Hands-on with the new 2019 Mac Pro!

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4 jun 2019






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Adam T
Adam T Hace 3 meses
I'm trying to look for an unboxing... and at this moment can't find anything... that probably means nobody paid for it 😂😂
Adam T
Adam T Hace 3 meses
@Erfon Elijah ooh oops... sorry😳
Erfon Elijah
Erfon Elijah Hace 3 meses
It hasn’t been released yet 🥂
Felipe- Roblox And More
It’s a cheese grater
galje Hace 3 meses
What a beautiful AR view.
Tony D
Tony D Hace 5 meses
what is with the Jackson shirt, he doesn't look white
Segatari Hace 5 meses
I realy love the miniature you did with the AR on Apple's website.
Segatari Hace 5 meses
@Erfon Elijah Actually, I tricked one of my friend with this.
Erfon Elijah
Erfon Elijah Hace 5 meses
I thought it was a good idea too but I roasted!
PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Hace 6 meses
Orav A.
Orav A. Hace 6 meses
Why the fuck you didn't show us the desktop and speed? What the fuck is wrong
Orav A.
Orav A. Hace 6 meses
I need one... Lol
Ayush Hace 6 meses
Fake editing
Julien Lindauer
Julien Lindauer Hace 3 meses
It’s the AR feature on Apple’s website (only works with iOS devices).
Jimmy Gunawan
Jimmy Gunawan Hace 8 meses
How many ESvid and iPhone users actually know about Apple AR / USDZ object? 😉
Dred d
Dred d Hace 8 meses
I waited 4 years for Tim to build us a machine only a handful of people can afford. He made the same mistake with the now $800 base Mac mini. All we wanted was a updated tower similar to the old one at a similar starting price. I owned apple towers from the g3 and now I will be forced to use Windows. As long as Tim is in charge Apple will continue to make poor choices.
Dred d
Dred d Hace 8 meses
​@Erfon Elijah My hope is that after the initial sales flatten that they will put out a more affordable version with an i9 starting around $3,200 for the the other 99 percent of us along with an affordable display like they use in the iMacs.
Sourabh Pandit
Sourabh Pandit Hace 8 meses
Well fooled 😂
Gabriel Mikael
Gabriel Mikael Hace 8 meses
6k we can get 2 asus rog g703
Yt Block
Yt Block Hace 8 meses
Why do you wear a shirt with a pedophile printed on it?
Martyn White
Martyn White Hace 8 meses
“...on the way y’aaaaall” .......always funny. Tim Cook’s voice begs for it.
Jason Autry
Jason Autry Hace 8 meses
Um, so it took me a full minute before I realized that wasn't real. I'll show myself out, thank you.
Mark M
Mark M Hace 8 meses
At that sticker price Apple should be including some kind of insurance policy for this thing. It’s over the top expensive.
Mark M
Mark M Hace 8 meses
Erfon Elijah $350,000 sounds about right lmao
MANUEL XAVIER Hace 8 meses
Apple: The new $6,000 Mac Pro start with the 256 gb.SSD Capitalism: Thank you Apple
heyheyhey520 Hace 8 meses
phototristan Hace 8 meses
Erfon Elijah
Erfon Elijah Hace 8 meses
You lack vision!
kage Hace 8 meses
$6000 gets you the same storage i have on my iphone 7 from 2016
annu rajeev
annu rajeev Hace 8 meses
i like your energy ....keep posting bro
fer557 Hace 8 meses
This was hilarious.
Artem Zabgaev
Artem Zabgaev Hace 8 meses
you almost got me :) i really thought you had a real Mac )
Andy Shank
Andy Shank Hace 8 meses
Lol, dude I didn’t even realize this was AR until like halfway through the video...what is real anymore???? Hahaha...Then I realized, the great Erfon wouldn’t be able to keep his fingers off this beautiful machine. Hahaha, if you had what amazing self control you had all during that video to just pan around it and talk about it. 😂😂😂
Aaron Timothy
Aaron Timothy Hace 8 meses
Damn AR has gotten better
Moo-hyun Roh
Moo-hyun Roh Hace 8 meses
Johnny Hace 8 meses
That fucking t-shirt again ffs. That Cunt is a dirty Peado slag.
Shady Endeavor
Shady Endeavor Hace 8 meses
Damn, that's beautiful. I could look at it all day. The computer is nice too.
Shaka Hace 8 meses
You are the best.
mike florio
mike florio Hace 8 meses
Still no NVIDIA support
mike florio
mike florio Hace 8 meses
Erfon Elijah we shall see ... I’m fairly optimistic. Regardless keep it up duder, love the discussion
Erfon Elijah
Erfon Elijah Hace 8 meses
mike florio I agree! I think they’ll add support as we get closer or after it launches. The drivers already exist and some Nvidia cards already work in eGPUs so I’ve got hope
mike florio
mike florio Hace 8 meses
Erfon Elijah I think the point he was making is NVIDIA has the RTX and Quadro series that have been just dominant for a while. I’d personally like to see these as options. You have the use for motion graphics or VFX in After Effects with CUDA, or how third party Render engines such as Redshift or Octane have been battle tested and refined for years on NVIDIA and now they have to go through the same growing pains on Metal. I get how to most people this isn’t an issue but to VFX and 3D artists this is a potential red flag and with Apples track record with zero support on the trashcan it gives me pause. I’m glad they made a new Mac Pro but I’ll probably wait a generation or 2 before it’s truly the monster it wants to be
Erfon Elijah
Erfon Elijah Hace 8 meses
Depends on what you’re measuring!
mike florio
mike florio Hace 8 meses
Andrea R. I’ve heard the “AMD support is coming” for a while now ... I guess I’ll believe it when I see it. But hopefully that happens soon
mitch fitzgerald
mitch fitzgerald Hace 8 meses
You just made that classic Tim&Eddie dancing clip LEGIT! 😂😂
Deadlius Hace 8 meses
It’s AR ya’aaaaaaaaaall
Torbjörn Samuelsson
After all this time is this the best design they could come up with...
EssenceofPureFlavor Hace 8 meses
Looks good to me
34skyline Hace 8 meses
The one thing I hate on the new Mac Pro you cannot use any GPU you want, it has to be a Apple selected GPU and that blows, I want to use my RTX in the new Mac Pro and by the looks of it I can't
Siegbert schnösel
Siegbert schnösel Hace 8 meses
@Erfon Elijah highly doubt this. Apple has an exclusive contract with AMD to use their Pro GPUs. This contract also includes a "no support for Nvidia GPUs" clause.
Erfon Elijah
Erfon Elijah Hace 8 meses
Give it some time I bet they’ll fix that 🍻
Cameron Bean
Cameron Bean Hace 8 meses
This is obviously fake. Jony Ive would never make his own quesadilla.
SparxSLX Hace 8 meses
Big Erf at mega super double full mast. I get you brother!
Yasir Ali
Yasir Ali Hace 8 meses
Wil C-137
Wil C-137 Hace 8 meses
Erfon it’s not the chair’s fault...
Wil C-137
Wil C-137 Hace 8 meses
Wow don’t say anything that could get you demonetized lol
Mark Holmes
Mark Holmes Hace 8 meses
YES! Finally! Thank you Apple Pro team - so glad Tim and Co listened. And thanks Erfon for the quick turnaround on this video!
Mark Holmes
Mark Holmes Hace 8 meses
Ah! just watched the rest of the video - nice job on the "hands on"!!!
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