Kleiven
Ole Kleiven Hace un mes
Fresh officially has the best outro on youtube😂
Ole Kleiven
Ole Kleiven Hace un mes
+Naj _Raj no, that's u
Cobra attacks 53
Cobra attacks 53 Hace un mes
Ole Kleiven agreed
Garnathon Hace un mes
Sick outro
Jood dood
Jood dood Hace un mes
Who’s your favourite person to play fortnite with
Lillian Witte
Lillian Witte Hace un mes
Pause and go to 0:15
mY_dAd_leFt_mE -
mY_dAd_leFt_mE - Hace un mes
1M subs
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia Hace un mes
I’m here cus of muslk
Eri G00D
Eri G00D Hace un mes
Keanu Winter
Keanu Winter Hace un mes
I can hear lachlan and Lannen
pill pill
pill pill Hace un mes
Did you need permission to play the snippet of el trono de Mexico's song
Angel Cordova
Angel Cordova Hace un mes
pill pill yes first thing that came to my mind when I heard this
SupaToad3000 Hace un mes
Why is Asian in your name
DsN _R3X
DsN _R3X Hace un mes
I love ur intro tho it’s so derpy it’s the best
Xavier Vendrasco
Xavier Vendrasco Hace un mes
Lil Noodles
Lil Noodles Hace un mes
Hi fresh
Tsk Outlander
Tsk Outlander Hace un mes
Diddy Kong racing lava level music btw
samantha edwards
samantha edwards Hace 2 meses
1 like = 1 meters he went up
Aaron Royer
Aaron Royer Hace 2 meses
I have played 2000 games in all and i only have 22 wins
Sheil Singh
Sheil Singh Hace 2 meses
Use code frelk
Dank Imbad
Dank Imbad Hace 2 meses
🤭 muselk carried fresh
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez Hace 2 meses
Luv ya
Marcos Pitones L.
Marcos Pitones L. Hace 2 meses
Appreciate the intro! Much love lol
Rett W.
Rett W. Hace 2 meses
Pretty sure I could just watch this dude just for the intro music
B-Man 14
B-Man 14 Hace 2 meses
Legend has it this is freshs lowest kill games ever
iiElectro YT
iiElectro YT Hace 2 meses
What's up guys? Yes. Today, we're getting lazarbeam errect............
peebi Hace 2 meses
I would have like this more if lazarbeam was in it more because let's be real- no one want's you to play with muselk; everyone want's you to play with lazarbeam. but I'll like it because you're still amazing.
TbNr FrYe
TbNr FrYe Hace 2 meses
So i have no wins this season. Fresh can i get the carry
Monica Baland
Monica Baland Hace 2 meses
Nice outro
Mr. D A N K
Mr. D A N K Hace 2 meses
i havent got two likes since long ago it was at the summer of 83.............
Cade Glaser
Cade Glaser Hace 2 meses
“Where are they?” “Down under🤠”
TheCheshireblack Hace 2 meses
Is the JSRF soundtrack playing in the background or is that just me
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Hace 2 meses
I like how you pernouns it M-uselk
Mr Milkyway
Mr Milkyway Hace 2 meses
Hey I’m a really small channel anyone think they can help me out
JDestroy Hace 2 meses
Milkyway 89912 1. upload quality content 2. grind frequent videos 3. post things that you think would get attention (popular glitches and stuff that people would like to see, but no one has uploaded) 4. never give up
Dusan Tomic
Dusan Tomic Hace 2 meses
i used code fresh and i love your content
DXRaptor641 Hace 2 meses
Lol I’ve gone to max height and died
Burra Hace 2 meses
has more views than subs
DANAUTTI Hace 2 meses
You read this in your mind...
Alex Chan
Alex Chan Hace 2 meses
Is that Diddy Kong Racing music in the background.....?!?
Smart Kid
Smart Kid Hace 2 meses
Cable121 Hace 2 meses
8:03 thank me later
Elite Retro.
Elite Retro. Hace 2 meses
In all his intros he says what’s up guys yes
Mason McGovern
Mason McGovern Hace 2 meses
Roses are red, Tryhards are cocky, Fresh is correct, Cause this ain't Lachy
Connor Smith
Connor Smith Hace un mes
Roses are red Sub to Lachy Use code Lazar Or you will get the tazar
Connor Smith
Connor Smith Hace un mes
Blood is red Likes are blue Dis for lachy corrects downs to blues
angryscotsmin 9/11
angryscotsmin 9/11 Hace 2 meses
I hope muselk dies for that Scottish accent
Galahad Barlow
Galahad Barlow Hace 2 meses
Dude your growing so fast it felt like you had 20 subscribers yesterday keep the subs up.
SirY8The1st Ya Y8
SirY8The1st Ya Y8 Hace 2 meses
Absolute god. Your gonna deserve 1 mil
jim morris
jim morris Hace 2 meses
flying all game challenge...?
KITTYZINHA006 #PlanetaNovo
the killingh high is arround 1.450 meters
KITTYZINHA006 #PlanetaNovo
your first video is best then lannan's latest one lol
bekfast gaming
bekfast gaming Hace 2 meses
Ur featuring muselk
Hayden THW
Hayden THW Hace 2 meses
That intro
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autorun all game and win
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i became a stream sniper..
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