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GOT7 - Miracle + Lullaby [2018 KBS Song Festival / 2018.12.28]

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* 2018 KBS Song Festival Play List
* MC : Chanyeol(EXO), Dahyun(TWICE), JIN(BTS)
- LIVE Dec 28, 20:30 (Seoul,UTC+9)
- With English sub : Dec 30, 08:40 (Seoul,UTC+9)
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28 dic 2018

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Comentarios 2 773
Meilly Herlina
Meilly Herlina Hace 13 horas
im so emotional during miracle.
Princess Sharmagne Verdadero
Them singing live is lit🔥
Purple Piano
Purple Piano Hace un día
I need a studio version of this new lullaby!!!! I love it so much!!!! Yugyeom's solooooo wowww ❤❤
Heidi chan
Heidi chan Hace 2 días
i love Miracle
Doll Youngjae
Doll Youngjae Hace 2 días
sooooo gooooooooooooodd
Ivy Najos
Ivy Najos Hace 3 días
Perfect stage. Perfect performance 😉👍👍
Rydel Lynch
Rydel Lynch Hace 4 días
I love this version of lullaby sm! 5:28 is my fav part💕
GOD JIHYO Hace 5 días
Got7 deberían ser más conocidos! Son tan talentosos, merecen mucho apoyo 💞
Bharti Gupta
Bharti Gupta Hace 6 días
Is the crowd dead 😶😭
Bharti Gupta
Bharti Gupta Hace 6 días
My fav group 😍😍🔥🔥
Šhäbđã Şťhä
Šhäbđã Şťhä Hace 7 días
Kareen Eroisa
Kareen Eroisa Hace 7 días
They were singing live the whole song. Their vocals were so stable how do they do that? ☺
Kareen Eroisa
Kareen Eroisa Hace 7 días
I love this remix version
Catalina Olarte
Catalina Olarte Hace 8 días
Youngjae 💚💚💚💚
milinda vongphachanh
Ayra Zairey
Ayra Zairey Hace 9 días
Korean banning system
Atei Ateuh
Atei Ateuh Hace 9 días
My only one i stan for got7 baby bird love you so much💚💚
ShinAhRa Hace 9 días
Wow! Youngjae do the Mark part!! Awesome! 😆
Jenica Codiamat
Jenica Codiamat Hace 9 días
Cute got 7
Via Taehyung
Via Taehyung Hace 9 días
Ashwaq. Hace 10 días
Jinyoung are you angel😭😭😭❤️
Bianca ARMY kpoper
Bianca ARMY kpoper Hace 10 días
Bang twice 2
Bang twice 2 Hace 10 días
All were appreciating got7 by twice light stick 😂😂😂😂
Fatima Mae Edillor
Fatima Mae Edillor Hace 10 días
Saranghae Got7
dane lakmej
dane lakmej Hace 10 días
Please, keep going on and don’t let anything get u down. Also Mark if u r there or anywhere pls, be healthy for ahgase.
Bambam love you
Bambam love you Hace 11 días
Mark hilanggg
priscilla balsamo
priscilla balsamo Hace 11 días
thank you YoungJae for filling up for Mark. 😊
xx. txxr.
xx. txxr. Hace 11 días
this group deserves all the love and recognition in the world
xx. txxr.
xx. txxr. Hace 11 días
youngjae is one of the best vocalists of their generation He is so stable and his voice is so sweet
Nagotshi uwu
Nagotshi uwu Hace 12 días
Youngjae realmente es un artista completo, aquí toca piano e incluso rapea la parte de Mark (ya que este no pudo asistir por el accidente) de verdad me encanta uvu
Emmie Sumski
Emmie Sumski Hace 13 días
I hope Mark gets well soon! I think we all miss him ☹️
Igot7 forever
Igot7 forever Hace 13 días
They look like real princes💞😍 This stage was so amazing ...but it will be more if mark was here of course....
ahmed khafaga
ahmed khafaga Hace 13 días
Youngjae your hair looked much better in the never ever song do it again
Blink Once And Then I Got Bangchan Sonyeondan
Is it just me or does Yugies vocals seem like he’s sick or unstable?
christine balisco
christine balisco Hace 13 días
My gosh 😍 amazing
FAYE sarmiento
FAYE sarmiento Hace 13 días
January 6th 2019 Happy Birthday Uri Leader Im Jaebum 💕 Slaye voice Bday Boiiii 💕
의 전체surada
의 전체surada Hace 14 días
คนไทยหายยย!!!!What is Thailand's missing 555
Maylin Peña
Maylin Peña Hace 14 días
This version of Lullaby has actually blessed my soul
7eleven Hace 14 días
can we just take a moment to appreciate how STABLE their voices are even after that hard choreography💚
Chama - i
Chama - i Hace 14 días
OH! My Genius Youngjae !! ~ 💚
Katelyn_Kpoppotato Hace 14 días
Vg Cf
Vg Cf Hace 14 días
มณีรัตน์ กุลแก้ว
kimberly muñoz
kimberly muñoz Hace 14 días
Youngjae omg
Syaaz Nadaan
Syaaz Nadaan Hace 14 días
Jackson has lost his voice😭😭😭
MeJustFilM MeJustGoT-7
Mark where are you?!
sara dongogo
sara dongogo Hace 15 días
un italiano uno pls..................
Hyuk Patricia
Hyuk Patricia Hace 15 días
Oh lord. I love that dance. ❣️🥰. I don’t kn how much can I say I love got7.
LisherPun :3
LisherPun :3 Hace 15 días
4:40 wot?0.0
army- bts
army- bts Hace 15 días
🤤🤤👏👏👏👏GOT7!!🎅🎅 VISUALS7!!! VOCALS7!!!!😍😍😍😍🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊
Pat Rick
Pat Rick Hace 15 días
Jinyoung’s eyebrows are so beautiful
B.A Hace 15 días
Can you see the passion in their eyes? Jinyoung kills me /bye/😍
Trisha Hace 15 días
Proud of them all! I hope everyone gets better, and they all get some rest!! Love you all
Perla Fernanda Villa
Perla Fernanda Villa Hace 15 días
Mi corazón no puede con tanto :”)
jae fitzgerald
jae fitzgerald Hace 15 días
Jimin is my cute little Mochi
Can someone tell me what happens to Mark? I'm confuzzled
leeruben01 Hace 16 días
Sorry but I'm not really a fan of got7, but I can tell why people like them so much and I would like them too but I have no idea who the members are
Amira El Batawi
Amira El Batawi Hace 4 días
just watch ESvid introduction videos
Amira El Batawi
Amira El Batawi Hace 4 días
I hope you will still become a fan!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Cat Phimprapha
Cat Phimprapha Hace 16 días
Got7 ❤️😊
Rosa G
Rosa G Hace 16 días
Lullaby was Youngjae’s stage
got7official wife
got7official wife Hace 16 días
Lina Hace 16 días
3:22 Sir put that tongue back in your mouth...
MIS HELL Hace 16 días
😭😧😢MARK 😥😫😭
Haley Welter
Haley Welter Hace 16 días
They left a space behind the piano bench at 1:44 for Mark I’m betting and you can tell they need Mark to blend because Yugyeom’s higher voice stands out more than normal at 1:50
Roxana Rams
Roxana Rams Hace 16 días
I Love Jinyoung's eyes, it has such a special shine! I'ts magic! ❤ And his voice elevates me! 🌠 ❤
Luhan Luhan
Luhan Luhan Hace 16 días
😭😭اشتقت لmark
Gabriela Arteaga
Gabriela Arteaga Hace 16 días
I'm in awe Youngjae!!! And how JB ended is cuteness overload!
Mai Kieu
Mai Kieu Hace 16 días
Thương Mark quá😞
AYSDsoul Hace 16 días
Jaebeom's forehead .. jaebeom and youngjae's vocals... So heavenly.... Jaebeom is very handsome too with his hairstyle ,untill nw i still cnt believe hw duality is jaebeom whn his hair went down & up... Omgg!! He looked fine either way
el official
el official Hace 16 días
Youngjae owns this........ and all of us
yoongi is my daddy
yoongi is my daddy Hace 16 días
1:49 sksksk what-
Ilse Miranda
Ilse Miranda Hace 16 días
Nothing like this guys!!! 🔥🔥🔥💕💕💕💕
Melisa Fitri
Melisa Fitri Hace 16 días
Michelle Ilog
Michelle Ilog Hace 16 días
can someone tell me how successful got7 is??? how many awards?
คือแบบพี่ มาร์ค ไปไหน
Karen Aletha
Karen Aletha Hace 16 días
Where the hell is Jackson's part on Miracle? All this was singing. No part on that JYP special stage and now this??! He might as well been absent for this kind of treatment. 🙄🙄
Luis David Salinas Quintanilla
Y donde esta mark
Kim Taehyung My Lovers
Where's Mark?
mabinranikka Hace 16 días
Thiare Hace 16 días
I love got7 so much♡
Shairyl Joy Refugio
Shairyl Joy Refugio Hace 16 días
What happened to Mark??
Jacqueline Daiana
Jacqueline Daiana Hace 17 días
JB 😍😍
Fern Ferniie
Fern Ferniie Hace 17 días
Where's Mark?
injoon and nana's a cup of coffee
main vocalist to rapper💗
Shizuka Endou
Shizuka Endou Hace 17 días
*they look so tired wtf don't overwork them jyp*
kyomi fukuhara
kyomi fukuhara Hace 17 días
Poor Mark he is not there
ayvb2303 Hace 17 días
The original version of lullaby was better 😔
Rina Khoerina
Rina Khoerina Hace 17 días
Mark kemana
Star Crees
Star Crees Hace 17 días
il a fallut que youngjae rappe la partie de Mark pour que je remarque que Mark n'était pas là
Hello Mobile
Hello Mobile Hace 17 días
Miss mark😂
a ag
a ag Hace 17 días
wait.....CHO- IM NOT ExpecTing Youngjae would cover mark's part
Lalkhawngaihi Kc
Lalkhawngaihi Kc Hace 17 días
Love you all
はね Hace 17 días
Themnu lhanghal Themnu lhanghal
Than you youngjae.. for singining mark part
Hường Nguyễn
Hường Nguyễn Hace 17 días
Is that Jinyoung's shoulder suit teared apart :)) doesnt matter. My prince nailed it
Heidi chan
Heidi chan Hace 17 días
this is their best stage in 2018 !
Heidi chan
Heidi chan Hace 17 días
where is mark??
Heidi chan
Heidi chan Hace 17 días
ميريكال 😭💓
Alyssa Valentina
Alyssa Valentina Hace 17 días
I really like their voice in Miracle. OMG!!
Nava bunny xD
Nava bunny xD Hace 17 días
And Mark?
[WUT]Jiminie&Jackie Hewo
Oops I meant MIN YOONGI
[WUT]Jiminie&Jackie Hewo
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