Gold Apple Watch Series 4 - Unboxing and review!

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Unboxing and review of the new Gold Apple Watch Series 4! I LOVE IT!
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19 sep 2018

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Puppy Dog
Puppy Dog Hace un hora
Jocelyn & Morgan DaCosta
I have the series 4 and I freakin love it
Martin Rennison
Martin Rennison Hace 6 horas
2:05 thats what she said
Maria cristina gonzalez
to answer calls does it have to be + cellular right?
King Niko
King Niko Hace 17 horas
*The knife is more expensive than my phone*
Melissa Alvarez
Melissa Alvarez Hace 17 horas
How do I lose 27 pounds from hiking??
A Granberry
A Granberry Hace 17 horas
I realy want one
A Granberry
A Granberry Hace 17 horas
You should give you old one away
The Fancy Unicorn
The Fancy Unicorn Hace 18 horas
So for this Black Friday I had told my mom that I wanted the new watch for Christmas so we went to Best Buy got it then when we got home she put it away for Christmas Eve
CookieKenneth Hace 18 horas
if your basic and you know it clap your hands 👏🏻👏🏻
Joy Allette
Joy Allette Hace 19 horas
2:05 thats what she said
Valphax Syntor GTFX
Valphax Syntor GTFX Hace 19 horas
Love your cinematography
Charlotte Cope
Charlotte Cope Hace 21 un hora
Charging brick? That’s a plug
haleigh laughlin
haleigh laughlin Hace 23 horas
Pin this if you love your fans
Camila Cupcake
Camila Cupcake Hace un día
I’m getting the series 4 Apple Watch silver for Christmas this year !!
Computer User
Computer User Hace un día
Is it still working?
sanjay shah
sanjay shah Hace un día
You just opened it from your hands and you were saying it opened automically
Fletcher Lacey
Fletcher Lacey Hace un día
Do a Apple Watch series 3 vs series 4!! 😁
Alexandra Vazquez
Alexandra Vazquez Hace un día
I was wondering so is the band sold seperatly
Wendy Isaacs
Wendy Isaacs Hace un día
Should I get the series 3 or series 4?
Rubalishous 12
Rubalishous 12 Hace un día
I love how she’s so excited yet she already has an Apple Watch on her wrist😂
Genara Gomez
Genara Gomez Hace un día
Useless video.
Felle_swee Hace 2 días
I bought the series 3 42mm because the series 4 is overpriced in sweden
sage dombrowski
sage dombrowski Hace 2 días
love the new Apple watch but the prices are heart-wrenching. The series one steel 42mm with apple care was 700 but now I will have to fork out 800 for one without apple care
Phil Swift
Phil Swift Hace 2 días
80s Guy
80s Guy Hace 2 días
I'm willing to bet my life that she has an Instagram account!
Madam M.M Styleicon
Madam M.M Styleicon Hace 3 días
Wow. Thanks for sharing!
Olivia Garden
Olivia Garden Hace 3 días
Is she married or just like wearing rings on her ring finger??
Autumn Maree
Autumn Maree Hace 3 días
I love your leopard sole running shoes!!! Where did u get those?!!!
Vikash pooja singh Rajput
Bsdk haters thuu mc
Vikash pooja singh Rajput
Haters 😘😘😘😘😘
S. LMY Hace 3 días
Hi i’m from Singapore and i’m a fan of yours mainly because we share the same personality and interests especially in all sorts of tech gadgets, i recently purchased the long wanted apple watch series 4 nike+ because i’m an athlete. and like any enthusiast, i started using my apple watch everyday since i’ve received my watch and just ytd, as careless as i could be. i left my watch of top of my phone and i had spams from my friends and the watch just fell off my phone and the screen/glass just cracked. i really want to be using this watch for more than just 4days. but financially, i’m still a student, i don’t know what i should do now, do you think you can help?
Mr. Reanu Keeves
Mr. Reanu Keeves Hace 3 días
Can you test the music, Spotify and google maps? :))
anne mathews
anne mathews Hace 3 días
Mentally retard!!!
Robert A. Escobar
Robert A. Escobar Hace 3 días
I'm nine and saved 300 $ to buy her a apple watch series 3
Bianca Santos
Bianca Santos Hace 3 días
I wish I could have all the money 💵 you have
ThatSpicyGamer66 Hace 4 días
2:38 Again, that’s what she said ;)
ThatSpicyGamer66 Hace 4 días
2:25 That’s what she said once again ;)
ThatSpicyGamer66 Hace 4 días
2:04 That’s what she said ;)
Stacy Partin
Stacy Partin Hace 4 días
This was an awesome review! I'm thinking about getting a watch and really just wanted to look at how some of the features worked. Thanks!
Fatima Diallo
Fatima Diallo Hace 4 días
I love your tech video's
Imran Tahir
Imran Tahir Hace 4 días
amzn.to/2UbBxsZ Apple Watch Series 1 Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band
Pop & G
Pop & G Hace 4 días
I like her. Lol. She’s like...my FAKE yoga workout. Lol
WEIRDOETAZ Hace 4 días
Apple is gonna take all my money this year and last year and any year to come with their genius minds 😂🧠🤘🏿
Amirah Batrisyia
Amirah Batrisyia Hace 5 días
Iam looking for ur knife it so beautiful😂😂😂
Jason Langevin
Jason Langevin Hace 5 días
Ok with the oh wow, like u didn’t inbox series 1,2 and 3!
Jason Langevin
Jason Langevin Hace 5 días
I’d love to unbox ijustine 🥴
Nadezhda Peña
Nadezhda Peña Hace 5 días
You can get a white bumper case so it looks like the ceramic one. Take a look: UMTELE Compatible for Apple Watch 4 Case 44mm, Slim Soft TPU Bumper Case Shockproof Protective Cover Replacement for Apple Watch Series 4 www.amazon.com/dp/B07K7FTW7J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_6tGbCb46NN6QE
Tasia Dimitriou
Tasia Dimitriou Hace 5 días
Justine should make more cooking videos. Love you Justine!💕
Toby Playz
Toby Playz Hace 6 días
24 hours of no Apple Products
Jewell Smith
Jewell Smith Hace 6 días
How much is this watch
Shubi Royale
Shubi Royale Hace 6 días
It bothered me when you held the watch upside down in the thumbnail... not hating though!
Mallori Sanders
Mallori Sanders Hace 7 días
I just got the Apple Watch series 4 44mm today! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!
Allison Sun
Allison Sun Hace 7 días
hi, i have just discovered this chanel and i love it! keep up the great work
Jason C
Jason C Hace 7 días
So cool. Want!
GamerGodYT Hace 7 días
*_w0aH_* what an *eXpErIeNcE!*
Jacob Sande
Jacob Sande Hace 7 días
2:05 that’s what she said
Zane Chen
Zane Chen Hace 8 días
I've been trying to figure out which size watch to buy for my wife whose name also happens to be Justine and I stumbled across your video. Basically, I found the answer I was looking for from watching your video. Thanks!
Prince Shakeem
Prince Shakeem Hace 8 días
my gold is to get a apple watch
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan Hace 8 días
Does Series 4 Gold Stainless Steel Scratch Easily ?
wow, it's packaging box so amazing
iseeflowers Hace 8 días
How many Apple watches you currently own?
Thien Phan
Thien Phan Hace 8 días
I wish people can use the Apple Watch to watch ESvid, Netflix and etc
Yulie Gee
Yulie Gee Hace 9 días
Watched this video 2 days ago and you convinced me lol I bought mine today !! You’re expressions are extra af but I like that lollll
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi Hace 10 días
exaggeration ......
Jackii Chavez
Jackii Chavez Hace 10 días
do you have to put service on your watch as well or does it like tether to your iphone?
Lon Denard
Lon Denard Hace 10 días
I'd love to see an iJustine porno! "It's so BIG!!!" "Oh WOW what an experience!!!" "THIS IS SO GREAT!!!" Hahahaha!
Sirena Waas
Sirena Waas Hace 10 días
OMG I rlly want one of these!
Sirena Waas
Sirena Waas Hace 10 días
But I don’t want to ask my mom cause I’ll feel spoilt. Not saying anyone who does is spoilt it’s just how my family works and how I feel myself.
iiLoveOfOreo Hace 10 días
What do these things even do
J Ray
J Ray Hace 11 días
Can you do an update for this watch as far as wear and tear? Do you have any scratches on the body? Would love an update on your watch!
Claire Chan
Claire Chan Hace 11 días
Is the aluminium watch really that brittle? Do you baby your aluminium apple watches? Most of them seem to be in really good condition Im planning to get one and being a clumsy person who knocks her watch into things..... Im kinda leaning towards the stainless steel... but the price point..... -.-
Waist Management
Waist Management Hace 11 días
Julian Pas
Julian Pas Hace 11 días
4:55 Thats the justine I know lol
Pandas Rule
Pandas Rule Hace 11 días
Can I please have one of your old Apple Watch and a band I die for apple watches and have never had one
Pandas Rule
Pandas Rule Hace 5 días
Jane Clare if you have any old apple watches I will take one so I can test bands for you
Pandas Rule
Pandas Rule Hace 11 días
I would love to but first I need an apple wach
Jane Clare
Jane Clare Hace 11 días
Hi, I am looking for apple watch bands testers to test the new released bands, are you interested?
pimpmyride Hace 11 días
Who was that? MR BROWNLEE
Pinkcloud Prince
Pinkcloud Prince Hace 11 días
Try testing the iwatch 4 vs say a garmin watch with a chest strap on heart rate accuracy. Chest staps messure the real thing but hand ones only measure blood flow. I bet apple loses a fair test. You would think with millions of buyers of an apple iwatch4 that someone would have done that test. Odd, that no one has.
Doughnut B-02
Doughnut B-02 Hace 12 días
Beth Mills
Beth Mills Hace 12 días
I love your videos :) can you do a video on the rose gold galaxy watch? I seen the black one make a appearance in the note 9 unboxing but haven't seen a video.
Cora C
Cora C Hace 12 días
the black/cheetah tennis shoes! what are they?
Steve Govea
Steve Govea Hace 12 días
Thank you for the video i went ahead an ordered one. Also going to order the IPad Pro. Thanks again
#Snation Gang
#Snation Gang Hace 12 días
Can I have one
Ron Ulysses Swanson
Ron Ulysses Swanson Hace 12 días
“It matches the 10s perfectly” well yeah it’s the same metal 🤦‍♂️
Arshad Ali
Arshad Ali Hace 13 días
سر جی اگر واچ میں انسان کے پیسنے سے اور خوان کی گردش سے سچ جھوٹ معلوم کرنے والی ڈیوائس متعارف کروائی جائیں کیوں کے تھوڑے عرصے پہلے دنیا میں ڈیوائس متعارف کروائی ھیں سچ جھوٹ معلوم کرنے والی شکریہ
LadyKrimsonDeath Hace 13 días
Based on this review I am eagerly looking to purchase my new Apple Watch ty very much I can’t wait the best present to myself for this years end ! I enjoyed the details and time you took on the features focusing on the ease of use again ty
Dre S
Dre S Hace 13 días
So natural video and deep review, love it 🥰
Ella B
Ella B Hace 13 días
I just realized why her name is ijustine because iPods, iPads,and iPhones
Casual Hobbies
Casual Hobbies Hace 13 días
This is the best unboxing channel ever
Sir Patrick Reynolds
Sir Patrick Reynolds Hace 13 días
Wonderful review and your reactions say so much, I get so excited like that too when there are features that come up, my favorite would be the Walkie Talkie mode,there are so many situations that would be incredibly useful and very fun. Thank you for doing honest,practical and fun reviews. I like experiencing things with you.
SSJ Legit
SSJ Legit Hace 13 días
SSJ Legit
SSJ Legit Hace 13 días
This is IJustine i see a apple product i don’t know what it even does but i want it i have no clue about actual specs but i want it and i need it
Eve Sharma
Eve Sharma Hace 13 días
“WOW what an experience” - ijustine
MyAnklesGotTaken Hace 13 días
This may have to be a cop
Abby Fox
Abby Fox Hace 14 días
Justine I just got my first Apple Watch
codygamer Hace 14 días
I bought yеsterdаy іn a vеrу goоd priсe hеre: *vdіgital. іnfo*
Jane Clare
Jane Clare Hace 11 días
Hi, I got apple watch bands need to test, are you interested?
Secret Gamer
Secret Gamer Hace 14 días
11:18 lol and he’s what across the country
Leilani Moyano
Leilani Moyano Hace 14 días
There are very few of us lefties!
Creative Think
Creative Think Hace 14 días
She is promoting herself more then watch..
LOL fortnite Lol snimalje
I love iPhones LOL
GunHawk Hace 14 días
Sorry, I'm not buying a small overpriced shit just for a watch I would rather have a nintendo switch. Yes I know rolex is expensive to, it is expensive but not overpriced
D C Hace 14 días
I want the gold series 4 so bad!! I will be keeping my series 3 space gray of course.
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