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Wake up Builder, it's time for HAMMER JAM! 🔨🔨🔨
Enjoy 50% off all Home Village building and upgrade costs!
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From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.
- Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
- Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
Chief, are you having problems? Visit supercell.helpshift.com/a/clas...
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26 sep 2022






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It would have been nice if the upgrade time would have also been 50% off 😅
@dardijdjsj2933 Hace un año
bowen voowy huh his animation? He literally has 2 subscribers and zero videos online
@user-zz5op2be5r Hace un año
@@dardijdjsj2933 I think he/she wanted to comment on the video but instead replied on my comment
@S07NX9-0 Hace un año
it is 50% off
@@S07NX9-0 I'm talking about time not amount
@potatome176 Hace un año
If Supercell makes an animated movie about COC, I'm all over it. Great animation, mad respect!
@leonardodtc1493 Hace un año
Lost and crowned
@fect17 Hace un año
they had clash a rama but they stopped making it
@aimanrahman5835 Hace un año
@@fect17 why they stop?
@fect17 Hace un año
@@aimanrahman5835 idk
@shadowmaster902 Hace 11 meses
@@aimanrahman5835 From what I heard, the animators wanted to move on and do something else.
@mady3d917 Hace un año
The quality of animation is getting better day by day .Great work team
@jumadinekat390 Hace un año
Freelance untuk ;. Ni
@Sonic-BOM Hace un año
I love seeing them whenever I do play Clash. They just don’t disappoint us lol.
@blocky1334 Hace 4 meses
Same thing can't be said for Clash of Clans' brother..
@blocky1334 Hace 3 meses
@@oogabooga-no9re yep
@redvapor2700 Hace un año
These Animations just never get old and I love seeing them whenever I do play Clash. They just don’t disappoint us lol.
@Hardie904 Hace un año
@seohwalee3025 Hace 8 meses
Without hammer man, you cannot play coc. Hammer man was your everything, respect this man!
@Tomo_Taba Hace un año
Supercell's animation has never disappointed me from the very beginning ❤️
@fjs967 Hace un año
@Jazz_69 Hace un año
@bruhtime0800 Hace un año
The only time when they disappointed me was when they removed buying troops with elixir
When will hammer jam start?
@JOKER18. Hace un año
@@NEYFCCREATIONZ already started
@MrOgone4ek Hace un año
Never disappoints with the animations
@dzzzh Hace un año
@mrtbeyss Hace un año
It says 106 on my subscriber, get 110 at hand, dude.
@OswaldoC643 Hace un año
🇲🇽 Estubo genial que se redujo a la mitad los costos de estructuras , pero hubiera sido más genial aún si también se hubiera reducido el tiempo de fabricación ❤️✌🏼
Correcto ✅
@markusrodriguez656 Hace un año
Mis mejoras de 9 días jaja ¡todo el evento me lo pierdo! es mejor aprovechar para mejorar muros.
Epa tu no sabes si los descuentos también son para la casa del constructor
@julioalvarado7548 Hace un año
Oigan esto afecta héroes o solo edificios
@erickbarrios8187 Hace un año
@@julioalvarado7548 ambos estructuras y reyes pero ya acaba en una hora
@adjcp2998 Hace un año
I've been playing since 2014 until now.. its so amazing journey and i'm so happy part of this games.. My friends still playing along with me and also we in same clan.. what a beautiful story we built in this clan.. we fight together, we lost our war but we never lost our friendship as a teammate.. Thank you for creating this game.. My pleasure what ever the updated come, its fun have to upgraded.. Great job guys👍🏼
@tieuviem7617 Hace 6 meses
i feel like play game clash of clans
I feel you mate.. we're in the same boat
Supercell never disappoints. These animations are movie quality
@isaiaspklh Hace 9 meses
Não tem como NÃO amar esse jogo Man kkk fiquei mó feliz assistindo isso sei lá por que
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Hammer Jam!!!
@RealDlovanSl Hace un año
Heck yeahh I predicted this would happen later days thought of it and what a coincidence it did happen
@VinayKumarT1302 Hace un año
yes!! lets go Judo
@an_hilator2146 Hace un año
@yuganggupta7478 Hace un año
@gouravjasrotia673 Hace un año
Hiii Judo Love Your Content 🎉🎉🎉
@master_piece699 Hace 7 meses
Parabéns pela ótima animação supercell👏👏 nisso vocês nunca decepcionam!!
@sean-keykong5090 Hace un año
I’m looking forward to the next one, that time I should be 14 or maybe 15 grinding walls. Those buildings called barracks I hear they are removing them except one, so that would mean we have 4 less buildings that are in the destructive building category might make it easier to 3star.
@kedo Hace un año
Ou mano uma série animada igual essa seria top d+ ia me divertir assistindo
@rodrigopao5822 Hace 11 meses
@@mydadispumpingyourmom N gringo
am I the only one who noticed that the Builder MOVED THE MOUTH!!!
@SNG_Edits Hace 11 meses
No 😂
@L1M.L4M Hace 11 meses
@lukadubicanin7523 Hace 11 meses
I noticed that too.
@@L1M.L4M what's so scary he is not gonna come out of the screen and eat you
@tittogaming7602 Hace un año
One of the best thing about this game is that they never disappointed us with their animations . Always giving us a best animations all the time 👏👏
@mendirkryeziu8213 Hace un año
I think they should definitely make a movie 🥶
@sourabhlodha85 Hace un año
Don't give advertisement in game
@tittogaming7602 Hace un año
@sourabh Lodha what advertisement ?
@sourabhlodha85 Hace un año
@@tittogaming7602 like in other games advertisement comes in 2 or 5 minutes of play
@tittogaming7602 Hace un año
@@sourabhlodha85 yup
@snowdrangon309 Hace un año
I feel like the upgrade time should be reduce by 50% as well. If your townhall 12 or above it takes a week or two for stuff to upgrade so we don’t get to enjoy upgrading as much
@GalaxyCuzYT Hace un año
If they ever make a movie I’d 100% watch it ❤🎉
@mrtbeyss Hace un año
It says 106 on my subscriber, get 110 at hand, dude.
@SonicMaster519 Hace un año
It’d be awesome. Only issue is I could see the story being a pain to make and something tells me the voice actors for troops like Hog Riders and Archers aren’t really suited for saying several sentences. Still though, the animation would be beautiful.
@1mrsbry Hace un año
Yes Indeed!!!
@jimsmith3715 Hace un año
They honestly should make a movie, I bet they'd make their money back and it'd probably make clash of clans more popular
@jimsmith3715 Hace un año
@@SonicMaster519 in a full length they'd definitely need to swap some VAs
@t.essakkiraja1136 Hace 8 meses
Wow.... COC never fails to give their animation superbly❤
@kedo Hace un año
The animations never fades ❤
@blandpotato545 Hace un año
I like how the builder still has his wooden village from the builder base trailers. The attention to detail in these ads is really stellar
@atharvatakekar1122 Hace un año
They never disappoints with these animations🗿
@rachitdev7915 Hace un año
Why did you add the Moai it's like a looks of disappointment
@sef6201 Hace un año
@rachitdev7915 Hace un año
@@sef6201 the most funniest clash of clans player
@sef6201 Hace un año
@@rachitdev7915 “Roblox is the best game”-🤓
@letthenamebet8017 Hace un año
Specially the Villager 🌝
@Shortsonic37 Hace un año
your animations always surprise me and never disappoint, regards
@juanferavila55 Hace un año
Se extraña el programa de Clash Rama
@OGGlasses Hace un año
You guys need more hammer time events I really think it would keep people actively playing the game. As someone with multiple accounts my main 3 being th11 with 30 more defensive upgrades, a rushed th12, and a new th9 I really appreciate this alot also a free to play player rn but will be getting the gold passes again soon
@bahronamirov5677 Hace 8 meses
@mthugs4458 Hace un mes
So goblin builder is a beta testing with limited period of time .if it gets successful as supercell thinks..it would be a premenent thing in future!! Or it might be gem buisness. Any way good to see 7th builder ❤🎉
@Kevin-14 Hace un año
The event is good, but I prefer time reduction instead of cost reduction :( Leaving aside the walls, I don't see the point in reducing the cost for 2 weeks, if each upgrade lasts 2 or more weeks Obviously without considering magic items
@Astl3_ Hace un año
yes, a great point
@nishant9329 Hace un año
But bro hammer jam is given for walls only they give 1.5 year for building
@maheshn44 Hace un año
@@nishant9329 hahaha
@arprogames Hace un año
True, time should be reduced
@SukhmanMajri Hace un año
True Yrr Because After Th12 There's Hardly A Upgrade That Takes Less Than 10 Days. And I Am TH 13 I Know Yrr. I Don't Have Much Patience
@thom7525 Hace un año
It is so cool that they keep it up all the time ❤
Necesitamos más constructores con 6 es super castrado y eterno
@repkillolp5856 Hace un año
Me gustaría que agregaran un evento mensual en donde el costo de construcción se reduzca un 90% y el tiempo de mejorar se reduzca un 90%, solo así se puede aprovechar porq de nada sirve que todo esté un 50% menos en construcción si una mejora dura 18 días 🙁
@ericamorim8567 Hace un año
Seria muito bom para a dinâmica do jogo, se tivéssemos a opção de ter dois ou três tipos de tropa para escolher no momento do ataque, tanto para casual quanto para guerra. Exemplo, estou procurando uma vila para atacar, estou procurando vila para FARMAR, mas aparece uma que tem bastante troféus e também preciso dos troféus, porém linha tropa é de FARM, se tivesse a possibilidade de ter outra tropa pronta poderia trocar antes do ataque, ou então minha tropa é terrestre e a vila que encontrei as defesas aéreas são fracas, com outra tropa pronta poderia trocar o ataque terrestre pelo aéreo. Fico grato se pelo menos responderem minha mensagem, estou no jogo desde 2016! Até mais.
@d00mie32 Hace un año
Giving us this after wrapping up clashfest, this is the best one for the year.
@wrestling_is_fake Hace un año
Sadly if this is hammer jam then I've used up so much of my resources :'(
@lucutes2936 Hace un año
@Sniipez- Hace un año
@@wrestling_is_fake well gotta farm
@wrestling_is_fake Hace un año
@@Sniipez- well after these events my accounts are all back to rusting mode, like I still have my sneaky gob army since 3 to 5 weeks
@Sniipez- Hace un año
@@wrestling_is_fake oh damn haha
@osmansalina2205 Hace un año
Yo quisiera que la reina arquera se viera asi en el juego
@Dangerbigdawg Hace un año
This game is getting better and better!🎉😊
@hug0_ch4g4s Hace un año
Poderia deixar com o preço pela metade assim e bem mais fácil upar as construções assim as pessoas upar razoavelmente mais rapido
@user-yi9uq1il7w Hace un año
Supercell's animation has never disappointed me from the very beginning.
@jonibidondo7107 Hace un año
Muy bueno el evento, mejoré un montón de muros.saquenlo seguido🤣
@prestonplayz5446 Hace un año
The animation though... You will love the characters even without dialogues ❤️
Hogrider spoke though.
@enternamehere Hace un año
Not much
@Night-J Hace un año
How about other screaming sometimes and talking
@ambitiousvevo9376 Hace un año
My music is better 🔥🌪️💯📌🎤
@jesusleon5227 Hace un año
There should be a real clash of clan movie
@shann_27 Hace un año
Hammer Jam event never fails us! Thank you Supercell! ✨
@itz_c0lt279 Hace un año
They should make it where the builders get a spot light in raiding like they build wooden versions of the troops and act like the witches
@mixdhol3969 Hace un año
Hammer jam always tells us that something big is coming ❤ Really can't wait for that ☺
@mm93tunang64 Hace un año
TH 15
@broken2996 Hace un año
Whenever hammer jam event is release, there is a big event after 😍 and hope that it would be TownHall 15 ☺️☺️
@bladewolf7696 Hace un año
Cheers to the developers and the whole team of this game you guys are amazing ♥️🙌🔥
@RC_X_EDIT Hace un año
subscribe karlo g g
@asahi7955 Hace un año
My favorite part is when he said “It’s hammerin’ time”, truly one of the games ever made
@CATnGUNS Hace un año
Surprising that he would sleep through just about anything until he’s needed
Keep up the good work supercell,good luck😊You never disappoint me😊
@magicspritecan4155 Hace un año
@night-knight_ Hace un año
what is clash fest isn't just the name of the new season?
thank god i started in april
@Drake23x23 Hace un año
Then TH15.. its a great year for clash of clans!!
@JK47koli Hace un año
@@night-knight_ no it is but it is also diffrent it was a damn tournament that happened for clash of clans and clash royale you could watch and earn rewards for coc and Cr 1200 gems for coc
@unknownclash Hace un año
@ Unknown clash
@OneShortLife796 Hace un año
When you support someone from start and than u See him on this stage. Really feeling proud of you Guys need all of your support
@General_C Hace un año
Shame that the season's about to end, having the extra upgrade discount and less time would have been an absolute godsend.
@ambujyadav4346 Hace un año
It's great for upgrading walls 😍
@aethergaming7934 Hace un año
So good and funny! Can’t wait for the next town hall!
@Walterwhite2010 Hace un año
Want to see this game as movie in this animation 💖
@AnikiloGG Hace un año
Woooow! El mejor constructor listo para el nuevo ayuntamiento?
@maysan8474 Hace un año
@cojonb4565 Hace un año
Un saludo anikilo maquina!
@MrJorgecarmona Hace un año
Se vienen cositas.....la lápida del principio.... Significa eso que para octubre se viene el nuevo th??
@user-tc4md8pi8u Hace un año
@@MrJorgecarmona что новое?
@maysan8474 Hace un año
@@user-tc4md8pi8u english please
@mariogarcia5422 Hace un año
Hammer jam is insane I just upgraded to th 10 and because of hammer jam I was able to max all my walls already love these updates super cell.❤
@avenedronghang7851 Hace un año
I'm very excited for the hammer jam,can't wait
@sayatrex5264 Hace un año
The animation is really cool, I hope Super Cell is getting more and more exciting every day
@youtubegamerz0694 Hace un año
Can't wait for upcoming th 15 😍
@mamounesrifi3647 Hace un año
You All Right
@pradeepr2044 Hace 8 meses
Amazing animation ❤
@amiAlaminPagol Hace un año
Hammer jam always tells us that something big is coming ❤️ Really can't wait for that ☺️
@JustPhoenix. Hace un año
Town Hall 15 👀
@amiAlaminPagol Hace un año
@@JustPhoenix. maybe 😁
@jyaniharshil5585 Hace un año
@@amiAlaminPagol definitely not maybe...
@x-Abraham-x2 Hace un año
@@JustPhoenix. maybe isn’t the hammer jam event like 15 days long? Hint hint
@juicemonsterjay Hace un año
@@x-Abraham-x2 i think its 12 lolol
@gatlingosman6567 Hace un año
I don’t understand how supercell make these animations so good. Every time I watch one I feel like I just watched a Pixar movie. Amazing!!
@Stack_the_4ranks Hace un año
Gotta love them for their neverending events, yes?
@witt-vx Hace un año
Faz isso de novo na próxima temporada ajuda muito
@H_i9 Hace un año
@thrasher5257 Hace un año
Love these events 🤘
@Villosa64 Hace 11 meses
How that last hut on the far left corner of the map feels like when you're at 99% completion and all of your troops are marching right at it with 1 second left as a town hall 8
@Cat-pie Hace un año
Th15 +10 Year Anniversary + Clash fest + Hammer jam + Clan games = Happy Life😉
+ new th? 🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐
@chris2frr Hace un año
@@trxshgvngmember3965 hmmm
@Cat-pie Hace un año
@arneshpal7702 Hace un año
@@trxshgvngmember3965 2023
New hero
@akshbaghel6496 Hace un año
Ik they never disappoint with their animation say something new 😐
@PerfectBodyGallery Hace un año
The COC never disappoint us..10 yrs of supremacy 😊
@emessii6239 Hace un año
Great animation, great Game, Great Prizes for buildings ❤😂😂
@Erickesk1 Hace un año
Y’all forget to mention how these animations never disappoint 👻
@human5056. Hace 9 meses
These videos never gets old
@toastedcheezez9096 Hace un año
These animations never disappoint 🤣
@neruuff7847 Hace un año
Nice removal of the extra barracks, they're so grindy to upgrade at a new TH level. But what happens to the early TH levels where pre-update not all the barracks are unlocked? Like what training speed would they have?
@tablelamp1077 Hace un año
So this just had to happen literally less than one week after I finally maxed out my village. The pain with all those walls... and now I can't take literally any advantage of this event. Nice.
@varsing_3786 Hace un año
Everyone’s talking about how great the animation is, but I wanna talk about how funny this is 😂
@atomic0894 Hace un año
This year is COC super year. So many memorable events!
@inksty384 Hace un año
the bomb miner reference after clash quest shutted down is so cool to see as a final homage to the game before it shut down.
@trickyrushan Hace un año
This isn't only game this is Emotion ❤️ !!!
@karanpanwar9209 Hace un año
Give me your uid
@10_98L Hace un año
I'm 12 likes and your 3 replies.
@10_98L Hace un año
I mean 2, Now 3 technically 3, Now. Okay, Cool.
@christianspear6322 Hace un año
saimon show the statistics please
@williamabie4028 Hace un año
Time to upgrade my walls like a madman
@Groxyepoxy Hace un año
Supercell animation finds a way to be better than AAA games and I love it
@iracemasousa4029 Hace un año
@ladijohnson8627 Hace un año
One thing I like about supercell games Is That There's No Adds and Their Animations Are Super Cool
@mohamedbakr6219 Hace un año
This event is very nice, but I hope there will be discounts on promotions time
I liked the part when builder wakes up and said " it's hammerin' time" and jammed all over the base. Truly one of the animation of all time.
@melihbayindir3628 Hace un año
yeah we watched the video too
@axelpetras8477 Hace un año
ever since this game is released they upgrade and upgrade for the better. it's been 10 years, the quality of every animation they made is way to far than the other games. and since 2012, every time they making an advertisement, they didn't thrift the budget to make us short animation like this. it's really entertaining, way to go supercell🎉
@hayvenvallente7104 Hace un año
We need more of these!! 😂
@lucashaymaker5927 Hace un año
This event came in perfect timing for me to upgrade my walls to level 13
@surgeto Hace un año
Cwl ruined it tho😭couldn't do heroes bcs of it
@dandy_dog1653 Hace un año
A good tip for hammer jam is to use all of your savings on your walls. It saves you tens of millions in gold and elixir.
@mercymukbang Hace un año
This is what we are waiting for 😍🥰😘
@unclesam2819 Hace un año
One of the few gaming companies that actually cares about their fans and players and time and time again gives us things to keep us coming back! Supercell keep carrying the torch in this dark age of triple A developers, you truly are on top.
@hamzahh18 Hace un año
Love the animation, love the graphic. And love u Archer queen 😌
7 years of game, who knew 🔥🔥🤩
@Sofalando Hace un año
Clash of Clans is actually 10 years old. It had its anniversary a few months ago.
@titanarmado Hace un año
Pongan más libros de construcción a la venta🥺
@fuadbabayev809 Hace un año
This year going be great 😃👍
@cybergamez1442 Hace 7 meses
I bet there will actually be a fully animated, hour long CoC movie.
@phinxportor911 Hace un año
_from 2014 since I started playing this game, Supercell animation never fails to amaze me_
@WellysonBruno Hace un año
😂😂😂😂 MUITO BOM!♥️
@OneShortLife796 Hace un año
I respect every one who were involved in this seriously the best piece of even seen on ESvid hat off to well all i love your video
@lilmuerte581 Hace un año
I love your game and animations! Been playing since 2013!! Now have the courage to record this great game!