Got All the Parts Painted Up Perfectly on the Salvaged GTR

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In today's episode we're DIY painting the GTR parts.
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11 feb 2019

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James Petrick
James Petrick Hace un día
This might be a good or bad idea but you should just get an air compressor just for your painting and but it someplace in the place that your are painting in.
Hardware Unchained
Hardware Unchained Hace un día
Not a professional when it comes to cars. But I know my paint. Those fish eyes were probably because of the humidity in the room. After spraying water on the floors and running a fan the room was probably extremely humid. Those tiny water particles stuck to the paint causing the blemishes you saw. Of course it could have been any number of other things. That would just be my best guess. I always make it a point to paint in well ventilated areas using a tent to prevent dust from getting on my projects. Anyway. Do what you will will that, just my two cents.
Omar Vargas
Omar Vargas Hace 2 días
So i am pretty at least 45 percent of us dont own a house yet lol
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Hace 2 días
Nice man!! I envy you now...
Roy BM
Roy BM Hace 2 días
Painting is very difficult even Tesla makes a lot of paintjob mistakes. Samcrac has an inflatable spray partytent.
Lauren Michelle
Lauren Michelle Hace 3 días
I'm impressed that the paint particles doesn't smudge your camera lense during paint spray. Nice job btw...very passion is all I can say.
Hot80s Hace 3 días
bring back the thumbs down counter
craknicka215 Hace 3 días
Please stop painting. Please. Its very very aggravating watching/listening to your process. Who tf panel paints 3 stage.... ever? And the bmw.... no clear coat? Who told you that was ok?
Justin Jones
Justin Jones Hace 3 días
Um dont u think that maybe if u clear coated it It would match???
ptarka Hace 4 días
Any chance you could slow your speech a little please? No offence but my head feels hammered after watching you for a while. Cheers :)
Gamer 224
Gamer 224 Hace 4 días
Ya right
Almost Serious
Almost Serious Hace 4 días
B is for better music than Alex...
Peter Kohlrusz
Peter Kohlrusz Hace 4 días
nice work guys
360Diablosport Hace 4 días
The panels grew by 3 inches because of all the 42 layers of paint and filler. WoooooW...
Mangusta Mangusta
Mangusta Mangusta Hace 4 días
I see all the videos. Nice job bro, keep going :D
Gon Hace 4 días
I'm not srue about car industry but in graphic industry you have densimeter that measures density and tones between the colors since the tones are lighter and brighter so it shows you exact differenc between the tones so it's a lot easyer to you to work and to make the right color but I dunno about car industry
Cristian Paraschiv
Cristian Paraschiv Hace 4 días
hello. i am trying to paint a bumber and when i put on the clear coat i got some spots that gets darker . do you guys have any idea why this happend? thanks
Hriddhi Debnath
Hriddhi Debnath Hace 4 días
what's the song at 13:25?!
0ner Hace 4 días
Shout out to you for doing the spray out card honestly. I’m from the automotive paint industry and most people don’t get that step AT ALL. Get yourself some QuickCheck , it gives off the clear coat effect in an aerosol can so you don’t have to waste use your actual clear coat. Sick channel BTW 👌🏽
travisdustin Hace 4 días
I understand you have deadlines and this channel is your business... however your fisheye problem is likley due to painting in cold temperatures. Keep the builds coming!
Josh Kolecki
Josh Kolecki Hace 5 días
Chris you should hang ac filters in the pint booth to help with dust🤷🏻‍♂️
CrazyIvan1337 Hace 5 días
Quick suggestion, I really hope you see this: I would try using that round, foam, copper pipe insulation for the part of your air line that runs outside. That should keep it relatively warm in the winter, and prevent it from being affected too much by the elements overall.
Jason Alcorn
Jason Alcorn Hace 5 días
I do not paint a lot either but I have found with metallic and pearl paint it's important to place the panel in the same orientation as it is on the car. Gravity pulls the particles in the paint differently when vertical vs. horizontal. I found this when I used the same batch of paint on a hood that I stood upright to paint when the fenders were still on the car. I hope this share can help someone.
The Flat Garage
The Flat Garage Hace 5 días
Forget taking paint class, he needs better air system, like I predicted in previous video with the issue
Kalum 555
Kalum 555 Hace 5 días
Build a Subaru next!
NOX-FRESNO Hace 5 días
PPG paint is no joke $$$$$$$$
phillip stein
phillip stein Hace 5 días
You just need to paint the entire side of the car...done
zz ss
zz ss Hace 5 días
Too slow, i want see the next episode. Please
JazzaGaming Hace 5 días
How much would those panels cost to paint at an actual paint shop?
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader Hace 5 días
if the white is a stock colour then you should have checked the vid plate in the engine bay or in the doors for the paint code
DKTAz00 Hace 5 días
Two days, and this video has more views than a two week old one of the Z4.
O yeah yeah
O yeah yeah Hace 5 días
yaaay 2 more months until a next update
Hey Chris can you recommend where to get a Volvo ABS control Modules system from ?
fabian Athiah
fabian Athiah Hace 5 días
Those extra arch panels make the car look crappy.
Game Monster
Game Monster Hace 5 días
Love your channel Chris.
Juan Gouveia
Juan Gouveia Hace 5 días
i think its about time to invest in the shop.... lift, descent paint booth, better organization. the projects are getting more and more expensive. and your still working in the same shity conditions. your wasting time and money, if you had a descent booth(something easy to clean and maintain(im not even talking about a profesional paint booth, something diy) you would not be getting these problem where you have to paint the same thing 5 times, spending 5 times the paint, and 5 times the time....the end result would also be better. fix your shop up, everybody would watch im sure....
Destination Offroad
Destination Offroad Hace 5 días
Awesome video bud, always fun watching your skyline journey. Keep it up.
SwishRecords SICURE
SwishRecords SICURE Hace 5 días
PPG is always a great route
Ian Kirkwold
Ian Kirkwold Hace 5 días
You should run coper air lines on the wall. They should run up and down a few times to lose moisture in the air. You would need drains at the bottom of the Downs in the pipe work. Just a couple ball valves to drain the water that collects over time.
theone2314 Hace 5 días
Boy u talk a lot. Annoying sometimes.
Zain Hace 6 días
i am very happy you went with white. black on black on black on black is overrated, we need some SPICE
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Hace 6 días
I usually have to tint the base close enough then pearl should be easier.. those spray cards are for blendable match..
Bob Onit
Bob Onit Hace 6 días
Will u befriend a paint and body guy and get him to come over and paint for beer
RAGIN 251 CAJUN Hace 6 días
Probably would’ve been cheaper to just buy an R35 ready to roll than go the route you are after cost of the car, the myriad of parts, paint, supplies, maybe some tools and last but not least... your labor. All that time spend doing and the redoing 3 to 4 times over isn’t cheap, unless you don’t ever get paid for doing a job. But hey it’s you dream and your money. Just my 0.02¢
onitgraff Hace 6 días
Blend the fender!!
Adam Pakula
Adam Pakula Hace 6 días
Great videos! Quick question, how can you efficiently with decent results pain a panel or whatever using spray cans?
Luisito Santiago jr
Luisito Santiago jr Hace 6 días
You should wet sand a car
Elie_d7 Hace 6 días
I have to admit. The paint that failed was really a nice one. I liked that pearlescent white
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams Hace 6 días
Anything but Vivint.
Sam G
Sam G Hace 6 días
You should be painting all of these parts on the car (except the bumpers) and blending the color and pearl onto the adjacent panels or painting the whole car. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches, and you won't have to handle a painted door when you're installing it.
Lisa Stamper
Lisa Stamper Hace 6 días
I like your channel but I wish they would not put politics on here. TRUMP 2020
silent scar
silent scar Hace 6 días
The amount of time he's spent with these panels , he could've taken his time and painted the whole car
Buzzbee Bodyshop
Buzzbee Bodyshop Hace 6 días
Love the vids I would recommend moving to a water base coat this will massively lower the reactions your getting the only problem is you need to blow air over the panel to dry the base. If you can sort that out you will love working with it. Or buy a spray booth or b is for build one 😂
I wonder if the amount of money it took to rebuild this car is the same amount of money a (used) of the same year would cost.
W201034 Hace 6 días
B is for bad paint job
Adrian David Richards
Enjoy your Nissan videos man 👌🏼
Maximilian Kylén
Maximilian Kylén Hace 6 días
Why don't you clean the cars before taking them into your garage? Only takes a 10-20 minutes, my OCD is going wild every time... lol
Mantas Ulbinas
Mantas Ulbinas Hace 6 días
You skould make those taillights in black, it would look dope
Hangry Man
Hangry Man Hace 6 días
I watched that episode when three or four of your cars' wheels got stolen. I wondered if those wheel locks (M*G*** brand) would have avoided that?
Emma Deeba
Emma Deeba Hace 6 días
50 shades of white
John Goodwin
John Goodwin Hace 6 días
im not sure why you weren't using PPG from the start if you were really worried about the paint. I thought that was the default brand since about 1995.
IINotSavageII Hace 6 días
I mean the color is off but okay
SidTheJerkNSFW Hace 6 días
Much better than the BMW for sure!
Shawn Cockrell
Shawn Cockrell Hace 6 días
Great job, but I hate widebody kits, it looks like cheap mud fenders screwed to a truck...….no reflection on your work, you did a great job.
JeeperGear Hace 6 días
Looks like condensation in the tank built up. Gotta drain it from time to time.
Juan De La Torre
Juan De La Torre Hace 6 días
Wax and grease remover sprayed onto a spray out panel with a small pump gun (like for spraying the yard) acts like a clear coat. For quicker turn around on a job. It stays wet for enough time to get a better idea if the paint color matches.
Big Teddy Bear
Big Teddy Bear Hace 6 días
Factory color? Seems like that would be waaaay easier. Just right the first time every time...
bigbigmike Hace 6 días
B is for botched
ali anwer
ali anwer Hace 6 días
You should build a mustang
JakeChevy Suzuki
JakeChevy Suzuki Hace 6 días
Awesome freaking job man! So proud of you and excited to see this thing coming together more and more everyday! Keep up the awesome work dude!
Henry Rockeymore
Henry Rockeymore Hace 6 días
Easier to just assemble parts to the car and spray all at once homie!!✊🏾😂
Eat Sleep Shift
Eat Sleep Shift Hace 6 días
Cool, now we all know which security system you're using :P
Saud Hace 6 días
Can’t you just make a kill room from Dexter and use that as a paint room?
Francis Gomes
Francis Gomes Hace 6 días
Bumper paint iz slightly off
Andrew Hace 6 días
Waste time paint matching or just paint the whole car like goonzquad...
Darkknight _704
Darkknight _704 Hace 6 días
Soooo...what kind of primer was it?🤷‍♂️😂
Sir Bhima
Sir Bhima Hace 6 días
Whiter than white paint 😅
justin eller
justin eller Hace 6 días
The clear will change the color also that 3 stage paint is hard to match might as well paint the whole car if you want a 100% match
MrMegacone Hace 6 días
Trying to match a 3 stage pearl without blending 😂😂😂
John Rosalez
John Rosalez Hace 6 días
Thumbsdown for the 2 minutes of bull crap before the video actually started
828HOONIGANS Hace 6 días
When are the wheels going to be ready to throw on?
Yanko Dimitrov
Yanko Dimitrov Hace 6 días
Any chance of building something with motorcycle engine :) Small car + ZX14 engine = Fun
TheRebelOne Hace 6 días
Every time I watch the intro I think i'm tuning in to the 6 o clock news...!🤔
m dc
m dc Hace 6 días
wow you can barely tell that quarter panel is carbon fiber... oh wait.. its not
David Williams
David Williams Hace 6 días
Go Goonzquad on it and paint the whole car.....no paint matching required
CraigDalton03 Hace 3 días
It feels like a night and day difference how goonzquad builds cars vs b is for build
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Hace 6 días
Make a checklist for the paintbooth... 🤷‍♂️
Adam Graszk
Adam Graszk Hace 6 días
this body is poor quality
laserxeturbo Hace 6 días
I love this build channel! Since I've found it I've been sporadically benge watching builds and getting ideas for my own projects. Keep it up!
Abir Ahmed
Abir Ahmed Hace 6 días
I was unsubsribed from his channel
Maykel Orozco
Maykel Orozco Hace 6 días
wow a car channel that actually builds the car themselves and not just sends it to a "professional" to get it fixed! SUBSCRIBED!! TJ hunt should take notes lmao
Ian Santiago
Ian Santiago Hace 6 días
7:09 that’s what she said
Garage35 Racing
Garage35 Racing Hace 6 días
Good work as usual.!
DarkAngelusV Hace 6 días
Solution: paint the gas cap
Austin Glenn
Austin Glenn Hace 6 días
That’s is freaking amazing paint job thank you for taking the time to get it right because I watch other people make videos like you too and they seem to half ass a lot of shit and it really bugs me
Lets have a smoke and think about it
Hi Chris.. I have watched nearly all your vids and have been inspired to start my own channel. Just watching this and was wondering if there was a way of solid mounting the fan onto the paint booth door?
Dr.Daniel Hace 6 días
I am a builder, and you motivate my build. Cuddos!
AC Cabading
AC Cabading Hace 6 días
Great job man! Keep up the good work! Great content. 💯
dizzychizzy Hace 6 días
The floor was dry just after he said he wouldn't paint like that again....??? Looks good either way to me.
Winston Zhang
Winston Zhang Hace 6 días
surely the 240 would have been the mose fun right... right?
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