Stadia GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

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Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at #GDC19. Welcome to Stadia, one place for all the ways we play.
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*The Stadia Controller has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.






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pkmnmasterwilliam Hace 2 días
47:18 your welcome theorists
Cromeykinz Hace 3 días
47:20 MATPAT!!!!!
Zephadus Joltspark
Zephadus Joltspark Hace 3 días
I am cautiously optimistic. If it works as advertised, it will be pretty cool. I assume it will either be subscription-based, or I will have to buy a license for whatever game I'd like to play. We'll see how the pricing goes before I get my hopes up.
User Hace 3 días
If you're here for MatPat -> 47:38
Dung Lữ
Dung Lữ Hace 3 días
Dung Lữ
Dung Lữ Hace 3 días
Normal Game
Normal Game Hace 7 días
Sammy Chivasa
Sammy Chivasa Hace 12 días
FIFA 20??
Theo Psycho
Theo Psycho Hace 16 días
What about the free games?
Spiros Tapas
Spiros Tapas Hace 16 días
EKRX rseven
EKRX rseven Hace 17 días
Seems good
Phani Srinivasan G
Phani Srinivasan G Hace 17 días
Finally best way to get stuck to a electronics device and become fatter than already we are, Hellooooo Diaaaaaabetessssssssss
Azmodan Frozen
Azmodan Frozen Hace 18 días
How happy I am, one more way for google to steal money from as, eea! A finger up for the great thief "GOOGLE"!
ikkedansk Hace 18 días
the water animation is terrible, looks like plastic
Meenit Hace 18 días
This is either going to be really great or a huge flop. Looks cool though.
Lily Hanson
Lily Hanson Hace 18 días
47:19 intro to matpat (which is the only reason I decided to watch this video)
Chelo Chelini
Chelo Chelini Hace 18 días
Google scamia
Sang Yong
Sang Yong Hace 19 días
This ist the future. i wont buy a bulky and dusty console anymore...
Lekson 17
Lekson 17 Hace 19 días
What a joke
Martin Kostka
Martin Kostka Hace 20 días
this is frickin madness, if they can really do it I will kiss their feet for the rest of my life!
K!ngEpix Hace 20 días
Where are all the Project Stream Beta testers at?
Nick Figueroa
Nick Figueroa Hace 20 días
Not going to lie the stream connect would be a game changer just imagine your playing PUBG and your able to see all your teams screen while you are playing it would make it more intense.
Amos Wilborn
Amos Wilborn Hace 18 días
Damn, I'm glad I'm pretty ordered that cause it's a few games that actually have that feature on here but if it was PUBG that would be a game changer right there
Victor A
Victor A Hace 20 días
Love the Konami code under the controller!
Marek Lux
Marek Lux Hace 20 días
just watched 19 minutes until i got, that this is 3 months load
silver 24
silver 24 Hace 20 días
40:59 inglés de españa be like xd
movie box
movie box Hace 21 un día
Fortnite please
movie box
movie box Hace 21 un día
I have Samsung tab working or not please comment
Robert Hace 22 días
Think this will flop hard. This will only work well with 100% stable internet with a guaranteed internet speed of around 100 Mps everywhere on the hole planet. I mean just the other day ESvid and Google went down and just on my buss trip into work I have around 5 zones where my internet dips and I live close to the main Capital. Think this idea is especially stupid if we consider that mobile chips as are in the Switch are already running games like Hellblade, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Zelda - Breath of the Wild. Next gen these chips will easily outperform the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.
Apple Nyaa
Apple Nyaa Hace 26 días
Roman Lukš
Roman Lukš Hace un mes
39:38 style transfer
Yariel Plays
Yariel Plays Hace un mes
Just Dance 2019 at 9:36!
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Hace un mes
Rainbow six siege for stadia?!
owen butambo
owen butambo Hace un mes
may God lift you above all
I hate myself
I hate myself Hace un mes
Nobody is going to use this. We dont want for our internet to shut off and have us lose all our games
Gustavo Alcántara
Gustavo Alcántara Hace un mes
Release it in Argentina 🇦🇷
gamer forever
gamer forever Hace un mes
I want all the game free plz gloogle
Y A Hace un mes
I don't trust Google anymore. Why should I buy an Android device or a Chrome book, when Google can throw it's customers anytime just like that?. After this we are convinced that users need a new eco system out of Android or IOS.
PS3GamerSyKe Hace un mes
Can see this being successful because enough consumer base would have decent net to run it. Gonna be a solid platform. Wonder if they're going to show anything at e3.
Masoud Fayazi
Masoud Fayazi Hace un mes
Berk Kosali
Berk Kosali Hace un mes
Do you need to have Chrome os or can you play on Windows too?
Gustavo Alcántara
Gustavo Alcántara Hace un mes
You can use Windows, you only need the Google browser
Leonita C
Leonita C Hace un mes
the internet does not now reach many people in the US. just running basic internet to many cell phones add game streaming is not wanted or needed. games as a service is nothing but another money grab
Adam Waters
Adam Waters Hace un mes
shadow tech is screwed!
Adam Waters
Adam Waters Hace un mes
@Nathan Floyd oooookkaaayyyyy???
Nathan Floyd
Nathan Floyd Hace un mes
Adam Watersheds
Taha Hammad
Taha Hammad Hace un mes
@laila beauty see this
laila beauty
laila beauty Hace un mes
google can't stream in 4K ?? who's Sad like me??
laila beauty
laila beauty Hace un mes
@NOoOR nooor i have no idea , but future games will be in 4k, and i guess google will update it's system to meet 4k games soon
Hamdi bardlona
Hamdi bardlona Hace un mes
who are you guys play 4k games :) ?
Hamdi bardlona
Hamdi bardlona Hace un mes
@laila beauty i agree with you
UrmiaNews.com Hace un mes
no not true @laila beauty those are gooogle who own the internet
Taha Hammad
Taha Hammad Hace un mes
is that real !!!
Akash Big boss catrers
Please No Money
Akash Big boss catrers
Special EliteYT
Special EliteYT Hace un mes
Now this actually impresses me.
kaos7313 Hace un mes
LOL This teaser is very reminiscent of Sega's 9/9/99 ad's!
teejay3000 Hace un mes
Looks terrible. Just buy a Switch or a PS Vita.
Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell Hace un mes
I truly hope stadia fails
Daniel W
Daniel W Hace un mes
Ancient Hace un mes
Definitely gonna try this out!!
Arthysanal Hace un mes
I can't help thinking about it, but it's still easier for nerds to think about technology, technology, technology and technology than to emphasize the importance of reducing infrastructures' size and our survival on this planet.
Project Scorpio
Project Scorpio Hace un mes
Funny, Stadia 10,7 tflops and comparing it with Native hardware. Just wait for Microsofts Xbox Anaconda, Phil Harrison 😉 What a shitty Controller Design, lol
Dr.Blizzard Hace un mes
Yo guys Minecraft cross-play
Dr.Blizzard Hace un mes
Yo fr might get this bye ps4
Samuel Naville
Samuel Naville Hace un mes
10:04 DamTDM!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💚💛🧡❤️ 15:50 Imagine, Xbox Like ROBLOX will do that?
Jackie Li
Jackie Li Hace un mes
I hope one day i can see the stadia combine with real VR, the game-play scene in Ready Player One may be closer and closer
Jadhostgamer072 Hace un mes
Another platform for Minecraft to be on.
EuroFlight 38
EuroFlight 38 Hace un mes
If this is well done, only nintendo can survive it🙌🏼
fishbuckle Hace 2 meses
But... The SWEATERS!!!
Spot Anjo3
Spot Anjo3 Hace 2 meses
Nice but streaming ? no thanks. It will failed miserable. I will skip it!
ichihashi Hace 2 meses
that is amazing!! i hope the day of release i have already a good PC to play! more power Google! #STADIA GDC19
ichihashi Hace 2 meses
@Overcooked Eggs With Worms i need., bcoz i dont even have one., whahaha
Overcooked Eggs With Worms
... you don't need a good pc
TARNATION ! Hace 2 meses
48:01 Thats just a theory, a GAY THEORY!!
TARNATION ! Hace 2 meses
9:40 Deji
_ Spider-Trunks_
_ Spider-Trunks_ Hace 2 meses
We want a controller with Xbox layout a we want fortnite
Smash Hit Network Kapamilya
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phantom forces
phantom forces Hace 2 meses
So can I play ps4 exclusives games ???
Brandon Cross
Brandon Cross Hace 2 meses
You have to use Wi-Fi for this 24 7 bill is going to sky rocket I'm not getting this
CokeCph Hace 2 meses
will this kill xbox and playstation?
张小龙 Hace 2 meses
why i can not play it on youtube ??
Riku Hace 2 meses
张小龙 stadia isn't released yet
张小龙 Hace 2 meses
@Riku how can i play??
Riku Hace 2 meses
张小龙 because youtube is a video streaming website not a game streaming website you doofus
张小龙 Hace 2 meses
why i can play it on youtube??
pc gamerz
pc gamerz Hace 2 meses
no cheating an hacking yea ok good luck with that
John Paul Herrera
John Paul Herrera Hace 2 meses
Google in the year 2020: *We are shutting down Stadia.*
John Paul Herrera
John Paul Herrera Hace 2 meses
Google: *No Cheating or hacking*. Hacker: *Hey mom, hold my mountain dew, would you?*
John Paul Herrera
John Paul Herrera Hace 2 meses
*No cheating or hacking* Terrible mistake you made there Google
Max Ortiz
Max Ortiz Hace 2 meses
Oh my, the real life Oasis
Henri Chomette
Henri Chomette Hace 2 meses
Incredible can’t wait
Devon C
Devon C Hace 2 meses
Please reach out to Square Enix! I can't wait to play a graphics intensive game like FF15 with maxed out settings via Stadia!
Seungju, Sam Lee
Seungju, Sam Lee Hace 2 meses
No thanks i dont like to be tracked
Unknown Hace 2 meses
Will Stadia be supported on Nvidia Shield Tv?
Nadia Roman
Nadia Roman Hace 2 meses
elite Eagle
elite Eagle Hace 2 meses
Does anybody not know that they have the konami code at the bottom of the controller
Pug Youtuber
Pug Youtuber Hace 2 meses
Can somebody tell me why DanTDM is in this announcement?
No Way
No Way Hace 2 meses
I can see it now; Patreon tier 2 supporters can send me a state and Ill do the boss... State scum anything, forget savegames. That moment in DMC5 where she isnt wearing anything? goo.gle/b0oBs (1.32B views)
No Way
No Way Hace 2 meses
also... that isnt a real link... just saying...
HTK Rides
HTK Rides Hace 2 meses
He a googlers 🥶
Luca Scarpelli
Luca Scarpelli Hace 2 meses
@google will there ever be an elite controller
Ege Ve Tayfası HD
Ege Ve Tayfası HD Hace 2 meses
Fadexz Hace 2 meses
I feel like if you have any higher than a 20ms ping to the sever it will cause problems as if you double that to 40ms for there and back that's just over two frames which can start to cause noticeable lag.
Darkpath Hace 2 meses
Is this a console or a controller ????????
Pamela Beverage
Pamela Beverage Hace 2 meses
If you confess with your mouth "Jesus Is Lord" and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9
Raptor Swire
Raptor Swire Hace 2 meses
...Google speaking about great gaming. Starts with Ubisoft.....there was almost no worse developer to choose from. Awful
charlie monnery
charlie monnery Hace 2 meses
so basically, this a streaming device. you just require slightly less hassle for example not having to have twitch open it just streams anyway with less button clicks? im curious how it will work with online games because everything shown was offline play. im curious how well it would perform, especially with crossplay on games that are fast paced and competitive like battlefield, fortnite, call of duty and so forth
Fellow Jack Nation
Fellow Jack Nation Hace 2 meses
MatPat, I’m ashamed of you, you sellout -
krishna kumar
krishna kumar Hace 2 meses
Hi Google how could you solve my internet data cap when I start using it stadia its very nice we all love it but the data for 4k 1080 there is no effect people like us make an 480 resolution.....if that made u could made a stadia hit best wishes
GoldenGamer Hace 2 meses
How good should my internet be to get a 'good' experience??
GoldenGamer Hace 2 meses
Soo it means that i can play any game on a 1gb ram phone🤔🤔
Guy Michaely
Guy Michaely Hace 2 meses
29:17 "If you're gonna prove to the world that you can stream games from the cloud, what better proof than doom?" Assassin's creed apparently
Paulo Constantino
Paulo Constantino Hace 2 meses
Thought they were making a console in partnetship with Sega. They present me a controller to play on my computer? Go to hell Google. Don't be evil.
Gustavo Martins
Gustavo Martins Hace 2 meses
Good bye pc
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