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Gordon Ramsay is one of the world's most decorated and successful chefs, with an empire that includes more than a dozen restaurants, countless best-selling cookbooks, and seven hit TV shows, including Master Chef Jr., which returns to Fox this February. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the MOST-REQUESTED GUEST in Hot Ones history finally sits face-to-face with Sean Evans. Despite his misgivings about the culinary quality of the wings of death, Gordon throws himself into the challenge full force. Along the way, he discusses his chef influences, explains how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, and tries to find an antidote to spicy food.
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24 ene 2019

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First We Feast
First We Feast Hace 26 días
It's been a long time coming-this one's for the fans! Favorite quote??
FULL RETARD Hace 2 días
Maniacal Moose
Maniacal Moose Hace 25 días
He said "fuck" 134 times.
Uomo Morto
Uomo Morto Hace 26 días
"So for all you beautiful millennials and snowflakes out there trust me, the more you get pushed, the thicker your skin, the thicker your skin, trust me the higher you go."
JayMeister22 Hace 26 días
🔥Spice Lords🔥
Taylor Dye
Taylor Dye Hace 26 días
BRAVO on this episode, too many to count, but: "How am I going to go to the toilet later?" or "I am now fucking CRYING over a fucking WING!!!" -with much remorse
dakota bishop
dakota bishop Hace 41 un segundo
Half the audio is Gordon saying "Shit... fuckin' hell" which somehow makes it even more enjoyable. Great episode.
Hardstyle818 Hace 4 minutos
Not even a month old and already over 25 million views? Has to be a record (Viral Video/Guest)? Impressed
beerdale Rochdale
beerdale Rochdale Hace 9 minutos
He needs a toilet for that mouth of he’s 🤬🤬🥺🥺
David Vang
David Vang Hace 15 minutos
Doesnt he know that drinking water makes hot stuff even hotter
Kyan Kang
Kyan Kang Hace 21 un minuto
He swears so much
Julian Blake
Julian Blake Hace 26 minutos
I keep seeing people break down with this wings, and it just makes me wonder how much of a real tough mother fucker Henry Rollins is. He took them all with a mostly relaxed, smiley face, and didn't even touch the glass of water once.
WargFar The Mighty
WargFar The Mighty Hace 37 minutos
He swears so much omg
DontFazeMeh YaBitchAssNagger
"going through peoples Instagram does your girlfriend know" haha toasted him good
sarah harb
sarah harb Hace 42 minutos
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Hace 49 minutos
Damn....this nigga was giving me anxiety just watching him come unglued.
Jenna Campbell
Jenna Campbell Hace 59 minutos
I don’t know if I have ever seen Gordon struggle so much 😂
casey brune
casey brune Hace un hora
Fucking hell. Shit
RDCoggins Esq.
RDCoggins Esq. Hace un hora
I feel legitimately bad for Gordon here. He’s having a meltdown. It’s strange to see him so disheveled. Chef is usually so in control of the room, even when he’s so super pissed off. I love that he offers donuts and tissues to Sean because he’s such a gentleman, and Sean takes them just to be nice 😂😂😂
Miguel Angel de la Campa
"We haven't hear from Coolio in a long time" -- That is exactly where I lost it
Justin Friedman
Justin Friedman Hace un hora
RIP Coolio
RAINE Hace un hora
Wow, in between all the "shits" and "fucks", Ramsay is super chivalrous. Cutting Sean some doughnut: "Would you like some more?". Even when his mouth was burning: "Please may I have some tissues?" - and then offers Sean the first one!
Mick Boisjoli
Mick Boisjoli Hace 2 horas
Dr. Doogie meets Julian Assange.
iReaction Hace 2 horas
All the contestants of Hell’s kitchen are delighted 😂😂
I found a liquor store and I drank it
Gordon: Have you ever killed anybody? Sean: ... We haven't heard from Coolio in a long time.
iReaction Hace 2 horas
He made me think of Mary Poppins with the way he pulled random of things out of the bag 😂
Павел П
Павел П Hace 2 horas
Andrew Floyd
Andrew Floyd Hace 2 horas
This is the best thing I have ever watched on youtube
Robert losardo
Robert losardo Hace 3 horas
I always heard drinking water makes it worse but drinking milk helps so he was making it worse with the water
EPIC STACK Hace 3 horas
This is the worlds stupidest show
AnTique OsMo
AnTique OsMo Hace 3 horas
What’s the name of intro music
Chinmayee Surve
Chinmayee Surve Hace 3 horas
This is only time you'll see Gordon Ramsay crying 😂😂😂
Ralph Tena
Ralph Tena Hace 3 horas
The only bad thing about this video is I could only hit the like button once
JuiceStain 123
JuiceStain 123 Hace 3 horas
Sean: What was your most harrowing experience...? Gordon: fucking hell Fuck (Accidentally chokes on water) Fucking me 2 secs Fucking hell Shit 2 secs
tehbakinblack Hace 3 horas
right now I need to see a fucking doctor. Fuck off! Love it. Best episode yet.
Mystikka1 Gaming
Mystikka1 Gaming Hace 4 horas
If I was ever on camera with Gordon Ramsay I would be scared to death, however I hear when the cameras are not rolling hes an amazing person lol....
Sonic Nerd21
Sonic Nerd21 Hace 4 horas
Lets do a drinking game Take a shot for everytime he says Shit, Fuckin hell
bag3lmonst3r Hace 4 horas
Hey guys, so I tried Ramsay's lime trick (squeezing an actual lime over samyang noodles instead of the bottled stuff), and it actually works! The acidity kills a lot of the heat somehow. Not sure of the science behind it, but yeah it works. Thanks Ramsay!
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona Hace 4 horas
Fave quote: "We haven't heard from Coolio in a long time." - Sean while looking dead into the camera. Seriously, I know we all like to talk about the guests, and we've seen some guests take this as a challenge and try not to hit the milk until after the last wing, but can we talk about how Sean does this episode after episode? Not only what his body may go through, but look at GR in this show - he is dying on the 3rd to last wing, and Sean sits there and calmly asks him questions. Sean, *you are **_the man_** !*
Danasweeklypicks #
Danasweeklypicks # Hace 4 horas
this should have 100 m views
Gregory Harris
Gregory Harris Hace 4 horas
He's so humble.
Apurva Srivastava
Apurva Srivastava Hace 4 horas
lets put some lamp souce in it
Eden Da Costa
Eden Da Costa Hace 4 horas
this guy just chugged pepto bismol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gregory Harris
Gregory Harris Hace 4 horas
I've been waiting for this way too long. I love gordon ransay.
Gregory Harris
Gregory Harris Hace 4 horas
YES FINALLY!!!! I have been waiting for him to be on your show!!!
MintSauce !
MintSauce ! Hace 5 horas
You hate doughnuts? That's not normal.
Choptron27 Hace 5 horas
Dude that was awesome! Shit! Fucking hell! Shit! You ever kill anyone? We haven’t heard from coolio.... shit! Lmfao Please get Penn & Teller on here! They had that show Bullshit! It’s on Hulu now, but man I wanna see if the wings make teller finally talk! Lmfao
john banks
john banks Hace 5 horas
"the more you get pushed..the thicket the skin...the thicker the skin...the higher you go"..very true, have to say ...laughed my socks off..but he's got more nerve than me..and yeah..he came prepared and still had massive difficulty..great on him for pushing through. Have to say..Sean..must have no feeling in his face anymore with 8 seasons of those superhots.....and good end to the episode..."right now i need to see a doctor"
Todd Davenport
Todd Davenport Hace 5 horas
I think this episode beat out Pulp Fiction for most profanity.
Rj Banez
Rj Banez Hace 5 horas
yie Gordon
Pyramus K
Pyramus K Hace 5 horas
So to sum up: Fuck, shit, crap!
Spoiled Auto
Spoiled Auto Hace 6 horas
Get josh peck
Luke Ditton
Luke Ditton Hace 6 horas
Makes sense because he must have such a sensitive palette
Brian Hom
Brian Hom Hace 6 horas
now get Mia Khlaifa....
Mohammad Nasser
Mohammad Nasser Hace 6 horas
nah he critiques the wings although thats not the points
justsayneenuh Hace 6 horas
22:19-22:22 he literally says fucking every second in this sentence lol
mitchell Hace 6 horas
Someone please count the number of times he says fuck
Mr. M
Mr. M Hace 6 horas
Take a shot when ever he says fucking hell or shit
efraim johansson
efraim johansson Hace 7 horas
Swearing makes a person more genuine and real, good fucking job Gordie.
sergeantassassin3 Hace 7 horas
He did pretty well up until about the 3rd or 4th from the end. Then he started to just fall apart. Nothing like watching a dedicated professional lose their shit over spicy wings. Tre magnifique.
Nick Remijnse
Nick Remijnse Hace 7 horas
'Shit' ~ Gordon Ramsay 2019
Bence Bujdosó
Bence Bujdosó Hace 7 horas
Gordon Ramsay is a she officially :D
BuGoY Hace 7 horas
This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all week lmaoooooo
Jon D
Jon D Hace 7 horas
this isnt what i expected at all after watching Alton Brown ironman his way through.
Ernie_L.A Hace 7 horas
i mean there's milk there but hey
Justice Robinson
Justice Robinson Hace 8 horas
I love Gordan Ramsay sooooooo much!!!!
Stolemire Boo
Stolemire Boo Hace 8 horas
What is the music at 6:00
OAmendolaro Hace 8 horas
SirBoomtastic Hace 9 horas
nose is running like Mo Farah lmao
Shihab Soft
Shihab Soft Hace 9 horas
Power of Gordon! Just look at the number of views you got comparing to your other videos
Sarah Trotman
Sarah Trotman Hace 9 horas
Help him JESUS. I am sitting here praying for him and laughing at the same time. I know he was on fire.
Mark C
Mark C Hace 9 horas
please invite Samuel L Jackson, let the madaf*cking counter begin!
James Moore
James Moore Hace 10 horas
He didn’t eat the last wing tho. When he did the lime and lemon juice with water he didn’t swallow the wing before hand
jayDc000 Hace 10 horas
Oh shit 22:30 I’m crying again 😂
sebastian buckwalter
sebastian buckwalter Hace 10 horas
*take a drink Everytime he says shit, fuck or fuckin hell*
jayDc000 Hace 10 horas
14:53ish 😂😂😂
Jering Tamuk
Jering Tamuk Hace 10 horas
Classic Gordon Ramsey at the end 🤣
armpitjuice Hace 11 horas
You should get PewDiePie on this ooft
gabrielle mgbudem
gabrielle mgbudem Hace 11 horas
I just watched 30 minutes of Gordon Ramsey shitting himself and I have to say it was spectacular 😂
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
Shit! Fuck! Shit! Fucken hell! Shit! Fuck! Shiiiiit! FUCK!
F.M.F 96
F.M.F 96 Hace 11 horas
man i can feel that spice from here
Lucky lucky
Lucky lucky Hace 12 horas
Best episode ever!
Ethan Kamanu
Ethan Kamanu Hace 12 horas
Am drinking every time gordin curses
T Lindsay
T Lindsay Hace 12 horas
viewer discretion is advised
Rah Sheen
Rah Sheen Hace 12 horas
Love Gordon, wish I could’ve seen Anthony Bourdain on here 😭
Taryll Clarke
Taryll Clarke Hace 12 horas
My nose is runnning like mo farah
LaWanda Hodges
LaWanda Hodges Hace 12 horas
This was hilarious.
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Hace 12 horas
From Portland, Oregon here! He nailed it perfectly when he asked if the sushi doughnut came out of Portland. They're made at Wasabi Sushi, and not gonna lie, they're good, they also make sushi burgers and burritos.
John Paul Moya
John Paul Moya Hace 12 horas
A shot for every "shit". Good luck
Hachig Rudolph Alyanakian
He came prepared. Smart man.
Nuciz Game
Nuciz Game Hace 13 horas
All I heard is "shit... fkin hell"
Ren D
Ren D Hace 13 horas
Gordon with that Mary Poppins bag lmao💀
Eva Weiand
Eva Weiand Hace 13 horas
Gordon's emergency pack is the best!
Confused Person
Confused Person Hace 13 horas
Gordon is savage
Angel S
Angel S Hace 13 horas
Gordon: who the fuck puts sushi in a doughnut? Also Gordon: *rubs lime on his entire ass*
HalfMan HalfTech
HalfMan HalfTech Hace 13 horas
He looked like The f*ckin Joker after the whole board of wings :) hahaha
Breylan Perkins
Breylan Perkins Hace 13 horas
Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT! Fucking HELL! SHIT!
Ronald B
Ronald B Hace 13 horas
The funniest Hot Ones so far!!! LOL!!!
bryan joiner
bryan joiner Hace 13 horas
"tits up" what a great expression.
TSG KiLLem Twice
TSG KiLLem Twice Hace 13 horas
GOOO!!! Gordon Ramsey!!
Allison Shèa
Allison Shèa Hace 14 horas
Gordon out here act luke ge aint saming the same ish as thise critics on his twitter
prenticeandrew11 Hace 14 horas
If y'all ever have a guest on the show, I volunteer. I can hang with the hot stuff.
Jmoney4.0.7 Hace 14 horas
get *Cm Punk* on here
Ms fun time
Ms fun time Hace 14 horas
Is that dry
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