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Zeus (Jason Sudeikis) summons the gods to Mt. Olympus to solve the financial crisis in Greece. Realizing no Greek god is in charge of economics, Zeus brings in a strict German god (Fred Armisen) to deal with the problem. [Season 37, 2011]
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22 oct 2013






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Comentarios 5 831
Celeste Lehtomaa
Celeste Lehtomaa Hace 11 horas
I loved it on SNL when the Greek God said that guy needed Zoloft for his mental disorder. I say; save the people of our planet! That's a two year treatment towards a temporary disorder because of the proper treatment implementing and psychological therapy sessions also has to be applied in the treatment during the two year medicine regimen by licensed pycologist and licensed pyciatrist and licensed behavior therapist.
Ethan Stages
Ethan Stages Hace 16 horas
“Yeah you little bitch!” Had me fucking rolling
Metal Maniac
Metal Maniac Hace 18 horas
R J Hace un día
Charlie! hahahaha Love this one!
Andy Wounds
Andy Wounds Hace un día
god damn Nasim... How is she not the biggest actor in the world.
Ricky Pedia
Ricky Pedia Hace un día
Hades has wealth as a title, thanks to the fact that gems come from underground. Better known for that as Pluto, however.
Павел Ткачев
Hermes - you are the worst )))
PennywiseTheDancingClownOfDerry 01
But Hades is literally God of riches too??
Maekar I Targaryen
Maekar I Targaryen Hace 2 días
"By my own beard..." @5:30 a great call back to Will Ferrel as Ron Burgundy "By the beard of Zeus!", though "Great Odin's Raven!" was my favorite.
Zidijaan Hace 3 días
Zidijaan Hace 3 días
Greek Religion as in Zeus and Venus and Athena is a religion. It is a regulator of sex. Making sure ill judgmented people are not having sex to attain their wealth and POWER. Greek Religion example Zeus,Venus,Hercules and Athena is a modern day always present and future religion.
Zidijaan Hace 3 días
Religion is the regulation of sex. How old. Male or Female. Why. For what. What if. Sex. Why not hard work instead. Sex is not hard work. Sex is fun. Sex. Why. For fun. Not for hard work. Hard work equals your wealth and power. Sex does not equal your wealth and power.
Zidijaan Hace 3 días
Religion=morality=Sex! How often? With who? When? Where? Why! How! Goodbye! Hello!
Zidijaan Hace 3 días
Our 1st nationality? Greek nationality.
Zidijaan Hace 3 días
Our culture? Greek culture Our religion/morality? Greek Religion(Zeus,Athena,Hades,Hercules,Venus,Hera).
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett Hace 3 días
Plutus(son of Demeter) is the god that would be in charge of that
Usama Nasher
Usama Nasher Hace 3 días
This clip should have been included in Clash of the Titans
Maricar Cajote
Maricar Cajote Hace 4 días
who portrays god of music?
Ben Demack
Ben Demack Hace 4 días
Maricar Cajote Adam Levine
Alex Or Whatever
Alex Or Whatever Hace 4 días
Isn’t Hermes also the god of trade?
luke chillin
luke chillin Hace 5 días
Apollo was a bad joke lol....!
Thanos Is superior
Thanos Is superior Hace 6 días
6:24 The newspaper talks about dolphins lmao
Lydia Smith
Lydia Smith Hace 6 días
3:55 Poor Hermes 😂😂😂
Andy Tan
Andy Tan Hace 6 días
i died when Yanni shows up
שחר א.
שחר א. Hace 6 días
When you started a protest against high prices at the start of the decade, things got more expensive sense then, food in your country is the most expensive, and a lot of elders have no money, but SNL makes a sketch about a different economy that’s failing because of irresponsible people
שחר א.
שחר א. Hace 6 días
Dead meme, but how did nobody referenced Laurel when he said “Greek God of Music - Yanny”??
Craig Krogstad
Craig Krogstad Hace 7 días
Dionysus: so I banged a regular goat Me: TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
President Snow
President Snow Hace 7 días
Yanni was no help.
Shelby Zealand
Shelby Zealand Hace 7 días
"By my own beard!" :-D
Illuminous Gamer
Illuminous Gamer Hace 8 días
Percy Jackson be like: dad stay faithful to my mum Also did anyone notice the paper about dolphins
Kenzer Why you want to know
Demeter is a female because she is the mother of Persephone and Eros is the Roman god the Greek god is Cupid
Shokugeki- Sama
Shokugeki- Sama Hace 8 días
I had Dionysus for a school project
TOXIC KIDDS Hace 8 días
Hades is also the god of riches
openskies11 Hace 8 días
Hermes is the god of Finance.
Hasan Hasaniscool
Hasan Hasaniscool Hace 8 días
I swear that nigga was from el smosh Loved the vid busted the fattest nut ever to the dolphin
Hasan Hasaniscool
Hasan Hasaniscool Hace 8 días
U look like my dad that why I busted the fattest the nut
Hasan Hasaniscool
Hasan Hasaniscool Hace 8 días
I like children👶 👆
Hasan Hasaniscool
Hasan Hasaniscool Hace 8 días
💏=aids Please help
Hasan Hasaniscool
Hasan Hasaniscool Hace 8 días
I 💉💉💉 don't trust the gorverment there putting nigga chemical in our condfom making baby black Thank u Alex Jones my hero
Chandana Perera
Chandana Perera Hace 9 días
Hermes is also the God of commerce and finance
Eleanna Bozonelos
Eleanna Bozonelos Hace 9 días
I am Greek I am offended
Juan Enriquez
Juan Enriquez Hace 9 días
Dionisus sucks ruined it all
This is one of my ALL TIME fav SNL sketches
ixanma valens
ixanma valens Hace 9 días
2:43 - 3:00 yep, that’s it. that’s zeus’s whole character
Arlene wei
Arlene wei Hace 10 días
Umm..... is Posiden (sorry if the spelling is wrong) engaged to Sally Jackson ?
Pirate Sidney Radwin
Pirate Sidney Radwin Hace 10 días
The Greek God of music: Apollo!!
Anton Pogorevici
Anton Pogorevici Hace 10 días
hermes has something to do with the trade and hades is the god of wealth hades's othe name is pluto which i believe means the wealthy or the happy because he has money
Macey Cook
Macey Cook Hace 10 días
Me being a Christian be like: ....
Sam Kuemmel
Sam Kuemmel Hace 10 días
"Well i've got the spending part down... What's the other part?
Sam Kuemmel
Sam Kuemmel Hace 10 días
I like how Zeus doesn't even know what his gods/kids do
Deadblox 2758
Deadblox 2758 Hace 10 días
Was Adam Lavine or Wierd Al as Yanni?
John Riddle
John Riddle Hace 11 días
And thats why Kratos killed them all... still more accurate than the Percy Jackson movies, though...
S 25
S 25 Hace 11 días
Have any of you heard about the new song “Dionysus” by the group BTS? IT’S A BANGER!!!
Cletus the Yeetus
Cletus the Yeetus Hace 11 días
P: I turn into a dolphin, now hear me out... P: I have sex with a mortal woman, now hear me out... P: It’s non-consensual, now hear me out... 😂
Certiifiied Hace 11 días
I cant tell of this was blackface or white face
v w
v w Hace 11 días
By my own beard is this true!!!
amana blank
amana blank Hace 11 días
zezus sounds like my scince teacher lamo
Audrey Costello
Audrey Costello Hace 12 días
That was really funny... buuuuut..... VERY incorrect!
Turquoise Snowflake
Turquoise Snowflake Hace 12 días
I love American Gods
Squirtle225 Gaming
Squirtle225 Gaming Hace 12 días
0:10 "I call it, the Clipart!"
WillHB 1783
WillHB 1783 Hace 13 días
Hades is the god of wealth
Indal Hace 13 días
3 days a week 1 hour per day until the age of retirement at 45. Didnt know propaganda reached SNL. Good to know.
Vagielaki Sam
Vagielaki Sam Hace 13 días
So true 😂😂😂😂 love from Greece
InLoveWithBooks Hace 14 días
Hera couldn't cheat on Zeus she is the goddess of marriag
Zein Vexx
Zein Vexx Hace 14 días
Isnt that a bit racist 😅 a bit true but still
That comedy guy
That comedy guy Hace 14 días
After Kristen Wiig said Affair now this is my question what is a affair and a three-way and also Jason Sudeikis is a great Greek god and who plays Hermes
K van der Westhuizen
K van der Westhuizen Hace 14 días
Who wrote this phallocentric bullcrap piece? Really dudes, this is bad even for 2013
Mir Vyas
Mir Vyas Hace 14 días
LOL. Did anyone else notice that the newspaper column at the end, under the "Vows to spend it unwisely" part, was about dolphins?
S. Kennedy
S. Kennedy Hace 15 días
Who Told You That?
Who Told You That? Hace 16 días
We wuz Greek Godz n shieeeet.
Calvin Limuel
Calvin Limuel Hace 16 días
the article below it is about dolphins 😂😂
Seebas Hace 16 días
Can anyone check if there are any curse words in this I want to show this to my teacher and class
Seebas Hace 16 días
Oh wait nevermind
emile milton
emile milton Hace 17 días
poseidon joke killed me 💯
kawaii hitler
kawaii hitler Hace 17 días
to be fair... we were shit at managing money since the athenian alliance, or better yet, the "give all money to athens or we will destroy you with our superior fleet" alliance
Mostwanted Hace 17 días
Greeks would still have a good economy if they had Thrace and Western Anatolia , damn Turks!
mrjay42 Hace 18 días
Uuum weird "irony"...I mean it's an okay sketch...but seriously? Making fun of Greece for financial stuff when the U.S. caused the sub-prime financial crisis, I mean...really?
Freakazoid 27
Freakazoid 27 Hace 18 días
Demeter was a Godess
Freakazoid 27
Freakazoid 27 Hace 18 días
3 days a week 1 hour a day only 45 years? Bitch I am packin my bags*
Aoife Graham
Aoife Graham Hace 18 días
greek god of music, yanni 😂😂😂😂
cervelmola Hace 18 días
They shouldnt habe made the joke about greek people not being hard workers because thats a lie. im not from there, but that is cheap and not even funny, it comes as an insult. The rest of the sketch was so funny it didnt need that begining
Ties Massee
Ties Massee Hace 18 días
Hera was the godess of money...
Mr WizardFortress
Mr WizardFortress Hace 19 días
Does anyone else think the guy on the left in the thumbnail look like Ian Hecox from Smosh
Karl Pilkington
Karl Pilkington Hace 19 días
Is it bad that I don't like SNL sketches and only watch because of the music at the end? This type of American comedy sucks
Gavriel Papas
Gavriel Papas Hace 19 días
Hermes is in charge of the Greek politics: Hermes is the god of liars and thieves.
Akira Anzawa
Akira Anzawa Hace 19 días
So white people make fun of their own culture? Now that's racial equality.
Mobile User
Mobile User Hace 20 días
Hera is really hot man!
Mohammed Medhat
Mohammed Medhat Hace 20 días
What's funny?
Hunter Dillon
Hunter Dillon Hace 20 días
Could someone tell me who that is playing Hermes?
Hurry Slowly
Hurry Slowly Hace 21 un día
the death wink tho
SwagSpartian Hace 21 un día
I'm glad the depression is over
The best Centi
The best Centi Hace 21 un día
Plautus god of wealth
Atlas . exe
Atlas . exe Hace 22 días
''Saving?.. nah i don't do that part man - i feel you bro
3dg3lord Hace 22 días
I know this is like just the base facts about the gods but I could watch another 5 hours of this
Elizabeth Jurisch
Elizabeth Jurisch Hace 22 días
Apollo is also the god of music
Ary Hace 23 días
I love the "article" just all about Dolphins.
dimitra kokkoni
dimitra kokkoni Hace 24 días
Kate Wasylik
Kate Wasylik Hace 24 días
Sophie Black
Sophie Black Hace 25 días
“Sowwy” I’m crying 😂
Some Guy Named Steve
Some Guy Named Steve Hace 25 días
for a while I thought sues was ed helms
LuLu Uploads
LuLu Uploads Hace 25 días
That guy in the thumbnail looked like Ian Hecox from Smosh
Lorenzo Levy
Lorenzo Levy Hace 25 días
Poseidon is Andy Samberg right?
January Colnick
January Colnick Hace 25 días
When you cheated your boyfriend and accidentally made a religeee....... oh wait! Wrong room.
noah bisesi
noah bisesi Hace 25 días
Where is Kratos when you need him?
Scorched Rose Arts
Scorched Rose Arts Hace 26 días
If artemis is queen of the animals why is zeus the leader and not her?
Star Hunter
Star Hunter Hace 26 días
I genuinely love the fact there are all manner of debates about mythology on this video. (The fact they aren't all name calling and generally respectful is a nice surprise as well!)
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