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Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at #GDC19. Welcome to Stadia, one place for all the ways we play.
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19 mar 2019






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Comentarios 5 714
phantom forces
phantom forces Hace 19 horas
So can I play ps4 exclusives games ???
Brandon Cross
Brandon Cross Hace un día
You have to use Wi-Fi for this 24 7 bill is going to sky rocket I'm not getting this
CokeCph Hace 2 días
will this kill xbox and playstation?
张小龙 Hace 3 días
why i can not play it on youtube ??
ぱばん Hace 3 días
张小龙 stadia isn't released yet
张小龙 Hace 3 días
+ぱばん how can i play??
ぱばん Hace 3 días
张小龙 because youtube is a video streaming website not a game streaming website you doofus
张小龙 Hace 3 días
why i can play it on youtube??
Sezin Sancaktar
Sezin Sancaktar Hace 3 días
Project-1 I am dreaming about an open cinema platform for public art schools. Students may enter the platform by gaining virtual points and in the highest level, they may act with the Hollywood stars. And ESvid may supply the screening service. So... Tools and aparts may be designed by Google and Apple companies. And these companies may give these tools to art schools (for free) as a tax to the government. diyoki.blogspot.com/2019/04/project-1.html
pc gamerz
pc gamerz Hace 4 días
no cheating an hacking yea ok good luck with that
John Paul Herrera
John Paul Herrera Hace 4 días
Google in the year 2020: *We are shutting down Stadia.*
John Paul Herrera
John Paul Herrera Hace 4 días
Google: *No Cheating or hacking*. Hacker: *Hey mom, hold my mountain dew, would you?*
John Paul Herrera
John Paul Herrera Hace 4 días
*No cheating or hacking* Terrible mistake you made there Google
Max Ortiz
Max Ortiz Hace 4 días
Oh my, the real life Oasis
Henri Chomette
Henri Chomette Hace 4 días
Incredible can’t wait
Devon C
Devon C Hace 5 días
Please reach out to Square Enix! I can't wait to play a graphics intensive game like FF15 with maxed out settings via Stadia!
Sonic the hedgehog
Sonic the hedgehog Hace 6 días
No thanks i dont like to be tracked
Unknown Hace 6 días
Will Stadia be supported on Nvidia Shield Tv?
Nadia Roman
Nadia Roman Hace 7 días
elite Eagle
elite Eagle Hace 7 días
Does anybody not know that they have the konami code at the bottom of the controller
Pug Youtuber
Pug Youtuber Hace 7 días
Can somebody tell me why DanTDM is in this announcement?
No Way
No Way Hace 8 días
I can see it now; Patreon tier 2 supporters can send me a state and Ill do the boss... State scum anything, forget savegames. That moment in DMC5 where she isnt wearing anything? goo.gle/b0oBs (1.32B views)
No Way
No Way Hace 8 días
also... that isnt a real link... just saying...
HTK Rides
HTK Rides Hace 8 días
He a googlers 🥶
Luca Scarpelli
Luca Scarpelli Hace 8 días
@google will there ever be an elite controller
Ege Ve Tayfası HD
Ege Ve Tayfası HD Hace 9 días
Fadexz Hace 10 días
I feel like if you have any higher than a 20ms ping to the sever it will cause problems as if you double that to 40ms for there and back that's just over two frames which can start to cause noticeable lag.
Darkpath Hace 11 días
Is this a console or a controller ????????
Pamela Beverage
Pamela Beverage Hace 12 días
If you confess with your mouth "Jesus Is Lord" and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9
Raptor Swire
Raptor Swire Hace 12 días
...Google speaking about great gaming. Starts with Ubisoft.....there was almost no worse developer to choose from. Awful
charlie monnery
charlie monnery Hace 12 días
so basically, this a streaming device. you just require slightly less hassle for example not having to have twitch open it just streams anyway with less button clicks? im curious how it will work with online games because everything shown was offline play. im curious how well it would perform, especially with crossplay on games that are fast paced and competitive like battlefield, fortnite, call of duty and so forth
Fellow Jack Nation
Fellow Jack Nation Hace 14 días
MatPat, I’m ashamed of you, you sellout -
krishna kumar
krishna kumar Hace 14 días
Hi Google how could you solve my internet data cap when I start using it stadia its very nice we all love it but the data for 4k 1080 there is no effect people like us make an 480 resolution.....if that made u could made a stadia hit best wishes
GoldenGamer Hace 14 días
How good should my internet be to get a 'good' experience??
GoldenGamer Hace 14 días
Soo it means that i can play any game on a 1gb ram phone🤔🤔
Guy Michaely
Guy Michaely Hace 14 días
29:17 "If you're gonna prove to the world that you can stream games from the cloud, what better proof than doom?" Assassin's creed apparently
Paulo Constantino
Paulo Constantino Hace 14 días
Thought they were making a console in partnetship with Sega. They present me a controller to play on my computer? Go to hell Google. Don't be evil.
Gustavo Martins
Gustavo Martins Hace 14 días
Good bye pc
Jonas Friese
Jonas Friese Hace 15 días
22:04 please introduce Dr. Evil
Dragon Mob Records
Dragon Mob Records Hace 15 días
This is what millennials should be focused on #Resist. This is the real threat to enslaving you for life, not some passing-by orange hair of x years.
Wsp- im-Maurice
Wsp- im-Maurice Hace 16 días
donald hakballa
donald hakballa Hace 17 días
i think to make app stadia to play offline and app youtube gaming
Makoru Gamer YT
Makoru Gamer YT Hace 17 días
we wish we could play games in stadia like FIFA and God of war
Alvaro Denilson
Alvaro Denilson Hace 17 días
iszaar Hace 17 días
"No hacking No Cheating" - Google Well guess someone doesn't know enabling cross player platform will also enable PC/Console players to cheat
Jelle Wiebenga
Jelle Wiebenga Hace 18 días
How will they apply the availability of mods in games like CIties Skylines or Rimworld etc. ???
Jelle Wiebenga
Jelle Wiebenga Hace 18 días
Google Assistant is going to ruin the point of puzzle/adventure gaming
주마르 Hace 18 días
감사합니다 구글
주마르 Hace 18 días
구글덕분에 우리가 즐거운 인생을 살아가네요
주마르 Hace 18 días
Google Good Good !!! Wow Love 구글은 정말 혁신적인 기업이네요 놀랍고 사랑합니다 구글 굿굿 ㅎㅎ
Resisting Machine
Resisting Machine Hace 18 días
playkey.io is already there copycats
Jay Chu
Jay Chu Hace 19 días
Where Intel ?
Shubham Modi
Shubham Modi Hace 19 días
Shubham Modi
Shubham Modi Hace 19 días
But what about Taiwan's hardware stock. lol
SD films
SD films Hace 19 días
DeNovo 720
DeNovo 720 Hace 19 días
Peoples who disliked this are the ones whose high end gaming devices gonna be the same thing as low end gaming device.
Cookie Boy
Cookie Boy Hace 19 días
They’re shutting down Google+ for this?
Saeed Kh
Saeed Kh Hace 19 días
omg its awesome
Raggedy Gaming
Raggedy Gaming Hace 19 días
Xbox and ps already won give up Google.
Kyle Stewart
Kyle Stewart Hace 19 días
how do you talk for an hour and say nothing at all?
Muhammed Daoud
Muhammed Daoud Hace 20 días
rpg's and npc's... jesus. XD
Aditya Tiwari
Aditya Tiwari Hace 20 días
Don't tell me this is an April Fool's prank
JoroJojoro Hace 20 días
Google, this is so incredibly useless lmao
Brooklyn Hace 20 días
The first guy looks like jeff goldblum the indian version lol
anhydrousahem Hace 20 días
My dishwasher runs more power
Rt Po
Rt Po Hace 21 un día
One person was in a bathtub full of cheese balls playing fotnite or pubg
Adam Baum
Adam Baum Hace 21 un día
Dear google, Please Stop
Iitjobfox Hace 21 un día
Can it be on iPhone too???
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma Hace 21 un día
7:22 not for those who cant afford the subscription or the games
Angel Márquez Oramas
Angel Márquez Oramas Hace 21 un día
Guys, y'know this isn't practical at all, right...?
Jayce Foust
Jayce Foust Hace 21 un día
Timmy Shepke
Timmy Shepke Hace 21 un día
Why mat why
Kendrick Horris
Kendrick Horris Hace 21 un día
Ethel Jackson
Ethel Jackson Hace 21 un día
I’ve badly damaged my right ankle it’s going to take unwanted time to walk again pray for me ,I believe in prays thanks Ethel
Matthew Ward
Matthew Ward Hace 16 días
What exactly do you want people to pray for? For your ankle to heal faster? You do know that "prays" are about as good as farting in a balloon and letting the wind take it? I'm sure you know that.
theredmarvel avengers
theredmarvel avengers Hace 21 un día
What price
Syed Umair Umar
Syed Umair Umar Hace 22 días
Is it same as PS Now?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace 22 días
Google: No cheating No hacking Also Google: a button to instantly bring up a solution to beating a level or getting a how to guide/video
- 4teeN
- 4teeN Hace 6 días
Never thought of this , this would stop cheating .
surfer Hace 22 días
What game is that at 9:52?
Xenon GamePlays
Xenon GamePlays Hace 22 días
How much will i have to pay monthly ? (I have to find a buyer for selling my kidney)
Clodd1 Hace 22 días
Hi, guys, I’m a indie game dev, I’m making a game, please support at instagram.com/space.miner
_ T_T _. Tes
_ T_T _. Tes Hace 22 días
404 error
Fernando Djemaili
Fernando Djemaili Hace 22 días
Fernando Djemaili
Fernando Djemaili Hace 22 días
ZakAshChan Hace 22 días
Distrust the timestamps people are commenting. Chances are, if they've commented a timestamp at around the 34:00 minute mark, they actually mean a moment that happened at around the 19:00 minute mark.
Soren Hace 22 días
I'll stick with my toaster thank you very much.
therako Hace 22 días
will it run steam?
Joe Storer
Joe Storer Hace 22 días
This looks absolutely amazing. Will most likely be using this.
asad Ahmed
asad Ahmed Hace 23 días
Who wants gta5
stevencage89 Hace 23 días
People hate change, every big step in the evolution of technology has been met with skepticism. Yes, there others who ventured cloud gaming, most notably OnLive but no one had the infrastructure, and existing verticals that would enable them to revolutionize gaming, but Google does.
Dueling Bot The Digital Dummy
So Google, just wondering, when a game gets pulled from the service, what about us? You didn’t say anything about downloading games, it’s all exclusive to streaming. So if a game gets pulled because of copyright or it player base is too small, what are we to do? Just bend over and accept that everyday we have a chance of losing our favorite games because of some factor outside our control. That’s a terrible idea, you just lost a customer.
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt Hace 23 días
@Google will the games be free or we have to purchase them first ?
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman Hace 23 días
No. Sorry google. The idea of heavy dependencies on constant web connection is a big no no for me.
Pratheep Anumaty
Pratheep Anumaty Hace 23 días
Zeinzu Androy
Zeinzu Androy Hace 23 días
All the "thumbs down" are people that live in the sticks with satellite internet.
FAME Universe
FAME Universe Hace 23 días
If they are partnering with unreal u already fortnite is coming to the stadia
Jew Hace 24 días
and how they gonna fix input lag?
Raymond Wong
Raymond Wong Hace 24 días
I really want to clap my hand while watching. I can’t wait to see more from Stadia
Dueling Bot The Digital Dummy
Raymond Wong really, stadia’s a terrible idea
Awesome Movie Clips
Awesome Movie Clips Hace 24 días
Apple has left the world....
Maheshwari Ravichandran
Dinko Colic
Dinko Colic Hace 24 días
They kept going on about 1080p at 60 frame, 4k at 60 frames, 8k at 60 frames. But you know what. I want to play at 144+ frames. Where is my high frame rate???
Brylle Dave Villas
Brylle Dave Villas Hace 24 días
Heroes of Newerth!
Greg Hyder
Greg Hyder Hace 24 días
Google is an assassin!
Ezy傳說聯盟 Hace 24 días
11:04 "Definitely someone who know the difference between RPG and NPC" Wait what?
MrRiddle0 Hace 14 días
That's a weird spelling for "uncontroled and totally real laughter at his hilarious joke".
Alfredo Martinez
Alfredo Martinez Hace 24 días
Google stadia stadia please join soon to "google+"
Alfredo Martinez
Alfredo Martinez Hace 24 días
Please Google don't take this thing to LATAM please 🙅
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