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Hey guys! What do you think about our unique, giant, board game? What other lands should be included in the game? Let us know down below!
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11 ene 2019






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Comentarios 3 352
Chris Landa
Chris Landa Hace 6 horas
Bobby cheated
Venom Paintball
Venom Paintball Hace un día
I’ve been shot over 500 times with a paintball gun and for real it doesn’t hurt
rhys curnick
rhys curnick Hace un día
bobby didn't do his 5sec punishment at the end
Kate Ohman
Kate Ohman Hace un día
Hey Bobby there's only 50 states hahaha
ScaryYoutube Videos
ScaryYoutube Videos Hace un día
Through the windowwww through the wall!
Justin Whitmore
Justin Whitmore Hace 2 días
I wish they would spend time on the rules instead of making it up as they go, makes it less entertaining.
Ethan EKiddo10
Ethan EKiddo10 Hace 3 días
There’s fifty states
Grace Wilson
Grace Wilson Hace 3 días
Tesla did create the direct current!
Coco Tess
Coco Tess Hace 5 días
Jasin Krasniqi
Jasin Krasniqi Hace 5 días
He said albania i am from albania ❤️❤️ 🇦🇱 🇽🇰
kyli gibson
kyli gibson Hace 5 días
bobby sucks
Travis Donaldson
Travis Donaldson Hace 6 días
In 5:31 he said there is 53 states there are 50.
Soaring Dragon863
Soaring Dragon863 Hace 5 días
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith Hace 8 días
6:45 somebody use that in a song please 🤣
Tanya Tenane
Tanya Tenane Hace 8 días
Bobby is funny
neon unicorn21
neon unicorn21 Hace 10 días
Zero to hero
Jake Lanting
Jake Lanting Hace 11 días
Coordinator Hace 11 días
Bobby won twice
KenKenCyaz gaming
KenKenCyaz gaming Hace 11 días
Bobby was unlucky man in this game. He has like 30% luck but if he luck is on bo by auto win this game
Wygamer Ellis
Wygamer Ellis Hace 11 días
Bobby should get a huge punishment for cheating
charlie barnes
charlie barnes Hace 9 días
Wygamer Ellis how did he cheat
Erkinador Hace 12 días
The giant die is so unfair; it can be easily manipulated. Make another person spin it more or make a smaller die.
Gabrielle Ruther
Gabrielle Ruther Hace 12 días
Bobby loses it was said two laps not three
Diana Alvarado
Diana Alvarado Hace 12 días
bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby
BuhBuhGuh21 Roblox and more
Captain _Ella
Captain _Ella Hace 12 días
It’s not stone cold Jackson it’s stone cold Steve Austin
Adam Sättberger
Adam Sättberger Hace 13 días
1:03 - 1:07 One of five rappers Eminem was scared of diss tracking.
Panda Castro
Panda Castro Hace 13 días
wheres is mties
Shaza Horan
Shaza Horan Hace 16 días
I'm in 4th grade and I now that Bobby my favret because he's like me
Joshua Paul
Joshua Paul Hace 16 días
7:44 tough boy
laylaylikespandas Hace 16 días
Yay Bobby won!!!!!!
Bakerlove X
Bakerlove X Hace 17 días
Lol, I thought Bryan was telling Bobby only 2 laps because he wanted Bobby to stop and lose, but he actually thought it was only 2. Lmao.
Justbeat Z
Justbeat Z Hace 18 días
She sounded like trump when she said wrong
Andy Bernard
Andy Bernard Hace 18 días
Bobby didn’t even roll it
Bloody Painter
Bloody Painter Hace 18 días
are they hanging by their underwear?
Cool Videos
Cool Videos Hace 19 días
Like for Krispy Kreme!
Acct B
Acct B Hace 19 días
Bobby won 2 times on edge land and still won in last place.
Annabelle Ortega
Annabelle Ortega Hace 19 días
I want doughnuts now
Nightmare Bonnie
Nightmare Bonnie Hace 19 días
When Bobby said Albania i am albanian xD
Dimond Armor of Canada goerg
shouldn't have booby have gone back 2 spaces because he already landed on it
Jenny Otero
Jenny Otero Hace un hora
Booby? 😂
IIsickle Hace 20 días
[FRS]Jacob Hace 20 días
Bobby lost u was meant to add five seconds
Perryn Estes
Perryn Estes Hace 20 días
Does anybody else think that the title doesn’t sound right, like it sounds like their hanging like a loop around their neck...
Em Webb
Em Webb Hace 20 días
I love when Bobby starts getting close to coming first and gets all cocky and then gets like 10 punishments
Just Andrea Games
Just Andrea Games Hace 20 días
Technically bobby didn't stay outside the lines in the race
New TechnoFireDragon
New TechnoFireDragon Hace 21 un día
I feel like Bobby didn't win this because he kept going in the circles of the 8
Stuart Barry
Stuart Barry Hace 21 un día
Bobby you say roll like roll not rule.
Egzon Kuqi
Egzon Kuqi Hace 22 días
Bobby you always win like a p***y
Gabe Alcaraz
Gabe Alcaraz Hace 22 días
He didn’t win because u add 5 seconds to what he got
Pig Lover
Pig Lover Hace 22 días
Why do people want likes
Katie No
Katie No Hace 23 días
2:01 any1 notice the stain on Brian’s pants hah
Baley Morlock
Baley Morlock Hace 23 días
That dudes Ladd though
Baley Morlock
Baley Morlock Hace 23 días
Jordan Shaddock
Jordan Shaddock Hace 23 días
Technically bobby didn’t win because his punishment was 5 seconds extra on his next challenge so Bryan shoulda got a 5 second head start
Mighty Panda
Mighty Panda Hace 24 días
This is so confusing 🤔
Landen Barkley
Landen Barkley Hace 24 días
Brian won Bobby had to add 5 seconds
Cool kid2.0
Cool kid2.0 Hace 25 días
He sucks
Bradley Light
Bradley Light Hace 25 días
Jurell Ferrer
Jurell Ferrer Hace 25 días
Thats not fair cause when bobby was talkin bryan cant here anything thats why he didnt here that she said 3 laps and what happen to the 5 second to bobby???? Thats not fair I gurantee that bryan won the challenge
JONATHAN. Corpus Hace 26 días
Asta paña
Chev Milstead
Chev Milstead Hace 26 días
Do edge land 4
Dennis Peperkamp
Dennis Peperkamp Hace 26 días
Like for Bobby's win
Hannah Joudi
Hannah Joudi Hace 26 días
this is so cool i love this type of stuff!!!! I've played ( extremely less harsh) versions of this game with friends and once with 2 kids I babysat, I want to play again but more on an extreme level similar to you guys, just have to get my friends on bored lol
Cheese it CheeseMan
Cheese it CheeseMan Hace 26 días
KrazyKoociez Hace 27 días
Can you do a Krispy Kreme guessing challenge and whoever guesses the type of donut wrong gets shot by a paintball gun and the loser gets a paintball firing squad and the winner gets a mountain of Krispy Kreme donuts
Naufal Onn
Naufal Onn Hace 27 días
11:23 no!!!!! Stop I laugh a lot!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh
Cadillac Tony
Cadillac Tony Hace 27 días
It feels like every obe is being mean to bryan why i love him and i hate everyone else for doing mean thinga to hi
Latisha Vivian
Latisha Vivian Hace 28 días
4:14 BEAST
Elena Brown
Elena Brown Hace 29 días
Why does Bryan count like a 2 year old???
Anthony Bartholomew
Anthony Bartholomew Hace 29 días
You didnt hold him at the start for 5 seconds and didnt move joey back a spot after the cut the rope
Brian Kilburn
Brian Kilburn Hace 29 días
If you could not cheat roll for a youtube video, that'd be great
Potato Tomato
Potato Tomato Hace 29 días
Those doughnuts are my favorite flavor
Anna Trent
Anna Trent Hace un mes
I’m sorry but this was not fair. He didn’t know it was 3 laps🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Cate Macklin
Cate Macklin Hace un mes
how much did it hurt to get shot in the but whith a pintball gun
Ace Rhythm
Ace Rhythm Hace un mes
megaauburnfan21 Hace un mes
"DonT hIT tHE rEaD mORe BuTtoN"
Prestige Clips
Prestige Clips Hace un mes
Im from albania
Jayden Searcy
Jayden Searcy Hace un mes
Oof good vid
Luis M
Luis M Hace un mes
Bryan didn’t went 2 spaces back???
Nancy Hackel
Nancy Hackel Hace un mes
Guys he didn't win he was suppose to add 5 seconds RIP OFF
The Extremer
The Extremer Hace un mes
Bryan should have won because on bobby's last challenge, J-Fred told bryan it was 2 laps instead of 3!!! LOL
savage boi luis
savage boi luis Hace un mes
shouldnt they have gaven bryan 5 second head start
Edith Turner
Edith Turner Hace un mes
No there’s 50 states
Ayobrandon Hace un mes
How did he win ?? They completely forgot the punishment where they had to add 5 seconds to the timed challenge?? unless Brian finished more than 5 sec after
Jack Parker
Jack Parker Hace un mes
what the heck did j-fred do at the end?
Omar Caldera
Omar Caldera Hace un mes
Bobby looks cool but he is the biggest cheater ever because it was 2 laps
user 2
user 2 Hace un mes
3:28 🤣🤣🤣🤣
JBrendy101 Gaming and More
I hate bobby
Elizabeth Oberfeld
Elizabeth Oberfeld Hace un mes
2:10 SYKE
Mateo Cruz
Mateo Cruz Hace un mes
Whatever happened to the add 5 seconds
Jhplays Hace un mes
He is a scammer
Ihi P
Ihi P Hace un mes
ZHC you just watched team edge
Olivier Fortin
Olivier Fortin Hace un mes
Midnight Black
Midnight Black Hace un mes
tyler ryan
tyler ryan Hace un mes
what about the five seconds on race
DevilishCafe 20
DevilishCafe 20 Hace un mes
Bobby Cheated!
Ryan William Henry
Ryan William Henry Hace un mes
I thought Bobby was supposed to lose 5 seconds on that race????
flintstone 024
flintstone 024 Hace un mes
Bobby didn't win, you forgot to add on his 5 second penalty
Kornel Teglas
Kornel Teglas Hace un mes
The Earth and the Mars has 2 moons. You may say the Earth has only one but it has 2 and you cant see 1 of them because its so small
PEOPLEE Hace un mes
Bobby is a cheater. I hope he dies soon JK. Good job Bobby
Oscar Giacoman
Oscar Giacoman Hace un mes
Freddy's Animations
i'd change the title name...
Ry Bread
Ry Bread Hace un mes
I was confused by reading edgeland as eggplant... this is my life now lol
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