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Halsey - Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui

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Music video by Halsey performing Strangers. © 2018 Astralwerks


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20 jun 2018






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Comentarios 21 965
man I wanted lern to win
xmaqalix Hace un día
omgg the cholos try cast 😍😍
Micael Ballack
Micael Ballack Hace un día
Anisha Lama i
Anisha Lama i Hace un día
OMG where is camila:'(:-\:-\:-\:'(
Jeon Jimin
Jeon Jimin Hace un día
in the first time i think about friends with benefits but Halsey fall in love and Lauren want only her body or maybe they two fall in love (but Halsey think that Lauren don't love her) and don't know what to do, they are missing for each other and they try to forget and be strangers for each other anyway, i love this song❤❤❤❤
Fifi Wale
Fifi Wale Hace 2 días
you have a beautiful voice
edneia Oliveira dá Silva
Ramsés González
Ramsés González Hace 3 días
Mariam Ag
Mariam Ag Hace 3 días
Halsey ❤❤❤
Fernando Contreras
Fernando Contreras Hace 3 días
Jason Scott
Jason Scott Hace 3 días
This song is perfection!!
Lil 15h
Lil 15h Hace 4 días
Who else came here to relise it was all a story stranger now or never bad at love sorry alone
Sofia Vallejo
Sofia Vallejo Hace 4 días
LARRYXZIAM idktyjo Hace 4 días
siempre supe que era homosexual pero ahora este video lo confirma
Fabi González
Fabi González Hace 5 días
Todos hablando de Halsey y Lauren (que son bellisimas) pero, soy la única que esta obsesionada con el chico de las rastas?? El de "Now or Never". Jaja es hermoso.
Talea Berania
Talea Berania Hace 5 días
how the fuck does that angel fly with those tiny-ass wings smh
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Hace 5 días
Giggiddy Giggiddy Goo @0:27
paola Gomez Vazquez
paola Gomez Vazquez Hace 6 días
Alguien que hable español para platicar
Jefe Mark mesquita.
Jefe Mark mesquita. Hace 6 días
KawaiiCookie17 Hace 6 días
1:39 wasn't camila promoting those shoes?
Natalia Mendes
Natalia Mendes Hace 4 días
Antigone V.
Antigone V. Hace 6 días
Most people are like: lauren is a beauty and i am here like: halsey is the most beautiful woman i have seen in my entire life xoxoxo
Matt Hace 4 días
Halsey ftw 10/10.
I need a life
I need a life Hace 6 días
Antigone V. SAME
Deerwind Hace 6 días
fellas, if u want some gay shit go have a look at the ghost mv lmak
Chachis Hace 6 días
Lauren por fin cumplió su sueño de pegarle putazos legalmente a alguien v:
Florencia Torre huaman
Lauren jáuregui🌺
Pugtato Hace 7 días
Tiffany Van Wyk
Tiffany Van Wyk Hace 8 días
Wait....so is now or never supposed to have taken place before this?
Mateo Zalazar
Mateo Zalazar Hace 8 días
Love cansion
iart breezy
iart breezy Hace 8 días
omg show me the rating button plz this song deserves my five stars😊😊😴😪💓💞
Arlene Gonzalez
Arlene Gonzalez Hace 8 días
I think they exaggerated on the blood at the end 😂
valeria muñoz
valeria muñoz Hace 8 días
Lauren no vine a ver esto para que perdieras
Ramsés González
Ramsés González Hace 8 días
Kameko Aung
Kameko Aung Hace 9 días
rip camren WHYY
Daniel Krzywick
Daniel Krzywick Hace 9 días
Love her music! Amazing to go through it all and come out better... I need to surround myself with good people or just continue being scared of being at total bottom.
Claire Beard
Claire Beard Hace 9 días
I love the casual shots that pan down to the sketchers #defNotSponsored
Inday Drent
Inday Drent Hace 9 días
Who is the guy?Can someone pls tell what his name?
Oblivion Oblivion
Oblivion Oblivion Hace 7 días
he is cute huh?
lorna torres
lorna torres Hace 9 días
lorna torres
lorna torres Hace 9 días
Yo amo lauren!!😍😍 hermosa
Tina Stabinski
Tina Stabinski Hace 10 días
Wait I just think it's about someone fucking someone who there supposed to be in love with over
M.Afreen Shreya
M.Afreen Shreya Hace 10 días
Halsey was more into her than Lauren was, which is why she prolly turned to the guy while trying to move on. During the last match, the guy thought Halsey was having difficulty beating her ex gf because she still had feelings. She finally gave up and moved on and beat the shit out of her. That's how he knew that there was chance for him and she'd moved on. This was definitely gay and the point was that the women were supposed to completely fall out of love.
Ece Umay Bayramoğlu
Ece Umay Bayramoğlu Hace 10 días
Kinda devil vs angel
احمد العنزي
احمد العنزي Hace 11 días
حبيباتي الثنين بأغنية وحدة :)
faiz hosain
faiz hosain Hace 11 días
How can you not love halsey
Kate Rose
Kate Rose Hace 11 días
WHO IS WING BOY he is in like 70% of the videos like WHAT MESSAGING IS THERE
menna Frangipane
menna Frangipane Hace 9 días
I really want to know too
Yasmin Min
Yasmin Min Hace 11 días
A Halsey só ganhou da Lauren na luta por que ela é a principal no clipe
Yasmin Min
Yasmin Min Hace 11 días
Omg a Lauren tá maravilhosa
Dj CC Hace 11 días
1:41 the delusion is real. It’s SOOOO REALLL
kookies and tea
kookies and tea Hace 12 días
*camila on the audience* "GO LAURENNN! BEAT THAT MOTHERFUCKER!" director:uhm, camila this is just a music video- "oh."
josue taleno
josue taleno Hace 13 días
Lauren! i fall in love
Inverted Scrotum
Inverted Scrotum Hace 13 días
Hur dur.. this aint gay enough... Eh? It's a song? It's music? Something where the video and it's content is secondary? Something that is meant to be about the music, and not the sexuality of the video? Yeah no... I only listen to Halsey cus gay. Couldnt give a fuck about the music... Hur duuurr..
Elliana S
Elliana S Hace 13 días
Best collab👍👍
Fathurrahman Prasetiyo
This is such pain😭😭😭😭😭
puppy bat
puppy bat Hace 13 días
awe awe and more awe i love this SONG :) thank you ashley
puppy bat
puppy bat Hace 13 días
i dont know u name pls im just saying hsley and ashley are the same and scrambled letters i know it because someone told me
Gabriela Gomes
Gabriela Gomes Hace 14 días
como eu só descobri isso agora mdsss
emily anthony
emily anthony Hace 14 días
They both are so pretty 😍
i'm don't speak english
Muito muito muito espetacular!!! ❤❤❤❤😍
Max Mustafin
Max Mustafin Hace 16 días
Much more sound like this !!)
subhadeep ghosh
subhadeep ghosh Hace 16 días
just listen to this before going any kind of fight
o Hace 16 días
lauren looks so beautiful
Lari Siqueira
Lari Siqueira Hace 17 días
Mas quem é essa puta, Lauren?
Jonathan Hace 17 días
I'm gay & even I think Lauren is Daddy ❤
Soy Karolista
Soy Karolista Hace 17 días
Is my favorite song ❤💙
Res Publica
Res Publica Hace 17 días
Dio mio! Amazing!!! I loved it
Monserrat Villanueva
Monserrat Villanueva Hace 17 días
Two Queens 💜💚
Lnmalte97 Hace 17 días
loren punhos de ferro
Doomsy Hace 17 días
I dont really like Halsey but this is one of the few tracks from her that I quite like; the atmosphere is great (altho I think Lauren does way better on this than Halsey)
#1Lazer Hace 17 días
Yup. "Monogamous" relationships are all the same elementally. Changing what gender you're attracted to, or who you will commit to changes very little long term. Let the hate come, but it's the truth.
Ana Victoria Ortiz Esquivel
En mi opinión, Lauren ya había Noqueado a Halsey 😂
Suri iromed
Suri iromed Hace 17 días
joao potereiko
joao potereiko Hace 17 días
Magina a Cardi b vs Nick Minaj nesse Ring que será que ganhava
Baitul Arsy
Baitul Arsy Hace 18 días
Aku selalu suka suara halsey,, jadi lagu apa aja yang dimainin pasti bagus:)))
joelybgood Hace 18 días
I love this song...disappointed with the vid. But still dig them both!
Pharaoh God
Pharaoh God Hace 19 días
I want to dance with Lauren❤️❤️❤️
αeathetic homo
αeathetic homo Hace 19 días
This is so gay since Lauren and Hadley are both Nixon’s ugh
MilkMulishaboy Hace 19 días
Gays are overrated. You're not special, you're impractical.
Chelsea Cooper
Chelsea Cooper Hace 20 días
CAMERN ! !!!!!
stanpev Hace 20 días
If love someone you love someone, but you love that is it, do not keep telling people you gay
MÂRÏNÅ CRÅFT Hace 20 días
2k19 ? __|°•°|__
Gracey Penley
Gracey Penley Hace 20 días
Does no one see the XXX on the girl to the lefts belt by halsey on 1:29
iCream Hace 21 un día
I listened to this all summer memories
Ashlee Newbold
Ashlee Newbold Hace 21 un día
You are an amazing talent for your age your age. I love your message. 👍🏻👍🏻
A.Frank Blunt
A.Frank Blunt Hace 22 días
I’d eat her cunt
subtle girlie
subtle girlie Hace 23 días
seoane miguel
seoane miguel Hace 23 días
vous ca vet une velle voi
sasha barton
sasha barton Hace 23 días
lauren combs
lauren combs Hace 24 días
Can someone please explain why this is set up just like now or never and even had the same guy in it like what does this mean
Candlle 1
Candlle 1 Hace 24 días
Ambar Aylen Gomez Torres
nathalia souza nathy
nathalia souza nathy Hace 25 días
Amo essa música Brasil?2019?
sanskriti khatiwada
sanskriti khatiwada Hace 25 días
Damn halsey is so hot♥
Maddie Lindsey
Maddie Lindsey Hace 25 días
This represents relationships now..
Callum James Graham
Callum James Graham Hace 25 días
women can't box, I'd punch her box though if you know what I mean
Gabrielle Watson
Gabrielle Watson Hace 26 días
Mays Valentine
Mays Valentine Hace 26 días
isnt this chic from fifth harmony?
Michi Pix :3
Michi Pix :3 Hace 26 días
-Why am I showing this to my mom?-
contrafax Hace 26 días
Not gay enough? What the fuck, do they need to have a lesbian make out session? Fuck off retards. The song, sung by two women to each other is about two women falling out of love. sheesh.
indraaisha Hace 27 días
whats up with the angel dude at 2:56? i saw him in the alone video too and i think its really cool, but i just dont get it. i would like it if someone could explain it to me. thanxx love to yall
meu nome é ari
meu nome é ari Hace 27 días
camila tá vendo isso aqui viu Lauren
qualityharmonizer 4H
qualityharmonizer 4H Hace 27 días
Vincent Hunt
Vincent Hunt Hace 27 días
I'm disgusted this song even exists
Екатерина Полянская
Can't stop listening to this song. And the video is awesome. I like the way they filmed the girls. And the bit is really catchy.
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