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4 mar 2021






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• white forest •
betvenom 903
betvenom 903 Hace un día
Am I the only one that says mad Murdoc
KEA Aurora The Rat
KEA Aurora The Rat Hace 7 días
0:21-0:23 OMG! Murdoc crying!
jaydan nuttall
jaydan nuttall Hace 13 días
high Jean
high Jean Hace 22 días
What happened to the boogyman?
Toaster Strudel
Toaster Strudel Hace 23 días
Murdoc is a emotional mess in song machine I swear
Joseph Q
Joseph Q Hace 24 días
💜2021✨ pass the Word... #MillenniumLanceAndTheOpenScroll 🌹 #Daniel Chapters 8 thru 12 💜😎
Ma Hailim
Ma Hailim Hace 27 días
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Rômulo Ottes Vasconcelos
i love Murdoc! no reasons to hate he
golden wind
golden wind Hace un mes
Gorillaz please like that comment
Jack's Concept
Jack's Concept Hace un mes
G O D Hace un mes
The I
The I Hace un mes
trash in ranked dota 2
T Hace un mes
Siento que Murdoc esta basado en Trevor de GTA 5 xD
Planet Pluto
Planet Pluto Hace un mes
Person Hace un mes
what was with him this album
Jack's Concept
Jack's Concept Hace un mes
shy guy
shy guy Hace un mes
screw everyone who hates murdoc gorillaz is just not gorillaz without him they ever take him out then i will stop listening.
Eva Kollar
Eva Kollar Hace un mes
i saw murdoc crying for the first time in my life😳
User Name
User Name Hace un mes
User Name
User Name Hace un mes
User Name
User Name Hace un mes
User Name
User Name Hace un mes
Ssha hernuy
User Name
User Name Hace un mes
Ross dog
USER Hace un mes
Not gonna lie murdoc is probably my least favorite gorillaz member
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose Hace un mes
i- why???
Mauvie Hace un mes
I kinda still miss the old times...
User Name
User Name Hace un mes
Mave my
EEE Hace un mes
I'm sorry but the first clip vs. The last one is hilarious to me
Francisco Valdez
Francisco Valdez Hace un mes
Lemon-Lime Productions
Im confused on why it says season one does that mean there will be more song machine.
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose Hace un mes
yes hopefully
Electric Fan
Electric Fan Hace un mes
Murdoc being vulnerable: a saga
David Fakler
David Fakler Hace un mes
Aka Murdock's existential crisis
Thicc Felipe
Thicc Felipe Hace un mes
nia Hace un mes
when i was really young and first found gorillaz i thought murdoc was just a zombified memeber of the beatles.
Trey The loser
Trey The loser Hace un mes
I feel connected to murdoc a guy afraid of being alone and messes up meeting up someone.
MegidoArtz Hace un mes
0:33 *Murdoc was The Impostor. 0 Impostors remain*
[GD] Vex
[GD] Vex Hace un mes
that's cursed with him smiling and i gotta get use to that
tord líder rojo
tord líder rojo Hace un mes
Quien le da dislike a esto???
Hikikomoron Hace un mes
Murdoc definitely had the roughest time out of all the members during Song Machine. Funny cuz it's usually flipped, 2D is supposed to be the one having a bad time while Murdoc is enjoying himself.
Samuel Murphy
Samuel Murphy Hace un mes
Im glad they added the "ITZ ME" at the end. so poetic.
Hilos Chemsitas
Hilos Chemsitas Hace un mes
I love you Gorillaz
junko enoshima
junko enoshima Hace un mes
the real question is how was ur b a f f 🗿💅
junko enoshima
junko enoshima Hace un mes
yes i do 😀✨💃
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose Hace un mes
junko I didn't know you liked gorillaz
Riot54 Hace un mes
Strange Times, when he approaches the monolith like 'at last, I'll be unto God!' Monolith: Nah mate go home and focus on what's important. *BOOT*
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose Hace un mes
Murdoc is the last person to be excited about being unto god-
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini
Why he green.
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose Hace un mes
he just be green ig
Yva Hace un mes
remember, all of his crying is acting
Sleepy Beane
Sleepy Beane Hace un mes
- Hace un mes
why u are so gay
Nazareh Hace un mes
2D é o meu favorito
josefa samur
josefa samur Hace un mes
Y 2-D? 😭😭
josue Santos :D
josue Santos :D Hace un mes
Diego si ves esto ella no te ama
Murdoc Niccals
Murdoc Niccals Hace un mes
Helge Meff
Helge Meff Hace un mes
Yon conor Conor
Yon conor Conor Hace un mes
Me hubiera gustado ver la colaboración de gorillas con Daft Punk
:Paulinich Hace un mes
From that album Murdoc became my favorite Gorillaz member
chris soto
chris soto Hace un mes
Remember when he looked human
Wanderley Perez Torres
I am so pumped
SNOW furry TM ziro
SNOW furry TM ziro Hace un mes
Mimi Navarro
Mimi Navarro Hace un mes
phew i thought you were dead
*•Køry- el furry 737•*
Cool 😎🤙
Dicky Moe
Dicky Moe Hace un mes
Murdoc continues to be the best Gorilla.
Luis Angel Berrelleza carranza
Y cuando saldra 2 - D
RibiX Hace un mes
Do you remember when this guy just had a normal tan
Braden Woods
Braden Woods Hace un mes
I was hoping Murdoc throwing up from the "Momentary Bliss" video would be on here.
Daniel Linton
Daniel Linton Hace un mes
Hope they do a Russell one, wanna see my boy vibing with carrots on the drums in his best bits
Daniel Linton
Daniel Linton Hace un mes
aw hell ye
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose Hace un mes
that- that was the first one they did???
Чилавек Чилавечный
Странная хрень
WebbyWidowsYT Hace un mes
just to be clear ya`ll, i married murdoc, hes mine and only mine. weve even got proof ya know. he aint yours
Pastel Patterns
Pastel Patterns Hace un mes
Nothing but bad times for murdoc
Emma Hayes
Emma Hayes Hace un mes
Just found out I wasn’t subscribed to Gorillaz now I’m crying
Emma Hayes
Emma Hayes Hace un mes
Oh nvm I just unsubscribe on accident
BÉAN hehe
BÉAN hehe Hace un mes
Me: Getting ready to see murdoc Gorillaz: oh hears the first clip of him crying I-
Unorthodoxic Hace un mes
Title should be _"Murdoc going through trauma for 50 seconds"_
Bobby McIntyre
Bobby McIntyre Hace un mes
Please why is 80% of his best bits just him standing around
Gusthavo N.
Gusthavo N. Hace un mes
I need a season 2
Beni Guyot
Beni Guyot Hace un mes
m98blue B
m98blue B Hace un mes
It’d be cool if at the end of 2D’s best bits it’ll say “ LISTEN TO SONG MACHINE” *pause for a brief moment* “SEASON TWO!” Then it speeds through a fast compilation of new clips from future episodes and sound bites.
Makoto Takara 寶誠
Why the Pickle?
Emilienne Casseus
Emilienne Casseus Hace un mes
Murdoc was just depressed this entire season hopefully in season 2 he is a bit less depressed and more...Murdoc
Dalesca Bravo
Dalesca Bravo Hace un mes
No les pasa que💖Murdoc💖
Lonn Kasuky
Lonn Kasuky Hace un mes
I bet the next one will be the valley of pagans in 2D
Naruto xd
Naruto xd Hace un mes
Aqui los que hablan español, veo puro inglish aqui O o)
mattpkc34xx Hace un mes
Best of murdoc: first scene is him crying on a couch. Makes sense
Sprout Pop
Sprout Pop Hace un mes
This makes me hate murdoc slightly less
Andy maid
Andy maid Hace un mes
I love so mutch this pickle
Unwatered Plants
Unwatered Plants Hace un mes
God I love him
Gary The goblin
Gary The goblin Hace un mes
Ash Hace un mes
I think murdoc can actually be quite cool, Ik most people hate him but...
Георгий Погосьян
We saw a lot off others, i guess they prepared something cool for 2-d
Anima Red
Anima Red Hace un mes
Now 2D! 💜💙💚💛🧡❤
plastic lover
plastic lover Hace un mes
Murdoc’s skin has gotten progressively greener every album to the point he now looks like a highliter lol
Star Company
Star Company Hace un mes
Jamie Dalton
Jamie Dalton Hace un mes
I seriously love Murdoc like my god
handz Hace un mes
Thats neat but fire kevin bishop
mak Hace un mes
Alejandra Zamora
Alejandra Zamora Hace un mes
Q penas 5 horas ya tiene 20 dislaiks
ele fi
ele fi Hace un mes
I LOVE YOU MURDOC!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥💚 💚 💚
regius regius
regius regius Hace un mes
Cheetahprint85 Hace un mes
This is a masterpiece
「Soft & Wet」is a boring weeb
The cross on Murdoc’s door is upside down which means murdoc was hanging upside down in that scene
Toa Vaxxok
Toa Vaxxok Hace un mes
Or it could be a reference to Murdoc being a Satanist since the inverted cross is a Satanic symbol.
Mar Otaku Gamer
Mar Otaku Gamer Hace un mes
Murdoc in Aries looks cute ❤️ Pd: And the award for the best bass player in the world goes to Murdoc Niccals ☺️
R2.0SAMP Hace un mes
Hahahaaa ITS ME!!
sn1perman Hace un mes
Waiting for 2d
Gorillaz compilation - Top 20
Fave Murdoc Moments
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Por fin, Nanlila es real 😍