HALLOWEEN Decorations Display - Monsters, Ghouls, Vampires, Skeletons & Clowns

Industrial Blue
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A look back at one of my earlier Halloween decoration set ups from a few years back. A lot has been added to my yard haunt in the past 3 years, but this was the year where some of my favorite decorations debuted, and where some made their final appearances.
Creepy clowns, evil zombie babies, Jason, Pinhead, Freddy, pumpkin ghouls, the Headless Horseman, tombstones, scary skeletons, the Reaper, hanging body parts, and a bonfire. The only thing missing is the Alice Cooper music I play for the kids during trick or treat!
Music: www.purple-planet.com - "Halloween Pumpkin"


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9 dic 2017






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FloridaGreg Hace 2 años
Edit Anes
Edit Anes Hace 29 días
kontakt home
kontakt home Hace un mes
Jumar Butlig
Jumar Butlig Hace un mes
Wyheh Hdhgegrfb
lavahot21 Hace un año
@Industrial Blue I Know I Might Be wrong but is this in West haven cause it looks the same as the house a walked pass today lol
Industrial Blue
Industrial Blue Hace 2 años
Well it's definitely not anywhere near what I put out now, but there are a bunch of decorations in this video that have rotted away now, or were stolen. It's nice to see them again!
Sanjay Chaturvedy
Sanjay Chaturvedy Hace 5 horas
Wow nice video
فاطمة هاني
فاطمة هاني Hace 6 días
Thep Vu Van
Thep Vu Van Hace 13 días
devina aulya
devina aulya Hace 27 días
Is good
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Hace un mes
khan sheebu
khan sheebu Hace un mes
So horror,👀🇺🇸
tes yes
tes yes Hace un mes
Saya jadi merindign
Barbara Fawcett
Barbara Fawcett Hace un mes
Mia a zovu me koka
Mia a zovu me koka Hace un mes
Hallo I'm a wich
Quangdung Nguyen
Quangdung Nguyen Hace un mes
Pappy halloween
Queen Mendes
Queen Mendes Hace un mes
I'm obsessed with halloween stuff when I was kid I guess until now I'm still like it. All of this stuff is my dream helloween 🖤
Carlos Xavier Lique
I cant wait until halloween next year.
an anarchist
an anarchist Hace un mes
Holy shit same
Dewi Yulianti
Dewi Yulianti Hace un mes
Abdul Gofur
Abdul Gofur Hace un mes
Johnny Hampton
Johnny Hampton Hace un mes
This house is awesome can I trick or treat here like I'm scared but WOW
Naïm Cheboube
Naïm Cheboube Hace un mes
Lorena elisaved Velasques garsia
Jaaaa. No. Da. Mi👺👿👿👺👿
Roxy Girl Tingles ASMR
Very COOL Video I LOVE Halloween and COOL FUN Halloween decorations this was Sweet🎃🎃🎃🎃
Alisha Blackburn
Alisha Blackburn Hace un mes
Ann Bertoli
Ann Bertoli Hace un mes
Very cool
G Man
G Man Hace un mes
Not long again🍭🍫🍬
Siti Aisyah
Siti Aisyah Hace 2 meses
Wat 💀💀👻
Baiyun Tao
Baiyun Tao Hace 2 meses
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen Hace 2 meses
Am sooooooo love Halloween
Alex Game on Christmas master ジ
What’s the background music called
Industrial Blue
Industrial Blue Hace 2 meses
"Halloween Pumpkin"
Sweetêâ Sweetness
Sweetêâ Sweetness Hace 2 meses
Lol Halloween is my fav holiday!
e w
e w Hace 2 meses
I watched a similar video of yours about 4 years ago your house is amazing can’t wait to see this years
Industrial Blue
Industrial Blue Hace 2 meses
I always add new things each year!
Dara Mullebrouck
Dara Mullebrouck Hace 2 meses
🕸️🕷️👽☠️👻💀👺🎃 Halloween
Ara Arianty
Ara Arianty Hace 2 meses
So crepy like a in film film omg
Gopi nath Basumatary
Oh so scared 😱
SiiLent_-Reaaper Gaming
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose Hace 2 meses
This actually makes me afraid of Halloween decorations !!!!!
بابا ماما
بابا ماما Hace 2 meses
Doris Huaman
Doris Huaman Hace 2 meses
Si yo tuviera todo eso en mi casa sería que la activará para que funcione y es aprueba de niños xd Auto like para no desaparecer ;v Hello amigos , dale tu precioso like si te gusta halloween Y mas los dulces bien rikolinos xd
بندر بندر
بندر بندر Hace un mes
زق كفر
Santiago isasi
Santiago isasi Hace 2 meses
Baiyun Tao
Baiyun Tao Hace 2 meses
look at that zombie
DIY Crafts LQH
DIY Crafts LQH Hace 2 meses
Industrial Blue Great Halloween !!!
Industrial Blue
Industrial Blue Hace 2 meses
Thank you!
Xiomara Nunez
Xiomara Nunez Hace 2 meses
Spooktacular!! 👻🎃🔮💀
Industrial Blue
Industrial Blue Hace 2 meses
Thank you!
şenolla üretim
şenolla üretim Hace 2 meses
Olum çok devdi
Mamta Devi
Mamta Devi Hace 2 meses
I like this video and Jason
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