Gold Apple Watch Series 4 - Unboxing and review!

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Unboxing and review of the new Gold Apple Watch Series 4! I LOVE IT!
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19 sep 2018

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brittney harfield
brittney harfield Hace 2 horas
I just bought myself a series 3 from work the other day (I work at best buy). they were on sale n ive been wanting to upgrade my smart watch, ive used a $20 fitbit from amazon since last year and I was finally able to afford something better so I made the upgrade. and honestly, im so happy w it. I kinda wish I waited, to either get series 4 (w my next paycheck) OR wait until they announce the new one. but w new apple products, comes pre-ordering and or waiting for them to be back in stock so...at that point I thought it was best to just get series 3 n stick w that for a while until watchOS decides that the chip cant handle the software anymore LMAO. either way, still no regrets. great purchase.
ale castañeda
ale castañeda Hace 9 horas
Is cellular worth it??
Russell Jennings
Russell Jennings Hace 13 horas
I wish I could get friends on watch for competition I don’t know anyone else with an Apple Watch.
Mischelle Dimaculangan
It's too expensive here in the Philippines costing $560 for a series 4 44mm. Got mine last April 26,2019 as a birthday present to myself.
Moses Kiplagat
Moses Kiplagat Hace 17 horas
You make apple products look more appealing
NYRfan4ever Hace un día
Great stuff! Got myself a series 4 Gold 44mm Stainless last week and WOW this is amazing stuff. #AppleLifer
Isa tak
Isa tak Hace un día
I bet she uses I-Dildo 😂
Njk all The way
Njk all The way Hace 2 días
Can I have it
Ghada Shehata
Ghada Shehata Hace 2 días
You should make a video of you showing allllllllllllllllll of your Apple Watch bands
Andrew Rhodes
Andrew Rhodes Hace 2 días
I want an Apple Watch Series 4
Charlotte Woolley
Charlotte Woolley Hace 2 días
Justine was so hyped at the walkie talkie thing 😂😂
Kesha H
Kesha H Hace 2 días
I wanted to see the lavender 😞
veeresh veeeru
veeresh veeeru Hace 3 días
I want 2item This girl N Obviously series4
Alex S.
Alex S. Hace 4 días
8:20 am i stupid how does the watch know the distance?
Louis LaMarca
Louis LaMarca Hace 4 días
Women is a idiot
GamerBoy Two
GamerBoy Two Hace 4 días
Could you put red and blue whristbands on and make it bad ass?
Devon M0230
Devon M0230 Hace 5 días
reply to this comment and tell me what colour i should get for my apple watch
Bella Vargas
Bella Vargas Hace 3 días
Devon M0230 gold
James Crewe
James Crewe Hace 5 días
What drug did she take before filming this video
OreoSpice Hace 5 días
im a lefty and I wear it on my left hand
Julia Pilla
Julia Pilla Hace un día
OreoSpice same!
Joshua Cheek
Joshua Cheek Hace 5 días
I have to wait so long to change my name maybe
I really want an apple watch matches the blue xr
Puppyslimes 34
Puppyslimes 34 Hace 6 días
I will take an old one 😉
Sami Cat
Sami Cat Hace 6 días
10:28 THIS IS AN AUTHENTIC REACTION I PROMISE!! IM TOTALLY NOT OVERREACTING🤫🤫😝 plz don’t hurt me😭i’m just joking so don’t @ me boi
Player x One
Player x One Hace 7 días
loe yor vids
Eli Mohareb
Eli Mohareb Hace 7 días
By far the best apple watch video I’ve ever seen
arjun a
arjun a Hace 7 días
Can you give me one of your previous gen apple watch?☺️☺️
Breanna Fields
Breanna Fields Hace 7 días
I’m for sure getting this now
Eugene Danhe
Eugene Danhe Hace 7 días
Gold knive...hahahaha
AstroBoyFan2019 Hace 8 días
My drama/dance/media/individual pathway planner teacher has an s4, but she has a rose gold instead of gold.
Eli Mohareb
Eli Mohareb Hace 8 días
My series 4 is coming this Thursday!!!!
Matrix Shrenik
Matrix Shrenik Hace 5 días
Eli Mohareb gps or cellular ?
666demonknight666 Hace 8 días
You have sexy nails
d Hace 8 días
What size is the display?
Giancarlos Vergara
Giancarlos Vergara Hace 8 días
thanks for the subtitled videos
Marine Darmon
Marine Darmon Hace 9 días
Can we have an apple watch without having an iphone ?
Domonique Jackson
Domonique Jackson Hace 9 días
I love how zealous she is!
KingJoe Jo
KingJoe Jo Hace 12 días
no one: *iJustine opens a box* iJustine: *wOw wHaT aN eXpErIeNcE! hOw cAn i dO iT aGAiN?!*
Kart G
Kart G Hace 12 días
Can't decide between the stainless steel or space black.
Ervin Lorincz
Ervin Lorincz Hace 13 días
3:30 it was a good one!!!
swaran singh
swaran singh Hace 14 días
Gosh you sound just like unbox therapy in this it’s uncanny
kapitanbomba1989 Hace 14 días
"Wow, it is so BIG, It's freakin real big." That's what she said!
JayJohnPaul Hace 6 días
*hits up Marques*
Fernando Zavala
Fernando Zavala Hace 9 días
kapitanbomba1989 Micheal Scott would be so proud
Anthony Vlogs
Anthony Vlogs Hace 14 días
*Has a jar full of Apple Watches*
Truman Capote
Truman Capote Hace 14 días
I'm guessing the vast majority of her subs are spoiled rich little capitalist PIGS with empty heads AND her hands in Daddy's wallet and probably down his pants like a typical Trumpette. She is so DUMB she don't even realize these watches are too BIG on her because they are made for MEN.
Liam Jarrett
Liam Jarrett Hace 14 días
On Apple Watch series 5 Apple should include Face ID or Touch ID
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson Hace 15 días
Everyone are wearing them wrong, esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Y3M7r85KvX4.html
Vishnu Chinnayeluka
Vishnu Chinnayeluka Hace 16 días
You’re wasting so many money for the watches you can give for orphans or for some trust
riseuplight Hace 16 días
EJ Funny
EJ Funny Hace 17 días
She makes me feel broke and I have a xs max🤦🏾‍♂️
AK rules
AK rules Hace 5 días
cupkake JORDAN
cupkake JORDAN Hace 8 días
EJ Funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bruh
Slider 27
Slider 27 Hace 17 días
I want a stainless steal but is is SO expensive!
Apple Guy
Apple Guy Hace 16 días
Slider 27 I want a real gold one but I don’t think they make them anymore but I could never afford a real gold one.
jocies gymbag
jocies gymbag Hace 17 días
Doesn’t seem too useful//also doesn’t seem worth the price I expected it to do much more but eternal still trying it out for the next 15 days
Zhacka Boomboom
Zhacka Boomboom Hace 18 días
She will be doing the same flashbacks for when the Apple Watch series 5
karen talisie
karen talisie Hace 19 días
crazy yes Back to school!!! Loving my Apple Watch Series 4 and #Lumiy Desk Lamp
Ankush Kumar Arora
Ankush Kumar Arora Hace 20 días
You're super adorable
Chiara. wdk
Chiara. wdk Hace 21 un día
How rich are you
Sheikha Ahmed
Sheikha Ahmed Hace 21 un día
Sever Us
Sever Us Hace 22 días
I lost 40 pounds because of off that price tag
Apple Guy
Apple Guy Hace 16 días
Sever Us are you saying you lost 40 pounds thanks to the Apple Watch?
Moudire Ifan
Moudire Ifan Hace 22 días
How cool you are No one else can be that excited yet not scary :) Fun video and equally informative
how do i start a competion with someone in my watch contacts?
Callmekhris513 Hace 23 días
Just got the series 4 today 💯
Kimberly Rojas
Kimberly Rojas Hace 24 días
Does the wrist band come with the watch?
Menunatu Ibrahim
Menunatu Ibrahim Hace 25 días
How much is it
Menunatu Ibrahim
Menunatu Ibrahim Hace 25 días
Alejandro Plata
Alejandro Plata Hace 25 días
I am selling an apple watch like that but in 44 mm and in silver, like new.
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Hace 25 días
The guy you called thought you were hitting on him when you asked him if you sounded good cause he had no idea what was going on until later.
Menunatu Ibrahim
Menunatu Ibrahim Hace 26 días
Please I want to know the price gold wrist series 4
Bong MomGame
Bong MomGame Hace 27 días
I got the rose gold series 4. 😍
Emerson Jackson
Emerson Jackson Hace 27 días
Do you need a sim for it
emily Roberts
emily Roberts Hace 27 días
do texting next
Keslyn Nguyen
Keslyn Nguyen Hace 27 días
Omg now I really want the Apple Watch!
Aimon Adam
Aimon Adam Hace 28 días
Omg look at You seriously
Gata Negra
Gata Negra Hace 29 días
I can't wait to get mine now! Your review made me that much more excited for it! 😝
Conor Murray
Conor Murray Hace un mes
Must be so great for her that she can afford all of this 😕🙄
dhafer amira
dhafer amira Hace un mes
She reminds me of lele pons
April Reynosa
April Reynosa Hace un mes
Anyone have a IPhone XR
Khalil Linden
Khalil Linden Hace 28 días
April Reynosa me
서현Seo-hyun Hace un mes
2:05 That’s what she said 😂
Rouman Butt
Rouman Butt Hace un mes
Wait for Apple watch series 5
O woopie Gold Knife! 🙄 I’m Just so Exited I Might cut Myself to death 😏 Yea we gotta have a gold knife to go along with that golden hair, Just Like you and the Fhucking Beach.
Maz Wx
Maz Wx Hace un mes
9:34 😂😂
wonderwoman Hace un mes
The way she talk is like jennifer Lopez
Violin Photo
Violin Photo Hace un mes
I love your videos, wish I had an apple watch! Lol
Threelly AI
Threelly AI Hace un mes
Can someone else?? chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
Rayane bestandji
Rayane bestandji Hace un mes
Very cool i like Apple
Tarık Bozdemir
Tarık Bozdemir Hace un mes
This is the most repulsive apple watch video I have ever seen.
KR Bassin
KR Bassin Hace un mes
Android is better n this watch is not waterproof
Cameron Sanderson
Cameron Sanderson Hace un mes
10:43. This is worse then being left on read on snapchat
Tatiana Hoelzl cezar
Why don’t you check out the pink sand band I have it
Rakesh Balgobind
Rakesh Balgobind Hace un mes
I write with right so I where it on left
Rakesh Balgobind
Rakesh Balgobind Hace un mes
For 2019 Christmas my going to get a Apple Watch
Unicorn Lily-Rose
Unicorn Lily-Rose Hace un mes
Rakesh Balgobind same
Eve Sharma
Eve Sharma Hace un mes
My fave moment of the whole vid is 12:18 😂
Destiny Jackson
Destiny Jackson Hace un mes
Can I have one of your old apple warchs
renee p
renee p Hace un mes
Destiny Jackson what’s a warch? A knock off version?
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Hace un mes
I was saving up for one but I’m getting a Fitbit instead and get an Apple Watch later
_.Aori._ Hace un mes
wait, will series 3 get these features too?
Ruben Palacios jr
Ruben Palacios jr Hace un mes
What is that metal wrists band called can someone plz tell me
Sondra Sebald
Sondra Sebald Hace un mes
The sport loop is my favorite design. I have a series three in the gold (which looks like a rose gold). Just ordered a series 4 in the black. Gonna get an extra band for it too. Very excited.
Jilzyk10 Hace un mes
Love your skull tee shirt!!! Where can I find one? Love the video and going to get the 40 mm tomorrow
Rolando Busto
Rolando Busto Hace un mes
Can i buy one of your watch?
DailyDoseOfGaming Hace un mes
sukhvinder dhawan
sukhvinder dhawan Hace un mes
7:02 she has wore it upside down😂😂
Troy Cruz
Troy Cruz Hace un mes
Wow I so want this , I was thinking of getting the 3 but I really want the 4 now
AudreyStars Hace un mes
I am getting my Mon the sane apple watch for Mother’s Day!! I am so excited!!
Vikram Klein
Vikram Klein Hace un mes
Can I have that Apple watch
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