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Guess Along with Ellen and tWitch: Who Is ‘The Masked Dancer’?

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Noting the success of new hit show “The Masked Singer,” Ellen introduced a hilarious, brand new game called “The Masked Dancer” - and they’re going to keep playing it until the FOX lawyers stop them.


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12 ene 2019






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Ayan Upreti
Ayan Upreti Hace 12 horas
SPOILER ALERT This is the guy from 'will and grace' right
The_Indian _Werewolf
I want channing tatum to dance on the masked dancer
Lexi Lover
Lexi Lover Hace 4 días
I just
Sean Strobel
Sean Strobel Hace 5 días
the costume looks a little funky
the KKs in CA
the KKs in CA Hace 10 días
The best part of the show is immediately after the dance when they look like they are about to pass out.
frank velasquez
frank velasquez Hace 11 días
4:28 we think you are shawn hayes
Ani Smo
Ani Smo Hace 14 días
We need a playlist featuring only the Masked Dancer Videos! 💪🏻😊👍🏻
sophia AKR
sophia AKR Hace 14 días
It would've been nice if they mentioned how this started from Korea.
NoirBella QT
NoirBella QT Hace 15 días
Sounding like Mike Myers...with the breathing...lol...and started talking on while on helium..🙂🙂
AlizMari23 Hace 16 días
I'm not all the way through yet and I'm guessing NPH 😂
Lukas Stambaugh
Lukas Stambaugh Hace 16 días
fidel carter
fidel carter Hace 16 días
Ne-eeed a-iiirrr
Mary Ann Her
Mary Ann Her Hace 17 días
Megan Reddy
Megan Reddy Hace 17 días
Isn’t this the lizard from magic school bus?
Chantelle sJerger
Chantelle sJerger Hace 17 días
Lol what is he an argonian?
Sudipto Kumar
Sudipto Kumar Hace 17 días
Make a permanent show, it will be a HIT.
Mr.james13 Hace 17 días
Ryan gosling!!!!
1Oscar Hace 18 días
the funniest part is how their out of breath at the end lol
An H
An H Hace 18 días
I love this. It should be a show.
Katherine Brown
Katherine Brown Hace 18 días
I think it’s gonna be Steve Carell
Sarah George-Ashiru
Sarah George-Ashiru Hace 18 días
No clue who he is lol but he was funny and he actually had rhythm. So that's good
Ainsley King
Ainsley King Hace 18 días
When is Brendon Urie going to come onto Ellen to do this though?
identihui Hace 18 días
This is probably my 10th time watching this! Love him. He needs to be back on the show more than he's already had.
kayla m
kayla m Hace 19 días
With a big what?
Phenomenal Woman
Phenomenal Woman Hace 19 días
Love him!
Jake Henderson
Jake Henderson Hace 19 días
I thought it was Miley Cyrus
BE yourself
BE yourself Hace 19 días
Love these
Sara Hace 19 días
Please keep doing this segment.
Creative Inspirations
Creative Inspirations Hace 19 días
This is still the best one, I keep coming back to it.
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon Hace 19 días
She can set this up as another show. nice concept
Elise Crisp
Elise Crisp Hace 20 días
Just Jack! lolol. This is by far my favorite of Ellen's games. Please add in couples dancing hahahaha.
Lani Jauregui-Hansen
Lani Jauregui-Hansen Hace 20 días
god this is hilarious, I keep re-watching these Masked Dancer videos
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez Hace 20 días
I thought it was a kardashian when he said he was on the show 16 times
Zero Hace 20 días
Ryan Reynolds PLEASE 😂😂
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson Hace 21 un día
The heavy breathing is so hilarious LOL
Priscilla Ohemaa
Priscilla Ohemaa Hace 21 un día
This thing is really hot so if u can speedup 😂 😂
Meg M.
Meg M. Hace 22 días
This is so funny!
cookie cookie
cookie cookie Hace 23 días
*cough* king of mask singer
adam young X
adam young X Hace 25 días
I don't know him
Kai Gacha
Kai Gacha Hace 26 días
2:49 I GUESSED IT!!!
Donna Hace 26 días
I wish I could be this happy
Just ME Onlyme
Just ME Onlyme Hace 26 días
3:26 lol
SOMETHING Hace 26 días
Actually a Korean broadcast has the Masked Singer copyright haha
MEME UNIVERSE Hace 27 días
If you fall for this, you have to like this comment... Read more...
MEME UNIVERSE Hace 27 días
This one actually has rhythm!
Isabel Summers
Isabel Summers Hace 27 días
Can you please use it games of games ?
Arianna Chaves
Arianna Chaves Hace 27 días
I love this show
olivia Hace 28 días
Ohhhhh no way! It is Mr. Humberfloob!
Kris Marie
Kris Marie Hace 28 días
What was this song???
Melissa Gonzalez Martinez
Jimmy fallon I guess
Jennifer Bridgelal
Jennifer Bridgelal Hace 28 días
hey Ellen I love your show ... i would love to visit your show but I'm all the way from the Caribbean Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago..again I love love your show... i would love it if you visit the Caribbean
G.M. D
G.M. D Hace 29 días
Can the US ever credit where they get their TV shows from???
Chris Hanger
Chris Hanger Hace 29 días
coulda swore it was miley cyrus
ohmyreeceb Hace 29 días
This could be harry styles lol
Jamie Li
Jamie Li Hace 29 días
This needs to be permanent !! Too funny LOL
Familie kontoen
Familie kontoen Hace 29 días
Am I sexy oui or non?
fun Times
fun Times Hace 29 días
Shane H,wow
fun Times
fun Times Hace 29 días
Goldie H
ONE MEDIA Hace 29 días
4th clue Don't read comments , you might find the answer.
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen Hace 29 días
@3:30 Ellen Triggered what a balsy answer.
Blenda Board
Blenda Board Hace un mes
I love , love , love Ellen's laugh !!! Her laugh just crack's me up .What a genuinely happy person she is . 😅💛😊💛😘
peekaboots01 Hace un mes
What song did this guy dance to???
Lucy's unicorn world 🦄
Walter Manfred
Walter Manfred Hace un mes
The Frog mask is so beautiful.
Janel Mitchell
Janel Mitchell Hace un mes
atef belikov
atef belikov Hace un mes
Imagine if the masked person was Michael Jackson and he came out of the mask and he was like" HE HE!
Smack The Haters
Smack The Haters Hace un mes
Me trying to be cool in front of my bae.
Derren Xo
Derren Xo Hace un mes
Normani will do great in this competition!
makenzie Loeffler
makenzie Loeffler Hace un mes
Ellen I love you and everything you doooo❤️
Annie Hace un mes
Who else skipped the video to the end 😂
Mariana Paz
Mariana Paz Hace un mes
hahahahahaha I knew it!!!
Purple Cow Movement
This segment is GENIUS lol 🤣🤣
Juliana Wong
Juliana Wong Hace un mes
How does Ellen and Twitch guess so accurately?? They need to replace some of the judges on the Masked Singer lol
The Real Dreancatcger
Yeojin be wildin👀
Jenna Connor
Jenna Connor Hace un mes
Please make more of this game, I love how it’s created. ❤️
Simi Dara
Simi Dara Hace un mes
Who else thinks it Sophia vagera
Abby Wonder
Abby Wonder Hace un mes
I’d guess Jimmy falon
Mimi Webb
Mimi Webb Hace un mes
Ellen’s laugh 😂
Diaz_So_Raw Hace un mes
It had to be a comedian
Diaz_So_Raw Hace un mes
It had to be a comedian
Angelica Smith
Angelica Smith Hace un mes
This was GREAT!!!! I loved this and trying to figure it out as well!!!
Natalie Bowen
Natalie Bowen Hace un mes
I know it was him when he started talking he is funny
salwa1181 Hace un mes
Ellen should do this more often on her show .. it’s fun
Laura Shirey
Laura Shirey Hace un mes
"That's not okay." Haha Absolutely loved this.
MonkEzz Hace un mes
They should do more of these
sunflower Hace un mes
There is no clues on the sheets. 😆
Kimora White
Kimora White Hace un mes
I think it’s Justin Bieber
ObsoleteTaco83 Hace un mes
When he said 16 times I knew rip
•Den1se Qu0ta•
•Den1se Qu0ta• Hace un mes
Not the masked dancer but the furry dancer (is that mean? I dont want to be mean ;-;)
Ellie B
Ellie B Hace un mes
Am i the only one who watches the thai version
It'z Your Gurl Ivy
It'z Your Gurl Ivy Hace un mes
*I love this show* The masked singer is cool and all bu this is just *CLASSIC*
awesome shawn hase
Paddy Delano
Paddy Delano Hace un mes
this is funny. iloved it haha
Jametris Hace un mes
This is the funniest video i have watched in a long time!!!!! Please make this segment permanent.
Alexandria Stewart
Alexandria Stewart Hace un mes
What song is that?
Isaiah Perez
Isaiah Perez Hace un mes
Eminem SHOULD be on this.. for his first appearence officially on Ellen.
Daantje Hermans
Daantje Hermans Hace un mes
They should do this with liza koshy
Bianca Hernandez
Bianca Hernandez Hace un mes
my mans needs an asthma pump 💀
Wendy Cortez
Wendy Cortez Hace un mes
What’s the name of the song?
Curtis Taylor
Curtis Taylor Hace un mes
Richard Simmons
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