Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Official Video)

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Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times
We gotta get away from here
We gotta get away from here
Just stop your crying, it'll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here
#SignoftheTimes​ #HarryStyles #Pop


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8 may 2017






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Megan Taylor
Megan Taylor Hace 24 minutos
Jesus: walks on water Harry: ran then flew
AJ Young
AJ Young Hace 49 minutos
Harry is love . I wanna protect this boyy so much
AJ Young
AJ Young Hace 53 minutos
Harry always with me during my childhood. I missed you Harry. I love you Harry.
Valentina Arce Aguilar
me haces re mal enrique estilos
Littlebee Soliss
Littlebee Soliss Hace un hora
kepo Girl
kepo Girl Hace un hora
i miss you
kajal gupta
kajal gupta Hace 2 horas
The love I have for this guy cannot be explained in words.
Anin Barizussalmaa
Anin Barizussalmaa Hace 2 horas
now is october and i still waiting for golden mv coming
Maddie. B
Maddie. B Hace 3 horas
Anyone binge watching all his videos waiting for the golden mv to come out
I still remember that great love that one day I had, but our paths took different directions, I love you and I will always love you 😪😔
AB Siam
AB Siam Hace 5 horas
Especter11 Game
Especter11 Game Hace 5 horas
auto tune? harry styles: yes
Mario Alonso
Mario Alonso Hace 5 horas
Nunca me gusto la musica de este vato, pero despues de 3 años puedo seguir diciendo que me gusta la rola 😎🤙
Kerina Flinchum
Kerina Flinchum Hace 6 horas
I feel your pain
Justi Duarte
Justi Duarte Hace 6 horas
it was at this moment that we realized harry was going to be one of the greatest and remarkable artists of our century
ערוץ אתגרים טובים
goood toe jva jgu ypp you gl ir
Charlena Evans
Charlena Evans Hace 6 horas
This song really touch my heart it's like I feel it in my soul
A moment of silence for the 157k dislikes,yall need to go syringe your ears
Marines Reccy
Marines Reccy Hace 8 horas
You're no different than my "best friend". Same thing, different strategy.
Chillax Cardi
Chillax Cardi Hace 8 horas
Is he loved Taylor Swift?
Benny Bradshaw
Benny Bradshaw Hace 8 horas
Un wanted and unloved and I’m here I’m just done
Erick Rojas
Erick Rojas Hace 8 horas
I love you Harry ❤️
GHOSTER tv Hace 9 horas
One direction
Magdalena Suarez
Magdalena Suarez Hace 9 horas
La canción más perfecta..
Isidora C
Isidora C Hace 10 horas
harry vuelaaa
Juanchy Aguilar
Juanchy Aguilar Hace 11 horas
Harry Costeletas
Starbucks lover 1234
Starbucks lover 1234 Hace 11 horas
Omg this is amazing as always
Meikel Myers
Meikel Myers Hace 11 horas
LG Olli
Alma González
Alma González Hace 11 horas
I can replay it millions of times and don't get tired of listening to it over and over. Brings me beautiful memories when my god-daughter used to live with me. Now, she's all grown and became a beautiful young lady. 😘🥰 Now, I have a 16 year old that loves him too! Really enjoying every minute of it!
Kushan Jayanath
Kushan Jayanath Hace 12 horas
3 years Later... still Favourite 🤟🏻
Sam K
Sam K Hace 12 horas
That "sfdebris is about to review a Star Trek Discovery episode" vibe
Lucía 123 xd
Lucía 123 xd Hace 12 horas
Busqué un gay volando y esto salió :0
Rknrlgrl Hace 13 horas
Great song :)
robert samick
robert samick Hace 13 horas
First the Beatles, then Blondie, then Debbie Harry. Then Harry Styles and Morgan McMahon
Wow wow Lulu
Wow wow Lulu Hace 13 horas
This reminds me of my brother who died from kidney failure
Simone Røbekk
Simone Røbekk Hace 13 horas
Choco Cami
Choco Cami Hace 14 horas
Soy mexicana de
Choco Cami
Choco Cami Hace 14 horas
Ay Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️
AB Siam
AB Siam Hace 14 horas
Who else Listening in 21 october 2020♡♡♡♡♡
Chumatok Tok
Chumatok Tok Hace 14 horas
Every single time when I watch H's mv I feel like I'm watching a super calming movies 💕
angingis Hace 14 horas
Jennifer Knighton
Jennifer Knighton Hace 14 horas
Anyone else getting David Bowie vibes with this song?
chiino_ 4
chiino_ 4 Hace 15 horas
I'm not a fan of one direction or even harry styles, but the first time i heard this (a couple days ago) i fall in love whit the song. It's just beautiful. Greetings from argentina-catamarca
isabella agudelo
isabella agudelo Hace 15 horas
que bellezaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa de HOMBRE de CANCION y de HISTORIA.
Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta Hace 15 horas
Listening this song just bcuz of so many views?
Jules Salgado
Jules Salgado Hace 15 horas
Why I'm crying all-times when I lissen this song
morena ochagabia
morena ochagabia Hace 15 horas
Justo en la pandemia
nha nha
nha nha Hace 15 horas
voa voa brabuleta 🎶🎶
giovanni cortes
giovanni cortes Hace 16 horas
rifate con una cancion del juan Gabriel
Vicente Ruiz
Vicente Ruiz Hace 16 horas
My uncle had died and we played this at his funeral RIP uncle Bernie
Ximena Vargas
Ximena Vargas Hace 16 horas
If he say i need stop my crying. I just do it.
Kiara Calderon Rosas
Kiara Calderon Rosas Hace 16 horas
I just adore this man.
DARK OMEGA Hace 16 horas
C'est une superbe musique 😌
B Starr
B Starr Hace 17 horas
I just adore this man
Manasi Desai
Manasi Desai Hace 17 horas
Lets just face it, Harry in those overcoats hits different!! 👼❤
Miguel loretto
Miguel loretto Hace 17 horas
Wonderful 🇧🇷👏👏
Lils Hace 17 horas
Wait a minute. Harry Style mad this song?- Im confused. How did I not know this?
Jessi Bliss
Jessi Bliss Hace 18 horas
We got to get away.
Jessi Bliss
Jessi Bliss Hace 18 horas
Just stop your crying baby it'll be alright.
Yisabela Orellana Huayllas
what horrible music
MetalHead - Mher
MetalHead - Mher Hace 18 horas
Hello everyone who's listening this song right now 🧐
kashal rudra
kashal rudra Hace 18 horas
**Petition to remove dislike button from this video**
Almaguer Dimas Suggey Azeneth
Te amo 🥰🥰😍🥰😍
estrella ibarra
estrella ibarra Hace 19 horas
Crystal Shane Ngao-i
Crystal Shane Ngao-i Hace 19 horas
anyone listening right now?
Juliana Sesma
Juliana Sesma Hace 19 horas
necesito la opción de traducción en los comentar1os
Roman Ramírez
Roman Ramírez Hace 18 horas
Yo tambien
Alex Velazquez
Alex Velazquez Hace 20 horas
buen tema bro
Miraç Akardeniz
Miraç Akardeniz Hace 20 horas
1 - Harry Styles ~ Adore You 2 - Harry Styles ~ Sing Of The Times 3 - Harry Styles ~ Kiwi 4 - Harry Styles ~ Lights Up 5 - Harry Styles ~ Only Angel 6 - Harry Styles ~ Golden 7 - Harry Styles ~ Watermelon Sugar 8 - Harry Styles ~ Falling 9 - Harry Styles ~ Woman 10 - Harry Styles ~ Fine Line
bekah phillips
bekah phillips Hace 11 horas
bruh- why is fineline at the bottom
Chainwarden Ward
Chainwarden Ward Hace 20 horas
I still prefer One Direction
bekah phillips
bekah phillips Hace 11 horas
Senpaikun AM
Senpaikun AM Hace 20 horas
Oct 19 every one
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos
This song would be over 1B views easily, if people could find it.
Emmanuel Alvarez
Emmanuel Alvarez Hace 21 un hora
Fabiana Ciampoli
Fabiana Ciampoli Hace 21 un hora
Wonderful song... 😍😍
Kiley Kinley
Kiley Kinley Hace 22 horas
Does anyone get that feeling when you listen to this song? I don't even know how to describe the feeling but its calming in a way.
Beatrix graf Schmitz
Beatrix graf Schmitz Hace 22 horas
mien zeichen es fliegt richtung himmel ja ich mein es ernst ich steh nicht auf gefummel lieber direkt und mit viel krach der rest den ich so hab musst du gedulden denn ich hab dich nicht umsonst angefunkt meine hände wandern über dich hinweg du bist der sinn des lebens ich geb dich nicht mehr weg meine träne sie ist echt glaubt das da draussen wird sich legen es ist mir daran gelegen mit dir allein auf dem planeten wär ich teufel und das bin ich auf jeden dann will ich für uns gottes segen auch wenn ich den nicht leiden kann aber ich steh neben deinem verstand wenn du den nicht mehr brauchst dann fang mich ein so schnell bin ich vor dir lerne wo auch immer und wofür damit ich dich später berühr um dich verrückt zu machen dann sag ich schreib zurück ich warte auf dich mein glück
blanche sone
blanche sone Hace 22 horas
El An
El An Hace 23 horas
The people who disliked were crying too much and they pressed the wrong button.
Mundo da Lua
Mundo da Lua Hace 23 horas
Lmoooo, I’m dying with the comments ! Love you people ❤️❤️❤️
Jer Gutierrez
Jer Gutierrez Hace un día
Road to 1B Stylers💚
Clara Ratih Amanda
Clara Ratih Amanda Hace un día
:( Tue, 20 Oct 2020
ᎦᏉᏫᏁ ′′ Hace un día
Really sign of the time..😌
Essa música mexe muito comigo... Além de o cantor ser lindo ❤️❤️❤️ Maravilhosa!
Anil Bisht
Anil Bisht Hace un día
Who got Goosebumps after listening 'If we never learn, we been here before' part
Aatmiya Kaushik
Aatmiya Kaushik Hace un día
One of the billion reasons i love this somg is because it keeps me from crying and it feels like im not alone because of he says "we" instead of you or i. It just feels like he's hugging me tight and i can hear his heartbeat, and he's singing this song to me as i drift off. I love you Harry more than anything on this planet.
Tony Bee
Tony Bee Hace un día
This goes out to uknow who if u guys love each other be together go to where u guys are gonna go I don’t need to know and since I not be I have no rights so there no point in confusing him with all the fighting just take care of him and love him like I love him and never mention me to him it’s better that way honestly we can’t be cool but u have my blessing to take off I’m being 100 percent with u
Smriti Srinivas
Smriti Srinivas Hace un día
Harry Styles is nominated for three MTV EMAs. Please vote for him
Mudassar Hussain
Mudassar Hussain Hace un día
Scientists: humans cannot fly Harry :Louis I'll be back just stay in bed k
ajijahh Hace un día
suheri disini ganteng bgt gakuatt
Am crying
abcde zyx
abcde zyx Hace un día
1:11 to1:14 I'm dead😭
Fran ok
Fran ok Hace un día
love u Harry styles
kazama kwan
kazama kwan Hace un día
정말 인생 띵곡이다. 가사도 뮤비도....
Zelin Ektiren
Zelin Ektiren Hace un día
I love you Harry ❤️
Julia Strzelecka
Julia Strzelecka Hace un día
It's beutiful skng I love it and sinnging thi beutiful Man ❤😍
Ro Vila
Ro Vila Hace un día
arelis varela
arelis varela Hace un día
me encanta !!!!!!
María José Carrillo
Nick F
Nick F Hace un día
I guess a Ryanair plane just yeeted him to 30,000 feet.
Guilherme Prestes
Guilherme Prestes Hace un día
My fav song ever
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