Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

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Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.
Available for pre-purchase on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/
Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.


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21 nov 2019






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Moreentje Hace 5 minutos
Portal 3
rain cloud
rain cloud Hace 6 minutos
Ay Valve. That's hella one of the potential you are putting, salute to you. But please don't forget TF2. I'm sure y'all be busy withbit and it's fine, take your time
Paul Sheldon
Paul Sheldon Hace 6 minutos
VR - говно. Где HL3 ???
AMTBM Hace 6 minutos
Сначала подумал что это очередной мод, когда увидел рекламу в Steam, но когда заметил надпись Valve и осознал, еще не кликая на сам баннер, сказал про себя несколько раз что этого не может быть. Потрясающая графика, выход на новый уровень взаимодействия, новый hammer editor. Этот продукт достоин нашего ожидания, спасибо Valve. At first I thought that this was the next mod when I saw an advertisement on Steam, but when I noticed Valve and realized, without clicking on the banner itself, I said to myself several times that this could not be. Stunning graphics, a new level of interaction, a new hammer editor. This product is worthy of our expectation, thanks Valve.
Daniel H
Daniel H Hace 6 minutos
Time to reintroduce shepard from opposing force perhaps?
Марат Алферов
Win32Application - System File
Just imagine the half life 3 trailer instead of this, how long we waited for it and we would piss onto our pants, it would get 10m views in half hour and ZERO dislikes
БаТьКа ВсЕя РуСи PyTeN
Вах ваааах ждём ждем
Lusa Hace 6 minutos
I can’t believe I would see this happen in the 2010s
Семен Киселев
What a fu....
Wakka9000 Hace 6 minutos
Alyx is boring housewife sounding doll
Raphael Coolz
Raphael Coolz Hace 6 minutos
Hendricks M.
Hendricks M. Hace 7 minutos
I still can't believe this is real.
DimazaGames Hace 7 minutos
Я сплю?
Juan hernandez
Juan hernandez Hace 7 minutos
Not Half Life 3 but it’s better than nothing and it’s progress.
Наиль Ахметсагиров
When you bought it game: "Ok, im will wait gamemode for keyboard and pc mouse"
AviK A7
AviK A7 Hace 7 minutos
*Ребята, я снимаю ролики о разных играх подпишитесь и оцените пожалуйста ролики*
Bang Supa
Bang Supa Hace 7 minutos
me: u can do this son my r5 m250 in the corner
Don Loh
Don Loh Hace 7 minutos
is that true??
Boyd Seabiscuit
Boyd Seabiscuit Hace 7 minutos
the implosion of universe everybody is waiting for
Alex Levin
Alex Levin Hace 8 minutos
I gotta get rich!
DeRellik RUS
DeRellik RUS Hace 8 minutos
Ayece Channel
Ayece Channel Hace 8 minutos
New gmod trailer looking good.
:/ Hace 8 minutos
i cant believe what im watching, too bad i cant afford vr gear
Soda_YEET Hace 8 minutos
I can believe how far we've come.
bobby mcdobson
bobby mcdobson Hace 8 minutos
How many times y'all watched it now? Must be dozens for me. The first AAA first-person VR narrative. Literally the first. And it's Half-Life. Because of course it is. Can not wait.
Psicotiq Hace 8 minutos
12 años para una precuela? Los amo y los odio
To Be Continued
To Be Continued Hace 8 minutos
I AM SO GOD DAMN HYPED. I am actually going to buy this game. And hopefully in the future, if you keep putting off HL3 could you PLEASE PLEASE at least remake HL2 in source 2. I already own it but I would pay to have it remade
Пубертат Hace 9 minutos
Jonathan Ogden
Jonathan Ogden Hace 9 minutos
WWOOOOWWWW having a huge fan boy moment right now
III CASE III Hace 9 minutos
*People died waiting for a new HL game* 👍 to pay respects.
born to be gamer
born to be gamer Hace 9 minutos
I would pay 30-40 if this coming to ps and non VR then you can have my money
Benedek Roland
Benedek Roland Hace 9 minutos
what a time to finally be alive
kevin Hace 9 minutos
Wait........did this just happen?
bigboyjohnny Hace 9 minutos
I really wanted the gman to say the right women in the wrong place can make all the difference in the worrrrld so wake up alyx vance wake up and spill the ashs
Justin St-Georges
Justin St-Georges Hace 9 minutos
I mean, at least it's good to know Valve is still working on games
fiQ Hace 9 minutos
Valve still can't count to 3.
nicht dein Name
nicht dein Name Hace 9 minutos
Thats.... a joke right? Cant believe it
Jonne Nuutinen
Jonne Nuutinen Hace 10 minutos
Hoeley shiet.
Itay Reshef
Itay Reshef Hace 10 minutos
We never got Half Life 3... But at least we are getting Half Life 3/2
이원수 Hace 10 minutos
fuck you so much valve it's gonna be better if it was pc
이원수 Hace 5 minutos
@Kevin Zurek well i dont have vr but at least i have switch *does labo can do huh?*
Kevin Zurek
Kevin Zurek Hace 8 minutos
Wrong. Its gonna be better in VR
Rock girl
Rock girl Hace 10 minutos
This everyone, is a glorious year in video gaming history.
GG Game compain
GG Game compain Hace 10 minutos
Wait, though not the same, but wait Наконец-то нова часть ну или пролог к 2 части Half-Life
Uncle Benz
Uncle Benz Hace 10 minutos
VR... Fuck this shit!
Jordan S
Jordan S Hace 10 minutos
The funniest part is the kiwi accent
Rock girl
Rock girl Hace 9 minutos
Imagine if Valve had spent this time making a real game designed for people to enjoy instead of VR shovelware designed only to sell their overpriced hardware.
SlowRiotNewKanada Hace 10 minutos
I don't care about this. Do Half Life 3.
Despacito Spider
Despacito Spider Hace 10 minutos
Vadim Genn
Vadim Genn Hace 10 minutos
Ага, а кто не в VR играет, тогда как?
Chateau Mama
Chateau Mama Hace 10 minutos
Why’d they change all the voice actors?
Codestics Hace 11 minutos
3,6 Million Views in 24h, 257k likes and 7.5K dislike form Fortnite generation who dont have any idea what this game means to us! The engine what was years ahead of their competitors and the game which made the FPS history is BACK!
lextacy2008 Hace 11 minutos
Buyers BEWARE : Screen Door effect on VR Just Sayin
Kevin Zurek
Kevin Zurek Hace 7 minutos
Not on all VR headsets
Dusty Hace 11 minutos
Oh dear Lord, I've been patiently waiting all these years. Thank you for listening to my prayers and releasing this insane quality glimpse of hope
Cris Bercutov
Cris Bercutov Hace 11 minutos
The voice at 1:17 reminds me of Prophet from Crysis.
Kanton Schwiiz
Kanton Schwiiz Hace 11 minutos
22/11/2019, I was here
Алексей Малков
это супер конечно, но у меня нет шлема VR
III CASE III Hace 11 minutos
Valve releases a new Half Life game: Everyone: 👁👄👁
Farkas Vilkas
Farkas Vilkas Hace 11 minutos
no, thanks. no vr.
Davi Cazita
Davi Cazita Hace 11 minutos
Half life 3 ???? Please
mjc0961 Hace 11 minutos
Imagine if Valve had spent this time making a real game designed for people to enjoy instead of VR shovelware designed only to sell their overpriced hardware.
Vegan Duchess
Vegan Duchess Hace 11 minutos
Lol this looks great
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