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Gordon Ramsay is one of the world's most decorated and successful chefs, with an empire that includes more than a dozen restaurants, countless best-selling cookbooks, and seven hit TV shows, including Master Chef Jr., which returns to Fox this February. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the MOST-REQUESTED GUEST in Hot Ones history finally sits face-to-face with Sean Evans. Despite his misgivings about the culinary quality of the wings of death, Gordon throws himself into the challenge full force. Along the way, he discusses his chef influences, explains how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, and tries to find an antidote to spicy food.
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First We Feast
First We Feast Hace 2 meses
It's been a long time coming-this one's for the fans! Favorite quote??
Nick Cushman
Nick Cushman Hace un mes
First We Feast yep
FULL RETARD Hace 2 meses
Maniacal Moose
Maniacal Moose Hace 2 meses
He said "fuck" 134 times.
Uomo Morto
Uomo Morto Hace 2 meses
"So for all you beautiful millennials and snowflakes out there trust me, the more you get pushed, the thicker your skin, the thicker your skin, trust me the higher you go."
JayMeister22 Hace 2 meses
🔥Spice Lords🔥
Jenifer Watts
Jenifer Watts Hace 25 minutos
Did that come out of Portland? 😂😂
nick p
nick p Hace 30 minutos
got to love Gordon Ramsay he's the man
JerrikCola Hace 38 minutos
Give me $1 everytime he says the f word
Jerk of Hearts
Jerk of Hearts Hace 45 minutos
Gordon Ramsy in 2019: " Harry fucking Potter fucked like a fucking mother fucker in a fucking freezer"
mrthebillman Hace 50 minutos
Charlize Theron did this without being a bitch, and she wouldn't have made runny eggs.
FadedDesigns Hace un hora
he launched that wing
John Smithsonian
John Smithsonian Hace un hora
Gordon seems like he'd be a fun dude to have a beer with
Almighty Sir
Almighty Sir Hace un hora
We all know he just wanted to eat Gordon’s eggs😂
FX W Hace un hora
How many "fuck" ?
Andrew Larson
Andrew Larson Hace un hora
Thank you semi bald guy, this is one of the best 31 minutes of my life! Your passion shows through from each moment starting from the beginning to the end! This episode was like watching a master painter paint a masterpiece. It was beautiful, thank you.
Chill Buster
Chill Buster Hace un hora
Gordon Ramsay needs to go to McDonald’s
Kaahn Hace un hora
take a shot everytime he says "shit, fucking hell"
Juan Pablo Telleria
Juan Pablo Telleria Hace un hora
Chew Her
Chew Her Hace un hora
Timothy Sebastian
Timothy Sebastian Hace un hora
There is a good game where you drink everytime gordon swear
nolaz010 Hace 2 horas
Tfw Eric Andre handled hot ones better than Gordon Ramsay, and ended up screaming chocolate rain while smashing tableware over his skull
Jayden Cruz
Jayden Cruz Hace 2 horas
This man had an entire kitchen in his bag.... That is commitment
Lorrie Hace 2 horas
He's an A-hole, but I didn't expect him to be such a wussy baby. And doughnuts are nasty unless you make them yourself for your grandchildren.
Curly fried Gaming
Curly fried Gaming Hace 2 horas
Is anyone else wondering why Gordon poured the water sideways
MaxUniverse Hace 2 horas
i see Gordon has a bag of holding...
Belfjord Hace 2 horas
Proof English people cannot handle spice.
Stephanie De Jesus
Stephanie De Jesus Hace 2 horas
The weakest whiniest guest ever hahaha oh man what a drama king 😂
OPULENT Hace 3 horas
Gordon Ramsay said snowflake 😂😂 how can you not love him
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Hace 3 horas
I hope if he's a food judge they give him really hot wings that would be funny
Dazzle Me
Dazzle Me Hace 3 horas
That thumbnail looks like u gonna wipe out half of the universe
deepankar g
deepankar g Hace 3 horas
Everyone who come s on this site takes just like anibble of the last 4 wings Gordan-the whole thing
jodejack Hace 3 horas
Cure for hot wings? Plain yogurt! Pretty much kills the heat or cuts it in half. knowing is half the battle...
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Hace 4 horas
Get joe rogan on
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Hace 4 horas
This is one if the best episodes of hot ones so far thank you
QuadAntelope581 Hace 4 horas
I literally can’t even. Count how many times he said shit 😂
discodd94 Hace 4 horas
GR biggest shifty bast--d on tv>dd
discodd94 Hace 4 horas
this creep needs to take his fuckin jacket offffffffffffffffff ASAP.DD
Poon Calvin
Poon Calvin Hace 4 horas
Fucking hell,shit*100000000
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar Hace 4 horas
He cheated on the last one
Rosemary Watkins
Rosemary Watkins Hace 4 horas
“Did that come out of Portland” 😂😂 lmao Love my city
Infinity James
Infinity James Hace 4 horas
LMAO did anyone notices how pink Gordon Ramsay's lips were, like damn that's how you know how hot those wings are
Lucas McCarty
Lucas McCarty Hace 4 horas
mf chugged a whole glass of pepto bismal
Joe Yang
Joe Yang Hace 4 horas
He spits it out
MalloryKateLife Hace 5 horas
*What if Gordon Ramsey was vegan*
Exolic Hace 5 horas
22:24 to 22:34 idk why but i find it so funny
OscarDoesStuff Hace 5 horas
*swearing intensifies*
Yash Goel
Yash Goel Hace 5 horas
Fucking hell .....shit!
ZΔCK GRΞYHΔT Hace 5 horas
26:15 cooking perfect scrambled eggs
Aurora Garcia
Aurora Garcia Hace 6 horas
The moment when he squirted lime and lemon juice on the wings got me 😂😂😂😂
WestHam Hooligan
WestHam Hooligan Hace 6 horas
This was pure gold. I gotta try some of these.
Nimakoko Channel
Nimakoko Channel Hace 6 horas
Get PewDiePie in Hot ones!
Kirill Hace 6 horas
As soon as Gordon started pulling all this stuff loonytunes style, it turned into Eric Andre show and i love it
The Blackwidow
The Blackwidow Hace 6 horas
Take a drink every time Gordon says shit
winsley ocampo
winsley ocampo Hace 6 horas
How to make gordon ramsry like your food 1st make him eat super spicy doritos i meab hot sauce spicky doritos then make him eat your food and 5star review
Midnight Toker
Midnight Toker Hace 6 horas
Yo please have the rapper Merkules on your show!!!
Andrew Olsen
Andrew Olsen Hace 6 horas
31 minutes long, 31 million views
dingo7055 Hace 7 horas
"If I die now, I won't be able to drive my Ferrari again". Gordon Ramsay problems.
Elian Mogrovejo
Elian Mogrovejo Hace 7 horas
29:13 had me crying
Man, things went south fast, and how 😂😂😂
blackRAbbit Hace 7 horas
i knew he was goin to critique the wings lol
Jose Noriega
Jose Noriega Hace 7 horas
Never liked his rude ass. This was longer to help him cool off. Week and shit talker
Matt m
Matt m Hace 8 horas
"I feel like thats burning a new ring on my fucking ass, shit... now I know where that song ring of fire comes from was that johnny cash? Theres one on the seat yeah ring of fire"
Matt m
Matt m Hace 8 horas
13:20 he starts his story and just goes "fuck thats hot, what are you laughing at" continues his story into the viking story
B-rad Blaze
B-rad Blaze Hace 9 horas
If anyone is wondering Gordon Ramsay said shit 84 times and fucking hell 96 times.. Welcome btw.
Tj Taz
Tj Taz Hace 9 horas
All I know is shit is fucking, like shit, fucking hell
R.J. Hace 9 horas
All he needed to beat that taste was some strong alcohol and just rinse his mouth... Simple as that
Troy watson
Troy watson Hace 10 horas
Shit Fucking hell Shit Fucking hell Shit Fucking hell Shit Fucking hell Shit Fucking hell Shit Fucking hell Shit Fucking hell. When Ramsay gets heated that’s the only two words that matter....
Addi Kahnju
Addi Kahnju Hace 10 horas
This was the most entertaining. Hahaha! Hilarious. Fuckin' hell! Shit! Holy fuck!
Paris is here
Paris is here Hace 10 horas
*How many times has Gordon said fuck?* 🤣🤣🤣
Ethan Mars
Ethan Mars Hace 10 horas
Drink every time gordon says shit or fucking hell
Ham Gaming
Ham Gaming Hace 10 horas
Remmi Fuzzies
Remmi Fuzzies Hace 10 horas
*_R A W_*
Irje Jcm
Irje Jcm Hace 11 horas
*First we feast got 96k likes in theirs* *comment ! , Can I surpass it ?* *BTW keep up the good work F.W.F. !*
Monk TOS
Monk TOS Hace 11 horas
Sorry...? Did he just pour out of the side of a jug?
Probyron Hace 12 horas
i wanna get all the hot sauces on this show. and i want to take cap full shots of each hot sauce.
• Marche •
• Marche • Hace 12 horas
"did that come out of Portland" LMAOOOO
Joker Hace 12 horas
Wtf? Who cuts a donut with a knife?
muppetnumpty65 Hace 12 horas
137k comments wow this fucking comment never going to see the light of day!
Joshua fine
Joshua fine Hace 12 horas
Where is that burger from?
Island Mike
Island Mike Hace 12 horas
He looks like Baldwin lmao
Zaid Kashour
Zaid Kashour Hace 12 horas
show starts here @19:05 😂
Liv Coffey
Liv Coffey Hace 13 horas
what a sweet moment with the donuts, nothing like 2 distressed, (one crying) men bonding over baked goods with sweet manners haha
Amir Ridzuan
Amir Ridzuan Hace 13 horas
most entertaining episode, for me
Chaerul Tamami
Chaerul Tamami Hace 13 horas
I love spicy! Go test me!
Iss Gr8
Iss Gr8 Hace 13 horas
damn, Gordon Ramsay's wife must be pretty scared and nervous before he eats her pussy
laura reid
laura reid Hace 13 horas
I. L U V. U
Kayla Breit
Kayla Breit Hace 13 horas
New game: take a shot for every time Ramsey says “shit”
Danger Gibson
Danger Gibson Hace 13 horas
lmao Gordon's fucking dead. shit shit.
evan matthew
evan matthew Hace 14 horas
new drinking game: take a shot every time Gordon says "fucking hell"
KyiLa PyieThar
KyiLa PyieThar Hace 14 horas
Ramsey after DaBonb: Me when I see my crush.
AleK Hace 14 horas
the logarithmic scaling of the spice has to be pure pain
Sam Burke
Sam Burke Hace 14 horas
Gordon Ramsey is a douchebag
Kahlin Hil
Kahlin Hil Hace 14 horas
hahaha! Too bad you didn't have him try God Slayer sauce ;D I nearly fainted tasting a dab of that and I am New Mexican.
Jamie King
Jamie King Hace 15 horas
This would be more great without the music 😆
Jamie King
Jamie King Hace 15 horas
The muuuusic. Like calm down. I know he's freaking out but... 😂
Think Lab
Think Lab Hace 15 horas
This is the best Ramsey show I have ever seen!
Zicrophy Hace 15 horas
how many times does gordon say shit?
RECKZGTA XD Hace 15 horas
Imagine his kids watching this
The Saminater
The Saminater Hace 15 horas
31 minutes of Gordon saying F*cking hell and Sh*t over and over again
Danimal 86
Danimal 86 Hace 15 horas
I thought that much pepto bismol was bad for you? lol
this and that reviews
this and that reviews Hace 15 horas
Valerie Mcfarlane
Valerie Mcfarlane Hace 15 horas
"Fucking Hell... Shit... Fuck"
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Hace 16 horas
F F F man
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