GRAMMYs 2019: What Drake Had to Say After His Acceptance Speech Was Cut Off (Exclusive)

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Elene Kaldani
Elene Kaldani Hace 2 meses
Drake is a fucking legend!
JDimes Hace 2 meses
1:04 “Are you stupid are you dumb?” -Aubrey Graham, 2019
Rusul F
Rusul F Hace 3 meses
Are you stupid are you dumbbbb
P Body
P Body Hace 3 meses
He look shook.
Kyera Armstrong
Kyera Armstrong Hace 3 meses
Are you stupid or are you dumb 😂😍
musicgbwt Hace 3 meses
look up 'Damani Nkosi - RESPECT'
musicgbwt Hace 3 meses
look up 'Damani Nkosi - RESPECT'
Mom kirkpatrick
Mom kirkpatrick Hace 3 meses
Drake and a few others that boycotted the Grammy's, shouldn't even turn their songs in to try to win an award.
joe chrow
joe chrow Hace 4 meses
Dude you sing rap songs...Stop trying to act like you are some very important figure in this country
The Roma that works 40 hrs
R.I.P to both but If nypsy was still alive or xxx it would had been them 💯
J M D Hace 5 meses
em and joyner would've probably say the same. well played drake.
gisselle rivera
gisselle rivera Hace 6 meses
At the end, did drizzy say are u stooped are u dumb .. . Still free 69
The Narwhals
The Narwhals Hace 6 meses
The Narwhals
The Narwhals Hace 6 meses
The 9ine God
The 9ine God Hace 6 meses
He seemed so tense. Like he had to get outta there.
John Zuniga
John Zuniga Hace 6 meses
Go reach out to your son like your teacher for the mic niggah me like you is why my whole generation grew up without parents.
John Zuniga
John Zuniga Hace 6 meses
I’m not a fan. Period. any dude who does not step up for his son at the moment of his birth is a coward in my eyes. Pls if drake was taken to the hood he wouldn’t make it out he’s a lil bitch and I can see through his fake
Yousaf Shady
Yousaf Shady Hace 6 meses
Em should get it!
sam I am
sam I am Hace 6 meses
We all know eminem wasn't gonna win it he put the Grammys on blast on kamikaze album.
Boomin’ 22
Boomin’ 22 Hace 6 meses
Anthony Dudley
Anthony Dudley Hace 6 meses
Nicki didn't win one that's why 🤣😁😂💯
Lilc TheOne
Lilc TheOne Hace 6 meses
I like his suit
Jeremy Burkhart
Jeremy Burkhart Hace 6 meses
why didnt his ghost writer get the award
Reese Revere
Reese Revere Hace 6 meses
why he always late to the grammys lmao😂😂
can someone translate what he said after?????
Kamal Adam
Kamal Adam Hace 6 meses
I cried when they said "Kendrick Lamar" and showed Future 😂😂
604jade Hace 6 meses
They have a clip of future when they say kendrick lamar lol
George A
George A Hace 6 meses
They cut him off for a moment of silence for xxxtentacion
Fernando P.
Fernando P. Hace 6 meses
Meh i really wanted to know what he said when he got cut off
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 Hace 6 meses
'God's Plan' is really the 'devil's plan'.
Love All Trust None
Love All Trust None Hace 6 meses
Why he tryna sound like a london yute
westside1233211 Hace 6 meses
CaapriceTube Hace 6 meses
0:15 - whoever that guy is on stage next to drake. Im slippin in the DM's, lol
Joshua Leiva
Joshua Leiva Hace 6 meses
Aaaand Joyner Lucas not, Eminem.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 6 meses
isaacfarted Hace 6 meses
Shit, I get happy as hell when I have like 10 views on the songs I post here on the Tube. 😂
vania yuleni
vania yuleni Hace 6 meses
So cute 😍😍😍
vania yuleni
vania yuleni Hace 6 meses
I love drake 😍😍😍😍
Scareofthelight Book
He didn’t give Kevin Frazier no time lol
Queenz Can't Stop Me!
I swear That Pissed me off! I wanted to punch someone right in the face after That Happened. And I did.
HarmonicDX Hace 6 meses
Drake beat out Travis Scott (and himself)...
Lars Lumer
Lars Lumer Hace 6 meses
Nice speech
SLAAQ Hace 6 meses
That speech was amazing! fck them for cutting it off
Satyam Anand
Satyam Anand Hace 6 meses
Eminem should have got this Grammy ...if he hadn't diss them ...but it doesn't matter the rap God has plenty of them ..#fuckurselvesgrammys
Ari Hace 6 meses
Drake keeping it real 🔥 Grammys can't accept the truth 😡
Me Gillium
Me Gillium Hace 6 meses
Lmfao HOW tf Drake beat Eminem and Kendrick??? Drake is so overrated og but.. I’m glad he kept it real, and showed every artist some love. Respect 💯
Discussions with LD
Discussions with LD Hace 6 meses
"We play in an opinion based sport, not a factual based sport". Gotta let that marinate lol.
MARISSA C Hace 6 meses
they cut em off cause he was speaking some real shit 🤷🤷
Stereo Guns
Stereo Guns Hace 6 meses
U don’t need a Grammy to be great. U just need 20 ghost writers, auto tune and the same repetitive beat in every song. Congrats drake and Cardi B 😂😂 music is such a joke
Stereo Guns
Stereo Guns Hace 6 meses
The fact that this clown won a Grammy is insulting to real artists everywhere. Gods plan lmao what a joke of a track mindless bullshit
chrissy b.
chrissy b. Hace 6 meses
0:27 Left headphone you can only hear his speech Right headphone you can only hear the music
Da1 King0fWakanda
Da1 King0fWakanda Hace 6 meses
God’s Plan didn’t deserve that award 😂
Damage Hace 6 meses
All these American mans tryna figure out whats gwanin lmfaooo. Keep trying waste yutes.
ihwaK Hace 6 meses
Damage You’re really passionate abt this lmao I see u all up and down these comments. It’s never that serious.
Damian Perkins
Damian Perkins Hace 6 meses
Bro they showed Future and called him Kendrick Lamar👀
Tubbi Pac
Tubbi Pac Hace 6 meses
6 Toronto no place like home
Giovannie Hernandez
Giovannie Hernandez Hace 6 meses
GRAMMYs 2019: What Drake Had to Say After His Acceptance Speech Was Cut Off (Exclusive)
Fancyslimshady Hace 6 meses
Why did she say Eminem like that ??
Yoga Wolf
Yoga Wolf Hace 6 meses
its crazy he didnt think he won anything because he was taking it easy on the game lol
GAMETIME R Hace 6 meses
How they talk bout kendrick lamarr and put future in there 😂
Raven Irabor
Raven Irabor Hace 6 meses
I dead love drake
h2o Hace 6 meses
I feel like a minority because his music and many others have no originality, the qualify of music has gone downhill.
Andrew Kartheiser
Andrew Kartheiser Hace 6 meses
He said "The mayor of Toronto needs to turn the CN tower into chrome, chrome and gold. Are you stupid are you dumb?" He was responding to the question and he basically said no I don't want to add anything are you dumb for asking?
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez Hace 6 meses
We gone ignore the fact that they said future was Kendrick Lamar at 0:18 ??? Y’all know what I mean
HolyLion Hace 6 meses
my left ear enjoyed this video
Mike Grind
Mike Grind Hace 6 meses
that wasn't kendrick
Life Force Foward
Life Force Foward Hace 6 meses
Uhh ohh the social engineers didn't like what Drake had to say. I hope he goes pedal to the floor against them now.
Bts aejeong
Bts aejeong Hace 6 meses
Glad he said this! It was needing to be heard. So true.
Patricia de Leon
Patricia de Leon Hace 6 meses
neri lovita
neri lovita Hace 6 meses
Love honest drake
STARSHIP' Shel Hace 6 meses
The Grammy's cutting him off validated everything he said.
Kobe B
Kobe B Hace 6 meses
@Life Force Foward the illuminati wasn't having it.
Life Force Foward
Life Force Foward Hace 6 meses
Junior Deleon
Junior Deleon Hace 6 meses
Kylie Jenner looks Bord Af with Travis Still don't Understand y there together...
David Reid
David Reid Hace 6 meses
He's so charismatic. I love him
Malakah Judah
Malakah Judah Hace 6 meses
He even aired them out Hebrew 😂🤣😂🤣😂
XX_Sauceboy brand
XX_Sauceboy brand Hace 6 meses
Damn Joyner Lucas could have won that Grammy he rapped about never getting
Khusbu Gurung
Khusbu Gurung Hace 6 meses
Beefy Mcwhatnow
Beefy Mcwhatnow Hace 6 meses
To bad Quinton Miller wrote it
Will Hunting
Will Hunting Hace 6 meses
Valentino Cáceres
Valentino Cáceres Hace 6 meses
Drake you’re the best! #fuckthegrammys
day6creation breathing
Myself X2
Myself X2 Hace 6 meses
"are you stupid are you dumb?" LOL I love him
Kei'Sara Young
Kei'Sara Young Hace 6 meses
Who this dude think he is?!! 69? Stoooopuddd
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