GOOD BOYS Final Trailer (2019) Seth Rogen, Comedy Movie HD

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GOOD BOYS Final Trailer (2019) Seth Rogen, Comedy Movie HD
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Three sixth grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls, and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party.

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17 jul 2019

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Comentarios 1 171
Lifewith Leelee
Lifewith Leelee Hace 9 minutos
I would say this is more accurate to 5th and 6th graders 😂 cause 8th graders 😬 ... let’s just say they’ve had experience 💀
Rayyan Hayat
Rayyan Hayat Hace 3 horas
Stranger things is the best
Rayyan Hayat
Rayyan Hayat Hace 3 horas
The guy said hey stranger things go fuck urself
moon x star
moon x star Hace 5 horas
2:20 I can't 😂😂😂
Adison Bunga
Adison Bunga Hace 7 horas
*Good Boys (2019)* film Available my.su/ytbd?one This is a fun, foul-mouthed comedy that is brought to life by talented young actors. The jokes fly quickly and mostly land in this coming of age story.
Karlos Khaos
Karlos Khaos Hace 9 horas
Fuck that good boys finsh last. Be cheeky and get wicked mischief its heaps of fun
Eazy K
Eazy K Hace 9 horas
0:08 me when my mom comes into my room 😂
Jacqueline Gan
Jacqueline Gan Hace 14 horas
Pedophiles grooming children. That's what you get from Seth Rogen and other ilk like that.
Flyin High
Flyin High Hace 15 horas
I’ve never wanted to see 3 kids get hit by a car so bad in my life
Carl Ricco
Carl Ricco Hace 5 horas
youre sick
Kenny Ryman
Kenny Ryman Hace 15 horas
I just saw this Movie tonight only thing I can say is WOW.
illusion Hace 18 horas
how is this even allowed?
Carl Ricco
Carl Ricco Hace 5 horas
Kids swearing?
Rebecca Fair
Rebecca Fair Hace 21 un hora
I just saw that movie yesterday afternoon! YEAH BUDDY!!!!!
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson Hace 22 horas
I'm seeing this tomorrow.
Jessica Vanderford
Jessica Vanderford Hace 22 horas
So many of these clips got cut out of the final movie
Rogan Harrow
Rogan Harrow Hace 23 horas
For real ? I was thinking of seeing that tonight
Gennosuke Weda
Gennosuke Weda Hace un día
Do not see this shit. Save your money.
Elise Rose
Elise Rose Hace un día
Is that the dude from wonder??
Taynaliz Soto
Taynaliz Soto Hace un día
I'm 4
Andrea Grace
Andrea Grace Hace un día
Everything around me just keeps getting worse and worse.
Anthony Downhill 2
Anthony Downhill 2 Hace un día
2:04 Does that sound like Georgie from IT or is it just me Edit thanks for the likes The reason why I put the edit there is because I will never come back
Gacha Cakiee
Gacha Cakiee Hace un día
Badass 6 graders lmfao
Jay Hillz82
Jay Hillz82 Hace un día
Horrible movie. I couldn’t even finish the trailer
Carl Ricco
Carl Ricco Hace 5 horas
Care to share with us why you believe it's a horrible movie?
MadVizion Hace un día
All this movie does is promote child Pedaphilia. And everyone seems to be ok with it. Open your eyes. If you think this movie is funny you need to check your morality meter. This is disgusting. Who is this movie for? Children? You would be a sick parent allowing your child to see this. Is this movie for adults? Why are you watching children in obvious adult sexual scenes and situations. This needs to stop. And people need to start speaking up. Stop child pedaphilia.
Jasmine Hall
Jasmine Hall Hace un día
Going to see this movie with my grandfather tonight... i wonder if he seen the trailer... he always assumes if theres kids in the movie its kid friendly lmaooo
Crimson Chin
Crimson Chin Hace 2 días
Who did all that when they were young? lol 90s kids life
Jaden DeGruy
Jaden DeGruy Hace 2 días
Why is this not accurate to me?
OWA253 Hace 2 días
They want our youth addicted to pornography a very addictive drug that's easily accessible and unlimited
Wek.mp4 Hace 2 días
I had this much innocence when I was 7
awkwardnchey Hace 2 días
Past 2 movies I've seen they were kids with their parents who had kids talking like this. So I feel its realistic, I think we looked slightly older though in 6th grade from where I'm from. Btw the Annabelle part had me laughing for some reason. I was that little sister.
Gabrielle Hace 2 días
I was done when he said I consent
Battle play's
Battle play's Hace 2 días
(before watching) huh i don't think its that good (and after)...no comment
Luis 10
Luis 10 Hace 2 días
Trash movie.
PinoyJason Hace 2 días
I hoped they not actually saying those words. Like I am feeling shock. Cause this is gonna hurt me.
Kriston Rupert
Kriston Rupert Hace 2 días
Best movie of 2019
Never Shine
Never Shine Hace 2 días
I can't wait to watch this movie hahahahahaha
Comedy Starx
Comedy Starx Hace 2 días
Fuck yeah champo
daleko3454 Hace 3 días
How is this funny?! I had to turn it off part way it was that bad. They are copying the Inbetweeners and failing miserably
Condizzle755 Hace 3 días
We've gone from the Goonies and Sandlot to this. Thanks jews.
agape tofa
agape tofa Hace 3 días
Bro everyone complaining about this movie, who gives a fuck. Seth rogen didnt teach these kids these stuff. I can assure you everyone 12 year old of this generation knows almost everything in this movie
Kung Pow Gaming
Kung Pow Gaming Hace 2 días
Every trailer on ESvid for the Good Boy's has far more likes than dislikes. Most of the ugliness is in the comment sections are from a few special people who never had a childhood of their own and use pedophilia as an escape goat for all the worlds problems. I support change and creative freedom. Kids have stories to tell too if we would stop trying to treat them like they are all retarded.
Condizzle755 Hace 3 días
His tribe certainly taught kids this stuff, not him directly.
Gabby E
Gabby E Hace 3 días
And why do kids act like this in real life? Adults. Adults exposing them just like they’re being exposed in this movie.
bader 121
bader 121 Hace 3 días
It PG 13 I watched it in my country and I am only 10
FranklinK 2015
FranklinK 2015 Hace 3 días
Perfect example of hollywoods disgusting habit of sexualizing children. How does this trash get funded?
Dillird Q Thurman
Dillird Q Thurman Hace 3 días
Jews sexualizing children in a film. Why do Jews insist on promoting degeneracy to children?
Ludwig H
Ludwig H Hace 3 días
Why I'm not surprised that this is a Seth Rogan movie? The new normal is disgusting.
Fireworks Rule
Fireworks Rule Hace 3 días
Aaaah. I'm gonna go watch this 😂
Yun Park
Yun Park Hace 3 días
This is how many times they said the f word: ⬇️
Glue Head
Glue Head Hace 3 días
This is beyond disgusting.
Wannabe 1 Me
Wannabe 1 Me Hace 3 días
Rated R but oh my god😂
Bella Dzehverovic
Bella Dzehverovic Hace 3 días
Dont say that about stranger things its wayyy better than this movie
Mocking watermelons
Mocking watermelons Hace 3 días
Every pedo freak involved in this should be shot
challenges and baking little bit of crafts
The boy in the blue hoodie is the actor for auggie in wonder
Jamil Ghalib
Jamil Ghalib Hace 3 días
This so sick
Galactus TM
Galactus TM Hace 3 días
Fucking k1kes. Will they ever pay for their crimes against humanity? Epstein was our last chance to stop them
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
I bet $100 someone was raped by a sem1te during the creation of this
Galactus TM
Galactus TM Hace 3 días
I bet $6,000,000
Madison Taylor
Madison Taylor Hace 3 días
this is really random but i own the same shirt as the kid on the far right in the first clip lmfaooo
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
Nobody cares you fucking degenerate
zoe Denton
zoe Denton Hace 3 días
More depraved gutter trash, straight out of Hollywood’s perverted shit heap
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
Oy Vey! Reported to JIDF.
Protondk Hace 3 días
At this point I rather get a Superbad sequel.
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
@Protondk Keep telling yourself that. You think any adults watch these movies?
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
That movie is what started all of this. You are watching Jews pervert the youth with no consequence. This is not ok
Darian64 Hace 3 días
I cringed so hard when they said “I consent”.
Carl Ricco
Carl Ricco Hace 5 horas
Fred Hung
Fred Hung Hace 4 días
You band the hunt now band this piece of s*** is the movie for f****** pedophiles
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
Fucking Antisemite. Reported.
eungyun Hace 4 días
cpr doll? uh yeah lmao
P.D. S
P.D. S Hace 4 días
I guess Rogan upgraded from Toilet and borderline "Me Too" humour to *takes a big toke* Kids swearing is fucking funny!!! *exhales* Swiiiing LOW sweeet chariot
Bjorne Hace 4 días
This is going to be as shit as sausage party
taeminty Hace 4 días
Y'all really got my good son Jacob Tremblay out here in a Seth Rogen movie
James McKee
James McKee Hace 4 días
This is basically child abuse. People need to wake the fuck up.
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
Go back to sleep Goy
specialmitch Hace 4 días
Hollywood is chock full of pedophiles don't think about how much they get off to slowly spreading and normalizing their degeneracy to the thoughtless masses.
Tori Munoz
Tori Munoz Hace 4 días
I'm going to watch that this week and I'm only 11
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
Get off the fucking internet right now
Dana Ashlie
Dana Ashlie Hace 4 días
6But ifanyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. - Jesus
Sharon S.
Sharon S. Hace un día
WNT 68
WNT 68 Hace 4 días
My mom would have slapped me for saying anything remotely close to a bad word lol at their age. Maybe I just have strict parents?
just kidding:0
just kidding:0 Hace 7 horas
I can swear just not too much in front of my mum.
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 2 días
@SuperSmay I'm thanking my Mother for protecting me from Jewish-Satanic degeneracy that posioned the youth, and is leading to civilization collapse. Can't you read?
SuperSmay Hace 2 días
Hale Hortler Excuse me what
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
I remember getting upset wiht my mom for censoring what I consumed. Now I know she was just protecting me from the Jews and their degeneracy. I love her so much
Randall Knight
Randall Knight Hace 4 días
Yes....I will be checking out Friday night with no shame lol
vamshi allam
vamshi allam Hace 4 días
When will this movie release
nannon Hace 5 días
i had a good boys ad, before this video i-
Hayleyy Hace 5 días
What the heck did I just watch..?
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
Jews perverting the youth and destroyingt the greatest nation on Earth in real time. You might just want to go back to sleep.
Liam Schell
Liam Schell Hace 5 días
Kinda sad twi of those actors played in wonder a good movie for kids
丿Tobiy丿 Hace 5 días
Lmao i got a good boys trailer ad on the video good boys trailer
The13thPhantom Hace 5 días
So Seth Rogen wrote a story about James Franco, Craig Robinson and himself when they were kids?
Slushdog 101
Slushdog 101 Hace 5 días
Bro swearing like a crack head in 6th grade is so accurate.
Slushdog 101
Slushdog 101 Hace 5 días
Bruh Seth never fails to make me laugh 😂
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
Good goy. You realize your future is a hellscape right?
Jason Shuman
Jason Shuman Hace 5 días
I’m going into 8th grade. This is sadly EXTRMELY relateable. Y’all adult ass mofos just don’t remember
johnny phillips
johnny phillips Hace 2 días
I remember it well kid hope you enjoy your youth .
local shithead
local shithead Hace 3 días
@Hale Hortler Did your mom fuck a jew too?
Hale Hortler
Hale Hortler Hace 3 días
good goy. Make sure you start doing drugs freshman year of high school too.
Ashish Saundade
Ashish Saundade Hace 4 días
Jason Shuman Watch your profanity young man
Valerie Vargas
Valerie Vargas Hace 5 días
This is like a raunchy take on The Sandlot, Little Rascals and Ed, Edd n Eddy!
Valerie Vargas
Valerie Vargas Hace 5 días
People say this being like a live action South Park because it involves a group of young boys who get themselves into mishaps and learn about adult stuff as they try to fit in. I see South Park as a raunchy Peanuts which I can imagine if Charlie Brown were to go through this as well or even Ed, Edd and Eddy.
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