Grand Fantasy Party Part 3 [2018 KBS Song Festival / ENG / CHN / 2018.12.28]

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* 2018 KBS Song Festival Play List
* MC : Chanyeol(EXO), Dahyun(TWICE), JIN(BTS)
- LIVE Dec 28, 20:30 (Seoul,UTC+9)
- With English sub : Dec 30, 08:40 (Seoul,UTC+9)
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4 ene 2019

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Comentarios 592
Apple Pie
Apple Pie Hace 2 horas
EXO again killing all the exo-ls out there with there performance😂💖
Yu Yizheng
Yu Yizheng Hace 10 horas
BTS is iconic as always.
yein jung
yein jung Hace 19 horas
Lovelyz or their special name Livelyz show an amazing live performance with an orchestra..they absolutely slay
Nathan Buquet
Nathan Buquet Hace 21 un hora
Best MC ever The third part was the best, BTS just oh my fucking god, amazing, handsome, incredible Twice just the best girl group, they are all pretty , talented, beautiful, just OMG And to complete, EXO, amazing Solo BTS was just... can’t find any words to describe them All the song is write by their own heart, they are talented, passionate like nobody can be ARMY ONCE EXOL, YOU CAN BE PROUD OF YOUR GROUP THEY ARE ALL JUST AMAZING like if you are agree with me
BANG Wool's
BANG Wool's Hace un día
Work hard party harder 😂
phương thảo trần ngọc
Where was Mark GOT7? I don't see him in this video
Chea Sithi
Chea Sithi Hace un día
wAfFeL Is fRoM BeLgIuM
Sometimes I forgot that bts is worldwide idol and a millionaire.....😂💜
Shianna Fury
Shianna Fury Hace un día
BTS’s heads could be bombs cause of how much crack fills it up lol 😂 😂😂😂😂
eneri Hace un día
in fairness I miss Wanna One
eneri Hace un día
in fairness I miss Wanna One
Roqella shaikh
Roqella shaikh Hace un día
Chanyeol: being breathless from just performing Also chanyeol 5 mins later: AMOR FATI (see exo focus you'll understand what I'm saying😂😂)
Roqella shaikh
Roqella shaikh Hace un día
I'm so happy they put chanyeol and Jin together!!! My Park Passionate and Worldwide cutie guy🤣🤣🤣💓💓💓💓💜💜💜💜👑👑👑
Roqella shaikh
Roqella shaikh Hace un día
J hope is so hot
Kinanti Maulantika
Kinanti Maulantika Hace 2 días
Jin "exo sunbaenim" because exol and army often war, i think army forget the fact if exo are senior to bts, and they are not a rival hahaha. I purple you army yeorobeun💜💜 peace🤘🤘
Livia Caleffi
Livia Caleffi Hace 2 días
os comentários tão desativados pra esse vídeo?
Happy Virus
Happy Virus Hace 2 días
The crowd kept screaming for bts 😂
Радостный Одуванчик
Интересно, сколько бабла кбс заплатило чтоб тут выступали БТС и ЭКСО Просто блин ВАПРОС
Natália Oliveira
Natália Oliveira Hace 4 días
I love you so much BTS 💜
Mahrukh Omer
Mahrukh Omer Hace 4 días
So proud of bts I find it funny how most of the bts members come to the front being themselves (crazy).. and yoongi was also having fun not sleeping. Lol
angel16 devil16
angel16 devil16 Hace 5 días
Wannaone 😭
Encee _09
Encee _09 Hace 6 días
EXOs aura is really strong yet charming..the multi talented KINGS
D' Deulgi
D' Deulgi Hace 7 días
red velvet_kang seulgi💛🐻
Army Itz linbinli
Army Itz linbinli Hace 7 días
Aoa💜💜💜 BTS 💜
anjana biswas
anjana biswas Hace 8 días
The last performance of Kim Yeonja gave me IDOL's vibe.
twice once
twice once Hace 8 días
Kimikimi 032593
Kimikimi 032593 Hace 8 días
Got7's Youngjae. Wow. The rap and vocals
Teahyung So Cute
Teahyung So Cute Hace 8 días
Inès Hace 9 días
hermoine granger
hermoine granger Hace 9 días
I WAS REALLY SAD WHEN EXO GOT TO PERFORM IN THE LAST PERFORMANCE though i have nothing against exo, but BTS deserved to be at the last!! EXO didn't have that eventful year in 2018.....THIS IS SO DISHEARTENING!! BUT NOW BTS HAS BECOME THE BIGGEST KPOP GROUP IN HISTORY, lets see at end of 2019 who will be the ending performance!!
Disha Joyce Lall
Disha Joyce Lall Hace 10 días
BTS always 💜💯
soosoo baekhyun
soosoo baekhyun Hace 10 días
Exo slayed the stage ...kings
cradfeo Hace 13 días
Everyone's wilding even in the back asoifhlhsla
Fadly Xo
Fadly Xo Hace 14 días
Next Mcs Sehun,Tzuyu,V😂
Aqeel Khan
Aqeel Khan Hace 15 días
Bts really burned that stage
helna fitriana
helna fitriana Hace 16 días
Sweat Loey after perform and back to be MC just gorgeous
T-ONCE Hace 16 días
Dahyun 💜💎
Min ae cha
Min ae cha Hace 17 días
I'm very happy this ending... Gomawoyo 💜
vie imnida
vie imnida Hace 17 días
Waw EXO..^_^
Caro Paez
Caro Paez Hace 17 días
Jung Ilhoon & Kim Seokjin, kings of crackheads, we stan 💘
Hajar Elmouden
Hajar Elmouden Hace 17 días
BTS is The best😍😍😍😍
Army Hopeworld
Army Hopeworld Hace 19 días
1:29:12 vs. 1:29:18 😂💜😂💜😂💜😂💜😂💜
Duong An Khue
Duong An Khue Hace 21 un día
Wanna one!!!
Namjin are best Dancers in this world
The ending was huge mess😂😂
Vennise Mae Yap
Vennise Mae Yap Hace 22 días
I wish in the next KBS festival, TXT and BTS will perform together!😍😍
wafaa manaouanexo
wafaa manaouanexo Hace 23 días
MAC Miller
MAC Miller Hace 24 días
Ummm Youngjae my sunshine rapping to my boy Mark's part...I mayhaps died
aggravatedmilk09 Hace 24 días
just normal things, bts being chaotic in their interview
Dinosaurfart Hace 25 días
okay but 55:00 what tf were the backup dancers doing...
Mariam Mm
Mariam Mm Hace 25 días
A continuación