Guy Fieri Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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Guy Fieri goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Miami and talks about Steph Curry and Kevin Durant hooking his sons up with sneakers, his love for clothing with flames, and his thoughts on one of the most legendary food sneakers of all time.
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18 mar 2019






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Complex Hace un mes
What is your go-to pair of sneakers on days you have to be on your feet all day?
BenIsYoBoy08 Hace 11 minutos
checkered vans
Elise Bradley
Elise Bradley Hace un día
Complex vansssss
Jason Williams
Jason Williams Hace 4 días
Free run commuter 3.0
Teagan Yeetus
Teagan Yeetus Hace 5 días
Uhhh idk what they’re called, they’re adidas
Divizon HitBro420
Divizon HitBro420 Hace 5 días
Nike Air Max 90s they’re comfortable and they’re my favorite type
Don’t Trip
Don’t Trip Hace 7 horas
Bro I could’ve sold him my adidas bape for 350 wtf he got scammed
Amanda Colwell
Amanda Colwell Hace 10 horas
You don't learn anything in fortnite besides be toxic
Alan Prieto
Alan Prieto Hace un día
My man just said shoe junkie
peewee3030 Hace un día
He was cool ASF though
peewee3030 Hace un día
They raped him on the zebras
Hate You
Hate You Hace un día
Guy is a true gangster
Alejandro Sosa
Alejandro Sosa Hace un día
The epitome of the word, “ douchebag”...
Virginia Jones
Virginia Jones Hace 2 días
Guy is everywhere at the moment...
Alexa Raymundo
Alexa Raymundo Hace 3 días
Damn, my shoe average price is $65.... LIKE 🤯🤯
Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Hace 3 días
i thought he was dead wtf 😭
Car Master
Car Master Hace 3 días
I was there today
George Beltran
George Beltran Hace 3 días
Can you get Gordon Ramsay on the show?
Mains INC.
Mains INC. Hace 4 días
Sneaker shopping with Flavortown
Lindsey C.
Lindsey C. Hace 4 días
Gonk Monty
Gonk Monty Hace 5 días
Bro Guy Fieri has FIRE taste😤😤🙏
Savon Eggleton
Savon Eggleton Hace 5 días
My man 👨
nini bear
nini bear Hace 5 días
can you guys bring carmella
Bernasty Hace 6 días
Unexpected, not disappointed.
Fernan Burgos
Fernan Burgos Hace 6 días
"be like Imelda Marcos"
arrowshot3000 Hace 6 días
ah the mayor of flavortown. guy is the man
Nate Bailey
Nate Bailey Hace 7 días
Welcome to FlavorTown!
Thanos Fieri
Thanos Fieri Hace 7 días
With the snap of my fingers I will send half of the universe to a one-way trip to Flavortown
Thanos Fieri
Thanos Fieri Hace 6 días
Derrick Vineyard enjoy your one-way trip to Flavortown
Derrick Vineyard
Derrick Vineyard Hace 6 días
Thanos Fieri you thought you were gunna get mad likes and it would be lit huh? Go clean your room.
Dylan Kronenberg
Dylan Kronenberg Hace 7 días
When is Tyler the creator going to be on sneaker shopping?
Baery Frankle
Baery Frankle Hace 8 días
The sauce drips at flavor town
Compilations 101
Compilations 101 Hace 8 días
I though he was gonna *eat* the shoes
ian butter
ian butter Hace 8 días
The Man, The Myth, The Legendary Living Meme
Gavin McNair
Gavin McNair Hace 9 días
The epitome of class and style
Dinko Banožić
Dinko Banožić Hace 9 días
Joe got botox
I thought he was a food guy
DankAvi Hace 9 días
wait, that's me.
Doug F.
Doug F. Hace 10 días
Glad he didn't show up in flip flops
Rane Hace 11 días
aw my dad used to watch this guy all the time. rest in peace dad. i love you
Rane Hace 11 días
aw my dad used to watch this guy all the time. rest in peace dad. i love you
Ryan Creaturo
Ryan Creaturo Hace 11 días
This is the most blessed video on the internet
Mikledeepikle -
Mikledeepikle - Hace 12 días
*eats shoe*
pengs100 Hace 12 días
He turned super saiyan but can't go back to normal
Melany Hace 12 días
They should have started the video with him rolling up in his car that would have been iconic.
James S
James S Hace 12 días
*Do Gordon Ramsay!*
MakeThisPlaceIgnite Hace 13 días
Guy is who I think of first when I’m checking the sneaker game
Crowbar1115 Hace 13 días
So...When is Complex going to visit the Overseas Sweatshops were these shoes are made?? Instead of encouraging Rich people to support such a shitty industry why not show your 3.5 Million Subscribers the working conditions that CHILDREN have to deal with while making these stupid fucking shoes! Here's a better idea for a show...buy some Shoes for poor kids. GTFOH with this Channel.
David T
David T Hace 13 días
Guy actually seems really cool in person lol. One my favorite sneaker shoppings now.
Stuart Freeman
Stuart Freeman Hace 13 días
Rïnør Franku da FILTH
I took me To The FLAWORE Town When nobody Did !
Troy Young
Troy Young Hace 15 días
He didn’t eat any shoes
Hesus Curlin
Hesus Curlin Hace 15 días
Finally A guy that's not a rapper .
Cohesive G-unit
Cohesive G-unit Hace 15 días
**grabs shoe** Ahhh that is gangster!
Zack Wainwright
Zack Wainwright Hace 16 días
Get juice WRLD on here
Jester Perez
Jester Perez Hace 16 días
Lmao that imelda marcos joke at the end
Ant Don J
Ant Don J Hace 17 días
Those Are Real Cool Stories...He Knows How To Be Funny Without Trying So Hard!
Jared Republica
Jared Republica Hace 17 días
Luisa Rubio
Luisa Rubio Hace 17 días
Who requested him to be on this again??
GO PRO Hace 17 días
Changed my view of this guy for the better. Genuinely cool guy
Jayyy Diggs
Jayyy Diggs Hace 18 días
Big ups to Guy. he knows who Imelda Marcos is lol
GamerBoy26312 Hace 18 días
he has nice shoe taste
soulassassin0g Hace 18 días
$2,182.80 for four pairs of shoes damn I can barely afford the shoelaces that these shoes have lol.
Hydra Jamm
Hydra Jamm Hace 19 días
500 dollars for a shoe. Unless they are woven from god pubic hairs i dont know why they are worth that much
Hydra Jamm
Hydra Jamm Hace 19 días
Finally a good guest
Evan and Hailey
Evan and Hailey Hace 20 días
my dads a pilot and one time guy Fieri cursed my dad off for no reason
LeBeautiful Hace 18 días
how so??
ms ogre
ms ogre Hace 20 días
do sneaker shopping wit trailer park boys
kimchi •
kimchi • Hace 21 un día
he’s so cute oml 😭 talking abt “if it makes ppl happy i’m all here for it” honestly the cutest man
Sib Serdiñola
Sib Serdiñola Hace 21 un día
damn he cold for that imelda marcos reference
kyle the keen
kyle the keen Hace 21 un día
Flavor town
Caden Luke
Caden Luke Hace 21 un día
Get flavor flav on the show😂
Hotshoulder Hace 21 un día
Jreode Hace 21 un día
That’s gangster
Sleepy head
Sleepy head Hace 22 días
They just be puttin anybody on here now 😒
Lukas Brooks
Lukas Brooks Hace 22 días
so fire
Renegade Musik
Renegade Musik Hace 22 días
The air max 95 actually run small. I wear a ten in most sneakers and boots, but in the air max 95’s, I have to get a ten & a half.
Mister Plumpy
Mister Plumpy Hace 22 días
i didnt know god wore sneakers
juliana e. vega
juliana e. vega Hace 22 días
yal getting very creative
Surviving Chicago
Surviving Chicago Hace 23 días
Fuck you ESvid why is this fucking shit in my feed!!
Percussion Punisher
Percussion Punisher Hace 23 días
Danish & O’Neill fan, reppin’ D0101!
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero Hace 23 días
Shoreline Mafia Sneaker Shopping!
HockeyOwl 48
HockeyOwl 48 Hace 23 días
Bring Thatboyboywestcoast
An average Person
An average Person Hace 23 días
I usually just scroll in the comment section for the memes I guess this time it is different and also FUCK VEGANS I hate them I hope they die from a stampede or some ironic stuff like that
An average Person
An average Person Hace 23 días
I feel as if this whole show is an Nike advertisement and they pay the people to say what Nike wants I mean they are just a corporation and that causes lots of the real independent ESvidrs to not get the recondition they deserve though this comment is funny because who will read it anyways I mean certainly not ESvid or anyone else so what’s the point
PairofRickowens _
PairofRickowens _ Hace 23 días
Whole new level of sauce
1mao Hace 23 días
can we get Matt Ox on here
GuySoFly 52
GuySoFly 52 Hace 23 días
why are y'all interested in this guy's choice in sneakers
Joseph Angelo Hilado
Joseph Angelo Hilado Hace 23 días
Taylor Is Bored
Taylor Is Bored Hace 24 días
He’s then dude that makes the burgers on Carnival crusises
Aesthetix Hace 21 un día
Those burgers are soooooo gooood
Moonman Killer69
Moonman Killer69 Hace 24 días
Jordan Hace 24 días
Those prices are insane, like u can get them half of the price easy. Obviously he doesnt care but..
Dank Boi
Dank Boi Hace 22 días
THis is flight club... of course they will charge like twice the usual asking price
Drew Cowlthorp
Drew Cowlthorp Hace 24 días
Buys bape shoes cause he likes camo. Total dad move
Angel Vela Gamino
Angel Vela Gamino Hace 24 días
Guy fieri is like the chillest guy
Spyder Boy
Spyder Boy Hace 24 días
nobody _
nobody _ Hace 24 días
No fucking way
w a n k e r b o y e
w a n k e r b o y e Hace 24 días
Can we have Joe Bastianach, he always wears sneaker with a suit lmao
German Orellana
German Orellana Hace 24 días
Superfeet is the best insoles in the market I sold em for a while and they do work!
llJeezusll Hace 25 días
I bet he dips his Breds in gravy and takes them to Flavor Town
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Hace 25 días
I know hes got money but that breitling looks fake as fuck
GaPro 5
GaPro 5 Hace 25 días
Hello everyone, I'm working at the Global Sneaker store in Shanghai. So we are giving discounts of up to 30% on every product in the store. Are you looking for nice sneakers for lady or gentlemen. You are welcome to leave your whatsapp number so that I can add in the group. Hurry up before the promotion finishes More details in the group. Welcome!
Jihno Hace 25 días
520 and 570 for the bape ultraboosts?? 530 for yeezy 350 v2s??? y'all did him so dirty 🤦‍♂️
Larry Montana
Larry Montana Hace 25 días
Anybody know who produced the background beat?
Lil Verdi
Lil Verdi Hace 25 días
Dude was lowkey annoying everyone
Lil Verdi
Lil Verdi Hace 25 días
When is polo g coming on
UnknownPlayer1 Hace 25 días
Surprised they didn't go to FLAVOR TOWN
RedNekRedemption24 Hace 25 días
The dankest chef around
Carlos Encinas
Carlos Encinas Hace 25 días
do nav pleaseeee
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