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Give us a hug! I tackle a classic build theme- with a wearable twist! Drilling, filing, brazing and more!
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Ciencia y tecnología

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16 may 2019






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uss888999 Hace un día
Max Tyberius
Max Tyberius Hace 2 días
I love science...
theaberrantdon Hace 2 días
I would have liked to see how the device looks when worn.
Fred Martens
Fred Martens Hace 4 días
9:30 good on you for showing reality.
sfgiantsfanmike Hace 4 días
I see the join button, will be clicking Friday/payday
sfgiantsfanmike Hace 4 días
@Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu I can. Keep forgetting Subscribestar so this makes it easier for me to give since it's where I go daily.
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
Only if you can without hardship😘 I am very grateful for the support.
M14 Rifleman
M14 Rifleman Hace 6 días
I love your projects and I would like to work with you someday. The problem is you are beautiful and i would be distracted by something poking me in the eye. Thank you
Patrick Durusau
Patrick Durusau Hace 6 días
Have you thought about the equivalent of a blast stick for sharks? CO2 cartridge pushes back against puncture point, gas moves forward to needle escape point. Fewer points of failure, smaller in size, not as attractive as when fitting for science (well, no proposal lacks drawbacks), more machining though. Doable in 3D printer? Great videos!
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
Requires more force than I can manage without a complex spring and trigger I'd have to machine
baruk kuzdul
baruk kuzdul Hace 6 días
Hug of death, kool, speak the speak or be deleted.
tfkoincognito Hace 8 días
Lol are you using a water displacement fluid as a lubricant? Think soapy water would be better than WD 40.
paul mc
paul mc Hace 8 días
Ha, a lot of the grandmothers wear something similiar here in Songjiang Shanghai :). ! :)(blue protective gear).
Bruce J Dargie
Bruce J Dargie Hace 8 días
Brave Girl!
tfkoincognito Hace 8 días
That's actually more likely to kill than a knife.lolz
Lazarus Long
Lazarus Long Hace 8 días
So good to see you promoting that you don't wear gloves or long sleeves, etc. with rotary tools. So many people wear the gloves when you should not! Much better a kiss from the rotating element than to be drawn into the works by your clothes, something like an engine lathe won't even notice that it's picked you up, and even if you do survive a fight with such a machine, there's no way in hell they put you back together in any way resembling "right".
Smitybible Hace 8 días
Great video, i'm glad you kept the mistakes in because it does show we all make them
deslomator Hace 9 días
Breaking my rule of not liking weapon-related videos.
mario marquez
mario marquez Hace 10 días
U look cool
exe# trias
exe# trias Hace 10 días
Pernah nggak elu ngentot
Michael Flannagan
Michael Flannagan Hace 12 días
OMG! CO2 injection into a human will likely kill them. It will stop a person in their tracks. If you are diving in shark infested waters, or deep in grizzly bear infested woods, the WASP knife could come in handy. The Knife part isn't the killer, it's the blast of CO2. Even if it's just a needle used, it will kill. I know, it's just for science--kids don't try this at home. :D
guns and guitars
guns and guitars Hace 12 días
Excellent, Safety First !🐺
SDC Hace 13 días
Do not underestimate this girl!!!
Julio Oseguera
Julio Oseguera Hace 14 días
I love naomi.....😍😍😍😘😘
Brian W
Brian W Hace 14 días
Is there any kind of recoil when the unit is triggered?
Brian W
Brian W Hace 13 días
That's good to hear. I wouldn't want anything ruptured from a strong recoil.
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu Hace 13 días
Not much
enrico venezia
enrico venezia Hace 16 días
You are the best.😃😃❤️😀😃
KJ TV Hace 17 días
왕가슴 맥가이버
NorthSpider Hace 17 días
Now lets get that patented and sell it to the foreign military, and your set for life. Its the perfect assassination tool to get rid of bad apples like Kim Yong-un. 8-D
Алексей Колпаков
Отрицательный результат с углекислотой, тоже результат. А также полученный навык правильного обращения с ней.
gstj210 Hace 18 días
I don’t know how this video ended up on my recommendations. But I have a daughter and this is something I’d buy for when she’s a teenager! Dad won’t always be around to protect her!
Ed L
Ed L Hace 18 días
At least you owned your error, don't let it happen again. By the way you're so gorgeous with glasses...
Dennis Cazier
Dennis Cazier Hace 19 días
Interesting project. Thanks Naomi, ya gave me some good laughs. Glad yer just as normal as the rest of us.
Alexo Spidey
Alexo Spidey Hace 20 días
Tabitha Meekins
Tabitha Meekins Hace 22 días
Your awesome
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu Hace 22 días
Thank you.👭😊
Thadius Vonhammer
Thadius Vonhammer Hace 27 días
Can i voluntier for the first human test
JHON VARGAS Hace un mes
Que cosa más hermosa
TheWobblyEmily Hace un mes
this is a weird out of nowhere question but can I ask if you have a degree and what it is? did you self learn stuff? I personally went to university, but I really hated it. i figured it's much better to read the books they make me read there anyway by myself save some a lot of money and time and my own sanity.
TheWobblyEmily Hace 17 días
@Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu awesome! *high fives* universities are overrated :P
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
I'm just an English major, I learn from ESvid and these days local engineers.
Dvd Mhrk_94
Dvd Mhrk_94 Hace un mes
Very skilled, still human... 😛 Only wondered if Naomi ever faced intimidating situations herself... Eversince she looks pretty hot and doesn't hide, at least in her videos. If she wore this chest belt hugging one of her friends.... It'd accidently blow off...😛 Holy dumb...s shit...preferably, we all should stay away from carrying weapons. It only increases people's mental insecurities. Peace 🕊
John Drew
John Drew Hace un mes
I'm SORRY!! How high do you want me to jump, BOSS?
Daniel Smyth
Daniel Smyth Hace un mes
Hi Naomi. Have just been reading you story with NYT and Amanda Hess and others. Very disturbing story. Have you found a replacement for SubscribeStar? How about WeChat?
Daniel Smyth
Daniel Smyth Hace un mes
@Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu I just foind you on SubscribeStar.
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
SubscribeStar works but everyone who donates is on Patreon so processing isn't really the problem.
C. C.
C. C. Hace un mes
Hey interesting and attractive person. Have you ever considered going on that battle bot show with a fighting robot? I'm sure you would do well. :-)
gregori quero garcia
gregori quero garcia
Jajjjajja uauuu
Ray Nagel
Ray Nagel Hace un mes
Good job! You are awesome!
chancho00 Hace un mes
Sexy real DIY girl? seems like i decided for the blue pill .
Steven Caskey
Steven Caskey Hace un mes
Be careful and don't hurt the girls.
eric jones
eric jones Hace un mes
Cracking ribs.........AWESOME!!
Rosdi Anto
Rosdi Anto Hace un mes
Ahhh enak
Daddy Hace un mes
20:48 that’s my cheery pooping
patricio gomez
patricio gomez Hace un mes
I like your videos I also learn about doing it yourself and you are very nice and always remember this is for science
Turf Pro
Turf Pro Hace un mes
Love your expression when you pulled your over-alls down over you most awesome perfect assets started bending the brace around your chest up under those spectacular asset (16:06)s.... You rock babe. I love your work... :)
Steve Armendariz sr
Yep you have to take care of them babes, that would be a trouble thing to lose, be safe, we live and we learn
Baxter Stocksandbondsman
She's so smart. I love it
elfpimp1 Hace un mes
If I ever get to meet you in real life, I'm inspecting you with a metal detector before getting a hug.. just saying..
elfpimp1 Hace un mes
@8:23 That had me ROLLING!!! LOL!!
DD More
DD More Hace 2 meses
Abiyan Akmal
Abiyan Akmal Hace 2 meses
Naomi : Remember this is for science Me : I.. I love science
Wildhorse 1
Wildhorse 1 Hace 2 meses
You have an awesome body
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds Hace 2 meses
First time seeing this... I need to remember to *never* piss you off. :-)
Chent Saus
Chent Saus Hace 2 meses
That unicorn is so lucky
Chent Saus
Chent Saus Hace 2 meses
I once had my glove pull my paw into one of those giant angry stationary beltsanders. Hmf, I have so many scars that I can't see the scar anymore. Luckely someone was nearby to shut it of before it ate my entire paw
DubStak Hace 2 meses
I like this lady. Smart. Honest. Cool. Nerdy. Goofy. Do yo thang Gurl
Yonky Coullen
Yonky Coullen Hace 2 meses
gw mah demen ama toketnya doank ngk peduli kontennya😃😃😃
`Grimmzy Hace 2 meses
You do break my heart being so far away. )': Love ya, Naomi. Keep it up, beautiful.
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