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Grade Levels Portrayed By SpongeBob

Alex D
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12 mar 2019

grade levels portrayed by spongebobgrade levels psbschool grades portrayed by spongebobschool grades psbalex d portrayed by spongebobalex d psbalebopportrayed by spongebob






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3rd grade is actually so true
Hyper Bridgeo
Hyper Bridgeo Hace 7 horas
12th grade got me good. We all wanna be like that.
The Dino Channel
The Dino Channel Hace 11 horas
3rd grade makes no sense
Jumbo Baggins
Jumbo Baggins Hace 11 horas
Wow, that got a little deep at the end
The person That will haunt you
Girl in my school had like 5 or 4 boyfriends in a whole week 🤠 we’re in 5th (well just graduated 4th)
AlCubing 7
AlCubing 7 Hace 21 un hora
My favorite is 7th😂😂
Taco time Starts now
1:13 don't make fun of me but that's how I see my big brother
Linda Dinh
Linda Dinh Hace un día
0:08 me in real life
Margarete Wiese
Margarete Wiese Hace 2 días
I'm in fifth grade, but my class is a mix of pre-k and kindergarten XD
Amy Anime Lover
Amy Anime Lover Hace 2 días
How long do Americans stay in college for? In my country, we only need to be in education till we're 18
Amy Anime Lover
Amy Anime Lover Hace un día
@GamingQuick oh ok
GamingQuick Hace un día
College is optional and the time you're there depends on what you want to do.
Amethyst Plays
Amethyst Plays Hace 2 días
I’m in 7th grade but my class acts like kindergarten lol
Sonic fan boi
Sonic fan boi Hace 2 días
When u were in 3rd grade people said they were danTDM and people believed them
Brian Popham
Brian Popham Hace 2 días
2:09 What 12th Graders thinks
Villainoid Yt
Villainoid Yt Hace 2 días
That outro music dope what's it called
Erickis funny
Erickis funny Hace 2 días
Am going to 3rd grade
GamingQuick Hace un día
WallShow Hace 2 días
1:07 I heard a laugh.
Dragondad123 Hace 2 días
Me in kindergarden: I WANNA GROW UP! Me now: TAKE THAT BACK BOI!
Nohhie Hace 2 días
OpEn Sessami 2 year collge
i lish
i lish Hace 2 días
id hate you even if i didnt hate you id hate you even if that made sense me having a normal conversation with friends lol
Bronzo X
Bronzo X Hace 2 días
Camille Kim
Camille Kim Hace 2 días
cosmetic cat
cosmetic cat Hace 3 días
school in a nutshell
Gerard is the way
Gerard is the way Hace 3 días
2:11 That's literally me when I had to sign up for fall classes for college
Lunatic cultist Terraria
6th grade SO TRUE XD
Lilxxl Hace 3 días
Omg I cant with the 6th grade one 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sidmur Hace 3 días
My God Alex, can't believe this got 2.7 million views
Natalie L
Natalie L Hace 4 días
People in elementary well the fifth graders are dirty minded af I’m going into 6th grade
XxHollie-Sayori- Yuri-Monika-Natsuki-Xx
12th grade is me even though I’m in 3rd grade
Bianca Shy-Good at Singing-Easily Blushes
3:14 I can't hear anything bc it's so quiet so turn your volume all the way up for it
Bianca Shy-Good at Singing-Easily Blushes
@Ragerboy YT XD Yup! That was my plan!
Ragerboy YT
Ragerboy YT Hace 3 días
Bianca Shy-Good at Singing-Easily Blushes I hate you
Moy Vids
Moy Vids Hace 4 días
You forgot 4k
Nohhie Hace 4 días
I luv 1st year college
hadyn pearson
hadyn pearson Hace 4 días
When the person you hate says you remember that time I got out of first grade 1:33
Jelena Simić
Jelena Simić Hace 4 días
2:07 is it just me, or did it sound like the guy was saying "this is America"
Animal Lover 200
Animal Lover 200 Hace 4 días
12 when you don’t want to go to college
Animal Lover 200
Animal Lover 200 Hace 4 días
12th is that how it is omg I’m only in elementary school
iOS Portal
iOS Portal Hace 5 días
I don’t get the 10th grade one.
I_am_dead_ inside
I_am_dead_ inside Hace 5 días
0:6 what are you talking about? Thats me all the time
dabeanboi Hace 5 días
lower the volume on that outro prick
Ethan and Braden Productions
The 7th and 8th grade ones should be swapped.
CSXRailfan3012 Hace 5 días
I'm starting my senior year and I just want to be back in Grade 5
XXXTsunamiXXX Hace 5 días
Ok I’m 6th grade and I can conform
April Mckenzie
April Mckenzie Hace 5 días
3rd not #rd
April Mckenzie
April Mckenzie Hace 5 días
#rd grade is not like that at all
Justin Plays
Justin Plays Hace 5 días
1:27 remember the day sandy and I got married LOL
Nohhie Hace 5 días
Grade5 haha grade7ahahahaahahah10th grade haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
•Lavender S'more•
This makes so much sense for me and my friends 😂
FireFlyホタル Hace 5 días
12th grade though 😂😂😂
William Radef
William Radef Hace 5 días
When I finally go to 12th grade I’m in 5th moving on to 6th grade when I get back from my first day in 12th grade an interaction with my mom will be like this probably Me: walks into my house with mom waiting for me Mom:ohh hey honey how was your first day in high school Me: 2:11
Alexandria Grotts
Alexandria Grotts Hace 6 días
5th. Accurate
Soviet Taco
Soviet Taco Hace 6 días
Alex D
Lori Melton
Lori Melton Hace 6 días
I'm going to 6th grade wish me luck
Galaxy Toast
Galaxy Toast Hace 6 días
5th grade clip: Hey. You just blowing from stupid town? Me:.............yes
Shaneel Sharma
Shaneel Sharma Hace 6 días
11th 12th
ToxicPea 34
ToxicPea 34 Hace 6 días
4th grade is so accurate I’m in 6th grade and 4th graders try to pick on younger kids all the time
sNinja Gaming
sNinja Gaming Hace 6 días
3:11 Alex D: **roasts us** Alex D: **ends video** Me: R U TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH THIS ?
Mari Ohara
Mari Ohara Hace 6 días
Everyone’s talking about 12th grade but 8th is the real true one
Hana the wirdo
Hana the wirdo Hace 6 días
I am 12 and 8 grade is already me XD
Koston Kensley
Koston Kensley Hace 7 días
i have to say pre k and kidagarden is real but 3 grade yes it is real 7th Grade Make Me LOL
Datboyaja 123
Datboyaja 123 Hace 7 días
5th grade hiding report cards-I NEED ITTTT
Julia Fagin
Julia Fagin Hace 7 días
7th, 12th, and 17th(first year on the streets) r rellay werid
j. luck 2
j. luck 2 Hace 7 días
My worst year is 3rd grade
dragon hunter xd
dragon hunter xd Hace 7 días
6th grade me
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill Hace 7 días
These are honestly super accurate to my life so far. I'm in 5th grade, about to go to 6th, and now I hate my life.
Addy Gariti
Addy Gariti Hace 7 días
1:11 that’s me!!!
Bryan Jones
Bryan Jones Hace 7 días
Whats The outro Song?
Krusty Fortnite
Krusty Fortnite Hace 7 días
What is the name of his outdo song !??
Basically I have a problem -__-
6th grade is so accurate
Adrian Mahmudovski
Adrian Mahmudovski Hace 7 días
1:32 WHAT THE FU****
channel siege
channel siege Hace 8 días
1:44 i'm in here
skydfly 67
skydfly 67 Hace 8 días
Your outro is soon to be a meme
Kadee Hasan
Kadee Hasan Hace 8 días
8th grade was perfect
Jeriah Bernard
Jeriah Bernard Hace 8 días
Who else came here just to see what to expect
:POof The Edgy gacha
12th garde broke me....
Holden Hace 8 días
1:45 Its my Grade Level
Ember MicCormick
Ember MicCormick Hace 8 días
So 5th grade is nothing compared to collage? wElP I’m IN fOR A FuN TiM iN SeVIn yEarS RiGhT?
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato Hace 8 días
*Remeber the day that me and Sandy got married?* **explode**
Fnaffansinger Hace 8 días
The outro scared the hell out of me
Audacious Fellow 101
6th Grade literally me
Hyperscorpion UwU
Hyperscorpion UwU Hace 9 días
Boiiiiii I’m in 5th grade I I got facial hair
Eileen Wowk
Eileen Wowk Hace 9 días
8th grade: I have crippling depression
Lucy's amazing family life
Depression isn't something to joke about, unless you really do have depression, because if you do you have my condolences
Gacha Ryann
Gacha Ryann Hace 9 días
3rd Grade is me and boys
Audrey Brown
Audrey Brown Hace 9 días
I spiritually related to the Kindergarten one and maybe I have a problem
Aisha Holback
Aisha Holback Hace 9 días
1:06 when there's no more ice cream..
Julia Fagin
Julia Fagin Hace 9 días
Squidward: Spare change mam Random Little Kid: Snoony! ( Music Plays) ( Title Says Alex D
Dr oof
Dr oof Hace 9 días
1:32 holy carp
The weirdo Ronald turner O
How did this get so many comment
Marsh mellow Pie
Marsh mellow Pie Hace 9 días
The 8th grade one is so relatable.
Gacha Girl28
Gacha Girl28 Hace 9 días
In the part of 7th grade Spongebob:remember when me and sandy were married Me:i knew it
Ban Fortnite Please
Ban Fortnite Please Hace 9 días
I am utterly shocked that the episode where Spongebob only writes “The” while struggling to think of something else is not on here.
George Wagner
George Wagner Hace 9 días
12th grade is sad.
Elsie Martinez
Elsie Martinez Hace 10 días
The last digit of the Like is what grade your in 0.Kindergarden 1.First grade 2.Second grade 3.Third grade 4.Fourth grade 5. Fifth grade 6. Sixth grade 7.Seventh Grade 8 Eighth grade 9. Ninth Grade (Now if the number gets to 10 11 or 12 your in that grade) 10. Tenth grade 11. Eleveth grade 12.Collage
Kyra?? ????
Kyra?? ???? Hace 10 días
In 40 years kids are gonna use this video in their presentation about late capitalism
Tyr33k10 Hace 10 días
5th grader: crap I forgot my binder 2nd grader *yOu sAiD a nAuGhTy wOrD*
Epicblade87 Hace 5 días
I see ur picture. LF
Clapped YT
Clapped YT Hace 10 días
Okay ESvid I’ll watch okay
Short E
Short E Hace 10 días
6th grade know that we’re men 7th graders what a bunch of losers
L U I S Hace 10 días
thats 12th grade one THE FUCKING FEELS
Confetti Koala
Confetti Koala Hace 10 días
Okay... Not knowing what was gonna happen next, the 8th grade clip scared me...
Cam Street
Cam Street Hace 10 días
The 3rd grade clip was my 4th grade
Vero Genaro
Vero Genaro Hace 10 días
Spongebob says that he married Sandy at 1:27
Vero Genaro
Vero Genaro Hace 8 días
They ALL GET triggered at 1:32
Frank Alvira
Frank Alvira Hace 11 días
Life SpongeBob has taught me about life
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