Grand National 2018 Tiger Roll

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Grand natioanl
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14 abr 2018






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Stacy Boles
Stacy Boles Hace 23 horas
After a quick google search - the panels were up for a jockey, who was being treated on the track.Jockey Charlie Deutsch was kicked in the back by a horse after falling from his horse at Becher's Brook. He was ok and rode in a race the next day. All the horses in this race returned to the stables. Saints Are was treated by vets after falling and owners decided to retire him to non-racing career after this race. At 12 years old and having already won 500K on the track, I would say he deserved a retirement to a much easier career. Bravo to his owners for retiring him while he was still healthy and sound.
ray Gordon
ray Gordon Hace 4 días
You know how cock fighting is legal and accepted in the DR? This is the same type of shit. Disgusting and immoral.
Penelope Hace 8 días
Is this not cruelty to horses?
チクワ王子 Hace 9 días
japan to house ojuchousan
ぽんぽんぽこ Hace 9 días
Glen Lynch
Glen Lynch Hace 10 días
From One National Hero, Canadian Sports Hall Of Fame Honouree, OUR Diminutive, (ooops rather) Compact Northern Dancer The MOST Dominant Athlete in his Sport, Or Any Sport In Our Known Universe For That Matter... With his $1MILLION Stud fee. And an offer to be bought for $40MILLION$ at 21 years old by Arab OIl Sheiks!!! NO WAY... Somethings just can't be bought; At ANY Price!!! ...To Tiger Roll, today Ireland's National Pride, From my namesake's surname "Lynch's Knock" Ireland... www.pedigreequery.com/tiger+roll Like OUR Northern' Tiger Roll is small, ooops rather COMPACT too. Both the smallest, mostest COMPACT thoroughbreds racing in their Championship Fields. Both Tiger Roll, and his 4 TIMES Pedigree OUR 'Dancer, Including BOTH Top Line Sire and Mare. Both stand at 15.2 hands. Horse talk for 5'2" at the withers. Tiger Roll at NINE years old won the world's #1 Steeplechase (Jumping) England's Grand National, back to back **TWO years in a row. The World's showpiece steeplechase is over a distance of 4 miles 514 yards. Nothing else like it in any thoroughbred racing!!! BUT WAIT... Wasn't OUR Northern Dancer a flats racing Champion Thoroughbred. Whose direct descendants, HIS Greater Toronto Area GTA-DNA kiddies now control over 90% of ALL flats Champions??? Yes.... And the same with his Jumping Northern Dancer's Breed too, year after year, after year, after year add to that infinitum. OUR Northern Dancer's GTA-DNA has CHANGED the Thoroughbred Breed forever itself. His GTA-DNA just gets STRONGER at every breeding!!! Northern' And His 4X's Tiger'....
ELP LLC Hace 11 días
This is nuts!
Kristina J
Kristina J Hace 12 días
How can someone really think the horses „want“ to run? They are forced to do it. Through fear and pain they get conditioned to run for their life. This behavior even gets increased by their natural instinct of fleeing with the herd in a situation like this. The only ones who enjoy the show are the ignorant visitors who pay a lot of money to see a lot of drama.
tehanomander Hace 7 días
@Kristina J Kristina ....you're a liar Or deluded But mainly you're just a liar What use would a racehorse be if you kept it in it's box all day? How would you train it or get it fit? You genuinely think trainers keep them in their box and only take them out on race day!!! Haha that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard
Kristina J
Kristina J Hace 7 días
tehanomander Do you really think that horses care of something like royalty or applause? Most sport horses spend their whole day in a tiny, isolated box, because it would be a risk of having them playing with others or something else. They have no interest in beeing important or expensive or what else, they want to have their freedom and a possibility to escape the stress they are feeling day by day. And by the way, there are so many sport horses who get injuries or even getting killed in a race. Just a few month ago, believe it or not, an old friend of mine had fallen of his horse in a race, which got immediately put down on the Track. I know much about horse racing because i tried it many years ago, but after one race i never went to such an event again. All the horses i saw looked awful treated and seemed sad. Many of them were aggressive or had a similar behavior
tehanomander Hace 8 días
@Kristina J They are treated like royalty all their working lives and loved and cherished by their owners? And the best of them are remembered and applauded long after they retire and eventually die? So ....similar (or even better) lives to most humans
Kristina J
Kristina J Hace 8 días
@tehanomander I meant one reason which has not a negative impact on the lifes of those horses
tehanomander Hace 9 días
@Kristina J 1 good reason? It creates hundreds of 1000s of jobs and generates billions in revenue
teampenit Hace 13 días
and at least one horse dies and not even a word. so sad.
Silver Owl
Silver Owl Hace 8 días
No horse died in this National, there were no fatalities in 2018. They diverted at Becher's because an injured jockey, (Charlie Deutsch), was being treated, not a horse.
Michael G
Michael G Hace 16 días
This seem's extremely cruel for the horses. There must be extreme anxiety for the horses who have already fallen having to go on without the jockey and potentially fall again! Also this race is way to long and is punishing the horses. I wonder how many have died in the past, especially in warm weather. Get rid of these stupid dangerous races.
Walter Santos
Walter Santos Hace 16 días
My god that is one brutal race
Moises Lopez
Moises Lopez Hace 16 días
Son chin....ras.!! Con estos animales. PERO los Animales somos los humanos por permitir esto..!!! Es sentido comun que alguien pierda la vida.!!
y t
y t Hace 17 días
Richard de rothschild
Richard de rothschild Hace 19 días
great run by Tiger Roll is it OK for me to link this to my members at www.tipsterchallenge.com
Bosch by bosch
Bosch by bosch Hace 19 días
Love love love tiger roll won me loads of money 2020 winner guaranteed
Denver Wainwright
Denver Wainwright Hace 13 días
I'll take that bet
MJ Oliver
MJ Oliver Hace 20 días
This is horrible. This is designed to have them trip. They need a good clearance to be safe and less of them at once. Also, GO RIDERLESS HORSE AT THE FRONT!!
Joseph Pish
Joseph Pish Hace 20 días
Irish fucks are crazy... thats the only way I can explain the existence of this race.
David_Durinac Hace 21 un día
Theres always that one jockey that makes his horse conserve energy to go sonic at the end
けい。 Hace 26 días
サドンデスレースやん!! 馬のこととジョッキーのこともっと考えた方がいいよマジで
Avrie Wirth
Avrie Wirth Hace 29 días
stupidest shit ever this is so fucking dangerous
Triggadidon Hace un mes
now how many horses and people die in this one
Silver Owl
Silver Owl Hace 8 días
@Triggadidon Fair enough thanks. To answer your question, nobody can be completely sure because the race has been running for nearly 200 years, since 1839 (some say 1836, it depends on what's counted as the first one), and some of those early races may not have kept accurate records. But as far as we know, in that time 83 horses and one jockey, (Joseph Wynne in 1862), have died as a result of the Grand National, either during the race or afterwards directly as a result of it. (The jockey, it should be pointed out, was apparently weakened by consumption/tuberculosis which may have contributed - they'd never let someone with active TB ride now!)
Triggadidon Hace 8 días
@Silver Owl thats amazing but i was talking ever i didnt make that clear
Silver Owl
Silver Owl Hace 8 días
None of them. No fatalities in the 2018 race.
Natz Blacker
Natz Blacker Hace 26 días
Triggadidon Go fuck your self.
Dr. Imperador Salomão PhD
Este esporte é muito perigoso para os jockeys. Não gostei não!
Sonja-Désirée Carolin Kucis
VolDep45 Hace un mes
It's just amazing how a critter that only eats plants has this much stamina and strength.
Snagui Hace un mes
Poor horses...
Expfighter ExpScout
I never knew this kind of animal torture existed! I feel for the horses!
Adindas Malau
Adindas Malau Hace un mes
Where the joki?
Hanna Fardew
Hanna Fardew Hace un mes
I've seen mix comments on this type of racing in the comment section, but I am going to point out this fact that was even shown in the race. THIS race caused a horse fatality which is the reason why the racers were sent around the jump. The green tarp was up. F for the horse
Callum Helliwell
Callum Helliwell Hace un mes
Hanna Fardew sorry to burst your bubble but the screens were for a jockey who was injured. Not a single equine fatality in the race. Please get your facts right before commenting misleading information. Cheers
True Horde
True Horde Hace un mes
i like it its showing the real character of the horse! its like the herd is on the move united
marti Fernamburg
marti Fernamburg Hace un mes
That is a way to long of a race.
Shoegal7 Hace un mes
What a beating that poor 2nd place horse was given. Even though he was tired, he was shown no mercy.
Cat415 Hace un mes
This is a death trap for horses and riders. Its horrifying and cruel.
the mysterious
the mysterious Hace un mes
@Cat415 oh come on whats the worst that could happen? Horses like competition they die out mostly coz of heart failure, reason the close gene pool they are bred from But people won't take it seriously as long as they breed dogs so.....nothing can be said now
Cat415 Hace un mes
@the mysterious and yet for some reason most of the comments I see protesting this are from men?
the mysterious
the mysterious Hace un mes
Go back to the kitchen it's a man's game
Luna Schuck
Luna Schuck Hace un mes
7:33 the poor horse died 😭
Silver Owl
Silver Owl Hace 8 días
No horse died in the 2018 race. The tarps were for an injured jockey, and he was OK.
Tyler Flynn
Tyler Flynn Hace un mes
Disgustingly dangerous.... not to mention those poor horses look absolutely drained at the end. They’re barely running.
FunnyHell Hace un mes
This is simply f*cking stupid.
Crazy Carno Lady
Crazy Carno Lady Hace un mes
They have to start with so many horses cos by the end of the race no one would be left in the race. I would be happy just to get my horse back alive by the end of the race. The poor things are utterly utterly exhausted
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero Hace un mes
¡Excelente carrera! ¡Gran final! Muchas gracias por este video...
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