Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Announcement

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For the first time ever, The Master Chief’s story comes to PC. Featuring Halo: Reach along with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, the Halo 3: ODST Campaign and Halo 4, this is the definitive Halo experience.
Honoring the iconic hero and his epic journey, The Master Chief’s story is brought together with a total of 67 campaign missions plus more than 120 multiplayer maps (including the original Halo Combat Evolved maps) and Spartan Ops maps. Now built for PC with mouse and keyboard support and up to 4K UHD and HDR.
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Web: www.halowaypoint.com
Twitter: twitter.com/halo
Instagram: instagram.com/halo/
Mixer: mixer.com/halo
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/halo


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12 mar 2019






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Soul Handler
Soul Handler Hace 2 días
Remember when everyone was excited for this? Now the games that released are decent at best. Better than nothing, i guess.
T H.
T H. Hace 15 días
Still waiting for halo 4 on pc - how is this taking more than a year...
House Music Production
And the game is dead again..
Jacob Scoulou
Jacob Scoulou Hace 26 días
we need halo 2, 3 and forge
charlie182x Hace un mes
Why Halo Reach is the Only Game Available?
Epic Big Boy
Epic Big Boy Hace 4 días
charlie182x It isn’t. Halo: Reach, Combat Evolved, and 2 are available now! They’re being released every 3 months or so.
Ad̲a̲m Hace un mes
After 13 months they've only released Reach smh..
Ad̲a̲m Hace 4 días
@Epic Big Boy When I posted my original comment they had only released halo reach and CE. Don't you find it funny how this trailer was made over a year ago, we are literally getting close to Infinite release and they are yet to release halo 3 on PC
Epic Big Boy
Epic Big Boy Hace 4 días
House Music Production I still play the game and see many active players. It’s not dead at all.
Epic Big Boy
Epic Big Boy Hace 4 días
Ad̲a̲m Lmao Halo: Reach, CE, and 2 are on PC. You should’ve done more research. Halo 3 will release most likely in July or August.
House Music Production
@blacklight Syphon game is dead no population
Ad̲a̲m Hace un mes
@blacklight Syphon Yeah, but it's been over a year and I am still waiting on halo 3 PC
Tommy Brad
Tommy Brad Hace un mes
This pretty much takes away any reason for me owning an Xbox
Luis Humanoide
Luis Humanoide Hace 2 meses
Thank you for releasing these games for PC, I'm really enjoying playing them
leozar69 Hace un mes
Do you need to make an xbox account when starting a game? I just wanna play the campaigns offline.
VOCALOID MIKU Hace 2 meses
Trailler day: Yeah!! HALO!! IN PC!! Releast day: WTF where is other games Halo Reach: The hell is wrong with this game After over 5 month:Yeah!! HALO CE!!! Next day: i'm board
TheAnders750 Hace 2 meses
1 year ago today, I remember watching this trailer and being so excited for Halo on pc. Whilst I write this comment I'm currently sitting in a lobby for Halo Reach
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed Hace 2 meses
"Sir, we're finishing the fight"
Sprints William
Sprints William Hace 2 meses
Random Hip Hop
Random Hip Hop Hace 2 meses
Hello my friends! Halo 1 is back on the PC! I've started a discord since we don't yet have server browsers. Feel free to pass around this link (it doesn't expire): discord.gg/EKYaDdJ Let's get some games going. Modders and modded maps? >:)
Adnan Charif
Adnan Charif Hace 3 meses
Eliot Montesino Petrén
Hey 343 about your release of Halo CE on PC: This guy on his channel Kavawuvi summed up several things about the current version of the coming Halo CE in the MCC that could be improved and that I think would be SO AWESOME if they were looked at. I can't understate how much I appreciate that you're bringing MCC to PC for us. Childhood dream, truly! Link to video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jR4IVCjAnqM.html Thank you!
Elijah Simpson
Elijah Simpson Hace 3 meses
Not even Bungie will do this
CR0W Hace 3 meses
Too bad the experience has been very poor on PC with Reach. Hopefully, the other ones can deliver.
Smoke Revenant
Smoke Revenant Hace 3 meses
Ps4 release date
Colin Evans
Colin Evans Hace 4 meses
There are those who said this day would never come. What are they to say now?
Mehran Chowdhury
Mehran Chowdhury Hace 4 meses
Is it out yet?
Barricade Bonecrusher
Only Halo reach.Other games will come out later on steam
neonone Hace 4 meses
The unique structuring of this game sale creates incentive to stall the release of future halo games until sales drop or reviews turn negative, since another release will clue players onto the fact that it's Reach + the equivalent an empty game box full of IOU notes, rather than a previously ported Halo reach + the other newly ported halo games, which most people would assume It's also suggests a lack of confidence in their ability to make satisfactory ports of the other games. BTW If you review the "master chief collection" you are technically just reviewing the game menu and everything outside of the DLC
SebstaBro7 Hace 4 meses
Im so happy you dont need gold on order to play online.
United States Air Force
343: Sir, request permission to leave the console industry. Microsoft: For what purpose, 343? 343: To give the PC Players what they need Microsoft: Permission granted.
Astroboy Hace 5 meses
Hell to the chief
Bak-er Hace 5 meses
Halo 2 was last game out on pc and it was awesome, disgusting that its taken this long for pc users to finally get to play 3 and 4, but at least it looks like we will.
NightWolf Hace 5 meses
So guys theres something i caught When halo became popular it lasted from 2002-2012 also 2010 is when cod started beating halo and getting the likes of its fans t'ill halo died the year 2012 so think about it... halo lasted for 10 years until cod took over its place and now cod started dying the year 2019 and it will probably die the year 2021 and also 2020 is the year where halo will return with mcc on pc and halo infinite which it will kill cod so as soon as the games gets popular the year 2021 and also ninja (the heart of the most played game fortnite) loves halo so much and stopped playing it 2012 !!! And switched to cod then battle royale and also when halo mcc on pc and halo infinite release it will not beat just cod but also fortnite too !!! So that means those 12 yrs olds who worship ninja will start playing halo the year 2021 because ninja will start playing it as soon as it gets popular so that means halo will return the year 2021 then it will die again the year 2032 and the circle continues HOLY SHIT !!!
NightWolf Hace 5 meses
@Stefan Obermair if your talking about ninja most of his 12 yrs kids cares about him If your talking about me well.... nobody 😔
Stefan Obermair
Stefan Obermair Hace 5 meses
Who cares about this guy?
bmstr Hace 5 meses
Anyone have any insight as to which Halo is getting released next in the master chief collection?
Muhd Anwar
Muhd Anwar Hace 5 meses
Since they're releasing chronologically it would be CE
420rogerz Hace 5 meses
krzys ja
krzys ja Hace 5 meses
when pc repack I bought used 4 xbox one s tb
SLDFSpectreSix Hace 5 meses
Welcome home, Spartans.
AlmightyMedia Hace 5 meses
Wonder when the rest of the Halo games are getting flights and PC ports...
AlmightyMedia Hace 5 meses
@Gl33D Hey thanks man. I appreciate the response.
Gl33D Hace 5 meses
CE starts in January. The rest of the mcc games will be faster to release since they already have the foundation and backend set up for the mcc. Along with no longer needing to port from PowerPC to X86 architecture. Hopefully we will get the complete mcc before infinite releases!
Modern Spartan
Modern Spartan Hace 5 meses
I come from the future, with big news! MCC has already conquered Steam's top seller page... with just the first game!
Fluffinator Hace 5 meses
Who's here after it released on PC?
Jake Bodenburg
Jake Bodenburg Hace 5 meses
Who's here after REACH LAUNCHED ON PC!!!!!!!!
Kal 'el
Kal 'el Hace 5 meses
Watching all the hype as my game is downloading!
brbguy Hace 5 meses
awesome1ru Hace 5 meses
Mathew Garcia
Mathew Garcia Hace 5 meses
Lets finish this fight
MrComplainer Hace 5 meses
4 hours bois
Kaurdi Hace 5 meses
"Last Online 7 years ago" **MCC trailer drops** "Now Online"
Ahmad Syazwan
Ahmad Syazwan Hace 6 meses
0:28 Master Chief😢
Ahmad Syazwan
Ahmad Syazwan Hace 6 meses
2 days only guys😄
Simon Hellfritsch
Simon Hellfritsch Hace 6 meses
2 days guys !!!!
Espi Hace 6 meses
There are those who said this day would never come, what are they to say now?
Shibaru Hace 6 meses
The fact that I’ve been suffering for years watching others play on console when I have a god pc built is finally over thank you!!!!
Rune Hace 6 meses
the people who disliked this are salty console players waiting for halo 6
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
You mean Halo Infinite
Spartan_007 Hace 6 meses
*Fornite toxic scourge corrupting all life and 'politically correct' SJW critics and game reporters arrive* Gamers: Go back to the abyss! Toxic Scourge: *breaths eerily* Gamers: *afraid* Crawl into the nothingness that awaits you and your masters Toxic Scourge: Do you not know Death when you see it old men, THIS is my MY POWER! *250 million new generation players being corrupted* Gamers: *hope shatters* retired devs: Gamers! *worried* new devs: *growl* retired devs: aaaargh *charges* new devs: *GROWL* , *show bought rights and ceo positions* retired devs: *hope shatters* Toxic Scourge: You have failed *breaths* the world of gamers will falllll. *raises new toxic content, overpaid dlcs, expansions to ruin loved franchises* ...Halo: *sounds the trumpets* *TRUMPETS INTENSIFY* *UNSC arrives* *Master Chief arrives* Gamers: should we run? is this false hope? Master Chief: No, we need to fight! *old school gamers rally* New devs: form ranks you maggots! form ranks! DLCs in front! progressives behind! Gamers: courage brothers, courage for our friends... Halo: *scowls* CA! take your Warhammer games down the left flank, 343! follow Halo Reach down the center, Activision! take your Modern Warfare right, after you pass the reeeing. Forth, and fear no darkness! Arise! Arise, Gamers of Old! Controllers shall be shaken, frame rates shall be splintered! A gamer day... a marathon day... ere the halo rises! Gamers: What ever happens, stay with me. I'll co-op with you. *Halo Master Chief Collection drops release date and updated content listening to community feedback* *Gamers arise and ready their wallets* Halo: Ride now!... Ride now!... Ride! Ride to ruin and the scourge's ending! Halo: Death! Gamers: [echoing] Death! Halo: Death! Gamers: [echoing] Death! Halo: DEATH! Gamers: DEAAAATHHH! Halo: Forth, Halo MCC!!! *Halo rock music theme playing* New devs: Fire more addicting loot boxes and androgynous characters!! Toxic Scourge: *fires deserters, releases politically correct criticism, bashes fans in articles* Halo: CHAAAAARGE!!! New Devs: Fire at will! *Halo wave approaches* New devs and toxic scourge....: *fear* *Halo wave hits*
rocketsniper Hace 6 meses
Fortnite: "I... AM... FORTNITE *WHEEZE* the voice... of modern gaming... Halo: And so... You must be silenced.
rocketsniper Hace 5 meses
@Modern Spartan "The great journey is nigh. And nothing. Not even COD can stop it."
Modern Spartan
Modern Spartan Hace 5 meses
@rocketsniper we are Halo fans. We stand together! "When we joined the Covenant we took an oath!"
rocketsniper Hace 5 meses
@Modern Spartan oof wait srsly? Sorry dude.
Modern Spartan
Modern Spartan Hace 5 meses
You took my comment... but I will allow it XD
Npb B
Npb B Hace 6 meses
I spent so many years not getting spoilers for the other halo games so I could experience them on pc.
Dawncloud Hace 6 meses
Halo coming to PC trailer >Shows Xbox logo on start and end of trailer Why tho
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
Two reasons: 1 - Halo on PC's online functionality uses Xbox LIVE, and you need to use (or create) an Xbox gamertag profile to play Halo online. Your stats, progression, and achievements sync through Xbox LIVE on both PCs and Consoles. Windows 10 also has Xbox LIVE functionality integrated with the OS. You can see and interact with your Xbox friends on both PC and console. 2 - Microsoft's gaming division is called Xbox, and all of their first party videogame titles are published through their "Xbox Games Studios".
French T-Rex Warrior
That is the best news ever, i will finally play online for free on Steam after all of these years of being stuck in campaign modes because of subscriptions, especially Xbox Live. But it's too bad that Halo 5: Guardians and the upcoming Halo Infinite are not in the Master Chief Collection.
Ceb Hace 5 meses
@NazmusLabs Ah, I see. Thanks for taking the time to explain!
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
@Ceb source is Microsoft themselves. It's has been confirmed a while back. All first party Xbox Games Studios titles going forward will launch on both Steam and Microsoft Store on day one going forward. This has already happened with Gears 5, their newest AAA first party game release. Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition, their upcoming first party title is listed for release on Steam as well as the Microsoft Store. If you visit Halo MCC steam page and click on "Xbox Games Studios" under publisher, you will be taken to the Xbox Games Studios hub inside steam, which lists all of their existing games already on steam as well as their upcoming games. The page has a large Xbox banner along with some text stating that the Xbox Games Studios is bring more existing titles to steam as all as all of their upcoming games to Steam. Microsoft noted that they are more interested in people buying their game and using the Xbox LIVE service. It doesn't matter to them where you buy their games anymore, as they integrated Xbox LIVE into Windows and you will use your Microsoft account for your games be it on steam or Microsoft Store or on their console. Microsoft makes most of their money on services, and your Microsoft Account is the gateway to all of their services, from Office 365, to Skype, to Visual Studio, to Xbox LIVE. They don't care where you get their stuff anymore. They just want you to buy and use their services. This is why lots of their apps are being ported to MacOS and Linux, as well as iOS and Android. Again, Microsoft got what it wanted. It gets hundreds of thousands of steam users to create and use Xbox gamertags and rely on Microsoft and Xbox for online gaming. Now that steam users are using Xbox live, the Microsoft Store versions of their games suddenly has massive increase in players online. They found a way to truly challenge other online game companies by making people rely more and more on their Xbox friends list. Suddenly your steam friends are on Xbox LIVE. Want to buy a future console? Your steam friends are already on Xbox LIVE, but they may not be on PSN. Suddeny, Microsoft blows past Epic Games, EA Origin, Bethesda, uPlay to become the number two online gaming platform right after valve. Microsoft is playing the long game here. And they are happy to take your money through steam and have you become even more reliant on their services.
Ceb Hace 5 meses
@NazmusLabs source?
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
@Ceb actually, Halo Infinite is confirmed to release both on Steam and Microsoft Store.
Ceb Hace 6 meses
Halo Infinite is coming to the Windows Store. I'm sure if MCC does well on Steam, they'll consider bringing Infinite over too.
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen Hace 6 meses
Which Halo is the amazing soundtrack for this trailer?
Dogu Kilickap
Dogu Kilickap Hace 6 meses
Holy shit this is the best news of the year!
Gl33D Hace 6 meses
It's coming out like next week
Seek37 Hace 6 meses
A moment for silence for the people who didn't live to see this day
Seek37 Hace 6 meses
@Random Dude I am very sorry for you and your friend...
MegaDan Hace 6 meses
I do kinda wish they announced it closer to release. Waiting for my childhood to return is painful 😂 ONE MORE WEEK
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
@MegaDan absolutely; but like I said, all other Halo titles are essentially 90% ready for PC because they already run natively on XB1 at 4K 60FPS on x86-64 PC architecture. Reach was the only title that was never updated for modern systems and needed porting to both XB1 and PC and massive work needed to be done to make it work on x86-64 architecture that XB1 and PC uses, add support for higher resolution and framerates. For Halo CE, Halo 2, 3, ODST, and 4, they just need to add the KB/mouse support and test on different PC configurations. They don't have to port those games to a new CPU. They don't have to port to the XB1, and there should be no work to make them run at 4k 60fps, as they already run at that resolution today. So yes, the wait was long, but now that Reach is finished, MCC on PC is essentially 80% done. They just need to finish up forge, add the kb mouse support they made for reach to the other games, do some flighting tests of various hardware and it's done. P. S. I expect all the other titles available on PC by the summer of 2020 InshaAllah.
MegaDan Hace 5 meses
NazmusLabs fair. Completely understand them taking their time and would hate to rush them to create a bad product, especially something as special as this, I’m just too hyped to wait right now lmao
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
They thought they would release HALO Reach o PC by this summer. But porting the aging Xbox 360 game to the PC and Xbox One took longer than expected. But fear not, the rest of the Halo games in MCC is already on the Xbox One. Xbox One and PS4 uses the PC architecture, with DX12 powering both PC and Xbox games. Therefore, I expect the other Halo titles to arrive on PC at lightning speed, InshaAllah
Cactus I Guess
Cactus I Guess Hace 6 meses
I AM SO HYPED I've always wanted to play Halo on my pc because I don't have an Xbox, so now I can! TYSM!!!
ГАйдер Макер
я ждал этого 20 лет
Nicholas Glenn
Nicholas Glenn Hace 6 meses
@Tempex ah, a man of quality
Badboy17 Hace 6 meses
Halo never left pc. It was just missing in action
САLIMBO ГГГ Hace 6 meses
December 3rd
Daggermouth Hace 6 meses
W H E N ?
Pilot Sauder
Pilot Sauder Hace 6 meses
december 3rd
Balta Bravo
Balta Bravo Hace 6 meses
i have to come and rewatch this every week to make sure it wasn't a dream
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
BalkanGamesZP Hace 6 meses
So we will be available to play halo 3,halo 4 and halo 3 ODST on pc?!
Gl33D Hace 6 meses
Yep, Reach, CE, 2, 3, ODST and 4 will all be available on pc. They are launching them one at a time though starting in reach and going in chronological order!
Son Goku
Son Goku Hace 6 meses
Yep, and halo reach
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 6 meses
Do u know why people (are forced to) buy consoles ? Cos they want to play the exclusives ,just imagine how many would buy a ps4 or xbone or the newer one had it got no exclusives ,what else do the console making companies give us aside from that? They force us to by a crappy hardware by not releasing their games on all platforms and just their own ,microsoft and sony should atleast now grow up and think of looking into if they just published games for all consoles and pc too how much more money they could make through it
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 5 meses
@NazmusLabs their is one way non handheld consoles can again start making sense isntead of people being forced to buy them for exclusives alone by making them high end enough ps3/xbox360 and specially ps4/xboxone had forced games to downgrade next consoles shouldnt work like that i hope they dont looking at what xbox and ps are planning to release which would at time of release be on par with strong gaming pcs of the timr would make sense but i still think they shouldnt have exclusives to force people to buy them isntead just be so good and worthy of their price to rightfuly force people to by em
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 5 meses
@NazmusLabs because now if a person wants to play every good game out there they would have to buy atleast 3 consoles along with a gaming pc that at the moment are walking behind gaming pc
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 5 meses
@NazmusLabs they could just make a nice os for gaming pc and made a steam like online game store which had lots of exclusives just like the ones ps and xbox had over the years and u have to understand i am talking about next gen before that back at the time of ps2 making consoles made sense still did by the time of xbox360 and ps3 but now only hand held consoles like switch make sense since they provide something new which pcs dont already and as i said they could have made hardware for pc like ps move and kinect too
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
Halo might not have existed if there was no Xbox. Bungie was running out of money while developing Halo 1. There were fears that bungie would go under and Halo would never see the light of day. Microsoft's new Xbox division convinced Bill Gates that there was money to be made in the console market if the console has great exclusive games people would want to buy. Microsoft purchased many studios to ensure Xbox had some great variety of exclusives. Microsoft thought Halo was interesting enough to give it a shot in the market. The company gave Bungie all the money and resources to ensure that Bungie's ambitions for Halo can be achieved. You see, if console makers couldn't make money on consoles, some of the best games we have today would never have even existed. Those great games needed money to exist, and console makers gave them the money, which they would afford to give because they earned back that investment from people buying their consoles and games. So before you BLAME Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, realize that games like Halo might not even have existed. Or perhaps Bungie would release HALO with their dwindling funds by cutting corners and scaling back their ambitions, making it a mediocre title never to see a sequal. Or maybe PC publishers like EA or Activision would buy Bungie...you can probably imagine the potential disaster if EA let Halo's development. So let me ask you again. Is that the kind of world you wanted to live in, where no one had a reason to buy consoles and, thus, there were no profitable console makers to make some of the best games in gaming history. Think of games like Mario and Sonic. These iconic characters were made by profitable console makers that were willing to make them.
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 6 meses
Just imagine if consoles had nearly no exclusives ,almost nobody would buy them and everyone would get to have fun of pc playing whatever game they like with ease not having to buy a damn shitty pc to play a game u like ,u can compare pc with consoles all u like but it would only make sense or even exist if exclusives also exist ,i have a ps4 and xbone are the older ones aswell the only thing that they give u thats of any value is being able to play exclusive ,i think we need to drop consoles and force pc hardware companies to charge less and ask microsoft and sony to just make/publish games and maybe come in pc hardware instead of exploiting players in name of exclusives and limiting fun for both pc gamers and those that are forced to play exclusives on consoles even while they would prefer to play the damn game on pc (again keep in mind that consoles are now more then ever just pcs with a ps or xbox os not much else
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 6 meses
I have played all helo games and still i am excited for this ,i believe we pc gamers should force sony and microsoft to not give any exclusives unless they really cant work with a pc or just make a good quality controller etc that lets u do other stuff on pc instead of making a shitty pc and then forcing us to buy it cos well u will release games that only come on it ,why i say this is because pc provides a lot of freedom that consoles dont provide like mods patches save files unofficial fixes and many many more ,games could become so much better if released on all platforms so the person with just a ps or xbox doesnt miss out either ,and i would request people to not buy consoles they clearly exploit u (much more then graphics card etc companies ,not saying they innocent)
Pilot Sauder
Pilot Sauder Hace 6 meses
got that virginity on lock don't you?
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 6 meses
@Pilot Sauder look sony microsoft could still make a lot of money since people will be still buying the gamd if tehy dont have their console which since the old times is nothing more but a shitty pc with a os and games that are optimized just for that atleast make consoles as powerful as a mid end pc of its time instead of trying ur best to pay as little as possibe and charge as much as possible for it games could have been much better if they did that instead of limiting it and forcing people to by they shitty console and buy things that are suppose to be free like multiplayer etc
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 6 meses
@Pilot Sauder halo games etc in the start were made with passion ,majority of such games were made by small developers and with not that much of funding because the people that made and published were not hoping nor aiming for a lot of money but a good game since there were not many other ways to make money off of games besides that ,big companies in the long run ruined gaming ,sure they game many good games over the year but they would have still been there because at the end in their case they were made focused on making a good game and as a result money not money itself and their was also a lot of passion involved ,we would still have the good games that we have today but also other good games that turned out to be shitty due to greed of all major gaming companies and many that we didnt get to see because these companies usually focus on money itself hence the aim to make good games is not present in their mind from start
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan Hace 6 meses
@Pilot Sauder greed never made games better ,majority if not all of the games made with that motive were garbage ,we would have much more good games and much less shitty ones today if video gaming wasnt made into a super profitable business
Pilot Sauder
Pilot Sauder Hace 6 meses
but like... that's how they push consoles, that's how they fund games like halo
William Andrés
William Andrés Hace 6 meses
Finally, finally, I'm so hyped. I will complete the whole saga in legendary on my PC... I can't wait to play Halo 3 on my PC ♥_♥
Ice Hace 7 meses
Let me play already
Gaming12 Hace 7 meses
Well i am commenting a bit late but i am waiting this in excitement that i cant endure! I check at the very least once a week for updates and such. I was not an awesome player on xbox but i am not bad on PC. This brings back good memories and i will definitely buy it on pc.
BloomingAsters Hace 7 meses
AY!! I have that game on my Xbox one!
Pacmanhits Pac
Pacmanhits Pac Hace 7 meses
It’s about to be 2020 and still nothing
1 2
1 2 Hace 6 meses
3 december
Pack -A- Punch
Pack -A- Punch Hace 6 meses
Be patient.
S-047 Kiechi
S-047 Kiechi Hace 7 meses
Soundtrack music?
THE POTATO Hace 7 meses
Halo 4 117.
Three Amigos
Three Amigos Hace 7 meses
Checkmate, atheists.
Gl33D Hace 6 meses
@William Andrés well it kinda did
Three Amigos
Three Amigos Hace 6 meses
@William Andrés When Jesus Christ descends from the heavens during the end times, he will be holding a copy of HL3.
William Andrés
William Andrés Hace 6 meses
It's a check, checkmate when Half Life 3 be announced.
Sol Hace 7 meses
Where is it
ProGamingProphecy Hace 7 meses
What if it was also released for mobile. Halo Immortal would fit it well, since it never dies and mobile players will also be able to finish the fight!
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
@Dino yeah, it'd probably be a few more years before phones are even powerful enough to even consider a direct port...
Dino Hace 5 meses
@NazmusLabs I forgot out xCloud, but I was referring to an actual mobile game at the time of my original comment.
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
@ProGamingProphecy awesome indeed my friend
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
@Dino You should be able to play Halo MCC on mobile with or without a controller through xCloud soon. You can sign up for the free private preview today.
Dino Hace 5 meses
@NazmusLabs Those aren't as demanding as MCC.
DGAlpha141 Hace 7 meses
Is the only reason players wanted halo on pc is to mod the crap out of it?
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
@Matt Wong To be fair, consoles today support keyboard and mice now. You can plug in a mouse and keyboard on your Xbox One or PS4 and play using them if the game developer built their games to supports them. Since this is a new trend, only recent games support the feature. Some older titles are being updated to add keyboard and mouse support, line the Sims 4 on Xbox One and PS4. High refresh rate is also a goal of the next Gen consoles. But even today, the Xbox (which has an AMD GPU) added support for freesync. Yeah, PCs have more options, but the lines are being blurred. Soon enough, you can plug in a console on your PC monitor's second input port, plug in your KB/mouse, and it will essentially feel like PC gaming for the casual PC user. P. S. One could get a USB docking station and plug the monitor, kb/mouse, and a controller to it. Connect a console to your PC monitor input 2 and the doc to the input 1 of the monitor. Then you can have a thin and light laptop with long battery life on the go which you can plug in to the doc to make it a desktop experience at home and switch to your monitor's input 2 to play games on the console. Connect the doc's USB to the console's front USB port and have instant access to kb/mouse and controller. To use the PC, switch back to input 1, plug the dock back to your laptop's USB port and instantly have your kb/mouse and controller be on your PC.
NazmusLabs Hace 5 meses
@DGAlpha141 nothing is wrong with consoles. Some like consoles while others prefer PCs. And some prefer both based on occasion. I play both on consoles and on PC. I like being able to play on the couch and play split screen. I line having physical disc's. But I also like fire up a game on the PC whenever I want to switch between an app and the game on the fly. I line having my games be available wherever I am, be it on my desk or my living room.
Matt Wong
Matt Wong Hace 7 meses
@DGAlpha141 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-DKg6m8Mq7Hw.html Playing on console isn't a bad thing, it's just the fact that PC gives you more options. The main advantages of PC are more input options (keyboard and mouse, Xbox controller, PS4 controller, almost any controller works on PC), open market place(compare the amount of games on Steam to what's on console), no paid online, better framerates, mod support (more replay value, player created content. You want to turn GTAV into DayZ? You can do that), cheaper games, just to name a few
DGAlpha141 Hace 7 meses
True but what is wrong with consoles
Matt Wong
Matt Wong Hace 7 meses
A lot of people don't play on Xbox. Halo being on PC will bring in many new players or people who have played Halo and would rather play it on PC instead of on Xbox
Russbot Apocalypse 2020
Nice, I don't have to dig my toaster oven and Potato Box out of the closet to play the first Halo game again. (if they even still work)
PCH Tommy
PCH Tommy Hace 7 meses
now i dont need to get an xbox one just a ps4 and nintendo switch even so on xbox one you can play red dead redemption 1 while on ps4 you cant and you cant play on pc forza motorsport forza horizon 1 and 2 and halo 5 but who cares those games are shit
MetroVerse Hace 7 meses
This is like the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Component Games
Component Games Hace 7 meses
The amount of shots per game in this trailer Halo CE: 1 Halo 2: 18 Halo 3: 4 Halo 4: 3
peter cairns
peter cairns Hace 7 meses
Obviously since halo 2 is the best halo game.
DiNeMiTE Hace 8 meses
Can someone say when its coming ? i dont know much about IT but these games already exist does it really take so long to get it for PC ?
DiNeMiTE Hace 7 meses
@badoink york thank you brother
badoink york
badoink york Hace 7 meses
badoink york
badoink york Hace 7 meses
I think in the next few months, before/around Christmas most likely.
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