Gunman surrenders after standoff with cops in Philadelphia l ABC News

ABC News
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The suspect, Maurice Hill, 34, is accused of wounding six police officers before barricading himself in a building with several hostages.
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Q Co
Q Co Hace 3 meses
spr y legs.
Q Co
Q Co Hace 3 meses
Spec: Mint 100 bills coffee can for . N & Cam
Yuck Foutube
Yuck Foutube Hace 5 meses
Good on him for wounding 6 cops the stupid fags
Stew L
Stew L Hace 6 meses
Ta. 26 Mexican . Get 100 ice cream stands in NY. Remember the gold fish!
Doctor Anarchy
Doctor Anarchy Hace 6 meses
Gotta make a movie out of this!
75th Teaster
75th Teaster Hace 6 meses
Stop the no knock warrants and this may not happen
Phil Peterson
Phil Peterson Hace 6 meses
More shooting hoaxes.
Stacy D
Stacy D Hace 6 meses
what was hanging from his chin?
John Hace 6 meses
Too many firearms in USA. More guns than citizens, clearly out of control.
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey Hace 6 meses
Mr. Golstein
Mr. Golstein Hace 6 meses
Keeping your gun gets cops to negotiate instead of choking you out for selling cigarettes or shot for selling mixtapes without a licence and put on a mural or T-shirt. Fuck 12.
Please don't stop the gunman from asking for freedom.
Beautiful sight. Free America, gunfight every day
Pat Moynahan
Pat Moynahan Hace 6 meses
Hillary voter
Aiden Skye
Aiden Skye Hace 6 meses
Took this army of officers 7 hours to not kill or capture one man?🤨
CHAOS 🤬Theory
CHAOS 🤬Theory Hace 6 meses
Until Police around the Nation change tactics , I could give a fuck either way ... Technically in my view he was defending himself and property... Sounds like a good shoot to me , he's no Hero like Micha x Johnson... But anyone who puts the fear police try to put into the general public, back into the police is O-tay in my book ....
CHAOS 🤬Theory
CHAOS 🤬Theory Hace 6 meses
The media is really good at picking the most uneducated people out of the crowd....
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris Hace 6 meses
Sounds like a conspiracy to distract the entire Philadelphia Police Station from something else that may have been going on, inside job??? FBI: Serial robber hitting banks throughout ... - 6abc Philadelphia -I wonder: Was this man hired?
Chris Justa
Chris Justa Hace 6 meses
No fun when the other guy has a gun.... fuck the police running and crying like little bitches
Patty Chavez
Patty Chavez Hace 6 meses
Another coward with a gun put him in prison for life
JulieAnkha N.
JulieAnkha N. Hace 6 meses
He probably would have gotten a few yrs for drugs, but instead put himself in jail for life. Good job
Armando7654 Hace 6 meses
You can take Africans out of Africa but you can't take Africa out of Africans
Leonos Stonos
Leonos Stonos Hace 6 meses
normal day in the US
J R Deckard
J R Deckard Hace 6 meses
So you can shoot six cops and simply put your hands up not to get shot? What if it was fifty cops? Same thing? How about 300 cops? Hands up, don't shoot? Any criminal who shoots even one person should be shot on sight. End of story.
Pileus Storm
Pileus Storm Hace 6 meses
This is what happens when black men think that the white man's weapons are a symbol of his freedom and, the sentiments of the younger black generation has on the Civil Rights movement. They look down on them. They want to go to war but don't have a plan #IdiotsInAction
Prophet YouTube
Prophet YouTube Hace 6 meses
Damn Trump supporters! Oh what’s that, media didn’t want to identify the shooter, a violent Terrorist, from a known sh*thole city, just another day in Wakanda?
Eric McBrearty
Eric McBrearty Hace 6 meses
How is it possible that you maintain your right to surrender after shooting 6 cops? I would think that the law would state somewhere; that an active shooter must be pursued until death is confirmed.
Ian McGregor
Ian McGregor Hace 6 meses
And the vile citizens of Philadelphia are protesting the arrest of this mass shooter. Evil inner city dwellers....
Buttercup Hace 6 meses
Why is this not called a mass shooting?
Slim Rudy
Slim Rudy Hace 6 meses
What weak cops
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey Hace 6 meses
boston strong
Carlos Curry
Carlos Curry Hace 6 meses
#FuccThePolice 🐽
Walter Harris
Walter Harris Hace 6 meses
The cops should've tear gassed him from the beginning. It's almost like they wanted the attention. "Hey media. Over here! We've got an active shooter too!"
Iam Invisable
Iam Invisable Hace 6 meses
What about the cops dressing themselves in fake blood? This is a ff.
Iam Invisable
Iam Invisable Hace 6 meses
C. I. A.
C. I. A. Hace 6 meses
Now he's getting a clown degree in federal prison serving for life.
Shamar Rush
Shamar Rush Hace 6 meses
This man was abiding by the constitution. He has a right to bare arms, get high, and stand up to a tyrannical government.
Mranxious Hace 6 meses
Ahh.. it looked the set from the Blues Brothers.. seriously
georgia f
georgia f Hace 6 meses
Who was taken to jail regarding the chase bank cocaince boat seizure?
sclSolitarium Hace 6 meses
That boy ain’t never getting out of jail...
Mr Q Ceaz
Mr Q Ceaz Hace 6 meses
6 counts of attempted murder on cops? Yeah they are about to fry his ass smh
tharrison004 Hace 6 meses
I'm not surprised they let this drag out for hours,it makes for a good visual,so they can take more Guns away from innocent people,while criminals get to keep their illegal guns and shot innocent people.No matter how many Guns laws they put in place it will not stop criminals from getting Guns or shooting innocent people,so stop with the Guns Laws, it does no good,it only hurts innocent people because they can't defend themselves against these criminals.
Isaiah Bamburg
Isaiah Bamburg Hace 6 meses
Where's all the " If he was black they would have killed him?"
Eric Brooks
Eric Brooks Hace 6 meses
Bitch, he literally had his lawyer call the kkkops to get assurances they wouldn't kill him. Pay attention stupid!
johnboy matt
johnboy matt Hace 6 meses
johnboy matt
johnboy matt Hace 6 meses
Fk GMA 🤬🖕🏻
Otera Juda Lioness
Otera Juda Lioness Hace 6 meses
420GreyWorm2187 Hace 6 meses
This man was on a 5 star wanted level.
Alejandro Muro
Alejandro Muro Hace 6 meses
I thought SWAT was always present during narcotics warrants... must just be on tv 🤷‍♂️
WHO CARES I DONT Hace 6 meses
Video games, mental illness, and the most internet is what caused this behavior um I wonder who said this ignorant shit??
Jerry Wilson
Jerry Wilson Hace 6 meses
To bad their still 6 living pigs 😔 really wanted a pulled pork sandwich with orphan tears😂😂😂
Gerardo Buenrostro
Gerardo Buenrostro Hace 5 meses
Jerry Wilson you sound dumb as fuck nigga fucking brain dead ass nigga
Stefan Knisley
Stefan Knisley Hace 6 meses
Just should of shot the fucker when he left the building. Worthless living being.
Cashole Hace 6 meses
Narcotics warrant, why is it none of these have been served on any pharmaceutical company’s? Geeze.
Axel Werner
Axel Werner Hace 6 meses
U know whats good for prevention? Moar gunz!!!!! Guns for everybody!! Buy a 22, get a pocket nuke on top for free. Thanks Republicans!!
Pup Pup Man
Pup Pup Man Hace 6 meses
he was a felon, bro. the guns were illegal...
Lamont Cranston INC.
I thought February was black history month lol
Eric Brooks
Eric Brooks Hace 6 meses
鲁小班 Hace 6 meses
It’s democracy and freedom.
xBlockhead Hace 6 meses
These black supremacists are at it again.
saf dipo
saf dipo Hace 6 meses
William Baker
William Baker Hace 6 meses
Liberals: only white people get arrested blacks get shot. 🤔
Atari Gothica
Atari Gothica Hace 6 meses
Just another White Supremacist! Ha Ha --- Right.
Yogirl Cheeks
Yogirl Cheeks Hace 6 meses
Nigga that’s a savage right there he can deff rap about it and no one can say shit cause it was on live
Pup Pup Man
Pup Pup Man Hace 6 meses
he will rot in a cell until they cook his brain
Sharon Boston
Sharon Boston Hace 6 meses
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