Grand National 2018 Tiger Roll

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Grand natioanl
Horse rasing,Equestrian,Horse Racing, Jumping, Horsemanship


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14 abr 2018






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Arzo Shanga
Arzo Shanga Hace 11 horas
Mariwoot hotel USA flag in bornimuth
Arzo Shanga
Arzo Shanga Hace 11 horas
Disil pafrom
Shelley Berry
Shelley Berry Hace 12 horas
What a load of horrendous nonsense! And all for greed and money!!!!!!
Andrew Nelis
Andrew Nelis Hace 20 horas
The Tiger was the king
_ buster
_ buster Hace 21 un hora
sana mudassir
sana mudassir Hace 2 días
My heart bleed for these horses.
carebear09 White
carebear09 White Hace 3 días
Y'all this"sport" needs to stop traditions be dammed
Owen Palmer
Owen Palmer Hace 16 horas
carebear09 White just to make you squirm with sorrow just a little bit more, have a look at this vid, enjoy: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-UXTU2V6BpV4.html
Owen Palmer
Owen Palmer Hace 16 horas
carebear09 White calm down don’t cry
carebear09 White
carebear09 White Hace 16 horas
Owen Palmer oh ya is that why ALL the comments on this video are against this. Its not just British or america thing ALL racing any country is cruel to horse this type is particularly brutal but hey keep shedding horse blood senselessly
Owen Palmer
Owen Palmer Hace 19 horas
“Ya’ll” you’re clearly American. Leave british traditions that you know nothing about alone yeh?
Crispy Hace 3 días
Incredible display of what a horse can do. Amazing animals.
CopperThorne Stables
My friend has a horse who is related his Tiger Roll
EtherealBae Hace 4 días
This video is a perfect example of why this sport should be banned
Alan Alves Alves
Alan Alves Alves Hace 12 días
Se tivesse deixado para dar essa arrancada uns 2 segundos antes, teria vencido
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Hace 14 días
Daqueda Hace 17 días
Loved seeing that riderless horse at 3:15 say, "Fuck this, I'm going around."
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle Hace 17 días
wonderful to watch.
Johnny McNew
Johnny McNew Hace 18 días
07:15 06:31 01:46
S C Hace 19 días
Humans should be ashamed of themselves. This kind of cruelty should be banned.
Josephine Bowker
Josephine Bowker Hace 21 un día
01:00 01:47 09:32
Darul Aman
Darul Aman Hace 22 días
Hoursee so beutyfull
Darul Aman
Darul Aman Hace 22 días
Kuda baguss baguss,,, 🆗🆗🆗🍒🍒🍒💕💕💕💕
KitKat Ketosis
KitKat Ketosis Hace 23 días
No respect for jumps racing. Needs to be banned.
ida päätalo
ida päätalo Hace 25 días
39 horses start and only 14 horses came back that can tell yoiu how fuckup this animal killing its
Leona Aden
Leona Aden Hace 25 días
05:57 10:48 07:16
KaChun Cheung
KaChun Cheung Hace 26 días
stupid race
Michael Ravetti
Michael Ravetti Hace 27 días
The most exciting horse race I've ever seen on a screen. Even from movies
Dave Howling
Dave Howling Hace 27 días
Not all horses that fall, and don't get up are euthanized ,some get injuries that they recover from, Hedgehunter fell at the last in one grand national and didn't get up and won the race following year, there was no mention of any fatalities in this race, so I'm assuming the horse that fell at Bechers 2nd time around and had a tent put around him recovered later ...
Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl Hace 27 días
Ucello Conti is down, he unseated his rider- Mark Johnson.
Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl Hace 27 días
Delusion Of Grandeur was pulled up- Mark Johnson
Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl Hace 27 días
Down there is Alpha Des Obeaux- Richard Hoiles.
Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl Hace 27 días
I Just Know blunders, he's gone- Ian Bartlett.
Leonard Delariva
Leonard Delariva Hace 29 días
05:22 05:42 04:16
Karol Grabka
Karol Grabka Hace 29 días
szok zeby tak meczyc konie
Jorge Figueroa
Jorge Figueroa Hace un mes
When you bet in USA this races that's the result Win 13 Place 21 Exacta 13 and 21 Quiniela 13 and 21
Jorge Figueroa
Jorge Figueroa Hace un mes
Great Horse Racing, without starting gate, What is the distance of this race?
Dominga Donnelly
Dominga Donnelly Hace un mes
06:38 02:29 08:01
DH Febich
DH Febich Hace un mes
i have a question. Those horses riding withtout a jockey... does it count if they win?
Sharon Estelle
Sharon Estelle Hace un mes
This is pure horse abuse. If anybody wants to tell me here:oh they love their horses,look they make them run i a group,isn't that beautiful?! I'm going crazy!!! How could they love horses when the chance of death is so high??? And again only for the chance of earning status and money. These people arw sick. Couldn't watch this a sec longer
Fairlie Pulbrook
Fairlie Pulbrook Hace un mes
This is so dangerous but bless the horses that keep running after there riders fall off
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Gabby The Bracelet lover
I was watching some videos and a horse broke a back leg and his ankle it was like it was so wobbly
Ashley Green
Ashley Green Hace un mes
Why do people come on here do hate? If you don’t like it. THEN WHY DID YOU CLICK ON THE DAMN VID?????
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips Hace un mes
This shit is cruel. Fucking horses are so exhausted they can't even jump from the halfway point.
24 BBALLER Hace un mes
I love horse racing but this is to much jumping shit at full speed is a big fucking NO
Mac Macmac
Mac Macmac Hace un mes
what a cruel fucking sport. One horse was put down for sure
Daphinie Hace un mes
The only thing in equestrian that I don't support. They were putting a horse down on the track and all they did was direct them around the jump, no stopping, and the announcer didn't say anything either. There's to many risks for both the rider and definitely the horse. I don't even jump 30 jumps in a week
John Reed
John Reed Hace un mes
seriously tho: how is this legal?
José Maria Mustafa de Moraes Mustafa
Isso devia ser proibido, uma maldade que fazem com os cavalos.
hicks727 Hace un mes
Stevie Hace un mes
this is disgusting display of abuse for the horses.... People are fucking stupid to make animals do this...
Mike Vigil
Mike Vigil Hace un mes
I was looking, wondering what the heck is Tiger Roll? OMG! what a race true it does seem kind of brutal for both the jockeys and the horses but damn, never seen anything like that, the horses just keep racing without their jockeys then figure out they don't have jump and run around the hedges, I was wondering if the jockeys kept racing too!
kunitora0105 Hace un mes
Alina Alteköster
Alina Alteköster Hace un mes
I dont know how to support this shit. Imagine you are one of the first, you and your horse are falling and the others are Racing over you. Well not so nice. I fell just off my Pony in trott, she steps on my rips and it hurts so fucking much
ドナルドAKM Hace un mes
Erica Cooper
Erica Cooper Hace un mes
I am an equestrian so I have love for horses and horse sports but this should NOT be allowed! Like look at 5:20 Those poor horses.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Hace un mes
Half the field failed to finish. Jockeys and Horses injured and potentially killed in falls. All so that people can gamble. This is not sport or entertainment. This is organised cruelty. And they call this the sport of Kings. Should be banned
TexasPoon Tapper
TexasPoon Tapper Hace un mes
After reading Black Beauty this just makes me want to cry.
God Hace un mes
TexasPoon Tapper puss
Warblerab 295
Warblerab 295 Hace un mes
I am surprised this type of racing is still allowed, I mean with the fact the horse can so easily break a leg(and once that happens there is a good chance the horse with have to be put down), I would think this jumping is just too risky. Not to mention the risk to the jockey and all the risk involved for horse and jockey of collision and being run over after falling.
Stevie Hace un mes
Pugs and Horses because we at first see a beautiful horse and to be honest I had no idea what this race even was . I was pretty disgusted to watch one of these races and immediately find out two horses were shot dead right at the beginning of the race . Pretty sad that this is quite common to happen almost every time .... trust me I won’t watch one again . :-)
Pugs and Horses
Pugs and Horses Hace un mes
Why do people who just hate on these videos even bother watching them?
Stevie Hace un mes
@Martha WADDINGTON that is disgusting to do to a horse... Poor ones that died. And you know they are a young horse too.... I'm sure most of them having hindering injuries that last a life time.....
Martha WADDINGTON Hace un mes
I totally agree. This is extremely cruel to the majestic creatures. They even missed 2 jumps coz some horses were being euthanised. This must stop and soon! Tiger roll has also gotten very ill because of the sorts of drugs they use that supposedly ‘help’ the horses in racing. It is evil
Stevie Hace un mes
I agree, all horse lovers probably cringe watching this.. I don't even care about the humans riding the horse...making the horse do this is crazy and cruel ...
犬と猿 Hace un mes
Kati Váginé
Kati Váginé Hace un mes
EZ is állatkínzás nálam!!
Michael Barnhart
Michael Barnhart Hace un mes
Sometimes, "tradition" actually means the ghosts of stupid people that bully you to keep doing it!
Nina Vad
Nina Vad Hace un mes
I want to whip the riders as much as they whip the horses. and it's not okay that it's so dangerous for the horses
MyCatAndMe • 999,999 subscribers
Nina Vad then you’re just as bad them
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
I can't watch it 30 freaking shrubs they jump it's insane
C.S.R Hace un mes
OMG I can’t believe what I just watched!🤯 how many riders died??? This was insane!!! I’ve never heard of this!
SL Showjumping & Sportshorses
none died take a chill pill mate. Its a sport people get hurt they probabley had a couple bruises
Limoniandrewsx Hace un mes
none died
Emma Toldi
Emma Toldi Hace un mes
Hányok az ilyenektől😒😒😒🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
どらねこ Hace un mes
3:16 飛柵無理って帰っていく馬可愛い
abonga rululu
abonga rululu Hace un mes
Poor horses
日本頑張ろう Hace un mes
Siennapauli Hace un mes
Einfach Schrecklich...
Subscribe back boss.....🙏🏿
Diane Wood
Diane Wood Hace un mes
Hello, TheFallsCaphone. Thanks I remember now , seeing old footage of horse races. The wire was before the starting gate.
Horse Racing Culture
My horse will win this race on day... Just watch
Alan Aherne
Alan Aherne Hace un mes
You wouldn't win a point to point, nevermind the national
Horse Racing Culture
@Alan Aherne esvid.net/show-UCWQ-0A32pH6Tx0M0djrX1Ug
Alan Aherne
Alan Aherne Hace un mes
What horse
Cahyadi Apri
Cahyadi Apri Hace 2 meses
wow no rider horse still running
Snubble Bubble
Snubble Bubble Hace 2 meses
I wonder how many jockeys and horses sustained life threatening injuries because of this madness. I would think they would use some common sense to make this event as safe as possible. Simply cutting the number of participants in half would greatly reduce the casualties.
Chloe Owens
Chloe Owens Hace 2 meses
It's cool how even if the jockey falls off some of the horses still keep going
Gerry Coleman
Gerry Coleman Hace 2 meses
Fools. They don't give a rat's ass about the horses. It is all about ego , selfishness, and money. Horses never have a chance for a good life.
Francis Buenaobra
Francis Buenaobra Hace 2 meses
The Craziest horse race I've ever seen . Im hoping those jocks are still alive and all the horses as well its to long 6.907 km.
Sherlan Brown
Sherlan Brown Hace 2 meses
Oh yeah. You shut up.
Sherlan Brown
Sherlan Brown Hace 2 meses
Cute. Outside shit.
与次郎 Hace 2 meses
日本頑張ろう Hace un mes
松本信二 Hace 2 meses
与次郎 オジュウはジャンプが低いから故障するかもな
うま Hace 2 meses
なんだろう 馬さんかわいそう
Geographer 4 fun
Geographer 4 fun Hace 2 meses
Ok I respect culture but this is a little to much I can see how long it takes for someone no to help the falling jockey or controlling a lonely horse...insine.....
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