Gold Apple Watch Series 4 - Unboxing and review!

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Unboxing and review of the new Gold Apple Watch Series 4! I LOVE IT!
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19 sep 2018

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Comentarios 6 609
JohnJacel Sales
JohnJacel Sales Hace 5 horas
I thought you are sitting down on your videos
Nick Giordano
Nick Giordano Hace 14 horas
I’m an iPhone user
joe colaco
joe colaco Hace 17 horas
I heard that the sieries 4 Apple Watch can connect to any type of phone
Saleena Fozzard
Saleena Fozzard Hace 18 horas
Can you please give me one my parents can not afford anything for my birthday I am 9
Imy Emma
Imy Emma Hace 20 horas
Hopefully getting this for my birthday soon. I have the gold iPhone XS so they’ll match. I’m so excited!
IceWallowCome Hace 20 horas
Opens box... Wow what an experience!!!!!!!!!!!
A Adeel
A Adeel Hace 21 un hora
Where can i get the same knife?
gamermika Hace un día
Can i ad you on my Apple watch if i get it react if its ok
AG Cube
AG Cube Hace un día
ive watched this video a lot of times and i can never get bored of watching your videos great job!!!!!
Annesha Das Barman
Annesha Das Barman Hace un día
Sis u are great😘😘
stephen klay
stephen klay Hace un día
I like that.
Sophia Sekkat
Sophia Sekkat Hace 2 días
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐈 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭 iPhone XS Max Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Airpods Macbook Pro 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐈 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 Nothing...
BenG Hace un día
Sophia Sekkat go get that cash money dude, it’s what I’m doing to save up for these!
Demi P
Demi P Hace 2 días
LOL @iJustine, do you use any kind of screen protector on your watch? or do you just wear it naked and live with small lil scratches???
Mitra Ejtehadi
Mitra Ejtehadi Hace 2 días
Whats the breed? I mean your baby(dog)😀
nawaz sharif
nawaz sharif Hace 2 días
Your nail looks good
Jt Zoo God Wap
Jt Zoo God Wap Hace 2 días
Why she wear the watch backwards
Horse Lover
Horse Lover Hace 2 días
Question does the sport loop Velcro wear out quickly?
fancy vlogs by ffion
Does the Apple Watch include a band
Digital Hole
Digital Hole Hace 3 días
Hello iJustine Do check out the most fun Apple Watch game ever. Looking forward for your valuable feedback. RingO - itunes.apple.com/us/app/ringo-epic-arcade-fun/id1405987996?mt=8
Xsavian King
Xsavian King Hace 4 días
Some day I'll be able to afford it :)
Brandon Ayers
Brandon Ayers Hace 4 días
This watch is so cool! I'm ditching my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Gear S3 Frontier to get the iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4! I like Samsung, but I like Apple more. Great video Justine!
Peter Mota
Peter Mota Hace 4 días
Is this Valley Girls?
The Rose Show
The Rose Show Hace 4 días
I seriously love your videos !! Lol
Israe channel
Israe channel Hace 4 días
Maddy is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!
Benny Rempel
Benny Rempel Hace 4 días
Am i the only one who noticed her bands are different throughout the video
Sophia Gagetta
Sophia Gagetta Hace 4 días
Hey Justine! Just wanted to ask you a question. Do you live in Pittsburgh? cause I do too
abcd abcd
abcd abcd Hace 4 días
Omg.... U r crazy
Superman Spiderman
Superman Spiderman Hace 5 días
As I don’t care about the Apple Watch can I have a handj... as I love your hands and your nails???
nation of bakchodi
nation of bakchodi Hace 5 días
Plzz give me one watch
nation of bakchodi
nation of bakchodi Hace 5 días
m flng so bad fr me bcoz i cnt afford apple watch m cryng ryt nw... I really need apple watch bt m poor😥
حسن الملك Hassan.rashed
متابعج من العراق ❤🇮🇶❤
Elizabeth Bustamante
Would you consider donating one to me!? 🤷‍♀️ I would be happy with trying the 1st generation.
Juan-Serbastian Valencia-Moreno
If she uses the blue band her phone will completely be matching.Gold XS Max,Gold series 4,blue bands,blue case
Alan John
Alan John Hace 6 días
Hey Justine does the watches band thing come with it???? Or do you u have to buy it separately please reply please
Alan John
Alan John Hace 2 días
+itspranaya thanks
itspranaya Hace 2 días
If ur buying different ones
itspranaya Hace 2 días
Alan John it’s seperate
Rob G
Rob G Hace 6 días
News flash... Apple sucks.
Zoey Cardinal Cardinal
Love you
Lilly Beshoy
Lilly Beshoy Hace 7 días
“That rhymes I should be a poet!”😂😂
Rainboom AJ
Rainboom AJ Hace 8 días
If I’m lucky I might get an Apple Watch for my birthday... I have a sister so my parents would have to but double, I’m normally the person who pushes the Apple products to be bought though. My sister follows me on with the idea. Wish me luck if I get one... ⌚️
Azad Khan
Azad Khan Hace 8 días
AY Piash
AY Piash Hace 8 días
I think she's friends with MKBHD. SHE DOESN'T MENTION HIM ENOUGH!
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn Hace 8 días
Can u send me an old phone like the x please I love u I need a birthday gift fo my mom 😘
Amie Sanyang
Amie Sanyang Hace 9 días
The Walkie-Talkie Part got me like TOTALLY PURCHASE IT
Christian tumbler OoF
Christian tumbler OoF Hace 10 días
Do a review or inbox on the Fitbit versa
Lyric Pac
Lyric Pac Hace 10 días
I have a Apple Watch ⌚️ and it’s cool
Israe channel
Israe channel Hace 11 días
I love your videos!!!!!!!
DTGxZEUS Hace 11 días
is it me or does this watch go from being an actuall watch to being a better fitbit wristband thing????
Sandi Caranovic
Sandi Caranovic Hace 11 días
s. ut. :)
ama zone
ama zone Hace 11 días
Rushil Kadu
Rushil Kadu Hace 11 días
Riman Dora
Riman Dora Hace 11 días
You're so funny :D
Viorel Petre
Viorel Petre Hace 11 días
esvid.net/video/vídeo-W2cNOGXLugs.html The battery of Apple Watch won t last forever, use this wish.com charger.
B dog Playz
B dog Playz Hace 11 días
if my phone is in my pocket and i say to my Apple Watch to call my mom for example will it use my phone’s minuites and texts if i text someone.?
Rachel Thomson
Rachel Thomson Hace 12 días
Does the GPS allowe u to call?
Fabrizio Vacca
Fabrizio Vacca Hace 12 días
Figlia di una Troia
Fabrizio Vacca
Fabrizio Vacca Hace 12 días
Sofia Elliott
Sofia Elliott Hace 12 días
I really really really want n Apple Watch series 4
ama zone
ama zone Hace 11 días
amzn.to/2I4MsT6 here's a good price !
Pennytalk74jw Hartman
Pennytalk74jw Hartman Hace 12 días
I want a Apple Watch series 4 44mm cellular and gps in gold I’m getting one in February 2019 sports loop
Spicy Gamer121
Spicy Gamer121 Hace 13 días
I can’t wait to get mine.
Phenicia P.
Phenicia P. Hace 13 días
She looks like Natasha Henstridge 😍😍😍
Taylor Wilkes
Taylor Wilkes Hace 13 días
I would love one
%% Hace 13 días
yeah sorry but i rather buy a computer or laptop for 500 dollars than this stupid thing lol
Stephanie Guevara
Stephanie Guevara Hace 13 días
My first gen Apple Watch just recently broke and I am in the market for a new one. After watching this video I am sold on getting series 4 in gold! Along with the new iPhone XS Max in gold! I love my iPhone X but mine are close to being discontinued lol and i just love Apple lol i also want a new Mac and ipad lol baby steps
Jesus Vasquez
Jesus Vasquez Hace 14 días
I can watch it 100 tunes
Yunet Hernandez
Yunet Hernandez Hace 14 días
Just seeing her I’m excited can’t wait to get mine!!!!!!!
Jamane Ma Raas Hollington
I’d breathe your farts just to stay alive
jake Esquivel
jake Esquivel Hace 14 días
Making me feel like a broke boy with my series 3
ASHWINI 75 Hace 14 días
🌹🌹🌹🌹Wow 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
News Torrent
News Torrent Hace 15 días
can you give me one ???
xumra isse
xumra isse Hace 15 días
What’s that band? (For that latest one)
Yegor Demydenko
Yegor Demydenko Hace 15 días
Nice job, informative
William Sung
William Sung Hace 15 días
I have heard the Apple's Milanese Loop will easily scratches stainless steel apple watch(especially the back side), is it REAL? can anyone own Milanese Loop tell me their experience, Thanks in advance!
Maritza Gutierrez
Maritza Gutierrez Hace 16 días
Somebody know if this apple watch is of 44mm or 40?! No body?
Sara's Crafts and Toys
hey Read more
Mario Molina
Mario Molina Hace 17 días
Thank you for sharing this review, really enjoyed your experience with the series 4. And Downloaded the Yoga Music you played on your video, Blessings in Jesus to you.
Which color do you recommend me? @iJustine
Mark anthony Basa
Mark anthony Basa Hace 18 días
Guys can you open your apple watch from vivo
SA H Hace 18 días
Apple Watch Series 4 😍💕 To buy this amazing watch from amazon click the link 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 amzn.to/2D4n61T
Bassam Stars
Bassam Stars Hace 19 días
i love you my friend nice video
Gotcha Gold
Gotcha Gold Hace 19 días
I got money for my birthday and I really want to buy an Apple Watch but my mom says no because I just got a Fitbit but I’m OK with that because I love my Fitbit
Madhuneedam Ganasa
Madhuneedam Ganasa Hace 14 días
Gotcha Gold but I would prefer an I watch more. If I was in your place I would sold my Fitbit or giving it to someone who needs it. But FitBit rocks too!
Alan Daley
Alan Daley Hace 19 días
I'm so bored ........yawn
Wild Flower
Wild Flower Hace 19 días
Okay don’t take this the wrong way but you’re too funny AND you remind me of my brother-in-law who buys Apple products about a few times a year to every year, he just has Apple after Apple after Apple products all over the place and I’m not sure why. I guess I’m one of those people who buy Apple products and expect them to last a good few years before I buy another Apple product.
Jesus Vasquez
Jesus Vasquez Hace 20 días
Can you give the white one out please I sud everyone in my family
Jesus Vasquez
Jesus Vasquez Hace 20 días
I want so dad that white one I can't find it every were
Rohit Vij
Rohit Vij Hace 20 días
Think i should buy this!! Just moved from Samsung Note 9 to Apple XS Max, well worth the move!! Also got Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 which has replaced my Laptop for real! Good work Apple and iJustine
chely 29
chely 29 Hace 21 un día
It looks like a tampon
Siamur Rahman
Siamur Rahman Hace 21 un día
She is talking a lot about its looks rather than its feature.. Stupid richey gal
Unicorn Pearl
Unicorn Pearl Hace 22 días
Why are you all about devices now
Karla Libby
Karla Libby Hace 22 días
Is she like that for real? 🤔
LMBC6Brian Hace 22 días
Most gorgeous youtuber of all time.
Dario Ucha
Dario Ucha Hace 22 días
Shankar Patel
Shankar Patel Hace 22 días
Llama party
Llama party Hace 22 días
Totally didn’t get the series 4 only for the walkie talkie app?
Llama party
Llama party Hace 22 días
W H A. T. A N A N. E X P E R I E N C E
Rob Cote
Rob Cote Hace 23 días
This is the stainless steel version right?
Random bitch Jay
Random bitch Jay Hace 23 días
i dont have a newer apple watch lol i have the first one
Derick B
Derick B Hace 23 días
I got something big for u Justine
Dayana Garcia
Dayana Garcia Hace 24 días
Im in love with your nail polish
Aidan Wesson
Aidan Wesson Hace 24 días
samsung gear watches
KMichelle Argus
KMichelle Argus Hace 25 días
Wait now you can TALK to your friends man it's like an amazing leap forward from texting....
Bethany Field
Bethany Field Hace 25 días
Omg so cool Read more
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