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This is a long one....but it all needed to be said. I hope this video helps anyone that's going through something similar, and to know that you're not alone. I also hope this video educates anyone who doesn't know how pregnancy questions could affect someone who's dealt or dealing with a stillbirth, miscarriages, infertility & any other pregnancy complications.
Extending all my love to all of those who are suffering. Know that I'm here with you ❤️

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10 jul 2018

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Bri Powell
Bri Powell Hace 55 minutos
Oh sweetie, my heart shatters for you. I have not personally experienced this so I cannot say I know what you are going through. However, please know that you put things in perspective for me on this chaotic evening with my 5 and 6 year old. You WILL be a mommy, Des. A fantastic one at that. Do NOT be embarrassed or feel inadequate. One way or another you and your hubby will be great parents.
Vee Hace un hora
Desi, this is so crazy bc I just had a dream of you & Steven this morning (super weird, I know I know) but in my dream you announced you guys were pregnant. And then today I come across your video.... I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think it’s a sign. But nonetheless, keep being strong girl. So many people love and support you & Steven! And it WILL happen. Just like they say about finding love.... it’ll happen when you least expect it. We love you! And you’ll be the best parents ever ❤️
The Life Of Karen
The Life Of Karen Hace 2 horas
Omg.... desi..... YOU ARE AMAZING you’re such a strong person!!! You will have a beautiful family one day!!
katievigano Hace 3 horas
U sweet soul. Thank u for sharing. So sorry to hear how hard this had been for u guys. You are not alone, I've had a miscarriage as well. I can't tell you how many women have gotten pregnant after complications etc, after reading "The Better Baby Book" by: david & lana asprey. Please look into it. And consider meditation. It will happen when the time is right. I agree with u, Things do happen for a reason. Take care hun
Felicia Tierney
Felicia Tierney Hace 4 horas
Normally, I won't watch videos like this because of my own struggles with pregnancy and I'll be honest, I couldn't watch it through to the end but I still hope you'll take a moment to read this...I'm 48 years old and in 2008 I finally had to have a hysterectomy after a lifetime spent with ovarian cysts that would rupture and hemorrhage. I can't tell you how many times I've been cut open from the time I was 16 until I finally said enough is enough. The number of surgeries is staggering and from the time I was young I was told it was unlikely I'd ever get pregnant. Well the doctors were wrong...getting pregnant wasn't my problem...it was carrying a child that was the problem. I had 5 miscarriages in total and every one of them stripped a little piece of my heart from me so when I say I understand your pain and the feelings of failure and guilt I truly do. I also understand your fears because when the worst has already happened you're constantly on guard waiting for the other shoe to drop, but please take some advice from someone whose been around a long time and has learned a thing or two....the more stress and pressure you put on yourself to try and get pregnant could ultimately slow the process down. Take a deep breath and relax and remember that there are so many women who have miscarriages that go on to have lots of healthy babies and nobody can or should decide for you when you're ready to start your family. The other piece of advice I'd like to offer you is this...when the time comes and you do get pregnant (and I truly believe you will) take a page from the Jewish book of Murphy's Law and superstition...wait until the beginning of your second trimester to start sharing your news. It's hard to explain to anyone who wasn't raised Jewish but there's a reason that Jewish women don't have baby showers and don't tell people about pregnancy until they're past the "danger zone". We're taught that you shoud never tempt fate. In Yiddish it's called giving yourself a kenohora.
Jae Chic
Jae Chic Hace 4 horas
Wow Desi, Thank you for opening up and sharing your experience, you are not alone ❤
nemi Hace 6 horas
I simply salute you for this video
Veronica Sua
Veronica Sua Hace 7 horas
I liked your videos here n there but this made me love your video the real life experience that we can connect to u even more my heart hurts to watch this
Vanessa Carroll
Vanessa Carroll Hace 7 horas
You are not alone. You are brave. You have helped so many people with this video. I spent many years struggling with trying to get pregnant also. I wish you happiness, health and good luck!
Joanna Bradshaw
Joanna Bradshaw Hace 9 horas
You are such a beautiful, kindhearted, inspirational, courageous, encouraging human being ✨ Thanks for sharing yourself with people ✨
Gabriela Soto
Gabriela Soto Hace 9 horas
I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a huge hug! I can’t imagine the mix of emotions that come from losing a pregnancy, but I am walking this journey of trying to conceive with you. My hubby and I have been trying for five years without luck and I am finally at a place where I can talk openly about it.
Grace Rainsford
Grace Rainsford Hace 11 horas
We love you and Steven and respect you so much for putting your story out there! And we'll be cheering for your family weather your children come from adoption, surrogacy, ivf, or 'natural' births they will be YOUR children and they will have the best parents💙
ChronicGlamour Hace 11 horas
This resonated with me. Keep the faith and you will get there xxx
Emma Gerrard
Emma Gerrard Hace 11 horas
this video brought me to tears. thank u for sharing. what’s meant to be will be! i love you x
Tonya C
Tonya C Hace 12 horas
Emily Flores
Emily Flores Hace 14 horas
I lost 2 girl I feel your pain I’m sorry 😥🙏🏽
Corina Barbalia
Corina Barbalia Hace 14 horas
Ruby Espinoza
Ruby Espinoza Hace 14 horas
Your story hits so close to my heart. I got pregnant 7 years ago. Had a miscarriage and haven’t gotten pregnant since. I also went to a specialist and they made me confident in that they can help me. But unfortunately my health insurance stopped covering fertility at the beginning of this year and my visits stopped. Everything your feeling I feel as well. So many things you say are so similar to my story. It’s crazy. I always feel like no one understands me. Thank you for doing this. I love you! And although we have never met. I feel like I know you. ♥️
LipstickFables Hace 15 horas
Kelsey Reese
Kelsey Reese Hace 16 horas
My mom had 3 miscarriages before she had me and my 2 siblings!! Keep having hope and don’t give up! Stay strong Dezi!! ❤️
D. Z.
D. Z. Hace 16 horas
I’m so so so sooooo proud of you for making this video. You’re stronger than you think, you really are. Give it two years.... idk why but that number just came to my mind and heart. And my heart is telling me I should tell you this. You’ll be blessed just live life with faith
Josefina Terrones
Josefina Terrones Hace 17 horas
You are in my prayers! 🙏🏾 love you girl! ❤️
Dana Matar
Dana Matar Hace 17 horas
Desi, go to the nearest pranic healing center and you can get healed in order for you to get pregnant
Marelia Policroniades
Marelia Policroniades Hace 17 horas
You are such an incredible woman desi and this is one of the many reasons why I look up to you. You and Steven will be in my prayers and i hope you keep that gorgeous smile on your face. Much love xo
Jessica Romero
Jessica Romero Hace 18 horas
Thank you for sharing this, I know it was hard and it's a subject that a lot of woman dont want to speak out about. Just know that you are not alone and with faith in God it will happen for you guys. Stay strong and positive beautiful.
Lilylights Music
Lilylights Music Hace 19 horas
May God grant you this desire in Jesus name amen! You will cry tears of joy soon! It will happen! Keep believing
into the mystic
into the mystic Hace 19 horas
My close friend tried for years as well. She finally decided to do IVF after she was told she probably could not get pregnant naturally due to a medical condition. She found out she was pregnant a week before that appointment. Now she has 2 beautiful children. Stay strong!!!
BriasKloset by Bria Van Cooten
Johanna Figueroa
Johanna Figueroa Hace 19 horas
Desi, i’m here crying with you. this is one of my biggest fears of having trouble getting pregnant or just not being able to get pregnant. i’ve had problems with my periods and what not so i had an ultrasound done and the doctor i went to said that i have “signs” of pcos but they won’t know for sure until i try to get pregnant so ever since then i kinda freak out because there’s a chance i won’t be a mom. and that’s something i’ve been wanting to be since i was small. Desi, you’re not alone. i know i’ve never been through a miscarriage but there are women who have and it’s okay. I know one day, you’ll be making a video jumping up and down letting us know you’re pregnant. I know it, just don’t lose faith. 😘💙
Destiny Lee
Destiny Lee Hace 19 horas
You’re so strong for making this video. I had a miscarriage 2 years ago, and watching this made me feel like I wasn’t so alone. Everything happens for a reason, and when the time is right I hope you and Steven can have a beautiful family. Sending love your way 💕
Dani Hace 22 horas
Thank you for sharing such a big part of your life with us. My heart is breaking for you right now, but I am so hopeful at the same time because I know some day this will happen for you. As hard as it may be, never lose faith. My husband and I had issues conceiving as well. My issue was that I wasnt ovulating. I did some research and learned that inositol supplements can help with fertility and ovulation. I don't know if it was the inositol or it was just our time, but within a couple months my blood work showed that I was ovulating! I know every body is different so what worked for me may not work for others but I just thought I would offer up the suggestion if anyone else is having similar issues 💕
Kimberly Kelly
Kimberly Kelly Hace 22 horas
I’m not really a sensitive person, but this made me ball my eyes out. Keep your head up Desi ❤️ We love you
Brendajazmin Hace 23 horas
kyla P
kyla P Hace un día
I know this was hard to experience. I'm so sorry about all of it! I wish you the best 😘
Hi Bich
Hi Bich Hace un día
Heartbreaking 💔
TheAPetra Hace un día
never make any comments, but i just want to Thank you for being yourself and for sharing!
Ceciliah Karlsson
Ceciliah Karlsson Hace un día
Thanks for opening up about heavy stuff like this. I'm not in the same shoes as you, I dont even have a partner. In my family we have relativas, including my older sister, who have had hard times getting pregnant, some haven't got kids at all. I'm in a way mentaly prepared for the same struggles if not the possibility of not being able to get kids at all. My heart aches hearing your story, I truly believe that we all go through the things we do for a reason of some kind. I know that doesn't help really, I sen all my love to the two of you. Never stop communicate with each other and never stop feeling the feelings you have. They make you stronger even if it doesnt feel like it in the moment. I can relate to the strong feelings of wanting kids so bad. Lots and lots of love to you two!
Eshita Shah
Eshita Shah Hace un día
Desi I literally cried watching this and especially in the part where you inserted that vlog you recorded. I can definitely relate to the feeling of constantly thinking am I going to be able to get pregnant. I am not married yet but I am afraid because of all the things I see and thank you for sharing this video. I know and hope that you can fulfill your dreams one day ❤️❤️❤️❤️ there is so much out there and hopefully that can help you. Either way you are a beautiful person and have a beautiful family albeit not human but you have such a loving husband and family members and your pups
Shannon Fitzgerald
Shannon Fitzgerald Hace un día
I havent finished the video yet, and maybe you're doing this already, but have you considered going to see a therapist? Clearly talking and emoting these feelings is what you need and is cathartic. I think it could do you some wonders just to release some of these emotions and talk through them.
Graciela Ortiz
Graciela Ortiz Hace un día
We love you, and I can’t express to you how much you’ve touched my life and inspired me to fight through my struggles. You’re an amazing and beautiful human being
adenchasebrown Hace un día
Right about when you’re about to give up, that’s when miracles happen... You have to work the hardest on things you want the most... The ones who want it (getting pregnant/having kids) so badly are the ones who usually wait the longest... These were the things I used to tell myself when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant for many years, fastforward, we now have 3 children. Never give up on things you want the most.
Ashleigh Leanne
Ashleigh Leanne Hace un día
Vivir con Simplicidad
Estarán en mis oraciones. -"el tiempo de Dios es perfecto"!! Thanks for sharing this with us!
Claire Campbell
Claire Campbell Hace un día
I wish you both the best of luck, good things come to those who wait and the best things will come to you ❤️
Laiarocks Hace un día
You are amazing Desi !!! Don't lose you faith :)
SamFun8 Hace un día
Desi, please google Alisa Vitti and her book Woman Code. It teaches us women a great deal about our bodies and our hormones. It also gives great tips on how to improve your fertility. I believe these tips (that are almost all natural) would be a great supplement to your doctor's. Wishing you all the very best and sending you lots of love
Jen Her
Jen Her Hace un día
Thank you so much for making this video Desi. I’m currently in the same situation, and I literally cry every night afraid that I might not get to be a mom. I cried watching your video because I feel we are in the same shoe. Be brave Desi. GOD is good and he has something plan for everyone. Take it easy Desi. We love you. ❤️
Natalie  Layton
Natalie Layton Hace un día
Hugs. We love you Desi.
Xena Love
Xena Love Hace un día
Omg crying😥 love you guys so much!❤😘 My sister after 15 yrs of a beautiful marriage and trying so hard is finally pregnant❤ she is almost 40. God is good Desi and your time will be in his time and it will be the best!❤ God bless you both and may he bless you with an angel of your own❤ much love!
Erlinda Newell
Erlinda Newell Hace un día
I had the same issues 3 to 4 years ago and I can relate what uve been through. I had 3 miscarriages and I had been trauma shaking so bad to see any doctors because of that. I also been to fertility Doctor and they said base on the numbers.that they see...I cannot get pregnant again....I felt the whole words crashed on me. But then one friend of mine told me to take folic acid daily for months and after 2 months I have now my almost 3 year's old princess.....
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole Hace un día
“I’m crying” comments really get to me. It’s about Desi, not you.
Paula Tauhiro
Paula Tauhiro Hace un día
Lots of love to both of you ❤️❤️❤️
Danielle Llanas
Danielle Llanas Hace un día
💛💛💛💛 My heart goes out to you and Steven. I pray that God Bless you with a child, may you find comfort in the Lord. I’m so sorry you have been going through this for years, I hope by doing this video you begin to heal. I will be praying for you sweet girl.
Manon Lagase
Manon Lagase Hace un día
Thank you for sharing this video ❤️❤️ i know it must’v been hard for you to share. Seeing this video help me a lot to think that i’m not alone in this and that we have to keep faith. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼
FLdancer00 Hace un día
Who are the 3,000 animals who gave this a thumbs down?!?!
Typhlosion Blue
Typhlosion Blue Hace un día
Alyssa Hernandez
Alyssa Hernandez Hace un día
Desi I love you you're so so so brave for this and I'm praying for god to give u guys a baby ! You deserve it ! You've always been My number one favorite makeup artist and this video made me just absolutely love the strong beautiful soul that u are !! THANKS for sharing love 💕💕
Eline Carlstad
Eline Carlstad Hace un día
You are a beautiful and strong woman desi! I pray for you! This is so important
Marion Kse
Marion Kse Hace un día
My parents struggle too to have kids and after many years and thanks to ART they were able to have 2 children. Don't lose hope and faith ! Whatever happen you will figure out a solution and you will raise an amazing family. I really know what you're going through because my parents taugh me their experience, it's really hard but keep believing and be positive! I'm sending all my love 😍
Dalari Nimitz
Dalari Nimitz Hace un día
In gods time. Prayers for you always sister❤️
Tess Humphreys
Tess Humphreys Hace un día
My mum had 3 miscarriages and 11 goes at IVF and she finally had me in 2005 so don't worry you just have to keep trying and it will happen some day.
Tess Humphreys
Tess Humphreys Hace un día
My sister had to be adopted because after me my mum could not have any more. I love my sister so much and it won't change
lalacota89 Hace un día
Desi I just saw your video let me just tell you...I was in the same situation as you with the difference that I just wasn't getting pregnant I've been 8 years married I'm 29 years old and had been trying to get pregnant for 7 years with no luck! and just last year I had my little miracles boy and girl twins they are about to be 1 this year. Just know God will bless you and Steven with your baby just have faith there's a reason for everything remember los tiempos de dios son perfectos! Best wishes beautiful ❤ my prayers for you and Steven🙏
Beatriz Garcia
Beatriz Garcia Hace un día
You’re so strong. Eres mi definición de una mujer fuerte y valiente. Thank you for sharing this with us. *sending many hugs*
Estela LV Beauty
Estela LV Beauty Hace un día
Don’t give up, my friend had a few miscarriages but she kept trying and now she has a beautiful daughter! .... and there is always options to make it happen... the key is to be positive even on the hardest times ... have faith!
Gorjess Glam
Gorjess Glam Hace un día
Omg Desi Your so brave to speak about this subject .Throwing baby dust to you and your husband . We have similar stories it’s taking me 7 years til today . I know how you feel it’s very hard it makes you feel lost and depressed. Love you Des 💕
Esra Ramazan
Esra Ramazan Hace un día
Sending so much baby dust 🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️✨✨✨✨✨✨
Natali Murcia
Natali Murcia Hace un día
I been trying for my second baby too and its been hard, my doc told me a story of a close friend of him.... the couple were trying to get pregnant for 6 years and they couldn't, after 6yrs they opted for adoption instead and they did, after 6 months the lady got pregnant! IT WAS TOO MUCH STRESS ON THE SUBJECT. Let your self loose and don't overthink it, don't over plan it, don't be worry girly you WILL get pregnant♥ XOXO
julia albaine
julia albaine Hace un día
I do not know if you will believe, but in Dominican Republic they made a bottle with natural ingredients that clean your system and help you get pregnant. My two nieces took the bottle, then visited a special doctor and they both got pregnant after trying for a long time. On had twins boy and the other one boy too. But not only that, without looking for more babies the one that has twins just had another boy. Also, my grandmother who is 106 years old said the we cannot allow cats, or dogs on the bed because for some people get some desease from their hair that prevent women to get pregnant. I do not know where you live, but if you want I can give more details in direct message and maybe bring you a bottle. God will give you that child that you want, do not stress out or think about. God Bless you.
paula sandoval
paula sandoval Hace un día
I literally watched two minutes of this and started crying 😭i feel your pain mama . We would give anything to be mothers and start a family ❤️ god bless you we got this one day will be the best moms , remember your already a fur mama love you desi 💕
Riri Rains
Riri Rains Hace un día
I’m going to pray for you everyday
Cass Lamarche
Cass Lamarche Hace un día
I’m not crying, you’re crying !!! Stephens reaction in that video is amazing. It never gets easier to deal with a loss like that. I lost a baby at 39 weeks. I gave birth to this perfect baby girl who never got to breath her first breath. But one day, it will happen for you I am sure. All the best desi. Side note - I have two gorgeous boys now!
B Hace un día
Thank you for being so open and honest with everyone and sharing your story. I hope this helps you find healing! Your a beautiful soul. Everyone I know who has had trouble getting pregnant, like myself I recommended these natural pills that I got off Amazon I know it sounds sketchy but the reviews themselves speak volumes and I got pregnant on our 2nd month on them. I have been with my husband since 2008 no protection and never got pregnant. I took these and was pregnant in 2 months. They not only help you get pregnant, they prepare your body/eggs for a healthy pregnancy! They were life changing for me and my friend who also had trouble. I’m a skeptic myself normally! You can read peoples stories and they’re moving. It’s called Fertilaid. I am taking them again myself to try to get pregnant again. I’m taking fertilaid along with ovaboost and fertilCM. Just look into it. Their found on Amazon. Hope this helps! 🙏🏻💕
Cecilia Robles
Cecilia Robles Hace un día
Beauty WithVee
Beauty WithVee Hace un día
Love you so much Desi! Breaks my heart to see you cry 😢Gods timing is always the best and I know you both will be THE BEST parents ❤️❤️ Praying for you !!!
Patricia Alfaro
Patricia Alfaro Hace un día
Omg Desi I love you! I’m new to your channel and I had no idea. The happiness in that home video was everything. You and Steven deserve that happiness so have faith in God and be patient. The universe is on your side and you will get to experience that love and happiness all over again one day. XOXOXOXO
Sara al-ghamdi
Sara al-ghamdi Hace 2 días
I think that at some point you will have a baby don’t be sad 😭😭😭 i will pray for you to have a beautiful little baby , luv you 😫💛
Kaitlyn Romoser
Kaitlyn Romoser Hace 2 días
we all love you so much Desi, and I'm so glad you have someone as amazing as Steven by your side.
shilan Hace 2 días
This video really really touched me. I'm so sad and heartbroken for you. For you and anyone who struggles with this. I really hope you don't have to be sad anymore and that you'll have a family in the future, whether you become pregnant or adopt or whatever may be the right path for you. Children are a blessing and from this video I can just tell that any child would be lucky to have you as a mother and Steven as a father. You guys are already parents, you just don't have a child yet. Praying for you. Best of luck
Jade-Emerald Green
Jade-Emerald Green Hace 2 días
My heart is truely broken listening to your story, I am so sorry this is happening to you and Steven. Your marriage is so beautiful though and it clearly has made you a closer unit. You deserve a child more than anything and I wish that for you. Sending all my love xxxxx
Lucy Robson
Lucy Robson Hace 2 días
Desi, thank you so much for sharing your story. I cannot even begin to imagine what it feels like to go through all of this. You are so strong ❤️
Jeffline Joseph
Jeffline Joseph Hace 2 días
In the name of Jesus, you will bear fruit. Praying for you!
Stella Sepassipour
Stella Sepassipour Hace 2 días
You are very strong and you have to stay strong. We support you
erika carrillo
erika carrillo Hace 2 días
Thanks for sharing your story . I have a story as well but it’s hard to speak about . I think the best way is IVF, embryos . Surrogate is also a great option. We have so much technology out there . It is very expensive . Don’t let that hold you back . Good luck & God bless
Jennszblogs Hace 2 días
wow desi, you got me crying like a baby over here, I’m going to pray for you and Steven have that miracle ❤️ it’ll happen soon. CHICKENS LETS PRAY! prayers always help 🐔💞
fashiongirl0584 Hace 2 días
Who downvoted this?! This was so brave and heartbreaking. I hope you get to be a mom some day Desi.
Chantel Ayoub
Chantel Ayoub Hace 2 días
Beverly Gupit
Beverly Gupit Hace 2 días
Girl you made me tear up with this video. I know how you feel. 💕
Ismigul Assenov
Ismigul Assenov Hace 2 días
After two miscarriages i know how you feel, its def a time of needing all the support you can get especially from your husband or partner... its something you’ll never forget, it really doesnt help when doctors or people say ‘now you know that you can get pregnant!’ Its the worst you can say to a person that went trough something like this... thank you for this video, its so hard to talk about this
Clementina1483 Hace 2 días
God's moments are perfect, I know it hurts (I've been there too) but don't be sad, your children will come when they have to. You're an amazing woman, don't give up! Tons of Love from Venezuela 😘🇻🇪😘🤗
Kelsey Flynn
Kelsey Flynn Hace 2 días
God is going to bless you with something great Desi
Neha Assar
Neha Assar Hace 2 días
Hang in there Desi. I know this is frustrating and difficult but it’s just a phase and it too will pass. Don’t give up. What is meant to be will be and you don’t have control over when things will happen. Focus on being stress free and staying centered. Surround yourself with love and happiness. Live in the moment. Sending love ❤️
Rebecca Hamler
Rebecca Hamler Hace 2 días
You are not alone 💔
Celica Elicea
Celica Elicea Hace 2 días
Watching you I felt like I was watching my life story. I had a miscarriage and also gave up. One day I just prayed with a necessity... I asked God for that blessing after 7 yrs he answered.I also started taking prenatals just to be healthier and prepare. Best of luck stay positive and keep having faith.
Suzette Rollin
Suzette Rollin Hace 2 días
You are amazing ❤
Katie Holloway
Katie Holloway Hace 2 días
Praying for you!! This made me cry because that is also one of my biggest fear and it could really happen to any of us but please don't give up hope, I think that God has a specific plan just for you and all of us and it's going to be everything you Could ever imagine and I really believe that! Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michelle Quah
Michelle Quah Hace 2 días
I feel you. One will never ever get over grief. You just cope. I had 2 miscarriages. Keep hope alive. Thanks for being open. It's hard.
Sasha Ceballos
Sasha Ceballos Hace 2 días
Desi I know you’ve probably tried everything but I work in the Health field... and my patients have good success with An Exam called Hysterosalpingogram .. this is an Exam in the Radiology Department! Checks for your Fallopian tubes to check if they are open allowing for sperm to reach the ovaries .. :) -XOXO Snap fam
Pelda Gümüscü
Pelda Gümüscü Hace 2 días
Desi, you truly are strong
Kristi-Anne Mc Auley
Thank you Desi. What hit home the most for me was your roller coaster of emotions. Even to the point of “I’m good I’m not ready anymore”. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone. ❤️
Jennifer Waudby
Jennifer Waudby Hace 2 días
Girl, no one knows the pain. I hated hearing 'It's because you are thinking about it too much' I had have lost a premature baby and had 3 misscarages over 6 years. I gave up hope and was looking into adoption when I became pregnant. I now have a beautiful baby girl. My other girl friend was trying for 10 years with never falling pregnant and she has a 10 month old. No one appreciates what we have like we do.
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