Grouplove - Colours [Official Video]

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RandaleMossdale Hace 4 días
No Need to be sad ?? This song brings back memories I’m sad 😔..
Witch Left
Witch Left Hace 6 días
2:17 hit differently tho
FrankN Stein
FrankN Stein Hace 7 días
This guy is so gorgeous its insane
Arco YT
Arco YT Hace 8 días
I’m here from Plu
Aaron Derby
Aaron Derby Hace 10 días
I've never actually watched this until the end. Huh
kuro shiro
kuro shiro Hace 14 días
How tall is Hannah Hooper?
67 Juicee
67 Juicee Hace 14 días
Call of duty montages brought me here
Daniel Daaies
Daniel Daaies Hace 15 días
I love this song.❤
Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz
Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz Hace 16 días
I hate to admit it but my Spotify weekly discovery brought me here
wayward one
wayward one Hace 17 días
Thanks, Deezer
Gerard Way
Gerard Way Hace 20 días
Men, I'm ur fan starting from today
Jose Dominguez
Jose Dominguez Hace 20 días
Chutas Hace 22 días
this song makes me wanna juast run in the wild with the friends i dont have until i´ll die
S Maan
S Maan Hace 23 días
It's 2020 but I really remember this shit like it was yesterday
Wesley Hace 23 días
Still my favorite
Oliver Brown
Oliver Brown Hace 25 días
Fifa brought me here
Carlitos Inacio
Carlitos Inacio Hace un mes
Totally FIFA 12
Slash Hace un mes
Guido Mista
Guido Mista Hace un mes
Fifa 12 has the best soundtrack
0 Rh-
0 Rh- Hace un mes
This video is creepy! But beautiful song
flower power
flower power Hace un mes
Sophmore year highschool.. What the fuuck. Where did time go bro i loved this song
Jess Shane
Jess Shane Hace un mes
This band sort of reminds me of Pixies
Batuhan Tarım
Batuhan Tarım Hace un mes
In 2020 and one night i remembered this song its really weird situations
Anonimo Kkk
Anonimo Kkk Hace un mes
Caralho o pior é que a musica é muito boa
free_ democracy
free_ democracy Hace un mes
damn this song hasnt really aged that well if im going to be completely honest with u
flower power
flower power Hace un mes
I like it
yaşa Hace un mes
Thank you for spelling colour correctly
TheKingMusicMan Hace un mes
Nine years ago... holy shit..
TheKingMusicMan Hace un mes
Just heard it from a friend in middle school got hooked on on this band ever since, just can't believe it was that long ago haha
-User- Hace un mes
Yeah, Great songs of Fifa
Rackchaser 10k
Rackchaser 10k Hace un mes
Madden 12💔 the good ole days
L유니 Hace un mes
2020 anybody?
Dylan Eveleigh
Dylan Eveleigh Hace un mes
I'm glad they spell colours correctly
Simeon Orekoya
Simeon Orekoya Hace un mes
They still have tours
Cansir Hace un mes
Fifa had some pretty good taste in music. Crystal castles and this
Katelyn Brown
Katelyn Brown Hace un mes
My first thought: This is a Float On rip off.
Nicolas Sproge
Nicolas Sproge Hace un mes
Madden 12 brought me here
izaizaiza3 Hace un mes
In which episode of Bojack can I hear this song?
AsTrO zOmBiE
AsTrO zOmBiE Hace un mes
This is my "it's gonna be ok" song
Oguz Tuna
Oguz Tuna Hace un mes
Why im here?????????? Fifa
Jason Murray
Jason Murray Hace 2 meses
I first heard this song in 2011 during a 5th grade field trip and our volunteer parent played it to wake us up the following morning and I liked the song so much but could never find it again until about a month ago when my friend randomly played it in his car and I LOST MY SHIT because I knew this was it and I had been looking for it for almost 9 years. So happy I found it, even crazier since I've had tongue tied in my playlist since 2016. whoops.
Fernando Salcedo
Fernando Salcedo Hace 2 meses
A perfect mix of modest mouse and the pixies for this song.
Trey G
Trey G Hace 2 meses
Man I remember when I first heard this band in like 2012 or some shit I thought they were pretty good being a fan of early 2000’s indie rock. I just came here trying to reminisce and then I stumbled upon their new shit.....and wow it sounds like if the arcade fire started taking direction from a combination of the Jonas brothers and 21 pilots. How disappointing and generic.
travis channell
travis channell Hace 2 meses
Madden 2012
Rohan Potu
Rohan Potu Hace 2 meses
I just wanna go back in time and play Madden 12 again in my basement with no worries in life :(
LIL WINE Hace 2 meses
Anyone 2020?
Gabriel Enrique Goya Sanchez
Tiene un parecido a Juan Son.
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson Hace 2 meses
2020 anyone?
rosali macxiel
rosali macxiel Hace 2 meses
docstein Hace 2 meses
still here man
Alejandro Kahn
Alejandro Kahn Hace 2 meses
quien lo ve en enero del 2020?
Dezeurn Sixsixnine
Dezeurn Sixsixnine Hace 2 meses
This was my shit on madden nfl 💯🔥
geeksimmer Hace 2 meses
VeryClamyMan Hace 2 meses
2020 who here?
TwiztidGemini Paul Tinsley
2020 enough said
Neil Saft
Neil Saft Hace 2 meses
Thanks santos for showing me this song and showing me a beautiful you. Rip.
Vera Saveljev
Vera Saveljev Hace 2 meses
2020 anyone?
Mi5 Hace 2 meses
For some reason when I hear the chorus I feel all choked up I don’t no why
Tevin Williams
Tevin Williams Hace 2 meses
Tevin Williams
Tevin Williams Hace 2 meses
Cause you're not a man.
Vicky Rodriguez
Vicky Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
Kerlange Francillon
Kerlange Francillon Hace 3 meses
Just realized this song is from 2011, 8 years ago what
Rosselen Cate
Rosselen Cate Hace 3 meses
Yehet Ohorat
Yehet Ohorat Hace 3 meses
Por fin encuentro al grupo, hace como 3 años lo escuché pero se me olvidó el nombre, y después de tanto tiempo por fin 😱😁😍
Amber's Adulty Life
Amber's Adulty Life Hace 3 meses
I listen to this song every time I feel suicidal. Always calms me down.
Better Animations
Better Animations Hace 2 meses
Dont do suicide its not worth it talk to a loved one or call the suicide hotline 1 (800) 273-8255
N Figueroa
N Figueroa Hace 3 meses
Take me back to this time man. They made me get into playing guitar and man I miss these days.
sum dude
sum dude Hace 3 meses
Mlb the show ?
Tori Osgood
Tori Osgood Hace 3 meses
One of my old friends from college showed me this song and even though I’m not apart of that life anymore, this song still brings me happiness
Nvs EliiTE
Nvs EliiTE Hace 3 meses
On Fifa and Madden in the same year. All respect
ItzMisty Hace 4 meses
Here form fifa 12
ItzMisty Hace 3 meses
iQeditZ Hace 3 meses
Nope mw2 montage
awesoeCAMI Hace 4 meses
I know this song from both MLB 2K10 and FIFA.
Bape Junky
Bape Junky Hace 4 meses
who else here from madden 12
B O I I —
B O I I — Hace 4 meses
Mw2 trickshotting
Naghouj Hace 4 meses
Eduardo Vieira
Eduardo Vieira Hace 4 meses
ahhhhhh cara! Estou tão apaixonado por essa música!!!!
Mario Calabrese
Mario Calabrese Hace 4 meses
We do it for love Sweet love
QuoTe FleX 2nd
QuoTe FleX 2nd Hace 4 meses
to slow paced
Awesome stuff with friends
Said Fizazi
Said Fizazi Hace 4 meses
2:22 my favorite part
barren Hace 4 meses
this song brings me so much nostalgia to call of duty back in the days
BolshevicBadger Hace 5 meses
this song brings me pure happiness. I cannot express how many sunny, smiling, happy memories are attached of my old friends in Rome. I listen to it everyday. FIFA 12 had the best soundtrack in the history of EA sports.
hasabrown123 Hace 5 meses
This song reminds me of scoring screamers with rooney
Nihili 2501
Nihili 2501 Hace 5 meses
MLAnderson0 brought me here
You What?!
You What?! Hace 5 meses
I honestly forgot this song existed but I'm glad I found it again
A Hace 5 meses
MW2 flashbacks anyone? Currently experiencing nostalgia. :(
Brandon Beams
Brandon Beams Hace 5 meses
MLB2K12 anyone?!??
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