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Zeus (Jason Sudeikis) summons the gods to Mt. Olympus to solve the financial crisis in Greece. Realizing no Greek god is in charge of economics, Zeus brings in a strict German god (Fred Armisen) to deal with the problem. [Season 37, 2011]
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22 oct 2013

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GambletoGamble Hace 4 horas
ecsyntric Hace un día
Adam Lavine - god of fake mustache
Randy Angel
Randy Angel Hace un día
When he gets scared😂 2:51
Randy Angel
Randy Angel Hace un día
Wow this is a masterpiece
Mario Fuertes Muñiz
The joke was: Americans making fun of other cultures when they don’t even have one to begin with.
Schmitty is Zeus!!! xoxo The Clarences
Shatter Master
Shatter Master Hace un día
There is a Greek god of finance, his name is Plutus the Greek god of wealth
Duck Duck
Duck Duck Hace 2 días
Hades is KING of the underworld and god of riches If you say hades is the god of death I’ll send an assassin to your house
Number09 Hace 2 días
I wish I could enjoy SNL. It is just that the actors remind me of a high school play. Always snickering through their lines and peeking at the camera.
Max Brannock
Max Brannock Hace 2 días
SNL: there is no god of finance Plutus, the literal Greek God of Wealth: *am I a joke to you?*
Tom Horion
Tom Horion Hace 2 días
Selene Hace 2 días
this is such bullshit. you know nothing about greece, yet you make these 'jokes' reinforcing harmful and untrue stereotypes. greek people work the most, with the least pay in the EU. so back off.
Sebastian Orellana
Sebastian Orellana Hace 3 días
Scott Paul
Scott Paul Hace 3 días
that "by my own beard" line is underrated
KingKamron gaming
KingKamron gaming Hace 3 días
Apollo and Artemis are siblings so why is one white and the other African American
keenan Hatfie
keenan Hatfie Hace 3 días
Apollo is the god of music and hades is the god of riches.
Dawnpelt Was right
Dawnpelt Was right Hace 3 días
Ares is also the god of being a bitch to Percy Jackson.
Athena Parthenos
Athena Parthenos Hace 3 días
TheTripstraps Hace 4 días
that bailout was effed up. we in eastern europe have like three times smaller pensions and social security payments and medium salary but we had to give money to those who live much better and get much bigger pensions and social support? that is EFFED up:(. extremely unfair. i understand they in southern europe like more layd back attitude, but then they can not expect the same standard of living etc. you work less, you get less. unfair, unfair, unfair. they should of had much bigger cutbacks. reduce their social payments and pension. we have to survive here, they can also. pff they dont even need to pay for the living space heating, which takes big part of poor peoples income in eastern europe. they have warm climate
Harry Parry
Harry Parry Hace 4 días
Dalia Mohamed
Dalia Mohamed Hace 4 días
The way Jason pronounced "has collapsed" 0:22 , is hilarious!
Thunderstrike Hace 5 días
“We started democracy, we can end it”
Comrade Carroll
Comrade Carroll Hace 5 días
Tommygun mit vier m
Tommygun mit vier m Hace 5 días
How does the actor of zeus manage to not move any part of his face at all, except his face.
Danae Unrine
Danae Unrine Hace 5 días
Disappointing dolphin sex. Never thought I’d hear that before.
maureen Bett
maureen Bett Hace 6 días
I love Sudeikis in this!!
Manavi Ghosh
Manavi Ghosh Hace 7 días
Hera: *Exists* Zeus: CRAP IT'S MY WIFE HERA
somebody anonymous
somebody anonymous Hace 7 días
Eros was actually the original god love and the mix up happened because in rome cupid was the result of an affair with Jupiter and venus. Yea
D空 Hace 7 días
the beards really suit them.
Sammy Hang
Sammy Hang Hace 8 días
I am Poseidon. This is all true. I am that scalliwag.
mari :D
mari :D Hace 8 días
WizardToby Hace 8 días
The Greek gods were really only good at war, incest, and adultery. They're not really a financial bunch.
giorgosbaz Hace 8 días
Inaccurate . Greeks are hard workers. These are stupid german aligations who set us up with fake statistic economic numbers. That's a fact and it's proven. Did we had economy issues ? Yes. Just like many other countries. But we could fix the issues pretty easily. But Germans wanted to sell everything to them. Museums , even acropolis, ports, airports etc. That's why we were set up. It was a plan from the beginning.
Samovar maker
Samovar maker Hace 8 días
Isn't Hermes the God of trade as well?
moukidelmar Hace 9 días
You made me look it up guys. But I found him. The Greek God of Wealth is Plutus, who is either the son of Demeter or the son of Hades and Persephone. In the gods assembled here Hermes would be the one to point fingers at, since he's the also the god of trade, roads, merchants, thieves, trickery and tons of other stuff.
OutCastx16 Hace 7 días
Pluto is the roman God of wealth and not Greek. He's the roman version of Hades not his son
Aksi Tatar
Aksi Tatar Hace 9 días
Hahaha makes me laugh after all those years...Yanni was geat though...
Yunier Viada
Yunier Viada Hace 9 días
But Hades...He is the one in charge of wealth come on guys
Yunier Viada
Yunier Viada Hace 8 días
handel Ah right 😅
handel Hace 8 días
Thats pluto the Roman equivalent
Racun tikusss
Racun tikusss Hace 9 días
the statement at 3:25 and the reaction in 3:29 is so priceless 😂😂😂
BackTracker Hace 10 días
the meaning of this whole sketch changes when you find out there are actually cases of dolphins raping human women, look it up
Seb B
Seb B Hace 10 días
I would be interested who that doctor those gods go to is. I mean if a "god" cannot heal herself and needs a doctor's help then makes you wonder who's the real god.
Byron Joel
Byron Joel Hace 11 días
The only sensible thing to ever come out of Zeus, was Kratos
fuzzy pizza
fuzzy pizza Hace 11 días
Hermes is the God of riches
LakeGuy2010 Hace 11 días
This is great!
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson Hace 11 días
So i just bang a regular goat?
Kevin McKinney
Kevin McKinney Hace 12 días
Zoloft is being advertised here to treat Erotic, Psychotic, and Hedonistic behavior; as well as homicidal tendencies. Why is the Goddess Psyche not sponsoring her own psychiatric product? Ambrosia must have a different marketing strategy.
Alastor Lestat
Alastor Lestat Hace 12 días
Yanni 😂
Blake Manke
Blake Manke Hace 12 días
I thought that was Ian Hecox in the thumbnail
Sry Hace 12 días
Illiterates created gods
Aaron80doc Hace 12 días
Zeus: By my own beard!....is this true?
Koda Beland
Koda Beland Hace 12 días
I think hades sorry if it’s misspelled in his Roman form is the god of like gems and gold and stuff like that
pacingBlue Hace 13 días
Greeks' average weekly working hours are among the very top highest in Eurozone. Not even funny.
pacingBlue Hace 11 días
0:26 "after all, the Greeks are known to be hard-working industrious people - people willing to labour week in and week out, 3 days a week, one hour a day, to the age of 45". Reproducing the (now long debunked) propaganda - used by EU Institutions & media, IMF & then-Greek-government to transfer private banking debts to the public (with devastating, comparable to wartime consequences for the Greek people) - is, I find, rather cheap, offensive, and utterly unjust. Considering Greeks working in the private sector are forced to work much longer & unpaid timetables than almost all of their European contemporaries.
Temisk Hace 11 días
Retirement age is among the lowest too, what point are you trying to make here?
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