Harry Styles Performs a Crosswalk Concert

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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As Harry Styles prepares to launch his second album, "Fine Line," and subsequent world tour, he connects with James Corden who has a big idea for him: a concert in the crosswalk of Beverly Boulevard. What's usually reserved for live theater transforms into Harry's arena, where he entertains commuters with, "Kiwi," "Lights Up," "Watermelon Sugar" and "Sign of the Times."
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11 dic 2019






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Kevin_4_Infinity Hace 3 horas
When James does that same grabbing Harry’s chest from under the arms that Louis did
Guillermina Ordono
Guillermina Ordono Hace 6 horas
Hay que hacer ese fine Line
lillie Kulh
lillie Kulh Hace 6 horas
the way Harry runs when James said "go go go go go"
jovan betanco
jovan betanco Hace 7 horas
Quedó Tuani
sarah 089
sarah 089 Hace 8 horas
Who wants to go to the Cheesecake factory??!!! Everyone:Yeeeaaahhhh! Harry: Uumm hey guys!? I'm still up here?? 😂😂😂
Julieta Hace 10 horas
6:44 “hay que hacer ese fine line” Hispano hablantes, después de eso no vuelven a escucharlo en inglés
rushil262 Hace 11 horas
Legends say harry is still stuck there
Breanna Cilluffo
Breanna Cilluffo Hace 16 horas
"PROTECT HARRY" 😂 "I feel like they are getting mad at me" 🥺
Hannah Varner
Hannah Varner Hace 16 horas
hahahaha OMG I was dying of laughter with Harry I love him
Fatehsolar Hace 17 horas
Harry : That mine 😥😥 Me : *laughing*🤣🤣
Fatehsolar Hace 17 horas
The last part was the funniest for me Like if you agree 👇
Antonia Hace 18 horas
How lucky are those people???
Rahul Sookdeo
Rahul Sookdeo Hace 20 horas
Poor Harry, 8:23
Rahul Sookdeo
Rahul Sookdeo Hace 20 horas
If I was driving to work and Harry Styles came out of nowhere and did a concert, I would be like: Forget work!!!! I am staying here!!
sophia rios
sophia rios Hace 20 horas
Hay que hacer ese fine line
Lizette Martínez
Lizette Martínez Hace 21 un hora
JAJA oh por dios, que pinche suerte la de esa gente y ni siquiera lo supieron :,v Amo a Harry y a James juntos xd
Usha Nimikol
Usha Nimikol Hace 22 horas
you're rewatching this aren't you
Julie Calleja
Julie Calleja Hace un día
I literally nearly wet my pants...James Cordon is the funniest and what a great sport Harry is.
Guakmole 0312
Guakmole 0312 Hace un día
Esas personas en los carros poniendo cara de asco, yo me pusiera tan FELIZ, literalmente saldría del carro y me pondría a bailar, y si pudiera iría corriendo a abrazar a Harry!!! 😍🙌🏼 ¿acaso no ven lo afortunados que son al tenerlo cantando para ellos?
together they are amazing
Manasha Silva
Manasha Silva Hace un día
Am i the only one who noticed the way harry was running away from traffic
Tamia Shanyce
Tamia Shanyce Hace un día
Harry I just want you to know that I'd NEVER EVER leave you behind.
Roxie Lewis
Roxie Lewis Hace un día
This so funny 😂 Harry could wax the hood of my car
Letícia Bueno
Letícia Bueno Hace un día
Suzana Horia
Suzana Horia Hace un día
at minute 6:44 it seems that Harry is speaking Spanish and it seems that he says "Hay qué hacer este Fine Line" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Suzana Horia
Suzana Horia Hace un día
Traducción: En el minuto 6:44 parece que Harry está hablando en español y parece que dice "Hay qué hacer este Fine Line" JAJAJJAJAJA
Letícia Bueno
Letícia Bueno Hace un día
HARRY STYLES IS JUST SOOOOOOOOOO PERFECT, PLEASE DO MORE THINGS WITH HIM! He is the only reason I watch your show. You have to thank him
Letícia Bueno
Letícia Bueno Hace un día
Dam You
Dam You Hace un día
I love it this video hahah
Bongeka Bambela
Bongeka Bambela Hace un día
is anyone else noticing the way harry is running😂😂😂
Chiara S.
Chiara S. Hace un día
imagine being late to something and THIS is the reason why i-
Rushil Ramroop
Rushil Ramroop Hace 2 días
Their accents are so english my coffee turned to tea.
Gulugulu Khoiu
Gulugulu Khoiu Hace 2 días
😂😂😂😂love harry always
Rebecca Trinidad
Rebecca Trinidad Hace 2 días
if i’d see harry do that, i will def get out of my car and run towards him. 💓😂 one of the best vids ever!! hahahaha
Marlen Flores
Marlen Flores Hace 2 días
These people don’t know what there missing because Harry is a SUPERSTAR!
Marcos Vinícius Ferreira
James is the best !!! ✨😅 LOVE HARRY!!! ❤️
Joy Sophia
Joy Sophia Hace 2 días
Cosas que solo pasan en Gringolandia
Yasrah :D
Yasrah :D Hace 2 días
I absolutely love James😂
Muhamadherdika Putra
Sangat lucu sekali
Ayelen Ozán
Ayelen Ozán Hace 2 días
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma Hace 2 días
4:48 Harry: Thts mine Also Harry laughing
Zaka Alfarizi
Zaka Alfarizi Hace 2 días
Claudia Martinez
Claudia Martinez Hace 2 días
Quien pudiera decir que iba conduciendo y el Harold le canto
Claudia Martinez
Claudia Martinez Hace 2 días
Que hay que pagar para que Harry Styles te cante en la carretera
Wendel Sab Villaver
Wendel Sab Villaver Hace 3 días
Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu Hace 3 días
He was laughing so hard during kiwi 😂
Maryani Ani
Maryani Ani Hace 3 días
Kayedance Scott
Kayedance Scott Hace 3 días
if harry styles walked up to my car I would stop breathing
Sheil Lopez
Sheil Lopez Hace 3 días
the grumps
Camila Dias
Camila Dias Hace 3 días
Harry Styles my only angel ❤️
ams Hace 3 días
This made my whole year😭
SlytherinWitch Hace 3 días
it’s been 5 months but this is still the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. yeap i’m serious🥰
francesca arango correa
Azucena Costa Sánchez
6:44 'hay que hacer ese Fine Line' amo jajaj
Rorii Hace 3 días
Imagine being the owner of a car that harry styles twerked on it.
Marlen Flores
Marlen Flores Hace 2 días
Lucky them😂
Soham Paul
Soham Paul Hace 3 días
Every fan girl ever : 7:39
Hanshika Hace 3 días
Harry-"that's miiine" He makes me wanna 'tsss'
Hanshika Hace 3 días
Honestly though he makes me wanna ""tsss""
Fildzah Aqilah
Fildzah Aqilah Hace 3 días
James is multitalent he can be a bird also a watermelon
Kimberly Andeng
Kimberly Andeng Hace 3 días
Seriously HAHAA
Melissa Telles
Melissa Telles Hace 4 días
no matter how many times you watch it, you will always laugh with James breaking Harry's guitar I edited to say you will always laugh with harry twerking on the car too
Lyayiselle Hace 4 días
In the moment 6:43 Harry says “Hay que hacer ese fine Line”
S. L
S. L Hace 4 días
Have you ever seen a comment and thought damn I wish I wrote that
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz Hace 4 días
Not harry twering at the front of that car 😂😩
Maize Flower
Maize Flower Hace 4 días
james: PROTECT HARRY PROTECT HARRY PROTECT HARRY me: if that doesn’t sum up all the harry potter movies i don’t know what does...
Fahmida parveen
Fahmida parveen Hace 4 días
Don't tel me the people in the cars don't know Harry...
Jamie Gilmer
Jamie Gilmer Hace 4 días
Best ever!!!
dominique sanchez
dominique sanchez Hace 4 días
i love to harry,. he´s my favorite
holly baker
holly baker Hace 4 días
the fact he said fine line twice and this video was published the day before the album was released :0
holly baker
holly baker Hace 4 días
the fact he said fine line twice and this video was published the day before the album was released :0
Harry Styles
Harry Styles Hace 4 días
Who else thought of 1D when he said where's my band😭😭😭
Evelyn Lorena
Evelyn Lorena Hace 4 días
Protect harry and james to all the cost
Aylin Morejon
Aylin Morejon Hace 4 días
Awwwww harry corre como una abuelita
Cami Quevedo
Cami Quevedo Hace 4 días
6:44 “hay que hacer ese fine line” omfg HARRY TALK US IN SPANISH PLEASE need more
Urja Sudhakar
Urja Sudhakar Hace 4 días
I love HARRY was laughing throughout the entire video :)
Jenecel Ricafort
Jenecel Ricafort Hace 5 días
is there anyone watching this rn? This is really made my day wth! james corden good idea
Khemraj Sankar
Khemraj Sankar Hace 5 días
Khemraj Sankar
Khemraj Sankar Hace 5 días
Khemraj Sankar
Khemraj Sankar Hace 5 días
denyse silva
denyse silva Hace 5 días
He have a voice incredible
Yimar Gómez
Yimar Gómez Hace 5 días
6:44 "Hay que hacer ese Fine Line"
Ayşe Ertuğrul
Ayşe Ertuğrul Hace 5 días
Türkiye’de böyle bir şey olsa adamın üstüne atlarlar😂😂😂
tama prosper
tama prosper Hace 5 días
Lucilene De Souza
Lucilene De Souza Hace 5 días
Eu não falo inglês mas dei muita risada amei hahahahah. 😍
Mandie Johnson
Mandie Johnson Hace 5 días
OMG I would have been dancing in my car with a big smile on my face
Aizza Perez
Aizza Perez Hace 5 días
Harry grinding on the car is SENDING ME INTO ORBIT OMFG💀
Nabeeha's Place
Nabeeha's Place Hace 5 días
If I was there I would have hug Harry so hard😂
Clown Town
Clown Town Hace 5 días
I'm in a car with my family. And this whole time I'm just silently going "dont laugh dont laugh dont laugh"
Livia Rombola
Livia Rombola Hace 5 días
These two together are pure gold! 💗
Ley L
Ley L Hace 5 días
How they cant make even a smile
Rhythm Bansal
Rhythm Bansal Hace 6 días
I've laughed so hard for the first time in this pandemic...
Muhammad Avad
Muhammad Avad Hace 6 días
The song was actually pretty good
BeautyByNoelia 67
BeautyByNoelia 67 Hace 6 días
Lanna Pavey
Lanna Pavey Hace 6 días
When people edit one of Peppa pig's vids and Peppa says Strawberries People will edit saying on a summer evening
Naazia Askari
Naazia Askari Hace 6 días
we're is his band? oh they are 1D and they aren't together anymr lol
This is the best video I ever seen in my life !!! I LOVE HARRY STYLES !!
Micaela Pogonza
Micaela Pogonza Hace 6 días
6:44 Harry: "Hay que hacer ese Fine Line" JAJAJA ya se me olvidó lo que dice en Inglés!
Daanya Nausheen
Daanya Nausheen Hace 6 días
9:40 “And I get the feeling that you’ll never need me againnn”
Ana Rebeca López Álvarez
Miri Alleen
Miri Alleen Hace 6 días
omg i remember This....everything before Corona feels like a decade ago -.-
Alyssa Burns
Alyssa Burns Hace 6 días
Don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much in my life 🤣😭🤣😭
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