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This performance was recorded on February 25, 2020. We will continue releasing Tiny Desk videos of shows that had already been taped. In light of current events, NPR is postponing new live tapings of Tiny Desk Concerts. In the meantime, check out Tiny Desk (home) concerts! They’re recorded by the artists in their home. It’s the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.
Watch Harry Styles play "Cherry", "Watermelon Sugar", "To Be So Lonely" and "Adore You" at the Tiny Desk.
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March 16, 2020 | Lyndsey McKenna and Marissa Lorusso -- Like many who have graced the Tiny Desk before him, the awkwardness of performing in a working office wasn't lost on Harry Styles. "It just feels like you're in the way," he joked. But when you watch his set from behind Bob Boilen's desk, you'd never suspect any discomfort.
Backed by his touring band, Styles performed several songs from his latest solo album, Fine Line. Between tracks, he talked about the process of writing these songs: From the day off in Nashville that led to "Watermelon Sugar," to the feeling of lovesickness he tried to capture in "Adore You." The camaraderie between the band was clear; and Styles was in on the joy, twirling in his seat between verses.
Styles might not necessarily be the first name that comes to mind when you think of public radio's only working, desk-music-discovery platform. After all, he's got a wildly devoted fanbase that's followed his every move since his One Direction days. In fact, before soundcheck had even started, a crowd of fans had begun to gather outside NPR HQ. They rightly suspected he would be playing a Tiny Desk concert after word got out that the former One Directioner was spotted in D.C. with no tour date on his public schedule.
But beyond the headlines, Styles has proven to be an artist who takes his songcraft and aesthetic seriously, interested in subverting expectations of what a pop star can and should sound like in 2020. That sense of unpretentious creativity is exactly what he brought to his Tiny Desk performance - and it definitely earned him some new adoring public radio fans in the process.
"I have to come into NPR more often," Styles said after he and his band played their first song. "It's nice here."
We - and our massive crowd of colleagues - couldn't agree more.
"Watermelon Sugar"
"To Be So Lonely"
"Adore You"
Harry Styles: vocals, guitar; Sarah Jones: drums, vocals; Mitch Rowland: guitar; Adam Prendergast: bass, vocals; Ny Oh: guitar, vocals; Charlotte Clark: piano, Wurlitzer, guitar, vocals
Producers: Robin Hilton, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative director: Bob Boilen; Audio engineers: Josh Rogosin, James Willetts; Videographers: Kara Frame, CJ Riculan, Melany Rochester, Morgan Noelle Smith; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Production Assistant: Shanti Hands; Executive producer: Lauren Onkey; VP, programming: Anya Grundmann; Photo: Max Posner/NPR


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NPR Music
NPR Music Hace 13 días
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Ece Özcan
Ece Özcan Hace 19 minutos
blonde girl with the mullet... Her vocals.... Luv it!
tiara Jaxkson
tiara Jaxkson Hace 4 horas
I love this album.
nicole hernandez almonacid
Adore you versión acústica me da mil años de vida 💖
Mya Michele
Mya Michele Hace 6 horas
this was way more groovy than I anticipated. perfect way to study :,)
Lai MLozada
Lai MLozada Hace 8 horas
What a wonderful song about a...fish
L Scan
L Scan Hace 12 horas
Hes got such a smooth voice
Eryn Aquino
Eryn Aquino Hace 18 horas
I love watching this on Tuesdays
Fernanda Verdesoto
Fernanda Verdesoto Hace 20 horas
I wonder if his “mon petit” sweater has anything to do with Camille, just like opening with Cherry 🥺♥︎
FIREFLY Hace 23 horas
Harry saying ✨IT IS WHAT IT IS ✨ broke me, COMPLETELY
Britt Van Duffel
Britt Van Duffel Hace 23 horas
Gabi Hill
Gabi Hill Hace un día
I feel like Harry's fans are just like parents wanting there child to be healthy and happy.
Pulujoy Barman
Pulujoy Barman Hace un día
Where are all my fellow directioners💕💕☺️✌️✌️
Stabile Dube
Stabile Dube Hace un día
"Don't call me baby...." is Harry's favourite line...
Holli Morton
Holli Morton Hace un día
Cracked up over the weekend my Grand girl that is 4 started singing 🎤 Watermelon 🍉 Sugar . LOL had no idea she new this Catchy Tune .💕
Luzia Vieira
Luzia Vieira Hace un día
This video is medicine for me. I'm sad, watch and get better. Love Harry ❤️
valerie oliver
valerie oliver Hace 2 días
sam and colby
Carolina Solano Cassina
harry is a mood ✨
sarahi Castillo
sarahi Castillo Hace 2 días
Simplemente canta hermoso...
Daniel Borbon
Daniel Borbon Hace 2 días
Chino te amo bai
Daniel Borbon
Daniel Borbon Hace 2 días
@Sebastián Ramírez Jaramillo Awwww
BH Company of Works
BH Company of Works Hace 2 días
@Sebastián Ramírez Jaramillo Ay si bueno comanse
Sebastián Ramírez Jaramillo
Te dedico esto miamor
Lucas Od
Lucas Od Hace 2 días
Harry Styles é um artista incrivel
Valeria Gil Gonzalez
Me quiero casar con Mitch, sorry Sarah.
Post Malone here, please and thank you
hannah Hace 2 días
I cannot explain my love for this video
PSN SmashGodX3
PSN SmashGodX3 Hace 2 días
Where is louis
Lucas Zanini
Lucas Zanini Hace 2 días
To be So Lonely is pure gold
Skylar Ya
Skylar Ya Hace 2 días
3:13 Charlotte. imagine Harry looking at u like that when ur not looking.
m akayla
m akayla Hace 2 días
호두주먹 Hace 2 días
Ryen Brousseau
Ryen Brousseau Hace 3 días
10 outta 10 (has potential to be our generations Bowie)
Micah Barrett
Micah Barrett Hace 3 días
Is Harry Styles the next Elton John?
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas Hace 3 días
So glad there is still hope for the music industry.
Boondocking Adventures
Wow... Without Autotune, he sings like garbage.
Sage Briggs
Sage Briggs Hace 4 días
Everyone: :))))))))) Mitch: :///////
Rylee Henderson
Rylee Henderson Hace 4 días
i love the way hes singing adore you and his hair is so cuteee
Hamna Fayyaz
Hamna Fayyaz Hace 4 días
Hamna Fayyaz
Hamna Fayyaz Hace 4 días
Congratulations for the award, H
kk Hace 4 días
i wishhhh they performed Sunflower😞 wanna hear them harmonising together
Daniela Hernandez
Daniela Hernandez Hace 5 días
mara villanueva
mara villanueva Hace 5 días
Why does his countings giving me chills
Manu Cunha
Manu Cunha Hace 5 días
why is he looking like a baby who just took a shower ???? so adorable ❤
Nathan Bel
Nathan Bel Hace 5 días
Ny Oh is amazing
Nathan Bel
Nathan Bel Hace 5 días
watermelon sugar Daft punk version 😍
lex the rex
lex the rex Hace 5 días
ah, back home at last :)
Natasha Anagha
Natasha Anagha Hace 5 días
Always choose love - Harry freaking Styles
Rusul Abdul khaliq Kadhim
2:50 OMG 😭
Alisha Krummenacher
Alisha Krummenacher Hace 6 días
I love this album so much
Caitlin Hace 6 días
His voice is So Beautiful!!!!!
Birdy Bird
Birdy Bird Hace 6 días
I'm sure Zayn is part of the 7M views
Katy Scott
Katy Scott Hace 6 días
if harry asked if he could adore me. i would say yes. nah i would pass out. and say yes
Katy Scott
Katy Scott Hace 6 días
i crush on everyone in this band
Raúl Carpio
Raúl Carpio Hace 6 días
was pretty cool , because of Harry all of these wonderfull guys Just keep going like this it's like they were in home
PbsCris 4viewerslikeu
Im still in this Bihhhhhh
GingerBreaddd55 Hace 6 días
God is NPR's audio engineer team
Jonathon Zadrzynski
Jonathon Zadrzynski Hace 6 días
everyone has a tiny desk now but i still love to see it
Isabel Teh
Isabel Teh Hace 7 días
when they were swapping guitars and stuff all at the same time-
StylesEffect 1D
StylesEffect 1D Hace 7 días
I will sell my first born for this
Juli Valdéz
Juli Valdéz Hace 7 días
Monkey JumpStarr
Monkey JumpStarr Hace 7 días
why are old people kinda gross?
Ana Chicas
Ana Chicas Hace 7 días
Absolutely fantastic. I love when he shows appreciation for his band mates.
Angelica Fuentes
Angelica Fuentes Hace 7 días
17:35 your welcome in advance🥺😌
blue v
blue v Hace 7 días
this video makes me feel better than that feeling you get after a good therapy session. ily harry
Paula Bonet
Paula Bonet Hace 7 días
When he said Malibu my mind instantly reproduced "Malabami" and made me feel kinda sad
E.D.W Hace 7 días
16:20 Is that just not the cutest thing you’ve seen in your life
María Cucchiara
María Cucchiara Hace 7 días
we do not deserve you
Zahra Djam
Zahra Djam Hace 7 días
I love this style... Good vibes, good music... I Love it... congratulation... This changes from the Boys Bands ...more authentic, closer, more accosutic, more intimate, more the kind of music that I like ... The voices, the arrangements are magnificent ... Kisses from France...
Nadya Ratu Santoso
Nadya Ratu Santoso Hace 7 días
Is it only me? Noticing Taylor Swift Lover album in the background
Utkarsh Anuse
Utkarsh Anuse Hace 7 días
Did anyone notice Taylor's album cover behind him XD 9:10
Neverland Hace 7 días
10:50 its so funny look at their heads🤣
Florence Bayoneta
Florence Bayoneta Hace 7 días
i am here casually
hammockmonk Hace 7 días
Love to hang out with these guys... 😘🍷
Elif Hace 7 días
its chewsday
Ananya Naik
Ananya Naik Hace 8 días
Ok, so Harry Styles wrote 'Adore you' about a fish. He'd walk through fire for a fish. I have nothing to say.
dimora 4444
dimora 4444 Hace 8 días
Harry's different brand of beans in the oven like 17:42
mimi evans
mimi evans Hace 8 días
sarah making eyes at mitch made my day🥺
Cool Beans 43
Cool Beans 43 Hace 8 días
His voice is like butta!🧈
The Alpha Me
The Alpha Me Hace 8 días
Harry has larger front tooth or is it my just me?
Titirsha Cadet
Titirsha Cadet Hace 8 días
16:57: You don- just wanna tell u something..😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
rodrigo aquino
rodrigo aquino Hace 9 días
All: Bass player: What´s so funny?
lover girl ana
lover girl ana Hace 9 días
i was hoping he’d sing “she” but guess not 🥺
Apathetic Tingzz
Apathetic Tingzz Hace 9 días
7:10 the way he looked at her
Rick Marr
Rick Marr Hace 9 días
Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin' And it sounds just like a song I want more berries and that summer feelin' It's so wonderful and warm Breathe me in, breathe me out I don't know if I could ever go without I'm just thinking out loud I don't know if I could ever go without Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar Strawberries on a summer evenin' Baby, you're the end of June I want your belly and that summer feelin' Getting washed away in you Breathe me in, breathe me out I don't know if I could ever go without Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it Watermelon sugar high Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin' And it sounds just like a song I want your belly and that summer feelin' I don't know if I could ever go without Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar (sugar) high Watermelon sugar high (sugar) Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it Watermelon sugar high I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar
Rosana Fuoti
Rosana Fuoti Hace 9 días
Mi hija es muy fan de este hombre tiene fotos pegadas en su pieza y yo hago la que no me gusta pero siempre veo este video amo su vos mi idolo hary stiles
Zarrys Lux
Zarrys Lux Hace 9 días
Kertrina Holt
Kertrina Holt Hace 9 días
Even though the Covid-19 Harry Styles is still number one on the charts just freaking amazing. He's such a hard working artist shame on the Awards for snubbing him.
Yael Reyes
Yael Reyes Hace 10 días
He is awesone
Jaclyn Laws
Jaclyn Laws Hace 10 días
I'm in love with his "1 2 3 4" at the beginning
Christion Bryant
Christion Bryant Hace 10 días
I wish there was some more soul from the backup singers
Paula Morales
Paula Morales Hace 10 días
cherry is the style of anne with and e
Charish Calipus
Charish Calipus Hace 10 días
I love you harry
Luis Romero
Luis Romero Hace 10 días
Por qué no hablo Inglés 😭😭
Linda Engbrocks
Linda Engbrocks Hace 11 días
Discovered today-Sounds Great
Perfect Storm
Perfect Storm Hace 11 días
music stan
music stan Hace 11 días
harry deserved a bigger set
Tareeq Brown
Tareeq Brown Hace 11 días
Harry be looking like you're adorable cute skinny teddy bear
Alexandra Martínez
Alexandra Martínez Hace 11 días
Kristina Lopez de Leon
ocapitãofantástico Hace 12 días
I've never liked One Direction, I even tried one of their albums back when they were on top of the "Pop" world, but I couldn't understand what was so good about them, my loss of course. Then when that ended, I first listened to some songs of Niall Horan and I somehow liked it, I even listened to it whenever I wanted to get out of my musical comfort zone and it was cool, better than One Direction (at least for me)... When talking about Harry Styles, I've never really have listened to anything that he has done while in his solo career, but NPR showed me that it might be interesting... I'm about to try listening to an album from him now, possibly I won't like it as much as this session, but if I don't, I can always come back to this video. Thank you NPR. ^^
J Hace un día
@ocapitãofantástico Thankyou so much for taking the time to write this review
@J first I listened to the self-titled one and I did enjoy some songs, but thought it was very disconnected between songs, I enjoy when an album isn't solely focused on one genre, but this one seemed too off... Then, since I noticed that none of the songs of the self-titled were played in NPR, I checked Fine Line and I pretty much enjoyed it as a whole, it's connected while having so many different types of songs and it's a genuine piece of fresh art. What amazes me the most is how it's so similar to the sound of bands that I enjoy and that don't have anything to do with One Direction, which makes me think that, maybe, while as a solo artist, Harry is totally himself. Sunflower, Vol.6 is my go to song, the favourite and possibly the coolest song I've listened in 2020 so far. So, thanks NPR for making me go out of my way to listen to something different, while being something I can also fit between other bands or artists I like as well. Edit: sorry for taking long to reply and also, sorry for the long reply, ahah!
Irin Sebi
Irin Sebi Hace 3 días
Did u njy?I luv harry❤
J Hace 7 días
what did you think?
FDPC Hace 12 días
Sarah Jones 😍😍😍🤘🤘🤘
Krishna Priya Sinha
Krishna Priya Sinha Hace 12 días
I know that I'll never ever get to see him in person and that makes me sad. 🥺 My love for him will be like this forever. I'm wierd but yeah, I never had a crush when I got to know him. He lives in my heart, my mind, my 'jigda',etc. Just wanted to say that I LoVe YoU Harry. ❤️
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