Gordon Ramsay Learns How To Prepare Vietnamese Soup | Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay
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While in Vietnam, Gordon learns about one lady's infamous broth and what makes a Vietnamese soup.
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7 feb 2019






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Comentarios 3 763
Soonkyu Park
Soonkyu Park Hace 3 días
This is the soup he talked about so highly in masterchef
Bill Lam
Bill Lam Hace 3 días
"ho tiu bon reu" LOOOOL
sammy lee
sammy lee Hace 3 días
They got Gordon singing!
Tùng Ngô
Tùng Ngô Hace 4 días
jay 2
jay 2 Hace 5 días
Uncle lucky luke
Bryant Matthews
Bryant Matthews Hace 5 días
Come on Gordon lol
Ben Nguyen
Ben Nguyen Hace 6 días
What he was eating was pho
Ben Nguyen
Ben Nguyen Hace 6 días
Im Vietnamese
Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan Hace 7 días
Wonder how much he’s paying these people to teach him.
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen Hace 8 días
She should work In London because she sells 2 potions and then she made a lot of profit
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen Hace 8 días
3:40 Gorden: hotel povil? Man: oatmeal. I laugh so hard
GodBlessYogaPants Hace 8 días
As A Vietnamese American, I See This As A Noodle Trading Game With Pirates
Limesti Hace 14 días
Uhm.. if she breaks even at 60 bowls, wouldn’t she be making money at 61 and not 80 lol
kim anh
kim anh Hace 14 días
She add a tbs of mắm tôm which I think the highlight of this dish
Team NFU - فريق أن إف يُو
all what i'm saying is this guy looks pretty much like Filthy Frank
M N HAQUE Hace 15 días
Congratulations Gordon for arrival of baby Oscar J Ramsay ,God bless the child ❣
Sammy el Mariachi
Sammy el Mariachi Hace 17 días
How do they get all the bowls back?
XxIshSuga xX
XxIshSuga xX Hace 17 días
Pho is life for me which is a Vietnamese
jack scenic
jack scenic Hace 19 días
I saw ramsey put some cans into his carry-on. I could only make out the word "Campbells" Hmmm.. Cheating again to look like he knows everything. Stick to making mashed potatoes with ketchup ramsey
Matthew Witulski
Matthew Witulski Hace 22 días
He said rolling up his sleeves to help her. Looool what sleeves
Sachin Arts
Sachin Arts Hace 22 días
Your very great Artist ever I see to exploring So much beyond the limits
ace fadez
ace fadez Hace 22 días
Uncensored Chef Gordon Ramsay ESvid RED is the way to go ......keep this up and I'm canceling Netflix.....
Sunny Dee
Sunny Dee Hace 22 días
I couldnt be more humble if I were in ramseys shoes. Like foreal tho. Every motion I'd feel like my life would depend on it lol such an honor
Siphokazi N.
Siphokazi N. Hace 23 días
Wow Gordon is not just a great cook but humble peoples person. I enjoyed this video💕
Emily Amelia Bilsland Cao
I’m from vietnam and I live in Ho Chi Minh city
Huong Pham
Huong Pham Hace 24 días
Indian background music 😂🤯.. that terrified me 😰
Dong Hai Hotel
Dong Hai Hotel Hace 25 días
Hey Gordon, have you been to Hue, the old capital of Vietnam? Hue is known for good dishes. Dishes for the Royal!
Star Gacha
Star Gacha Hace 25 días
krisanthemum H.
krisanthemum H. Hace 26 días
Did you know, that Texas has a shit ton of Vietnamese restaurants?? I have no idea why but I'm happy for it! I love phó!
Dirty Asian Mafia
Dirty Asian Mafia Hace 26 días
lol I used to have vietnamese neighbors
Half broken Sayori
Half broken Sayori Hace 26 días
The dislikes are the chefs Gordon roasted
dermetaller15 Hace 26 días
I like how respecful he is to other cultures.
DatOneBlueNarwal xD
DatOneBlueNarwal xD Hace 26 días
This lady is a masterchef in a boat
ItzMeRinai xX
ItzMeRinai xX Hace 26 días
Phò in Hanoi is yummy
Crystal Lawson
Crystal Lawson Hace 26 días
Love me done GORDAN RAMSEY.. He is Awesome 💖
Chad Simmons
Chad Simmons Hace 26 días
Ive tried the soup, the meat was kinda tough & chewy but the broth is good nothing else like it!
o PRODIGYS o Hace 26 días
It's stuff like this that makes me grateful for what I have.
Calvin Hace 27 días
Dat little bowl of deliciousness for 50 cent? School lunch cost 4 times as much and taste like burnt cardboard
Bob Leeroy
Bob Leeroy Hace 14 días
I could eat that for every meal.
Lucius Nguyen
Lucius Nguyen Hace 14 días
+BumbledoreArt _ that's true, most of Vietnamese ppl they aren't usually cook breakfast
Tyler Nguyen
Tyler Nguyen Hace 16 días
Technical Difficulties o wow the school food at my school is actually fine
Tyler Nguyen
Tyler Nguyen Hace 16 días
Phu Therediamond that's correct my friend
Phu Therediamond
Phu Therediamond Hace 22 días
15.000 vietnam dong not 15 vietnam dollar :)) 1$ = more than 23.000 dong in vietnam
Steff Random
Steff Random Hace 27 días
5:00 yeeet
Roxanne Purio
Roxanne Purio Hace 27 días
Please go here in our country, PHILIPPINES.
Proxima Playz
Proxima Playz Hace 27 días
This sweet women was a better chef than all those other kitchen NightMare chefs combined fam.
Proxima Playz
Proxima Playz Hace 27 días
“I’m rolling up my sleeves to work with her” *Wearing a t-shirt*
Proxima Playz
Proxima Playz Hace 27 días
Was that, economy class seats?
Dill Dough
Dill Dough Hace 27 días
They at least get to keep the bowls lmao
Liem H
Liem H Hace 27 días
I'm here eating fried chicken thinking of Bun Rieu
Jen Scruggs
Jen Scruggs Hace 27 días
This is so awesome Gordon. Bun rieu is one of my favorite soups.
Its the new Tran
Its the new Tran Hace 27 días
Ho Chi Minh Vietnam is where I was born, I just came there in December 2018 but I came back now really sad
greenteajelly 123
greenteajelly 123 Hace 27 días
O my goodness the old lady was soo cute!!
pinklavendar Hace 28 días
Vietnamese like to put herb in most food. I like their herb. Smells very nice. Hey! Isnt that the local vietnamese cook???!!
neil bautista
neil bautista Hace 28 días
nice one Gorddy, im your biggest fan. watching master chef everytime che ers man
Gåčhä_Gråćêłÿń Grace
I’m Vietnamese so this made me so happy 😁
Melissa Tran
Melissa Tran Hace 23 días
Gåčhä_Gråćêłÿń Grace ayeeeeeee fellow Vietnamese
Ernesto Lupercio
Ernesto Lupercio Hace 28 días
That’s dope. I would love to explore the world and do shit like this.
Mechanized Fruit
Mechanized Fruit Hace 28 días
Awe I wanted gordon to curse the old lady
Christopher Jimenez
Christopher Jimenez Hace 28 días
Go to nicaragua!!!!!! Please that have so much unique food!!!!
Netarded Riggas
Netarded Riggas Hace 28 días
Gordon is an official viet brother now. 🤲🤲🤲
some dude
some dude Hace 28 días
Americans be gangster until the trees start eating soup
Michael Mathers
Michael Mathers Hace 28 días
0:41 wow lady racist hat
Ricky Maldo
Ricky Maldo Hace 28 días
Vietnamese is my favorite brand of Asian food. I eat it around 3 time a week.
Alexia Hill
Alexia Hill Hace 28 días
It’s amazing how they still paddle their own boats at their age and cook on their boats
한조맠 Hace 29 días
How does Gordon find these places and these people?
ant wan
ant wan Hace 29 días
VeeYT Hace un mes
She's a awesome lady
Asuna Yuki
Asuna Yuki Hace un mes
Oh wow..... that last part of what Gordon said about Vietnamese food.... T~T this is why I like to cook! Because........ well it makes me feel so proud of my people....... ah....... so proud.
Asuna Yuki
Asuna Yuki Hace un mes
I see vid title........ My thoughts: Pho?!?! I’ll find out.....
Cody Zonk
Cody Zonk Hace un mes
looks disgusting
Rabecca Inouye
Rabecca Inouye Hace un mes
I’m curious about her bowls.....
coldzera hihi
coldzera hihi Hace un mes
vietnamess chấm điểm cái
TeeMother Hace un mes
05:38 Aww such a sweet kind lady. Holding his hand.
Diana Chu
Diana Chu Hace un mes
I’m Vietnamese and I usually hate Vietnamese food- but this is so cute I can’t hate it
Rosemarie Cooksey
Rosemarie Cooksey Hace un mes
I love Vietnam 🇻🇳 💯❤️
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez Hace un mes
0:40 I guess you could say she's a... *Vietnam Veteran*
Li Rune
Li Rune Hace un mes
Luca and recreated the broth ?
Dirafv3 Hace un mes
I need wife like that
Dirafv3 Hace un mes
That amazing
Xai Yang
Xai Yang Hace un mes
Luke Nguyen is the best cooker
T Johnson
T Johnson Hace un mes
customers leave without returning the bowls?
Tuấn Nguyễn
Tuấn Nguyễn Hace un mes
T Johnson well she knows every customer (exclude the tourists), they are like a big family. Customers will return the bowls when they see her or at end of the day. Of course sometime she lost some bowls, but the prize of a bowl is cheap, like 1$ for 10 bowls.
T Johnson
T Johnson Hace un mes
so she has to wait till they are done. wow kinda time consuming for her.
Tuấn Nguyễn
Tuấn Nguyễn Hace un mes
she will collect the bowls then.
CocoaNimi Hace un mes
Hotel bonvale. A good name for a hotel,
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace un mes
at least a $10
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace un mes
I would give her a solid hundred-dollar bill just for the qualities alone. I would tell her to keep the change and please not mention it. the pleasure would be all mine
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace un mes
tip the singing!!! give me some music.
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace un mes
a floating food market! wow
pierre2740 Hace un mes
Does she get the bowls back????
karma tam
karma tam Hace un mes
Vietnamese accent is the funniest on earth
Ho Yeung Jek
Ho Yeung Jek Hace un mes
i wonder how they get back the bowls lol
Benji Hace un mes
Does anybody else wonder if the customers keep the bowl? They seem like pretty good bowls and I don't think the lady has 60-80 bowls on her boat on stock per day. Does she come back to get the bowl after? What happens to the damn bowls?!!?
Bruce A. Johnson
Bruce A. Johnson Hace un mes
Wow. This the most I've ever seen Ramsay work. No doubt he swore never to do that much work again. Certainly he has put on a lot of weight since way back when this was made.
charmnGUY Hace un mes
Can Tho is my backyard growing up!
The Weeaboo Girl
The Weeaboo Girl Hace un mes
Gordon: " *BuN gReU!!* " (not even saying it right) People around him: "lol who is this white person?"
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Hace un mes
The least expected place you would find Gordon:) But a great video thanks!!
Victoria Hace un mes
I am thinking about those people who live and make a living from their small boat daily. Their daily earning is so little. Life is very much a daily struggle yet they take it with smile, perseverance and courage. This scene shouldn't exist after 50 years under the control of the communist government. To the outsiders, it is all good in Vietnam now and that the communist government did free the South Vietnam from the American people to unite the Vietnamese. Only if everyone knows that the Southern Vietnamese who escaped from the communists, are living around the world, have been sending money back to their family members in South Vietnam since 1975 order to support their families. Over 10 billion US dollars is being sent back to Vietnam from abroad yearly. This amount does help the Vietnam economy stay afloat. The backbone of Vietnam economy is in the South Vietnam. Most people from the Northern Vietnam move to the South Vietnam to live including communist members and the regular citizens. It is like North Korea invaded South Korea and all North Koreans made an exodus to South Korea. It is very ironic. No more war if explicit weapons and killings but the war within Vietnam is still, the internal conflict between the South and North.
Wil Woo
Wil Woo Hace un mes
Did Gordon sell 80 bowls? 🤔🤔
he is trumpy '
he is trumpy ' Hace un mes
I have one question ! Those bowls she giving out doesn’t look like one time use materials ! Does she come back for it !?
Luan Nguyen
Luan Nguyen Hace un mes
The people pretty much know each other. They'll give her back the bowls.
Slimetastic Jeffrey
I feel like he likes all Asian foods.
Christy Nguyen
Christy Nguyen Hace un mes
This makes me so happy 😂😍
jimvybz Danny
jimvybz Danny Hace un mes
Gordon Ramsay singing in the morning to get customers is priceless lol. Bless that woman and the culture 🍲
The Need 80g
The Need 80g Hace un mes
What happens to her bowls
lightningbolt 59
lightningbolt 59 Hace un mes
I'm I the only one who understands this or is there other Vietnamese people watching this
Thảo Phạm
Thảo Phạm Hace un mes
You were so cute when you sang that melody 😂 This dish at floating market is really delicious 🤤 Vietnam always welcomes you!
Kokachi Hace 14 días
Hit me up 🤔
Sascha Hace un mes
I feel happy when I see how abundant and diverse human's lives are on Earth ❤️
Hanoi Tripper
Hanoi Tripper Hace un mes
Yanks come to rape my countey, but British come to taste.. i prefer british
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