Guns N' Roses & Nirvana & Pearl Jam Live MTV Awards 1992

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Live performances of GnR, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the MTV awards.


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7 nov 2018






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A S Hace 11 horas
I remember kurt had little sqworrl with axle at that day righ behind curtaince
A S Hace 12 horas
Sound garden and alice in chains missing event rhcp would be excluded and no sound for PJ
IMPORTKILLR R/C Hace 14 horas
Fucking sucked no sound after nirvana. Nirvana's only reason I watched anywho!
tube you
tube you Hace un día
댓글 보면 양놈들도 어린애들한테 꼰대 소리 들을 얘기하는 건 똑같구만.. 귀엽다.ㅎㅎ
Dara L
Dara L Hace un día
That was fucking amazing! Love Guns n' Roses forever and ever
Jesus Crust
Jesus Crust Hace 2 días
and the award for most self indulgent bullshit goes to GNR.
Jesus Crust
Jesus Crust Hace 2 días
Is that the same Duff McKagan that is in every punk documentary out there? If you we a so-called punk in the early 80’s and moved to LA and got into glam? That’s called a poser. It worked out for him. Didn’t help his “punk” credentials though.
Marcos Andrade
Marcos Andrade Hace 2 días
Nunca vi uma sequência tão incrível! O que temos pra hoje? Taylor Swift seguida por Lady GaGa finalizando com Anita e Bionce....
Marc John Paredes
Marc John Paredes Hace 2 días
carlos espejo
carlos espejo Hace 3 días
El comienzo del fin de la buena música...
crisscat2006 Hace 3 días
"Nothing to do with Michael Jackson"... It was clearly a slam in the face for Slash... Axl had the main responsibility for the rupture of the band
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi Hace un día
crisscat2006 ah ok I get it now,but Axl as a professional should not act stupid no! he should just shut his mouth and do what he came for to do (singing) that's why I love guys like SRV,Jimi Hendrix,BB King....they are so humble,and now one of my favourite is Tommy Emmanuel,he's sooooooo humble .....that *he's SO HUMBLE* lol😃😃 compared to him Axl isn't almost nothing (without criticizing his singing skills)
crisscat2006 Hace un día
+Uchiha Itachi no. That's one of the reasons why I blame Axl for the break of the band
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi Hace un día
crisscat2006 ah ok,but that's not cool right!?
crisscat2006 Hace un día
+Uchiha Itachi I think Axl tried to outwit Slash for his contribution...
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi Hace un día
crisscat2006 yeah I know that Slash played with Michael (he also played with him in Give into me) but my question was more like what was the meaning of evoke MJ by Axl? what does he wanted to refer to with that?
Bebby Aleesya
Bebby Aleesya Hace 4 días
Love u g'n'r nirvana
Azil Cam
Azil Cam Hace 4 días
Gnr rocks 🤘nr
Brian Becaldo
Brian Becaldo Hace 5 días
RIP pearl Jam no sound, fck
b- geezy
b- geezy Hace 5 días
back when MTV meant real music!! my god look at SLASH... WOW i'd give my left arm for 5 mins...💋💣💥❤🙃🤗😮😭😍😍😍
Michael Suder
Michael Suder Hace 5 días
Did Slash forget where the fretboard was? He missed about every note
Yerko Ramírez
Yerko Ramírez Hace 5 días
This award in 1991 he was renamed MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in honor of MJ. / Este premio en 1991 fue renombrado como MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award en honor a MJ.
fender john
fender john Hace 6 días
back then
Phuntsog Angchok
Phuntsog Angchok Hace 6 días
Best of the nest...when will rock n roll be back
Gousy khongzai
Gousy khongzai Hace 7 días
Back when mtv was awesome rip
Master Hetfield
Master Hetfield Hace 7 días
10:55 I was thinking what if Dave Grohl has been told that he is going to be famous 2 years later after that MTV music awards..
Rr De Guzman
Rr De Guzman Hace 7 días
Guns N' Roses ❤
Tejashwi Rana
Tejashwi Rana Hace 7 días
Nirvana tastes tea without sugar
Tony Hace 7 días
Lol. You have something against Eddie Vedder? Why you mute it bruh?
Axl Rose
Axl Rose Hace 8 días
Amber Luckes
Amber Luckes Hace 8 días
Ady Aryanto
Ady Aryanto Hace 8 días
Jamane grup band "lanang tenan"
RPG Gaming
RPG Gaming Hace 8 días
Only here for Nirvana. All the other bands are shit.
Lina pramono
Lina pramono Hace 9 días
Fuck you Nirvana......
Jose Luis Menchaca
Jose Luis Menchaca Hace 10 días
Q vuelva esos años maravillosos del rock y las grandes bandas ahora no existen
Joe Hace 11 días
When American Rock was way better than England's..;))
Joe Hace 6 días
+Novalee Law well...opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one.
Novalee Law
Novalee Law Hace 8 días
Joe they are different style and sounds ( my opinion)
twincammike83 mike
twincammike83 mike Hace 12 días
If Kurt had to listen to today's music he would buy another shot gun... ASAP...
Intoxicated Daze
Intoxicated Daze Hace 12 días
cant see why elton john was there 🤣🤣 must of gatecrashed it
maikon douglas
maikon douglas Hace 12 días
Nessa époc eu tinha 2 anos de idade, já corria loko de lsd pela casa escultando guns😎
mike mariano
mike mariano Hace 14 días
wow those were the days...
Francisco Antonio
Francisco Antonio Hace 14 días
Cuando los MTV eran deahuevo
Sarah Mazzoli
Sarah Mazzoli Hace 14 días
Miss real MTV and all this music
Jeff Mandras
Jeff Mandras Hace 14 días
Nirvana is best for me legendary
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka Hace 14 días
Doesn't look like he is singing live
newsreader4321 Hace 15 días
Im 49 first time saw this
Sony Bahtiar
Sony Bahtiar Hace 15 días
Kurt cobain is the coolest man ever.
acdc angus
acdc angus Hace 15 días
Guns n' Roses the best
Will Reyes
Will Reyes Hace 16 días
Audio: 👎
snoop스눕독 Hace 18 días
저때가 최고였다.....
Regis Santos
Regis Santos Hace 19 días
A última banda de rock original, o resto tudo cópia
José Soares
José Soares Hace 19 días
Se quisermos ouvir música de qualidade teremos que retroceder ao tempo.
Kenneth Seebach
Kenneth Seebach Hace 20 días
What castle u in man
Daniel Soares
Daniel Soares Hace 21 un día
Just look Guns performance and Nirvana, The Guns performance crowd just listen the music and clap hands on the final, thats it , but when Nirvana start to play we can see the crowd reacting with the band, runnin around on the stage and just doing stage dives , thats real! Nirvana represents the 90's youth!!! They represented their generation, these kidz who said: we need bands that talk our language, im not rich, i even have my own car, girls dont look at me cuz im weird and ugly! im not a popular kid in my school, im the nerd, the freak! I was suffer bullyn on the school, right? I dont have a lot of girls surround me, im a loser, right? That was these kidz that Nirvana did represents in the 90's and in the every decade!
Daniel Soares
Daniel Soares Hace 21 un día
I can try to explain why i like Nirvana, RHCP and Pearl Jam more than GNR, the reason is the first 3 bands were raw and real, thats the perfect word, real! Ok? Guns were just trying to save the 80's glam style, tryin to did a professional performance, and in the other side we have Nirvana, a band that was really raw and crazy, (yea The Who did destroy instruments first, but is not like Nirvana's destruction, it was like a kind of crazy ritual) Kurt was real, he wasnt tryin to did a type, he was that crazy guy thats love to destroy your guitars and amps after his concert, Nirvana just didnt give a shit for this award and was that which did make Nirvana, this "we are the losers and we dont fuckin' care!" band, the most important and famous band in the 90's, because they are real!!!
Spencer Rees
Spencer Rees Hace 20 días
Guns were at the height of their game in 92,they had just released Illusion 1 and 2 and were huge... Nirvana's time would come... Ever heard Unplugged with Nirvana? Not exactly Nirvana tbh but you get my point
Fabián Coronado
Fabián Coronado Hace 21 un día
Fabián Coronado
Fabián Coronado Hace 21 un día
Nunca olvidaré está canción chingona hasta la muerte
FCM JTH Hace 21 un día
The best hard rock band of the world
Hector Amolo
Hector Amolo Hace 21 un día
Soni Soni
Soni Soni Hace 21 un día
I love you Axl roses
Veronica Costa
Veronica Costa Hace 21 un día
Alguien que invente la máquina del tiempo y volvemos un ratito?
Aschotik Sarkisyan
Aschotik Sarkisyan Hace 21 un día
Да, были времена)
HansZel Hace 22 días
When good music was still a mainstream.
Adriano Gois
Adriano Gois Hace 22 días
Cadê os brasileiros aqi ????
Aditha Laosuwan
Aditha Laosuwan Hace 22 días
กู blink182 ไอ้สัด
Army of christ
Army of christ Hace 22 días
I love Nirvana because he a legend.🎸🎼
piai Hace 11 días
Army of christ yet, Kurt Cobain still legend
THO_ BEY Hace 22 días
Modern music starting nirvana. I feel it..
il ga
il ga Hace 22 días
Ahahah Elton John on cocaine
Alfredo Estigarribia
Alfredo Estigarribia Hace 22 días
Lo grabe en VHS y lo veía una y otra vez
Joel Casas
Joel Casas Hace 23 días
Ese es el verdadero MTV
Britton Thompson
Britton Thompson Hace 23 días
MTV 1992: "Come see rock n roll giants Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain, Slash, Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell, and Eddie Vedder all together under the same roof!" MTV 2019: "Dear White Guys...."
David Presley
David Presley Hace 23 días
I was in the ninth grade in 1992.
Walas Abundez
Walas Abundez Hace 24 días
El que busco y no se escucha. Jajaja
DEAD POOL Hace 24 días
Real music without autotone like now
Melchor Perez Luengo
Melchor Perez Luengo Hace 24 días
Cada vez que veo estos grupos y lo que hay hoy en día, este puto planeta se va a la mierda en todo. Por dios que alguien lo solucione!!!
Arturo Love Music
Arturo Love Music Hace 24 días
I do not know about you, but it was sad Kurt.
David Lee
David Lee Hace 24 días
Didnt grohl diss axle at this show.
jose villegas
jose villegas Hace 25 días
Viva los 90'-
Ubay Kecil
Ubay Kecil Hace 25 días
And now Mtv is dead 😏
i DoNT cArE
i DoNT cArE Hace 25 días
The real MTV, not like now MTV only playing K pop or K Porn 😂😂
Tania Dessia
Tania Dessia Hace 27 días
Guns N' Roses les pasa el trapo a todos!
Rolandi Travis
Rolandi Travis Hace 27 días
Best MTV awards
Natalia Arfan
Natalia Arfan Hace 28 días
That was MTV not this shit what is now.
Juliana Martins
Juliana Martins Hace 28 días
Nirvana 1.000 vezes...
Joffy Jaffer McJaffy
Joffy Jaffer McJaffy Hace 28 días
John Fruciante @22:48 playing a Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat !!!!!!! Cool shit. Great time for some good bands to perform! Helluva line up!!
Cindy Reinhart
Cindy Reinhart Hace 28 días
Elton the handler.
ciro Moretti Ferrara
ciro Moretti Ferrara Hace 29 días
Q te paso MTV antes pasabas buena música y ahora pasas mierda sólo mierda y puterio regeton y reality q bajo caiste MTV
nate11star Hace 29 días
GnR didnt know their time was over... Seattle was breaking and changing the rock status and nothing was gonna be the same after that.
Pawan Gurung
Pawan Gurung Hace un mes
1992 I was born and now a fan of Nirvana,Red Hot chilli peppers,Guns N Roses,Green Day,Blink 182,Linkin Park,Feeder,Limp Bizkit,Saliva,Slipknot,Our Lady Peace,Chantal Kreviazuk,The Calling,Creed,Puddle Of Mudd,Switchfoot,Marilyn Manson,Keane,Michael Jackson,Gorillaz,Foster the people,The Cult,Matchbox 20,etc I love Alternative Rock songs the most.
Alan R
Alan R Hace un mes
Course singers Jump the shark sold out.Should of kept it Raw.
bhaktesh kotian
bhaktesh kotian Hace un mes
When MTV had balls
alexander briceño
alexander briceño Hace un mes
Cuando mtv era un canal de musica ahora es una basura total llevando un poco de hp a volverse locos
Pankaj Rai
Pankaj Rai Hace un mes
Pearl jam why no sound?
Backcountry Gaming
Backcountry Gaming Hace un mes
November Rain is good but it isn’t even close to their best song
Shaun Nerheim
Shaun Nerheim Hace un mes
Music these days is not as good as the past real artists
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia Hace un mes
When people actualy gave a shit about MTV now it's a bunch of queer negro rappers crying about racism and wearing bitch clothes
Ernest Gallo
Ernest Gallo Hace un mes
The day Axle saw G & R fade away for 25 yrs.
Lenin P.M.
Lenin P.M. Hace un mes
Cuando MTV era MTV. Ahora basuras tras basura en esa mierda.
Lenin P.M.
Lenin P.M. Hace un mes
No hay audio para pearl jam coño!!!😨😨
Edgar Urdiales
Edgar Urdiales Hace un mes
That was really Rock and roll with really drug addicts...
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell Hace un mes
Crap video quality.
manuel rojo espinoza
Pearl jam sounds sucksssssssss
Roy Rojak
Roy Rojak Hace un mes
Who said grunge is death....☺
Arend Van der Merwe
Now this was dammm good music 😥👊👍
Shafiq Yaw
Shafiq Yaw Hace un mes
What's wrong with MTV nowadays? Full with kpop and jpop music, what the??!!
Jose Ayala
Jose Ayala Hace un mes
Simplemente la mera verga!
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