Gold Apple Watch Series 4 - Unboxing and review!

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Unboxing and review of the new Gold Apple Watch Series 4! I LOVE IT!
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19 sep 2018

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TIMEISON GT Hace un hora
I just got the the series 3 YAY!
saba1978 Hace un hora
Apple employee doing Apple watch unboxing lol loosers
Rosie Pandora
Rosie Pandora Hace 2 horas
Hahaha sure Apple please rob me!
Design Celini
Design Celini Hace 3 horas
check out my handmade watch straps for Apple Watch Series 4 at www.etsy.com/shop/CeliniDesign
pulakification Hace 9 horas
Nice review..
qbloke Hace 9 horas
Pretty but dizzy with it!
danizai86 Hace 10 horas
Hey there , it was my first time to watch a video from u and I wanna say BRAVO! Got a lot of useful info in a funny, exciting way! U go girl ^^V Greetings from Bulgaria
Trisha Heydon
Trisha Heydon Hace 10 horas
Love the iPhones always had one best smartphones hands down..have the xsmax..never owned a Apple Watch but after watching your video I ordered the Hermès double tour but won’t get it until the end of November..☹️hello from Australia 🇦🇺 😊
DeclinedForCredit Hace 11 horas
Lucky! I ordered mine over three weeks ago and they still don’t know when mine will be in. The one I bought was the Apple Watch Series 4 Black Stainless Steel 44 mm cell/wireless/GPS with the black stainless steel band. The main selling point for me is the heart rate monitor / 2 point EKG being supported by both the American and Canadian Heart Health Associations. Also, the fact if you fall or pass out from your heart stopping or acting up really bad it can call emergency services for you even if you are unconscious, the almost 2000 dollar watch I ordered is well worth it just because of this factor. I like being alive and this gives me some peace of mind. Also it can provide data for my stupid doctor that says I have a heart condition but he doesn’t know what to do. Canadian healthcare sucks in rural areas we get all the doctors that graduated at the bottom of their class. I’ve heard that the stainless steel versions of the watch are different from each other in that the gold and stainless steel versions do not get micro abrasions like the regular stainless steel watch. Something about the way they get the colour on the watch is the reason whyGrats on the watch I cannot wait for mine. Cheers!
kapil bagga
kapil bagga Hace 12 horas
I don’t like Strap ,,👎🏻
Dem MusicVideo
Dem MusicVideo Hace 18 horas
First I must get airpods then I'll consider the watch. Nice review. You are a good reviewer!
RyzuLucario 577
RyzuLucario 577 Hace 18 horas
Oh. My. God. It’s. So. Pretty. I. Love. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Hadeel Ahmed.
Hadeel Ahmed. Hace 21 un hora
The best review ever ♥️
Fotis Pandos
Fotis Pandos Hace un día
This video includes a lot of “that’s what she said” jokes
Dain Barnes
Dain Barnes Hace un día
Please tell me where to order from so i dont get a fake
Dain Barnes
Dain Barnes Hace un día
This spec is my favorite
Beatrix Jones
Beatrix Jones Hace un día
New subscriber and I love the enthusiasm! Great job showing the features. You should get a kick back from Apple because I’m going to buy this exact watch because for your video. Thanks for making it enjoyable dear.
Ben Dunn
Ben Dunn Hace un día
Lol I write left handed and still prefer it on my left hand
Azad Khan
Azad Khan Hace un día
Why you have so many apples watches? You should help the poor who needs shelter and Food 🥘
Ellen Rovelstad
Ellen Rovelstad Hace un día
WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. honesty, loved that.
Little Gaming
Little Gaming Hace un día
Nvm anahah
Little Gaming
Little Gaming Hace un día
Just wondering does it count running?
Latasha Clark
Latasha Clark Hace un día
Is this the aluminum or stainless steel?
Moroccan Gameplay
Moroccan Gameplay Hace un día
The hottest human being so far
Frans Hartman
Frans Hartman Hace 2 días
I love u
Amanda Massey-Wiles
Amanda Massey-Wiles Hace 2 días
I'd love to see an aluminum vs. stainless steel video! :)
Denise Newcomb
Denise Newcomb Hace 2 días
Why are people so nasty and rude?? So disrespectful
Denise Newcomb
Denise Newcomb Hace 2 días
Love your video! I want a Apple Watch now. Can I ask you a question? I noticed your running shoes looked like they had leopard on the bottom sides of them. Do you might if I ask what are the name of them? Love them!❤️
Vickimar Meraz
Vickimar Meraz Hace 2 días
Cool dude
Vickimar Meraz
Vickimar Meraz Hace 2 días
Cool man .,
Lukasz K
Lukasz K Hace 2 días
hello justin I would like to know what apple watch 4 versions do you have? aluminum or stainless steel ??
Sumit Raut
Sumit Raut Hace 2 días
Apple is now more about psychological breakdown and OCD. Gone are the days when Apple was about innovation., now its all about glamour and idiocy. Pay a huge sum of money for substandard specs. Thumbs Down! iJustine you rock gurl👍
Diana Hace 2 días
Justine. Do you feel comfortable with the 44 mm?
GrimLilGamer Hace 2 días
GrimLilGamer Hace 2 días
GrimLilGamer Hace 2 días
Billy Ray
Billy Ray Hace 2 días
I didn't even finish the video.
Akiko And Tuana
Akiko And Tuana Hace 3 días
Your old series 1 is my present watch 😂
GT10 Hace 3 días
ᅳᅢᅳᅢᅵ뭉ᅡᅧᄀᄉ ᅣᄂ ᄋᄆ ᅲᄃᄂᄉ
When you accidentally choose to buy the apple watch but you forgot you didnt have an iphone.. such bullshit ipads cant have the watch app
Tyler Janning
Tyler Janning Hace 3 días
I don’t really like the sport loop because I feel like it looks cheap
Adam Naja
Adam Naja Hace 3 días
You stopped my heart for a second, I thought the band was sold seperately
Felix Frias
Felix Frias Hace 3 días
Hey Ijustine I had a really big question of the new apple watch series 4 is the milanese loop a better fit than the sport band when doing workouts or is the sport loop better than the sport band and the milanese loop and I had another question which case is better aliminum or stainless steel please answer asap
Shubham Mathdhari
Shubham Mathdhari Hace 3 días
She is a pretty tough bird...
Richard Chonie
Richard Chonie Hace 3 días
Unboxing for the new colors sport loop please
Emmalee Easter
Emmalee Easter Hace 3 días
Lefty group anyone? Like for right, Comment for left
Juan Oviedo
Juan Oviedo Hace 3 días
I’m the only lefty in class
Nicholas Osorio
Nicholas Osorio Hace 3 días
My brother was so confused when I was freaking out over my Apple Watch getting here
Rainbow Life
Rainbow Life Hace 3 días
*The most stoopid gadget *
Juan Sosa
Juan Sosa Hace 4 días
walkie talkie...lol
God Vegito
God Vegito Hace 4 días
What’s better aluminium silver or space grey with a third party Milanese band?
Chelsea Frazar
Chelsea Frazar Hace 4 días
Hi, where is your kitchen rug from?
Charlotte Cousley
Charlotte Cousley Hace 4 días
What size are your wrists so I can know which size to get
Teo Teo
Teo Teo Hace 4 días
A piece of crap for pretentious losers..battery is sucked haha
Brooke Sweeney
Brooke Sweeney Hace 4 días
What’s the song at the end of the video????
divyansh matlani
divyansh matlani Hace 4 días
you do yoga so come in india
U'Mari Ellis
U'Mari Ellis Hace 4 días
Can I have one of them please I’ve been wanting one for like 4 years
Sophie CL
Sophie CL Hace 4 días
My series 4 is due to be delivered in an hour. I’ve been patiently tracking the delivery all day.
Keona Jordan Music & Tips
I need this watch omg
Nicole Vitte
Nicole Vitte Hace 4 días
I’m super sad they wont be making the whit ceramic model anymore :(. Does that mean ever?
Norma K
Norma K Hace 4 días
I want to see more of your bands so I can pick one of yours
Kaung Set
Kaung Set Hace 4 días
over reaction. It makes me feel bad while watching .
Kayla Davis
Kayla Davis Hace 5 días
1:10 *drops it and smashes it*
james francis
james francis Hace 5 días
Lose the knife !
Cyrus William Thieroff
Stop using your apple watch in the wrong way justine!
VitoGrande 80
VitoGrande 80 Hace 5 días
I am sorry, but you Americans are so so simple people compare to us Europeans. Everything is soooo awesome or OH MY GOD in every sentence. You are over the top people really.
Hamza Jamal Khan
Hamza Jamal Khan Hace 5 días
The new apple watch is amazing good build and amazing and simple user friendly user interface
R69NIX Hace 5 días
My god. iJustine is THE most beautiful thing in the world.
Mohanned Aldosari
Mohanned Aldosari Hace 5 días
Please answer my question ..do you can use to mobile android..thanks
m. g.
m. g. Hace 5 días
Would love to see what the gold stainless steel band might look like on the Gold Aluminum Series 4 44mm...
Kezia Goodman
Kezia Goodman Hace 5 días
Is she like rich? wth! apple products are not cheap
Möö Hace 5 días
she gets money from videos
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker Hace 5 días
I got the Apple Watch series 4 gps+cellular 40mm and I love it
Felicie Zhang
Felicie Zhang Hace 5 días
Wait so you’re telling me the series 4 does not come with a band????
Shelly S
Shelly S Hace 5 días
Do you recommend a screen protector for your watch? If so any recommendations? And what about the Apple Watch cover to protect it? This is my first Apple Watch. I learned a lot from your video.
Joan Carver
Joan Carver Hace 6 días
You video was great! Just what I needed. I did my online research and decided on this watch!...but first I wanted a review on it. Watched your review and you were so thorough, from the unboxing to all of the features. I really enjoyed seeing how the phone works and seeing the screen with results of yoga and also the walkie talkie feature. This will be my first Apple Watch however I've had the phones since they first came out. I think this will be great for exercise, steps, heart health and all. THANK YOU!!! Joan
pungance angel
pungance angel Hace 6 días
spoiled brat
Az Öreg
Az Öreg Hace 6 días
hot milf
Bu3N0 XD
Bu3N0 XD Hace 6 días
Girl u old af😂
Testiclopse Hace 6 días
Justine, no offense, but you are like a futuristic vapid consumer girl from the year 2077.
Testiclopse Hace 6 días
You are a girl.
Akarsh Ahuja
Akarsh Ahuja Hace 6 días
Everytime you say hello I think of hello moto
Andrea Torres
Andrea Torres Hace 6 días
Her hair tho XD
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez Hace 6 días
The Beast
The Beast Hace 6 días
How nice it must be to have hundreds of thousands of dollars with which to buy every single Apple product without doing any real work.
Katherine Weissenberger
It’s so refreshing to see another lefty
surya subbaraju
surya subbaraju Hace 7 días
Hello iJustine , I’m an undergraduate student 👨‍🎓. But I don’t have either a good phone or a laptop 💻. Could you kindly consider my request for a giveaway 😅😁.
Blake Blake
Blake Blake Hace 7 días
I’m getting this on Christmas
miltiadis mo
miltiadis mo Hace 7 días
You are amazing ,honey
Сергей Корытко
Голубоглазая блондинка - лайк не глядя...
TheHarlemharlem Hace 7 días
She did a pretty good review
Joaquin Montoya
Joaquin Montoya Hace 7 días
Just riding apples dick huh!
April Musser
April Musser Hace 7 días
What color/name/type of band came with that?
Rafiq Afsar
Rafiq Afsar Hace 7 días
YOU AREXSO RICH!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Os. Rod. (i am Osvitronik)
Love this review! I need to upgrade mine now!
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy Hace 8 días
I bet your watch ❤️ monitor goes off allllll the time 🚨
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy Hace 8 días
I like the old I watch box .
Z. Ghaffar
Z. Ghaffar Hace 8 días
wow, so generous of apple for giving us charger and a cable in the box :O
Shanice Sharonda
Shanice Sharonda Hace 8 días
This is brain washed mind control vegan empty brain damage person
Beatrix Jones
Beatrix Jones Hace un día
After looking at your picture, I can see why your so hateful. Not only are you ugly on the inside, your damn sure ugly on the outside as well. Damn!
Beatrix Jones
Beatrix Jones Hace un día
Shanice Sharonda your jealous and have terrible manners. Must have been raised by people that acted like assholes. You probably don’t even own a Apple Watch! Just looking for some white person to be bash on. Go kick rocks and be a troll amongst people of a like mind.
Erick Donaldson
Erick Donaldson Hace 8 días
Is this an unboxing and review or a flexing video? We spent more time talking about your other possessions and watching you use features while the watch is filmed from too far away to see what you’re doing
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