Having BAD PERIOD Cramps To See How HE REACTS!! *Cute Reaction*

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He's the best! If you see this comment "cramps."
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2 abr 2020






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Elisabeth Francis
Elisabeth Francis Hace 3 días
Elisabeth Francis
Elisabeth Francis Hace 3 días
OMGG i NEED someone likE Josh, he actually said "I wish I take the pain for you"
Abby Abraham
Abby Abraham Hace 3 días
Ms Keisha 😏
Olivia Kennedy
Olivia Kennedy Hace 3 días
Terry Steele
Terry Steele Hace 4 días
He is so sweet
MartinTinklepoo Hace 4 días
if i don’t have a man like josh then he ain’t the one!
Nikki Lacy
Nikki Lacy Hace 4 días
They should make a hoodie that says 'it's Okay silly"
Nalani Richards
Nalani Richards Hace 5 días
Haha at the start I didn't expected that bad word at the front I died out laughing and kept we playing it haha
L A Y O O N A :D
L A Y O O N A :D Hace 6 días
when he like "no, not what ur thinkin"
Ash Pyle
Ash Pyle Hace 8 días
Katie: don’t hit my head on the wall please Josh: at least vlog it if I do Everyone: …....... Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cassidy Wemple
Cassidy Wemple Hace 8 días
" cramps "
Eliška Pokorná
Eliška Pokorná Hace 9 días
Josh is so sweet!!! Katie you are so lucky 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Hiba Dandah
Hiba Dandah Hace 9 días
12:06 thank me later
Kayla Nasheed
Kayla Nasheed Hace 9 días
I wish I had an amazing boyfriend like thisssss🥺💔🥺
Chloe Reister
Chloe Reister Hace 10 días
I have really bad cramps even when I'm not on it.
hwillow Hace 12 días
Cassidy Green
Cassidy Green Hace 12 días
Katie is so lucky that she has a caring, helpful, and loving fiance. They are so cute, just get married already
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Hace 12 días
Absolutely amazing! Go guys!👍🖤😎real men!
Chloe Ching
Chloe Ching Hace 13 días
I know this is just a joke/reaction video but those with PCOS and Endometriosis this is a serious problem and people shouldn't put on pain for a reaction 😢 People with this condition end up in hospital and on ridiculously strong pain killers daily to cope with this. You saying I'm in so much pain, I'm in so much pain, this is a real struggle for women with this chronic pain condition and generally really bugs me when people so this cause this is such a real serious problem for women. 1 in 10 women go through this- it's awful. It is nice to see he generally cares for your pain but please me mindful of those who have this as a daily struggle and even worse when they're on there period I'm not sending hate but I hope this comment educated yourself and those reading it that this is a serious trigger for those with this condition. Hope you have a great rest of your day and that this comment informed and educated. Thanks 💖 X
Zofia Komorowska
Zofia Komorowska Hace 13 días
Ride daddy 😂 dirty minded ppl know
isabella melgoza
isabella melgoza Hace 15 días
he said I love you like 80 time that should be the next vodo
Alizee Wittemann
Alizee Wittemann Hace 15 días
god damn i want a bf so bad right now
Saul Gil
Saul Gil Hace 15 días
alguien habla español???
Advithi Reddy
Advithi Reddy Hace 17 días
I wish I could I could take the pain for u awwwwwwwww
helen lin
helen lin Hace 18 días
Has anyone though that if josh is so cute when Katie is on her period how would he act when she in labor. one think I hope for is that Jatie Vlogs will never stop posting
Toni Ray
Toni Ray Hace 18 días
I like it
kronercyis OTP
kronercyis OTP Hace 18 días
I got cramps rn but I got no boyfriend
Caila Jill
Caila Jill Hace 20 días
Alex Janes
Alex Janes Hace 20 días
but did anyone else see that their popcorn bag was opened upside down i mean who does that!!!
Meuy Saechao
Meuy Saechao Hace 21 un día
Riya Hace 22 días
the only thing going on in my head is when u are on your period people actually rake baths?
WilandTarafan Hace 24 días
I need a Josh. I need a guy to be so sweet when I have bad cramps
Piper z
Piper z Hace 25 días
Katie, I think I am pregnant josh, u say what
Meron Gebeyehu
Meron Gebeyehu Hace 26 días
Yes, perfect name. *daddy*
Ashlyn Kench
Ashlyn Kench Hace 27 días
Do Kawasaki
Quinn Hightower
Quinn Hightower Hace 27 días
Me: * sees vid * Also me: * stays up all night devising a plan to make a joshy b cloner * Me: * Fails * Ily katie and josh 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Avery Preisel
Avery Preisel Hace un mes
Charlotte Mitchell
Charlotte Mitchell Hace un mes
Joshy B is the best fiance ever
katie adams
katie adams Hace un mes
josh is so sweet and cute
Kaeding Brown
Kaeding Brown Hace un mes
Honestly your intros just show how sweet y’all are to each other
anna and aprils life vlogs
It’s so cute how Josh is so chill about Katie and her cramps so sweet and wholesome
Thomas Van Etten
Thomas Van Etten Hace un mes
Katie is big enough to get a 250 JOSH GOD DAMN IT BOY BUY HER A 250X
ALYA’S VLOGS Hace un mes
We did not go in a week like that is a long time I don’t have junk food like every once a year 😂🤣😂
ALYA’S VLOGS Hace un mes
Bubble Tea Gaming
Bubble Tea Gaming Hace un mes
If I don’t get a boyfriend like josh I don’t want it.
Sarah Cavanaugh
Sarah Cavanaugh Hace un mes
Green lighting
Sarah Cavanaugh
Sarah Cavanaugh Hace un mes
I hope you feel better soon and I love watching your videos and you needed you chocolate it helps with camps
A .H 258013
A .H 258013 Hace un mes
On my recommendation 6 months after I watched this...
your local roblox gamer
You know josh is the best like he's so sweet and when I'm on my period my dad or friends throw chips at me and says here eat this😂
Awesome_Ailin Hace un mes
I literally love their relationship and how much they love each other, I cry every time at the intro
paris l
paris l Hace un mes
this couple is so cute it makes me wanna have a relasionship like this when im there age :( also stay safe everyone wear a mask
Kelechi Ikerionwu
Kelechi Ikerionwu Hace un mes
Josh is so cute and nice
Abbie Hace un mes
Can you please do more period Pranks love them he is so sweet
Abbie Hace un mes
Can you please do more crying pranks you guys have the cutest reactions and I love them
o c e a n a
o c e a n a Hace un mes
“I wish I could like, take the pain for you” -Josh
Harshita Nagare
Harshita Nagare Hace un mes
Josh has set a veryyyy hight standards ...
Jessica Kellock
Jessica Kellock Hace un mes
"i wish i could take the pain for u" AWWWWW
Kyeita Fish
Kyeita Fish Hace un mes
aww he was so sweet and kind took care of you that real man that love you yall cute couple too love yall video too feel better girl and period do suck i know how you feel he a keeper
Georgina Smale
Georgina Smale Hace un mes
I like how josh says I like your make up and not even bother about her bad cramps
Bridgette Tinsman
Bridgette Tinsman Hace un mes
Even if this is a prank
Bridgette Tinsman
Bridgette Tinsman Hace un mes
I can relate period cramps are so 😑
jennifer Lopez Vlogs
Yup never gonna happen in my life I pretty much help myself 😁🙁
Amber Waters
Amber Waters Hace un mes
I like that Josh wears the hoodie that Emily bought him ❤️
Jason McCall
Jason McCall Hace un mes
I hope when I grow up I have a bf like josh
Bobetta Jularda
Bobetta Jularda Hace un mes
Me too 🥺✨
Jason McCall
Jason McCall Hace un mes
I am a girl on my dad’s account
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith Hace un mes
I’m so happy that he’s the sort of guy that isn’t like: “ Stop overreacting, it’s not that bad.”
Maia Kennedy-Heldt
Maia Kennedy-Heldt Hace un mes
is this really a prank though because she has said in videos that she has had bad cramps.
Kasey Williams
Kasey Williams Hace un mes
😭 I’m literally crying my old boyfriend would call me a ketchup packet 😥 I wish I found someone as nice as josh if I would say I was cramping and didn’t want a hug my boyfriend would force one saying “it’s ok I’m glad I don’t have to go through this”
Bobetta Jularda
Bobetta Jularda Hace un mes
Aww I’m sorry
Gemma O’Shea
Gemma O’Shea Hace un mes
He stopped playing video games just for her! He got food, a heat pack, and wrapped her up in a blanket! Josh is the best boyfriend ever!
man thats bad
jade mcgraw
jade mcgraw Hace 2 meses
Lol my names jade
Lorelei Smith
Lorelei Smith Hace 2 meses
I hate quarantine
Lorelei Smith
Lorelei Smith Hace 2 meses
Lorelei Smith
Lorelei Smith Hace 2 meses
I know how that feels
Alanie Dunn
Alanie Dunn Hace 2 meses
He a keeper if he stops his video games to help his girl 🥺🥺They betta be forever cus they to cute 🥺🥺♾ legit makes me feel single in every language😭 They gave me butterflies 🦋 cus it was so cute!! Pls notice me.. I really want a shoutout 🥺✨
Jaliyah Dukes
Jaliyah Dukes Hace 2 meses
Destiney Spencer
Destiney Spencer Hace 2 meses
Love you guys.. I've seen all of your videos... love the pranks and the sweet reaction videos..
Bobetta Jularda
Bobetta Jularda Hace un mes
Brianna S M I T H
Brianna S M I T H Hace 2 meses
bro at 10:50 when he said i wish i can take the pain for you or no how it feels i started to cry like josh is so cute he is sweet kind and he has a big heart and if it wasn't for the jatie fam i dont think i would be here
Bobetta Jularda
Bobetta Jularda Hace un mes
Aww, ur awesome and so strong! God bless u!!
Alexa Sanchez
Alexa Sanchez Hace 2 meses
grace zangrilli
grace zangrilli Hace 2 meses
If I don’t find a guy like josh I don’t want a man in my life
GEM STONES Hace 2 meses
Josh being a cute fiance for 16mins is so wholesome.
GEM STONES Hace 2 meses
Prank on Josh : tell your boyfriend that you 2 weeks pregnant and you starting to show bit then fall down the stairs🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰
Ruel Roblox
Ruel Roblox Hace 2 meses
How cut would josh be with a little daughter tho omg this video melts my heart 💓
your local roblox gamer
I like how guys think when w3 have Cramps food fixes the problem........well I mean it kinda dose 😊😀😁
ITZNIYLAAH C Hace 2 meses
Katie is so lucky to have Josh she should treasure him
Sara Farrington
Sara Farrington Hace 2 meses
I f-ing* HATE period cramps I just got my first period a few days ago and it is so painful Any tips? This is how many people feel my pain I also get there are boys so yea just ignore this I know I just made this awkward for you boys sorry 👇🏼
Bobetta Jularda
Bobetta Jularda Hace un mes
Heating padddd
anthony singh
anthony singh Hace 2 meses
Safa M.
Safa M. Hace 2 meses
Josh is sooooooooo cute I can't stop thinking about how cute he is being🥰😍😘
Ashley Wunder
Ashley Wunder Hace 2 meses
Josh is so sweet❤️
•Janea Roberts•
•Janea Roberts• Hace 2 meses
It sounded real but is recreation was sooo cute
Anna Lott
Anna Lott Hace 2 meses
Katie is a model she is soo pretty I love her soooo much and josh is the sweetest kindest person and I hate seeing comments that say Katie deserves better or josh deserves better cause they r the best together!!
Paige Palliser
Paige Palliser Hace 2 meses
Jaliyah Dukes
Jaliyah Dukes Hace 2 meses
emma Hace 2 meses
1:21 thanks for the view josh Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
spring mederios
spring mederios Hace 2 meses
awwww hes sooo sweet
Tee Hee
Tee Hee Hace 2 meses
Me seeing this- I want a bf now ;-;
Faith Petsch2
Faith Petsch2 Hace 2 meses
Marley Panda
Marley Panda Hace 2 meses
Honestly I’m on my period I actually have cramps like that
Angie Warner
Angie Warner Hace 2 meses
Yes josh is kind and I want a boy like josh comet down below if u want to have a boy like josh
Elle In Wonderland Vlogs
Awww I have a josh b in my life but instead his name is sam
Kayla Vlogs
Kayla Vlogs Hace 2 meses
#team Katie!
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