GOLDBRIDGE! Brentford 4-0 Manchester United Match Reaction 

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Brentford 4-0 Manchester United! Mark Goldbridge reacts to another Erik Ten Hag defeat in charge of United. Get the latest Man Utd news on The United Stand. Player Ratings Vote here www.theunitedstand.com/articl...
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12 ago 2022






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@tomthumb4830 Hace un año
When your manager says that Maguire is a world class defender and his assistant says that Mctominay is 8/10 every game, you know its only going to end one way.
@sf7890 Hace un año
And how is world class Sancho doing?
@1murkeybadmayn Hace un año
Yep, xmas sacking lol
sell De Gea , buy Robert Sanchez of Brighton (he is goalkeeper no.2 of spain national team) and David Raya of Brentford (goalkeeper no.3 of spain national team)
@wolfgangdevries127 Hace un año
I thought Hag was a coffee brand 😛
@Y-J65 Hace un año
@@1murkeybadmayn will be before Xmas if this run of form continues. Could be a frank de boer sackingg
@patrickarthur5852 Hace un año
Ragnick was right about this team. He read everything as it was.
@Stev4e897 Hace un año
the overrated austrian ???
@matthewborn8832 Hace un año
@@Stev4e897 He was correct, we need at least 10 players out and at least 10 players in. The club is rotten and he called it out. No one could have done any better with this team, he’s being proven correct right before your eyes. Overrated? He was brought in to evaluate and rebuild the club, like he did with multiple teams in Austria and Germany. He gave the board his assessment and they fired him for it.
@Marquise619 Hace un año
@@Stev4e897 You slow pal? You’ve watched these past two games and you think Rangnick could’ve saved these donkeys? Total joke.
@patrickarthur5852 Hace un año
@@Stev4e897 no. The over rated team of loser's Getting huge wages and amateurs would have done better today. I don't understand why Maguire, Shaw, Mctomminay, and Rashford keeps getting picked. Ragnick was correct. This team needs open heart surgery not simply dentistry.
@beechy45 Hace un año
Now everybody should know how right Ralf Rangnick was when he said we need to sell 10 players and buy 10
And Mourinho
@comedyguy212 Hace un año
Sell Ten
@MisterSpinalzo Hace un año
this whole Rangnick disaster is so weird in hindsight... Man Utd: "please Mr. Rangnick, help us bring this football club back on track." Rangnick: "okay, here's a list of players you need to sign and here's a list of players you need to get rid off." Man Utd: "...no."
@Boric78 Hace un año
@madmarx3108 Hace un año
More like 20, first team awful, bench and reserve awful
@amoinho Hace un año
When Mourinho said that one of his hardest achievement's was winning something during the United job, everyone thought he was being ridiculous. No one is thinking that anymore. This is starting to look like a curse.
@jakearrow8047 Hace un año
Yes but it's not a curse there squad is shite simple as that and an incompetent board running the club and your stuck with this mess
@lsari6948 Hace un año
Lino Barros, You right, lets hope it is not going to be like the Benfica curse what is following that team for almost 60 years.
@seanwood8883 Hace un año
Sure is a curse. Even tutankhamen curse names this look small
@jakearrow8047 Hace un año
@@edmundpower1250 it was a better team but still not that great but definitely better than the trash now
@praba991ify Hace un año
Curse of morinho
@mankadrun0ut Hace un año
De Gea Not a ball playing GK Dalot Not good enough Maguire 80m Biggest robbery Martinez First season Shaw Looks off it Eriksen Not a holding midfielder Fred Not good enough Brun Shadow of himself Rashford Zero confidence Sancho Feel sorry for Ronaldo Not surprised he wants to go
@joanofarc708 Hace un año
Two games in martinez is too small for centre half
@skftngtt1302 Hace un año
@@joanofarc708 he is tho got dunked on
@dankharrold3774 Hace un año
"De Gea Not a ball playing Goalkeeper" De Gea is barely a keeper at this point mate.
@NikolaV022 Hace un año
McTominay Not a Footballer
@ediimique7341 Hace un año
@konquer247 Hace un año
Bless Ralf Ragnick, he was actually the right manager this club ever had since the great Sir Alex. Had the club listened to him, We would be in a better place today. 10 Players we needed not ONLY TENhag.
@vendettagamer9159 Hace un año
Jose Mourinho was the best Manchester United ever had after Sir Ferguson
@thommyturtle209 Hace un año
So dumb to let Rangnick go
@robbider8416 Hace un año
Had the club listened to jose Mourinho and back him up in his 3rd season we would have been in better place
@nj0377 Hace un año
He really exposed the issues within the club
@BrodyB42 Hace un año
Ragnick is not a good enough manager. Ole was able to get 2nd with that team. If ole can get 2nd, a real manager should be able to
@preciousosas9792 Hace un año
"Harry Maguire is good at getting relegated, he's the perfect man to lead us to it " 😂😂😂
@TheRetrollectors Hace un año
The problem with keeping McGuire as captain is that he cannot go back into the dressing room and point fingers at players who are playing terrible. He’s entire team would bash him for the amount of mistakes he makes on a weekly basis. A captain needs to be a leader, if he is making mistakes be accountable and lead by your next example. His lack of presence as a leader on the pitch is ManU’s downfall.
@davidhughes8814 Hace un año
What is with the Maguire obsession? One of the few players who played well!
@Alfredo-lol Hace un año
@@davidhughes8814 5 goals and he played well? 😂 You might as well put a cone in Maguires place
@andreh501 Hace un año
@@davidhughes8814 if you think Maguire played well today, best to try a different sport
@standupatyrau Hace un año
Tbh, I don't really remember when Maguire last played at least 7/10.
@kevinjane7104 Hace un año
And he cost more than VVD
@prevara5162 Hace un año
you know things are bad when he's not even raging
@mtk3755 Hace un año
It's officially, "Ab toh aadat si hai mujko aise jeene meh " mode. Meaning: " Now it's habbit of mine to live like this" . It's is a sad song Aadat by atif aslam should listen to it, would heal the pain a bit.
@karlzkarlo7012 Hace un año
@randomuser78 Hace un año
@@mtk3755 🤣
@infinite2884 Hace un año
@@mtk3755 😂😂
@kevinwalsh8483 Hace un año
Gone through all the stages of grief... he's on the last stage..😅😅
@CloseUpGamer Hace 9 meses
"I don't see how this guy can get any better" yup.. I thought the same. Now he's arguably the best striker in the world. Best in Europe for sure on current form. How times change!
@livewireredb.9953 Hace un año
Getting rid of Ralf Ragnick was the worst thing this club could've done. He would have been the perfect man to rebuild the club.
@MATT-jd4jp Hace un año
Yes, but the Glazers and the board did not want to hear the truth, so they had to get rid of him.
@zuesnastrio3062 Hace un año
I bet you were wanting him out like all utd fans
@livewireredb.9953 Hace un año
@@MATT-jd4jp They're obsessed with keeping their mates in charge. Such a poorly ran organization.
@Airyed Hace un año
Jose too
@livewireredb.9953 Hace un año
@@zuesnastrio3062 Not once did I say get Ralf out. Most of the fanbase wanted him to stay on and be director of football. Fact.
@KD-us9jm Hace 9 meses
It feels good to comeback to this kind of reaction , when people were laughing at us and thinking that our season will be a disaster , now it's the other way round, all their seasons are falling apart (obviously except arsenal)
@sicelonene6319 Hace un año
I am truly speechless about this performance
@zedleppilen3737 Hace un año
This is a new low
@seanwood8883 Hace un año
Yeh me too
@stevenalderley9036 Hace un año
Were you expecting to win?
@janda5816 Hace un año
@@zedleppilen3737 Nonsense-a new low will be the 10th-15th place finish your on target for this season.
@9deering Hace un año
The fact that ETH brought on McT at half time speaks volumes. The size of the job at hand is huge. Remember RR said that this team needs open heart surgery and that hasn't even begun yet. Tough times ahead.
@GetOnTheFloor82 Hace 6 meses
9 months on. 3rd place. Champions League. Caraboa Cup winners. FA Cup finalists. Erik Ten Hag, ladies and gentlemen ❣️❣️
@jabari4709 Hace 2 días
Ummm... 5 months on.... SMH let's not talk about it
@timingswrong Hace un año
So Mourinho’s trophy wins for Utd was his biggest managerial achievement
@bogstandardash3751 Hace un año
miss him. Seems to be doing well with Roma.
Best manager of his generation and top 10 all time.
@fatherdoug6644 Hace un año
he said in an interview that coming second was his biggest achievement, based on not only the team but also the state of the club
Given the type of players he had then when he was in charge at utd I think bringing them to 2nd place that season was beyond what they have expected to happen
@josephdesign1052 Hace un año
So far Mourihno was the best ManU trophy record in the post Sir Alex Ferguson era, Mourihno seen the problem that he may have solved but the publicity & some players (Pogba) make him look bad, my neutral observation, cheers!
@shango7942 Hace un año
Malacia settled the team when he came on, also Varane. THERE'S NO WAY IN HEAVEN, THAT FRED AND MCTOMINAY SHOULD PLAY ANOTHER GAME.
@murrayyyy3799 Hace un año
I guarantee you if Malacia and Varane started today United would've still got battered. Last week ETH was ripped for starting McT and benching Ronaldo- today he changed that and United were even worse. I remember last season everyone called for maguire to be dropped, he was and United lost 4-0 to Brighton. Calling for individual players to start/be dropped ain't solving anything
@zero59267 Hace un año
Settled?? Brentford took they're gas off
@knd2639 Hace un año
100% true something weird going on at this football club the moment he took off Martinez but kept Maguire on it confirmed it for me these managers are being forced to play certain players.
@d.cirovic1695 Hace un año
100%, Ten Hag and Ragnick are two great football minds there is absuloutely no way these guys dont realise that maguire mcfred and co are dogshit.
Dead and burried, next four games, forget it
Martinez was getting bullied by the brentford players bcuz of his height. Everytime they had a corner, they target martinez.
@Ay44n192 Hace un año
@@augustinusbenaebeb3990 you guys have liverpool southampton Leicester arsenal you guys are honestly done
@mountaindragon7289 Hace un año
We needed Maguire for head duels. Anyone with critical analysis skills can see Brentford plan was playing high balls.
@markwillson2491 Hace un año
Brentford were fitter, sharper and hungrier. Great game plan by their coach get in their faces. De Gea awful, worst than school boy errors. Ten Hagg looked shell shocked. Ralf proberly nailed it by saying, 10 new players needed. I think RR was a better option for a rebuild. Has TH got the charactor to get united out the crapper!? The worry, Maquire will still be picked for England by his mate. De jong, stop dreaming, his going to chelsea.
@ediimique7341 Hace un año
To think that Rabiot is going to revive that midfield 🤣😱🤣🤣
@DeTaxxman Hace un año
His the perfection definition of a mid player, not crap but not fantastic
@hnz5404 Hace un año
@@DeTaxxman the perfect man to slide in front of the fridge
@9urcharan Hace un año
Everyone acts like we’re one midfielder away from being okay. Every area of the squad needs strengthening
@mashinajoe Hace un año
him and grealish can do shampoo comercials. wash n go bahahahahahaha
@hamigoni2419 Hace un año
I can't believe people actually thought rashford was gonna be good cause he had a pre season 😂😂😂 👀👀👀👀
He's more interested in his social media team... Wellbeck was better.
@leeroyuckface6893 Hace un año
It was an average pre season
@anthonymanutd7544 Hace un año
The whole team crap apart from Ronaldo
@deepzepp4176 Hace un año
@deepzepp4176 Hace un año
@@anthonymanutd7544 Ronaldo was crap tbh.
All about player power. Ralph was right about these players. So he was removed and a manager brought in that keeps saying how good this team and players are. Hard to believe it's been the past managers fault and not this group of overpaid players who seem to have a lot of limitations
@kash18141 Hace un año
Our players need to learn the difference from playing for the badge to playing for a wage
@1983LoneRanger Hace un año
You got any more cliches?
@jamesporter3761 Hace un año
They need to learn how to play football first
@SpiderVenom12905 Hace un año
They don’t even play for the wage
@darrenabelse8885 Hace un año
These players model on the field in stead of playing good football
@kash18141 Hace un año
@@1983LoneRanger na mate but thanks for your comment
@kevinconway2965 Hace un año
This is so depressing. I was LIVING for the Premier League coming back, as I've been struggling recently. This really isn't helping...
@eniolaojo6155 Hace un año
Hang in there champ, Things will work out
Mr. Conway You’re a KING!!! Things get better.
@britishahlawy9095 Hace un año
You've got this king, you've got this!
@jackmitchell4383 Hace un año
Stay strong 💪🏻
@pietropes1322 Hace un año
It stops in Nov for the WC, hopefully you can enjoy that 👍🏿 you are loved, stay strong bother 💪🏾❤️
@mrgiggsful Hace un año
And then you expect de jong to come to a club like this 😳 this club has lost all respect from a football community all around the world ☹️
@jamesgledhill9667 Hace un año
If city paid his wages and price tag he'd be in england next week.
@randomhuman2595 Hace un año
If De Jong was playing we wouldn't have lost 4 nil
@OMman10 Hace un año
Sad thing is most United fans don't get this, still think United is the biggest club in the World, they would banter Barcelona when Barcelona actually have a board who have the best interest of their club at Heart and to win titles when United have litches as owners
@@randomhuman2595 would have lost 5 nil instead
@janda5816 Hace un año
I couldn't agree more; nobody outside United supporters feels sorry for United. It's comeuppance for 20 years of arrogance.
@jamesxx9784 Hace un año
I’m happy I never turned on Ralf even when it was fashionable. And this sqaud bullied him called him specs ect. We all know its the players and the owners. If Ten Hag can’t help this club, we are finished. We can’t let him fail. Back the manager. Put the pressure on the owners.
@lancerevo9747 Hace un año
Oh it was clear. The first game against Crystal Palace, Ralf got them to play so amazing, but when the performances dropped off I knew it was the players that didn't respect him enough because he was interim. The disrespect continued in January when the board refused to buy Denis Zakaria for only €7M! And they tossed him out. Welp, chickens always return home to roost.
@ytrokibalboa6405 Hace un año
@@lancerevo9747 7M for zakaria? Thats wild af id give them an extra 10M just to fucking bring him in, hes probably better than all the uniteds midfielders💀 what a miss out cant even believe this💀💀
@danyalahmed929 Hace un año
It's amazing how these players look like cowards on the pitch, but still think they can bully someone else
@danyalahmed929 Hace un año
And trust me I was going to call them something else instead of cowards 🤣
@leeindention7493 Hace un año
These players are the problem, period. Only a complete clear out and new young players brought is needed , otherwise nothing will change. A bunch of overpaid lazy prima donnas is what we have for a football team.
@brunoqueli9890 Hace un año
Props for De gea for owning up to his mistakes in the interview
@m.a4664 Hace un año
Props but his not good enough always a mistake in him too many times same old!
@MUFC669 Hace 9 meses
Who here after things have completely changed 😂
@goonerjoe7647 Hace 2 meses
Nothings changed and love it hahab
@enemywithin1295 Hace 2 meses
Yeah mate it’s all changed! 😂
“There is some sort of player power that allows them to keep being picked” Imagine if Ole benched Varane in this situation. Imagine if Ole was cocky enough to believe he could get de Jong so (apparently) told the board to hold all other transfers until he was over the line. A lot of today is on T.H. There was legit a World Cup and 4x UCL league winning captain on the bench. While a 5’ fraud and slab head started. Something very wrong with the managers tactics today.
@adamhuncho9504 Hace un año
@mukeshsaxena5603 Hace un año
It is always great to see an underdog grabbing a win, unfortunately Manchester United could not get it this time.
@Unknown_The Hace un año
Oh my, Relegation would be a blessing. Possibly the only way we get the clear out that is desperately needed. We are shockingly bad, even worse than the green shirts they were wearing.
@DonaldBlake287 Hace un año
I agree. The Glazers might even sell if we get relegated. Here’s to a long season 🍻
@82vm Hace un año
Couldn't agree more. I feel bad, but there's a small prayer starting in my head.
@TheJgenerationS Hace un año
Somewhere in Norway Ole G is sitting. Maybe fishing. Watching the sunset. And probably thinking to himself: - How did I manage to be second in the Premier League with those players. I must be a magician
@reshavchand4451 Hace un año
He bought those players though. Spent 80 million for a fridge
@nyatism7361 Hace un año
We spend 5 years blaming Pogba for everything forgetting to address these issues.
@WCtrainer1 Hace un año
Said it when we hired Ten Hag, this team is lucky if they finish 6-8 and by the way they're playing its very possible they finish bottom of the league.
@mitchsanderson8206 Hace un año
De Gea, Shaw, McTominay, Fred, Maguire and Rashford. They have all had their chances at this club. It’s time to move them on. 4-0 to Brentford…. Brentford.
@mcbroombroom08 Hace un año
De gea was probably their player of the season last year
@abdulg7103 Hace un año
It’s come to a point where i feel like crying.
@sadikyazid730 Hace un año
@@jameshall6061 de gea was world class last season . You cannot say that he wasn’t our best player because of today
@Morelife22 Hace un año
@@sadikyazid730 our best player in a season we finished 6th by luck. He's not good enough. He's been crap since Russia 2018
@sinan8721 Hace un año
De Gea just had a one bad game dude. Keep your toxicity to yourself
@Ryotbh Hace un año
De Gea was absolutely shocking today. First two goals were directly his fault. It is true that he has saved our ass on multiple occasions but today it was not good enough. Glad that Mark call him out and gave him a 2. That said, I think this was a blip for De Gea, a one off. How many of our first team have had woeful performance after woeful performance? It’s one thing having an off game, another thing consistently performing poorly.
@pato2200 Hace un año
How good a united manager does mourinho look now?
Mourinho is out there winning trophies and building an actual project.
@josephtay8351 Hace un año
Do not meet Jose roma in the europa 😉
@randomuser78 Hace un año
Greatest coach of all time.Period what he has done with united, no klopp, pep, carlo, etc can do
If we keep playing Maguire, Mctominay and Shaw, we're bound to be relegated.
@buornejzikusooka55 Hace un año
And Dalot
@janda5816 Hace un año
The rest of the Premier League are eagerly awaiting.
& Fred
@coolrottie2565 Hace un año
Years ago I use to be shocked and depressed when United lost, even in the 70s and 80s but now I’m over it. This team would lose at Noughts and Crosses every time and I wouldn’t be surprised. I understand sometimes you lose and that’s not the most depressing thing, it’s that they don’t seem to try most of the time.
@logansharp9520 Hace un año
Great comment ✌️👍💯😅😂😅
@emilhansen4349 Hace un año
I have had the exact same conspiracy theory for the whole last season. I think that the managers are forced to use them by the glazers, there must be something in the contract that says that the manager needs to use at least Maguire, Mct and Bruno
@Marrow452 Hace un año
Ronaldo didn't have a pre-season and he was dropping into triangles and playing quick passes and laying it off to runners the way ETH wants. He and Sancho were the only ones actually playing Ten Hag ball.
@twiinpk3r Hace un año
Out of all manutd players I actually like sancho because he has pure intentions. But he needs to learn to cross. He can be deadly
@seanneas4528 Hace un año
I thought sancho was absolutely awful he’s tentative and never has an end product.
@bnkxxzaah7785 Hace un año
I didn’t see sancho do anything like a pure winger should..he wouldn’t cross he couldn’t go one on one with defender’s.. watch other wingers . I will. Pick gernacho over both rashy and sancho
@timingswrong Hace un año
Goldbridge best line yet :- “there was two players that jumpedup at me, Martinez” 😂😂
@andreh501 Hace un año
I'm sorry but Ten Hag has to take a chunk of the blame after the first few games. Team selections appalling. Yes the players are garbage and have been for a long time, but his team selections are really worrying.
@charlesarezhu8810 Hace un año
i think he is still trying to get an understanding of which combinations work from the average pool of players he has, and with what he has to work with i feel like results like this were certainly going to come before he got anything right
@metalmania1442 Hace un año
Gonna take a while for fans to realise we appointed a fraud. We should be beating brighton and brentford or at least competing with these type of lower level teams with the players we have available. We don't need to spend 300 million to be coached to avoid getting battered 4-0
He should be working with the youth at this stage
@chrisjie2127 Hace un año
It's clear that many players at Utd have playing time built in to their contracts.
@scottwoollard2141 Hace un año
@@metalmania1442 these players lost 4-1 to Watford and 4-0 to Brighton last season and you’re blaming the manager for not getting the best out of them🥴😂
@TopA1999 Hace un año
I'm actually starting to question if appointing Erik Ten Hag as the manager was the right decision. This was his second game and I haven't seen his style of football yet. It feels like Ole is still in charge and the players are clueless. I know all the players are absolutely crap and are blameworthy but i'm concerned about Erik Ten Hag being the right man for this job as he managed Ajax in a totally different league compared to the Prem and maybe he isn't experienced enough.
@porafriken Hace un año
it’s clearly because he doesn’t have the players to play the way he wants… it’s the same with rangnick too. do you people not learn??? these players had 4 different managers and haven’t performed under any of them (except carrick lol)
@charles4238 Hace un año
Give him time. He’s not been backed. Can’t judge the manège. Saw his play style in preseason. The seas on starts. The players throw it out of the window
@hawkblack9606 Hace un año
Eric ten hag is worse than Pochettino who is unemployment now.
@TopA1999 Hace un año
@@porafriken Question for you. Do you remember Ralf Rangnick first match in charge? You saw a big difference in the playing style right? Players were holding the ball more, being more cautious of the ball, defending well etc. I know it didnt last very long. Erik Ten Hag who is apparently a fast pace attacking style of manager but I haven't seen that yet. Either he doesn't have the right players to play his style of football or he isn't experienced enough to manage one of the biggest football club in the toughest football league in the world
@mrbigtime3643 Hace un año
@@charles4238 in pre season we played well as we started off with the young lads like Zidane Iqbal and that young Savage boy in midfield. We should start with these guys as McFred just don't deserve anyone sympathies. Our youngsters will perform better than these failures.
@simoncampbell3144 Hace un año
Glad Brentford took pity on us in the second half
@engin.duzyatan Hace 10 meses
Who is here after Ten hags rise
@MUFC669 Hace 9 meses
Jose was the best manger this club could of got after sir Alex
He even said getting united 2nd was his greatest accomplishment....
@josephtay8351 Hace un año
Sacking jose over pogba is the worst mistake that manure has made
@logansharp9520 Hace un año
@kzrhstudent2808 Hace un año
@@josephtay8351 manure 💀
@josephdesign1052 Hace un año
So far Mourihno was the best ManU trophy record in the post Sir Alex Ferguson era, Mourihno seen the problem that he may have solved but the publicity & some players (Pogba) make him look bad, my neutral observation, cheers!
@Wall2157 Hace un año
Obviously, the Glazers are killing us, but losing Rangnick was a travesty. He was 5000% right about everything.
Do you think same now🤣🤣
@gouravghosh588 Hace un año
The alarm bells started ringing when Ten Haag said the team is good since it finished 2nd during 20/21 season. And there should have been a fuc***g riot for letting Rangnick go for being honest and saying Utd need 10 players
@MS-uj4ix Hace un año
Hear hear!
@deepzepp4176 Hace un año
Did they actually let Rangnick go because of what he said? Genuinely asking.
@@deepzepp4176 Nobody is going to say anything at United, but according to a lot of people close to the situation, that was more so the point that Rangnick became a dead man walking.
@letsbereal7179 Hace un año
Said before. Ten Hag will earn my trust. Not going to blindly trust him because he's new. He's had another howler this weekend. Liverpool is an automatic loss. If Donny, Varane and Malacia aren't starting by the end of the month. Ten Hag needs to go. Get me a manager with some balls.
@rhysperegrine5100 Hace un año
Turning against the manager that quickly says it all. The fanbase is part of the problem
@Brainiac1209 Hace un año
@@rhysperegrine5100 yeah so damn true
@gilbertampong7382 Hace un año
I don't think these players playing badly always select themselves for every game. Its the manager who selects them. Do he is to blame when this selections continue...
@alexmuriuki2151 Hace un año
Which manager Poch,if poch was the one in this club we could have lost by six goals,we have the right coach but average players
@standupatyrau Hace un año
The only serious "attack" that could've happened on the pitch from Man Utd today was a "heart attack" with Eriksen.
@amirashrafinia7281 Hace un año
I didn’t think it was possible to have a manager more docile and less passionate than Ragnik but here we are … Ten Hag is dead man walking already
@michaelhiggins6832 Hace 9 meses
@amirashrafinia7281 Hace 8 meses
@@michaelhiggins6832 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣. Even Ole finished second once 😂😂
@michaelhiggins6832 Hace 8 meses
@@amirashrafinia7281 when all his players were on form and ten hag has literally had one of the best debut seasons for a prem manager
@Travis42069 Hace un año
"I know why we have a green kit, we can greenscreen our players into a different kit and pretend we aren't United" Superchat of the year right there.
@lihlekati9595 Hace un año
I felt this with Ragnick I believe he wanted to say it but couldn't. It feels like it's in thier contracts to keep playing no matter what.
@Baz303 Hace un año
He said 4-0 Rashford to score 😂
@oladelano3995 Hace un año
"More beating than an egg"....Mark is an Irishman at heart.
@user-ke9dk4hs3u Hace un año
It just goes to show how much of a good manager Ralf Rangick was in keeping this utd team over achieving by getting europa league. Ralf came and did a excellent job compared to why Erik has achieved with a fully transfer windows
@AdzFishing Hace un año
And ole did better than ragnick.
@user-ke9dk4hs3u Hace un año
@@AdzFishing lol don’t make me laugh , Bruno carried utd when he first came to utd after his first season he Bruno stopped playing for ole based on standards set by ole hence utd went down hill
@makkanpro8350 Hace 9 meses
I'm here after 5 month look how much it's changed GGMU 😊
@pencilme1n Hace un año
This is going to be a strange season. It looks like relegation performances right now but with a winter world cup and a packed schedule, other clubs with limited depth will drop off worse than they usually do. So we might climb up to 8th or so. Not an exciting prospect but a fair crack of the whip for Ten. Win the Europa League and he stays to continue the build.
@montanamontana4188 Hace 10 meses
Anyone watching this in February?..how quickly things can change in football
@dimarisahaja6137 Hace un año
Thanks Man Utd, for entertaining our weekend
@Ali-ll5ik Hace un año
Hated,adored, never ignored
@gddanielk8491 Hace un año
Beautiful but I feel pity as well
@FieryCat360.. Hace 7 meses
Here lots later. It only gets better (except the injuries)
@ciamgranda5786 Hace un año
When Rangnick said this squad needs a open heart surgery needs to sign 10 players, he wasn't even trying to be funny he was dead serious and now everyone sees what he meant Ten Hag will be fired if he continues to be ignorant picking the same wasteful players praising Rashford when he's one of our worst players we really should have got Conte.
@lancerevo9747 Hace un año
It's time for the entire academy to be promoted. These first team players are championship quality at best.
@millsy3221 Hace un año
All he has got to choose lol
@scunnyred8893 Hace un año
I was really positive about todays game after Brighton result,hoping we would kick-off with a win. My god what happened!!
@xzl2284 Hace un año
We truly are "the gift that keeps on giving", aren't we?
@MyJoejoejoe Hace un año
I can’t believe this is the same club that broke my heart in the 94 cup and 08 champions league finals.
@TopA1999 Hace un año
Imagine us fans wait all week just to watch our team play and this is what these players give back to us.
@jasong5696 Hace un año
Exactly fucking fuming 😤
@lebogvng3761 Hace un año
I think the United hierarchy didnt want to rebuild the squad and thought that the current crop of players were good enough (they think Rashy is worth £120m which says a lot) and maybe they the reason they under performed was just due to a lack of "proper coaching" ..so they were reluctant to spend and sell all these players... so i think ETH had to navigate through this by letting these players expose themselves so when he benches them for academy players no one will have problems..
@hayesfamily97 Hace un año
I don’t know how you do it mark so impressive to be able to sit there and watch through that live! Heart break!
@markonyangoojuok Hace 9 meses
Who's here in Feb after we beat Barcelona 😁😁
@calclark3995 Hace un año
Man Utd top scorer is Alexis Macalister, nuff said
@archie7596 Hace un año
Proper lad that
@shane-porter Hace un año
I can recall you saying just before the start of the season that we’d get 8 or 10 points from the first four games. That said, and I love a bit of optimism, I’m enjoying the content. Thanks.
@ioanratiu3799 Hace un año
Relegation seems like a threat now.
@maxcohen3164 Hace un año
“No where for us to go” 💀 the championship is calling
@zwer2707 Hace un año
Rashford, Sancho and bruno have a huge role in how we're playing... and the pressure falls back to the defensive players... I've seen Sancho not doing the proper movement planned by the manager,leaving dalot and maguire with no options... I've seen sancho and rashford lack of desire to get on the ball for combination plays... bruno too
@arturfil Hace un año
There are so many things happening at the same time, I do think we need to be more supportive of the manager and players but I also think the owners should get out and acknowledge this rebuild will take time
@kendrew26 Hace 9 meses
Hello I come from the future and this loss was a blessing believe it or not. Luke Shaw back in form. Lisandro Martinez is one of best PL signings this season Varane is back in rolls Royce world class form AND HES STARTING Wan Bissaka is back playing well along with Dalot BELIEVE IT OR NOT WE SIGNED CASEMIRO Bruno back in form Marcus Rashford is now one of the best players in the world at the moment We signed Antony (for too much) and Sabitzer on loan. Old trafford is a fortress. Liverpool Man City Spurs and Arsenal all humbled at the theatre We are playing in a carabao cup final soon We have benched Maguire and McTominay The Glazers are about to sell the club. We are 3rd in the league with a promising future. Thank you Erik Ten Hag.
@kadz2774 Hace 9 meses
😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank you Kendrew from the future. Did we humble Barcelona?
@tnafan Hace 9 meses
​​@@kadz2774 hello, I'm also from the future. Yes you absolutely did humble them 😄
@siulapwa Hace un año
Donny should hand in a transfer request, especially if rabiot is signed,
@pyracurse Hace un año
At this rate Rabiot will be having second thoughts about joining, never mind Frenkie De Jong
@romeodaleyjr6840 Hace un año
In the first 15 minutes of his tenure Ten Hag has been found put already in this league and has no response. Took Potter by surprise in the first 15 minutes, after that Potter made a few tactical changes and they dominated. Potter is better than Ten Hag btw. Today Brentford dominated from minute 1-90. Frank saw the game last week and set up perfectly, again this "top class manager " had absolutely no respone.
@robinbroady6596 Hace un año
There comes a breaking point and this is it!
@YouTube Hace un año
all a bit wild tbh 👀
@sunnytse4918 Hace un año
Yo what's ESvid doing here👀
@jasonterry4815 Hace un año
No words can explain how im currently feeling right now.We need to STOP trying to play out from the bloody back its not hard to put that part right,as for our defence when is a manager going to realise that Maguire is not the answer.Dark days indeed at the moment really sad to watch.
@davidpatton7436 Hace un año
Totally agree! This playing out from the back is suicide! Teams are reading it. Worst performance for years.
@alanwaters2504 Hace un año
I have a bad feeling that this is only the start and things are going to get worse.........another long season ahead of us
@gopalkrishnan81 Hace un año
This "Winning" team in pre season is the worst team ever to play for United ...This lot needs to go right now 😡😡😡😡
@shaneoshea6216 Hace un año
this team was different to the pre-season games
@mrbigtime3643 Hace un año
Who were in that winning team in the preseason and whom have we started with. The youngsters definitely deserve to start. Our current midfield, defence & captain is horrible.
@gddanielk8491 Hace un año
4-0 braggers🤡
@bosenngantor9160 Hace un año
@@shaneoshea6216 ...................huh?.....oke
@randomuser78 Hace un año
@@shaneoshea6216 preseason fc
I thought that any other manager than Ole would get trophies with a squad like this? At least that was what I was told.. What happened to all the individual brilliance that Ole relied on to finis 3rd and 2nd? It looks like it disappeared with him…
@kemobs.jammeh3229 Hace un año
Yeap. And this channel will never give Ole the credit he deserves. He is the only who came anywhere close to getting something out of these players. Apparently, he was a bad manager, but the players are the problem now, even though it was basically the same team. They all love Ragnick because he says things that they like to hear. He did nothing on the pitch where it mattered.
@manavchauhan6208 Hace un año
With ole, we got the away unbeaten record as well and now it's 7 straight away defeats.
@ethanburdett2851 Hace un año
Mate Ole is undoubtedly a great guy, but he's a shite manager. He only got second that season because other teams were riddled with injuries. With a due respect, he's got the tactical knowledge of a caveman discovering fire for the first time.
The earlier Man Utd realise the need to replace Rashford the better
@ytrokibalboa6405 Hace un año
Bro fabrizio literally reported about psg wanting him and ETH saying rashford is not for sale as hes valuable af😂😂😂 if anyone with the actual brain would be running things in united they would get rid of half of the team with rashford going first
@leesealy2837 Hace un año
Why pick on rashford shall we mention how crap is dalot he was worse player on the pitch he's crap oh and Bruno was piss poor again too
@@leesealy2837 Yes, Dalot, Maguire and Mcfred are included. But because the club overlooks Rashfird's failure, that's why I highlighted it.
@sugbfkug7015 Hace un año
“I don’t think we are at rock bottom yet” 😂😂😂 - Goldbridge, circa Aug 2022
@nigelnyoni8265 Hace un año
5:15 exactly. And yet Cole and Sherringham always put their shifts in like pros on the pitch.
@1966whitehouse Hace un año
Looks like the United fans are getting a dose of real life that many of us who support other clubs have had to live with for years and years.
@alwywajhudin6097 Hace un año
The new system Ten Hag made in first half was the worst. 4-3-3 wasn't for this team anymore. I think 4-4-2 will be abit better than that.
I think it's because the players are incompetent to follow ten hag's system
@cretella2010 Hace un año
We all know the board and players are a mess but ETH has to take some flack here for that performance. His substitutions were very worrying. Shows he doesn’t have a clue
@Account_CB Hace un año
Martinez should play CDM, Varane & Malacia, Eriksen at 10 - but even then this team is awful...its going to be a painful season...relegation is not out of the question
@mrbigtime3643 Hace un año
Maguire shouldn't be starting in the team, forget about leading it. We should try Verane/Bailey and Martinez. Drop Maguire.
@lancerevo9747 Hace un año
Manchester United deserves what it's getting after benching Eric Bailly mercilessly like this. The most solid defender in the team, playing 4th fiddle!
@HiBye-bg1yl Hace un año
It’s obvious that either the board or maguire’s contract means he has to to start most games
@kbarlow81 Hace un año
@@lancerevo9747 he’s made of weetabix
@bennykell3 Hace un año
I think they don’t get dropped because Fletcher is picking the team
@darkodd4486 Hace 9 meses
It's so funny seeing this now 5 months later and where we at at the moment! Goldbridge trashing Rashford, Bruno, Martinez,Shaw and now we they are killing it! What a job ETH HAS done in 5 months
@Ryan-eq3kc Hace un año
What’s your thoughts about United being in a relegation battle this year?
@rampankajram Hace un año
How on earth 4 to 5 players keep picked up under every manager we have... anyone knows?...please
@rampankajram Hace un año
Even after performing bad they get picked continuously..Fans are suffering..but these players routine..clapping hands in front of fans after every loss..going home in luxury cars..forget everything ..enjoy with family...and repeat the circle. Believe me these players doesn't care about the badge at all.
@Milan-wc9te Hace un año
@@rampankajram mctominay defo knows one of the glazers deepest secrets
@inspiremeimtv4170 Hace un año
They get picked because the coaches have no other players to pick . No squad depth.
@ytrokibalboa6405 Hace un año
@@rampankajram remember the benzema vs valbuena saga? Well i think half of uniteds players have something on owners💀💀 its the only thing that would make sense cuz this is shameful
@JJBGaming__YT Hace un año
These results used to surprise me...BUT not anymore ! That’s how far Utd has fallen ! Sick and tired of watching these current Utd players ! A MASSIVE clear out is needed both on and off the pitch ! 😡
@TopA1999 Hace un año
I keep hoping these players will get better but they keep getting worse. Absolutely shocking start to a new season. They should be ashamed of themselves because this needs to stop.
@mikeg6606 Hace un año
McTominay was actually very good today. Looks like he listened to Scholes' advice after the last match, took the ball on the half turn and progressed it forward. Repeatedly. Encouraging tbh - though it may have been they eased off...