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Solveig Nordwall
Solveig Nordwall Hace un mes
Not sure how to track this, but I'm curious about how many of us have watched this from the beginning, as I have. Bet there's a whole big bunch of us who have "Yay!"-ed and followed every new clip. You guys have done such an awesome job from start to now. Your coverage, filming, editing are just a treat. Watching your kids grow, the dogs romp, the projects all come together have been uplifting highlights in our lives. Thank you both! Now rootin' for rain for y'all!
Marion Byars
Marion Byars Hace 22 días
My husband and I have watched from the beginning. So happy for them. The house looks amazing!
Bobby Campbell
Bobby Campbell Hace 22 días
I have
Subverter Radio
Subverter Radio Hace 24 días
I've often wondered the same thing! It's been wonderful to follow you guys on your journey. You guys have done amazing and grown as a couple, a family, and mechanical skill. I think the most inspiring thing has been seeing that you haven't given up.. even when your channel blew up and you have most likely make enough to buy a house just off of YT money.. but instead of taking the easy way out, you've kept going. Thank you for providing your viewers with years of consistent, wholesome, and educational content.
Bella Angus
Bella Angus Hace 29 días
Here 🙌🙌
Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Smith Hace un mes
I have watched y’all from the very start and will tell y’all this much…Y’ALL ARE ABOUT SOME OF THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE I HAVE ENJOYED WATCHING!! Your travel, your ingenuity, your determination, your BEAUTIFUL AND HANDSOME TINY HUMANS you have brought into this life and enjoying being able to watch them growing is priceless!!! THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR LIFE AND THE JOURNEYS YOU TAKE!! I’m celebrating my 68th birthday today and couldn’t be happier than to start my day watching your journey and you continue to do life!! I have 2 grown girls with children of their own and thoroughly enjoy them at every opportunity. I’ve been a widow since 2001 and life definitely has thrown me curves along the way!! TREASURE each other, your children, your home, and all of the blessings that GOD sends your way. We will only pass through this life one time so make sure you take it all in, love each other throughout the whole journey, and don’t forget to thank GOD for every single second of every single day and let HIM guide you as you continue on your way!!
Bella Angus
Bella Angus Hace 29 días
Beautifully said 💕 I lost my husband unexpectedly and trying to navigate this new world. I turn 60 last month. Happy belated birthday 🥳
Sharon Scates
Sharon Scates Hace un mes
Amen 🙏 to that, wishing you all peace and joy 🕊🕯
Anchal Bothra
Anchal Bothra Hace un mes
So proud of you guys! We would love a home tour soon♡
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KBow B
KBow B Hace un mes
Those were banded water snakes, I think. Non-venomous! Your footage was exceptional! Coupled with the music you chose gave it the fluid creep-factor. Well done!!
Lori Oestreich
Lori Oestreich Hace un mes
Yes banded water snake. The mouth has bands.
James Kaps
James Kaps Hace un mes
I agree.
Matty 2U
Matty 2U Hace un mes
You guys fill me (and countless others) with so much joy! Your family is awesome.
TimeBucks Hace un mes
The house is incredible
CAPTAIN MS Hace un mes
Anthony Carbajal
Anthony Carbajal Hace un mes
Well yeah, most 600k houses are
Sukamal Patra official
So nice
I love what you guys have done to your home! it is beautiful. Sad that it is finally done! Please do a complete time lapse video from start to finish.
Nena 🔥 F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
When we lived in shipping container whilst building our home we ended up putting a huge skillion roof over our containers. It reduced the heat buy about 5c in summer and stopped condensation in the winter. Also enormously increased our water catchment area which kept our 3 small tanks full (1321 gallons) & our 28,000 gallon tank half filled.
JP3sj S
JP3sj S Hace un mes
yours is probably my favorite channel in all of youtube land. i've been in constant awe of how you both worked so hard to get your dream home built and i'm sure i'm not alone in giving you all the love & kudos for an excellent result!!! i can just imagine how many others have been inspired by what they've seen you do. i'm excited to see what comes next!
Robert Green
Robert Green Hace un mes
Hello 👋 Dear hope you’re having a great day today?
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez Hace un mes
Wow!! It's been a journey for you. I've enjoyed watching you build your home from vacant log, picking out the containers, etc to now. Amazing how much Spencer has done and how good it looks. You both should be very proud of what you've accomplished.
Wanderin While We Can
You seriously need to write a book! The house is incredible and you guys deserve so much credit for everything you've gone through to fulfill your dream as well as bring us along for the ride. Thank you so much for sharing this journey and looking forward to the next project :)
Doug Hope
Doug Hope Hace un mes
@꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂So you are new around here?
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson Hace un mes
@tj 1911 their journey to this point where they have been and things they have learned in it
JP 55
JP 55 Hace un mes
Second that motion. A book on how to do exactly what y’all have done. What kind of stain are using on the siding?
tj 1911
tj 1911 Hace un mes
write a book? about what.
BS Detector
BS Detector Hace un mes
Would that include how to set-up a homestead better ?
Jr Đømingø
Jr Đømingø Hace un mes
That video was really incredible! It's always a pleasure to see you! Your house is lovely and you must be very proud of all your achievements! I have been able to travel to so many amazing places with Mighty 💅🏿 Travels 😎 Premium.
duc huynh vuong
duc huynh vuong Hace un mes
Laura Quigley
Laura Quigley Hace un mes
@Maggie Santiago God Bless You! I am a widow also. It isn’t easy but it has been over 20 yrs for me! Your husband would be happy you are following this couple still. 🙏🙏🙏Laura
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen Hace un mes
I just saw a video on the guy with 5000 sq feet house. he has a window ac on his bedroom. It didn't cost that much electricity. It will be less than 5k on 24 hrs. probably overnight you only need 2k power total.
Maggie Santiago
Maggie Santiago Hace un mes
My husband found out about this project while clicking channels. He was retired and talked me into watching with him. Both containers were in place and they were working on the middle section when we decided to go back to the beginning. We binged watch for several nights until we were all caught up. He loved it so much that he couldn't wait for me to get home from work to watch it. He'd see it during the day and then again at night with me. We enjoyed every minute of it, watching Ferdinand and Bear and later on IO and their daughter growing up. My husband passed away while Kenzie was pregnant with their son. It's been a bittersweet experience, to reach the end of this great milestone that Spencer and his family have reached. Good luck to them and I hope to continue to see future projects with them.
SJ comedy
SJ comedy Hace un mes
No, No, No! Y'all can't stop now. I'm a jamaican & i've been hooked on y'all since the bigging, you've to fine something else to build. I love y'all so much. THK!!!!
Lets ReuseIT
Lets ReuseIT Hace un mes
I have watched from the beginning. I enjoyed watching your home/dream come to life as well as you & your kids growing . Im from Greece and whenever I see a house in the woods there is always one question in my mind. Have you taken any precautions for a forest fire? Since you had these droughts, as we do here in Greece, I think this is something you should really think about. Love your work. Keep it up!
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hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Hace un mes
Your home is beautiful. I've watched from the beginning and it's been an amazing journey for you both and for us who have watched and rooted for your success. Well done.
- [N A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
It seems like a long, long, long time since I first watched you guys build the foundation for your home. Wow! What an achievement. A truly great job. Spencer's skills and learning ability along with Kenzie's editing has made these episodes so entertaining. Please don't cut us out now that the house is done. I'm 81 now and you guys are like family. Love from Auburn Alabama. Bob
Robert Moore
Robert Moore Hace un mes
It seems like a long, long, long time since I first watched you guys build the foundation for your home. Wow! What an achievement. A truly great job. Spencer's skills and learning ability along with Kenzie's editing has made these episodes so entertaining. Please don't cut us out now that the house is done. I'm 81 now and you guys are like family. Love from Auburn Alabama. Bob
Pat Maier
Pat Maier Hace un mes
Agree. They have done great! Will really miss all the way they ace everything.
Desiree 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
It seems like a long, long, long time since I first watched you guys build the foundation for your home. Wow! What an achievement. A truly great job. Spencer's skills and learning ability along with Kenzie's editing has made these episodes so entertaining. Please don't cut us out now that the house is done. I'm 81 now and you guys are like family. Love from Auburn Alabama. Bob
J W Hace un mes
Going along with your advice to oversize, have more than one way of doing things-have a backup in case something fails. In addition to relying on rain water, build a well and store extra water elsewhere. In addition to solar power in the winter, have a way to heat that doesn’t rely on solar-maybe a wood burning stove. As for cooling off in the summer, there are lots of ways, including swimming in that lovely pond. Also, I’m glad you were able to get some peaches!!!! I’ve been trying, but the squirrels and birds get to them before they’re even STARTING to blush.
Cindy Marie
Cindy Marie Hace un mes
You both have done a wonderful job❣️ Love watching you grow and watch your beautiful babies grow too. Your journey has been inspiring🌸
Robert Green
Robert Green Hace un mes
Hello 👋 Cindy hope you’re having a great day today?
Elsie Rodriguez
Elsie Rodriguez Hace un mes
Wow .. I been watching you both from the beginning and to see how your home looks , it's amazing . I remember when you bought the containers and then you got the 3rd one , adding the windows and then the floors , the walls , justing looking how everything came together , it looks so beautiful ❤️ . I just hope it's not the end of me watching your videos , knowing that the house is complete . I'm happy for both of you and your family . ❤️
Baracudabill Hace un mes
I can't express how much joy I get from watching your journey in construction and life... with so much negativity in the world right now, you guys always bring a smile to my face as I watch your family unit acheive minor and major milestones. Although I'm not putting in the effort, I somehow feel accomplished when you complete a task. I can't wait to see what comes next!
Celeste Anderson
Celeste Anderson Hace un mes
Apart from the amazing job you have both done over this journey ( I’ve watched from the beginning 😀) I’d honestly like to say my favourite part about it all is the way you look at your man ❤️ when he’s speaking you look so intently at him and with so much love and respect. You’s are truly incredible. Living off the grid building your dream home together teaching us all so much while your also learning from scratch is remarkable. But more then anything use are an incredible family unit!!!! Congratulations on all the hard work, congratulations on having two little you’s running around and congratulations on really having each other’s back and being such a power couple ❤️❤️❤️
James Whitehead
James Whitehead Hace un mes
Love you guys - thank you!! I am a Generac Clean Energy Dealer - you have the solar panels add a Generac Inverter and up to 2 - battery cabinets - each cabinet with 6 batteries will give you 17kWH of solar storage - if necessary you can add a Generac 9kW DC generator that can charge your batteries when the batteries drop to 25%. You are great at doing your homework - thank you for keeping us updated!! Jim
EastLondonKiwi Hace un mes
Great conversation about the real life issues with living with off grid systems. Re your set up. look into a duel power element ( AC one side and DC the other) for your water heater and add a couple of solar panels specifically for it use, as you can direct DC heat water in a water cylinder via a duel element. Also look at water cylinder kits that connect to you AirCon heat exchangers. As exchanging heat for the AirCon into or out of your water cylinder, reduces the amount of work your AirCon will have to do on extremely hot days, and thus it'll use less power. Mix Energy in the UK (not affiliated) have product, but more importantly have great documentation that speaks to this point. You'll probably want to source USA based products if you go that route. I hope that helps D
Suzanne Marie
Suzanne Marie Hace un mes
@Robert Brainard You’re being facetious, right?
Mark Rico
Mark Rico Hace un mes
@Robert Brainard Did you catch where they said solar has been a total learning experience? And where she said "this is our own fault" taking responsibility for the hard parts of what they're learning about? Seems like you've figured out how to judge their thoughts and purchase choices without even knowing them. Bit uncalled for, don't you think?
Robert Brainard
Robert Brainard Hace un mes
they probably would've gotten a nice battery system if they didn't spend so much money on toys, and i don't mean toys for the kids. Electric motorcycle was few thousands, Fancy ATV was probably 10+ thousands. All that money could've gotten either more batteries so the charge would last longer and/or newer batteries but give a spoiled kid money and they won't think about the family but themselves.
eigow ou
eigow ou Hace un mes
Your home looks amazing! I love all of the colors that you choose to put on the exterior. It looks perfect! Your children are growing so fast and I really enjoy watching them play.
Pam TILLEY Hace un mes
Your home looks so good, and the skirting really dresses it up even more. The kids are growing so fast and are so cute. Hope y'all will continue to film after this.
Tere Roig
Tere Roig Hace un mes
¿ que tiempo en el año luvia y frio ?
Sheena.mary.g Hace un mes
Hi! I just finished watching the last 4 years of you guys lives in the past week! I'm totally awe inspired by you both, what an amazing outcome, I'm literally so happy for you all...just wonderful...what an achievement! *heads off into dreamland...wishing I could find myself a renaissance type character to share a dream with.....😂 Cant wait to see future projects...Best wishes from Scotland 😊
Brendan McConville
Brendan McConville Hace un mes
Howdy! I've been watching from near the beginning, if not the beginning, and have loved every episode, your senses of humor (that's what she said!) and watching your little family grow. And you are right, you do have the most beautiful children going! You may have covered this at a previous time, but why not have a well dug? I love the rainwater collection system, but there are going to be droughts (I'm afraid the current situation is just the beginning), and I'm thinking it would be a way to top off the tanks when the rain water runs low. Again, as I said, you probably have been through all of this, but I just thought I'd put it out there. Oh, and one last thing....I have never seen you discuss how you came to be on the land you are on. I am guessing it is Spencer's family's land, but am just a wonderin'. Keep up the good work, your shows are excellent! Cheers!
👋 I hope you're safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness prosperity love and peace 🤍✨🕊️🕊️ all over the world 🙏🌍 I'm originally from Hamburg Germany, currently living in Key West Floridaa ✨✨and you where are you from if i may ask?🌟🌟
Mo Nunyabidness
Mo Nunyabidness Hace un mes
You guys have done what many of us lack the courage/ motivation to do. Congrats. When you renovate the shed consider using that roof area for more rainfall harvesting.
David Encore
David Encore Hace un mes
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've been watching a long time and I'm really proud of you both. Very impressive dedication, lot's of love and so much more went into this. Now ENJOY IT!! Take a break! You deserve it. Well done!
Debra Jackson
Debra Jackson Hace un mes
Love it! It looks great & yes the kids are so cute! They're growing so fast!
edie walker
edie walker Hace un mes
I am in awe at what the two of you have accomplished. Your house is amazing you guys must be so very proud of yourself. I have a question about the mini splits how well do they keep your home cool in the Texas heat and how warm do they keep your place in the winter? Looking back on what you know now would you have chosen something else to heat and cool your place or would you have still went with the mini splits? Great job keep up the great work can’t wait for the next video
KENT SHRADER Hace un mes
After starting a DIY building project of my own I've come to more deeply appreciate your skills and persistance as well as being a great mom and dad at the same time! You have built a beautiful home. Really looking forward to your starting on the barn!
Carol M
Carol M Hace un mes
Everything is complete and Beautiful!Y’all are right when you said “to always consider getting extra amounts of important things cause it’s better to be prepared than not!”😁. You’ve been in my prayers!🙏🏼
Wild Bill57
Wild Bill57 Hace un mes
Have you considered putting in a well. Even if the flow rate was slow it would augment you capacity and a windmill pump wouldn’t put a strain on your solar. You’d be harvesting wind power to provide water.
Bo Hain
Bo Hain Hace un mes
A well is needed. The amount of fuel it takes to deliver water is crazy. They are right about a small turbine to pump water from a well to your tanks. It would coexist with rain water capture. just set one tank to be well pumped back up. Plus the ease of mind is spectacular.
Cindy Slates
Cindy Slates Hace un mes
I agree.
Nancie Burtch
Nancie Burtch Hace un mes
Adding a wind turbine would solve their night time power problems. If they eventually decide to add a well, the wind turbine will already be in place.
Stephanie Stivender
We live off grid and have a solar pump for our well. It has its own panels and batteries. We fill a 850 gallon tank every morning and let it gravity feed during the day and night but could use the batteries.
teeViS Hace un mes
I thought the same thing. It could double as a well pump and drive an auxiliary electric generator where the power flow could be dedicated and adjusted to flow to 1,2,3 or more household applications and/or with the peak flow to take care of the AC running at anytime during a 24hour period. Doing a great job guys.. ...yikes, mutant snakes.
Chris O
Chris O Hace un mes
You've got an awesome channel and I've throughly enjoyed watching y'all build your home. May, June, and July were the hottest months on record here in CenTex, with virtually no rainfall. We've seen some in the last couple of weeks, and the temps have gone down, so some relief is in sight! You are right on: If you are running net zero for electricity usage to start with (your solar generation produces 100% of your power needs), your battery storage should be about 50% of your daily maximum utilization in the summer to ensure your batteries will last through the night with a constant A/C running. This does not account for the excessive power use during really cold winter nights, but I think it's easier to put clothes on to keep warm when that happens. Heat pumps with auxillary electric heating elements consume a massive amount of power (much more than A/C). My property now is net zero: We produce about 26MWh per year, with plans to expand that to 36 MWh/yr in 2023, because EVs consume a lot of electricity. Propane/natural gas is so much more efficient for heating. I didn't build my house, but I would have installed propane lines if I had built it. For water I've learned: Have about 40-50% of storage capacity for the average annual total rainwater collection capacity of your system. With good water usage practices, it should allow for full collection ability while not drawing down your tanks to empty - and have a buffer. Our rainwater collection system currently has 5000 gallons of capacity, but it is nowhere near enough to service our home without water interruptions. So it will be expanding to 10000 gallons next year too. By the end of 2023, we will be able to go fully off grid if we want to. If not, we'll at least be ready for the next Texas snowpocalypse. Thanks for sharing yourselves with us. All the best to your budding family. 🙂
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bze06FishinBwai Hace un mes
I can't believe I've been watching you guys for this long. It has been a learning experience and great to see all you guys have accomplish. Thanks for all these yrs that you have shared your journey with us!
Karen Morris
Karen Morris Hace un mes
I feel ya! I've been working on my tiny house I bought for the last 6 weekends in the hot Southern Arizona Monsoon season and it has been rough with the heat and humidity at times. Glad to finally be done with my project and finally living in my 8x16 tiny house.
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Lidia Dominguez
Lidia Dominguez Hace un mes
I’ve enjoyed you both for as long as when you started- it’s been a journey for both you and us here- every screw everything you guys do it was very very entertaining to me you have brought a dad a joy . Then after your baby’s were born so beautiful - I love the way you both get along - I hope you both have a wonderful life together with your babies too …. May Jehovah God bless all of you - I’d love to see all of you once in a while it it’s possible 💞
HempressJessi Hace un mes
I was literally here in withdrawal! Like we need these happiness fixes in our lives, please NEVER stay away so long again! Watching you guys turns my day around in less than 20 minutes every single time ❤
Beverly T.
Beverly T. Hace un mes
Right! I checked twice a day for a New Video from Them 💕!
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Hace un mes
Same here
5th Journey Off-Grid Homestead
We're in the same boat with the AC. We just turn off the AC around an hour after dusk and crank the fans. It really isn't that bad overall but we're looking forward to fall for sure. We've also had to bring in water for our rain water system. I think four times at 550-gallons each time. Hopefully will have the backup well working soon. Then we'll be good to go on water.
Elogium Hace un mes
What an absolutely amazing job you guys have done, so beautiful.
Daisy Rows
Daisy Rows Hace un mes
So happy seeing it all come together and how your family grew all through this journey 🤍
Tonya Barnes
Tonya Barnes Hace un mes
Beautiful !!!! Can't wait for more awesome Vlogs ❤ I love watching your adorable little family ☺
Susan Romp
Susan Romp Hace un mes
I sure miss y’all. The babies are getting so big. Can’t wait to see the next phase of your build when y’all start the barn. Gods Blessings✝️💜✝️
Bun Slayer
Bun Slayer Hace un mes
your special place is a gem
Bun Slayer
Bun Slayer Hace un mes
I dont know what part of Texas you live at, but a new report says a strip of land about 300 miles wide from the eastern part of Texas to Chicago Illinois will become a unlivable strip with temperature extremes exceeding 130 degrees. The snake is a copperhead. Poisonous.
This_f###ing guy
This_f###ing guy Hace un mes
@Abilah Namanjalanga get the hell out of here lol
Abilah Namanjalanga
@This_f###ing guy ni no hi up O no
Tiauna Skaggs
Tiauna Skaggs Hace un mes
I've been watching since the very beginning... I love following you guys. Watching your pods become a home :) I enjoy seeing the dogs and most important the babies growing up :)
Dan Satalino
Dan Satalino Hace un mes
Finished product is EXCELLENT. You both have done wonderful work on your home, your life, your family and these videos.
RICHEL- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
When we lived in shipping container whilst building our home we ended up putting a huge skillion roof over our containers. It reduced the heat buy about 5c in summer and stopped condensation in the winter. Also enormously increased our water catchment area which kept our 3 small tanks full (1321 gallons) & our 28,000 gallon tank half filled.
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Hace un mes
When we lived in shipping container whilst building our home we ended up putting a huge skillion roof over our containers. It reduced the heat buy about 5c in summer and stopped condensation in the winter. Also enormously increased our water catchment area which kept our 3 small tanks full (1321 gallons) & our 28,000 gallon tank half filled.
Donna LE
Donna LE Hace un mes
You absolutely should write a book, I would definitely buy it, and so would a lot of people. The experience and lessons you’ve learned is priceless with living off grid, building off grid, having and raising little ones off grid, creating off grid power and water reserves, etc. It could be great story of your journey or a how to survive book, or a combination of both..
James Bond Jr
James Bond Jr Hace un mes
I'll never do that 💯😎👌💪❤
Shallia Sam Kamanga
Looking forward to your next project… What a journey !! So much inspired ❤
dilik mli
dilik mli Hace un mes
everything about your home great finishing, beautiful scenery. Can't wait to see the trees you planted with the fruits. You have truly motivated me. Big fun from Kenya.
Lady Bingo
Lady Bingo Hace un mes
Your domicile is looking spectacular! You deserve to enjoy it to the fullest, with all the hard labours and patience endured 👍🏻👍🏻
Debra Hace un mes
Thank You for keeping us updated, I hope and pray you get some rain really soon. Sorry about the heat. 🥵😞
derrick1964 Hace un mes
You may feel like you would do a bunch of things differently but you’ve done an unbelievably amazing job. Everything has come together nicely. Wow!
Dusty Springclean
Dusty Springclean Hace un mes
Spencer should write a book on building an off-grid container home!!! Genuinely it'd sell like hot cakes. Love you guys ❤️
Sharon Farris
Sharon Farris Hace un mes
Your home is beautiful. I've watched from the beginning and it's been an amazing journey for you both and for us who have watched and rooted for your success. Well done.
Robbie H. Chafin
Robbie H. Chafin Hace un mes
I have followed y'all since the beginning of this build and man it looks amazing. I know your parents are so proud of ya'll. If I didn't no I would have never thought that you 2 had no experience on any of the projects. I hope you will keep in touch thru tube and let us continue watching the children grow any new projects.
Sam Trigg
Sam Trigg Hace un mes
☝☝ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴍʏ ғʀᴇᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ❤.
T. Hintz
T. Hintz Hace un mes
Great video! The skirting design looks beautiful, proud of everything you both are doing!!
Lee J
Lee J Hace un mes
Love your channel! What a journey you have taken us on! I can’t wait to see what’s next once this entire project is done!
JWI Heath
JWI Heath Hace un mes
I been following y’all from the beginning so so proud of you both
PattyMcPhatty 1
PattyMcPhatty 1 Hace un mes
I love the house, this channel and especially you guys.. you guys have given me so much inspiration and confidence i throughout the years. I owe you guys my life. thank you guys for everything
Greg Hostiuck
Greg Hostiuck Hace un mes
It's absolutely amazing what you guys have done with two shipping containers!!! It's been a blast watching from the beginning and now to the finished project. Can't wait to see what other projects you have planned. Fan from Cincinnati.
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Rene Lamoureux
Rene Lamoureux Hace un mes
Everything looks great. I had a question about feral hogs. I’ve seen them on some of your clips both at night and during the day. I was wondering if you ever run into them on your walks if if they pose a danger to you or the kids. I sure the dogs must help.
Leisa Smith
Leisa Smith Hace un mes
WOW!! This almost made me cry. I have been here since you two were digging the footings. Just look how beautiful your home is now. One of my most memorable videos was the one where you had finished the first porch and you sat the rockers out there. I had made a comment that you would most likely grow old together rocking on that porch. So happy for your beautiful family. You both are some determined, hard working people. How brilliant of you to document this on ESvid. You deserve every dime you have made from this series. Kenzie, you've put a lot of hours into formatting editing. I must say, your skills are top notch. Thanks to both of you for the great entertainment over the years!!
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown Hace un mes
♥️know♥️ 1 John 5 KJV 13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. 1 Corinthians 15 KJV 1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: Romans 3 KJV 25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; ♥️Jesus Christ loves you.
Tsu Hace un mes
The house looks amazing and wow that skirting just made it pop. Doing a happy dance for you guys in a job well done. Warms my heart watching all the things you are and have learned.
Deb White
Deb White Hace un mes
You guys did an awesome job building your home! It has turned out beautiful! I would never have the patience you guys do.
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I think...
I think... Hace un mes
I love how dedicated the dog is to him, laying next to him under the house.
minh van
minh van Hace un mes
Pam Clince
Pam Clince Hace un mes
The skirting makes such a cosmetic difference! Great to hear from you guys again!
All About Woods
All About Woods Hace un mes
I was making brunch when my husband text “ guess who has a new video up!” We’re both so glad y’all are are ok! No need to justify 😊 and yes, your babies are gorgeous! 💕
Randall Elliott
Randall Elliott Hace un mes
The next project I would love for y’all to do is show us how to build a underground shelter love your videos keep them up
Trevor Matthews
Trevor Matthews Hace un mes
You two have done good! your house looks stunning 👍
Jason Mueller
Jason Mueller Hace un mes
The skirting looks great! The whole place looks great! Good job, I have enjoyed following along and I look forward to what you work on next.
Sandra Reynoso
Sandra Reynoso Hace un mes
I’ve been with you guys from the very beginning and it’s been great! I’m just curious as to what you guys are going to do with the barn.
David Hace un mes
We were literally just talking this morning about how we hadn't seen our Life Uncontained in 2 weeks!! So happy to finally get THAT notification!! 🥰
rauchlorraine Hace un mes
@Doo Doo's Mum I have this same phobia. It isn't a funny subject matter!!!
David Straub
David Straub Hace un mes
@Doo Doo's MumMum But still ...................
Doo Doo's Mum
Doo Doo's Mum Hace un mes
@David 😂
David Hace un mes
@Doo Doo's Mum Sorry, but that made me laugh! 🤣 My dad has the exact same phobia of ANY snake, good or bad. 😁
Beth Cali 2018
Beth Cali 2018 Hace un mes
@Doo Doo's Mum I so identify with this. I had to cover my eyes a few times (because just closing them isn’t enough for some reason).
STEVEN roselps
STEVEN roselps Hace un mes
Congratulations the two of you. Have enjoyed your channel and watching the process all this time! Best wishes
Michelita S.
Michelita S. Hace un mes
Congratulation on finishing!🥳🎉 You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family. You all are inspirational to so many young couples and I thank you both for sharing your journey of building a home from containers, and being off-grid at that! Felicitation, Bravo, and Awesome! I hope you are getting rain now. I looked at the forecast and it looked like Texas was going to get some good rain.🤞🏼🤗☺
Sam Trigg
Sam Trigg Hace un mes
yt☝☝ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴍʏ ғʀᴇᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ….
Linda Miser
Linda Miser Hace un mes
It’s definitely been to hot in Texas and Oklahoma this summer. We need this heat dome to leave soon and dome rains to start falling! I really have enjoyed watching you as you’ve built your home and your family. Blessing to you♥️
Pamala Little
Pamala Little Hace un mes
Lost you for a few months. House looks beautiful with the skirting. So happy I found you all again.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Hace un mes
Congratulations on finishing the house, I've been with you the entire journey so far, the house is amazing, you two are amazing!
MTV 22
MTV 22 Hace un mes
Bitter sweet journey watching u guys finish your lovely home.Been following your ups and downs, learning curves and what not nearly from the beginning.. Congratulations and here's wishing more content lol. Can't wait for the next adventure 👏💯🔥💐
Shelly Mullins
Shelly Mullins Hace un mes
IT’S FINISHED! Congrats! 🎊🍾🎈🎉 thanks for letting us watch the journey. I’m so proud for you both. Well done!!!!
Missy Be Kind
Missy Be Kind Hace un mes
That was the Chef's Kiss 🤌💋 on y'alls amazing home!! 👏 It's almost time to take a tropical vacation, & take us along!! 🙌 😂
Steve Jordan
Steve Jordan Hace un mes
The house is looking great! At this stage, shade-producing greenery is gonna be your best friend. Planting leafy trees on the south side of the property will go a long way to bringing your heat gain down in summer (then dropping those leaves in fall and giving you heat gain in winter). Tall evergreens closer to the house won't hurt, either. You might consider making a plan to regularly add batteries to your cache, a few at a time, to increase your storage (and make sure that battery bank has shading, too!). I'm in the Washington, DC area, where we regularly have high-90s and high humidity, this year we've broken into the mid-hundreds "feels like" temps on multiple weeks... but the tree shading we've arranged around the house (starting years ago) help keep our place comfortable. Our backyard is surrounded by trees, and it's shady year-round. (Not much of a help right now, but in another 10-20 years, you'll be so happy you have that shade.)
dallbee73 Hace un mes
I want you to know how much you guys have meant to me being able to be a part of your family's journey. You have something very special and I hope that you continue to enjoy the life that you have together forever! I personally have enjoyed being able to witness your life and struggles with building your own home. You both have put so much hard work into building what you have and it has turned out beautifully. I'm sure there will be more struggles along the way but I know you will get through them as always. You have been an inspiration to many and for that I thank you both. I knew that the time would come when the house would be finished but a part of me wished it would last forever because I so enjoyed watching your lives unfold. Thanks again for letting me watch what you have built and I wish you both and your children the best! And yes your kids are adorable and I just loved IO and Bear! Good luck and god bless you all! Thank you, David from Arizona
Fact Checking
Fact Checking Hace un mes
It was previllage watching home completition since day 1. A real hard work,passion and determination behind. Your family is beautiful. We as a audience will surely like to see your channel continuously entertaining and teaching people. Please have some lawn lights and up grade the fencing.
Sara Meitner
Sara Meitner Hace un mes
Wow - what a milestone. I look forward to the next project. I''ve followed you for such a long time...and love that you keep the videos shorter. It guarantees that I never miss one. Thanks for taking us with you!
Miss-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
You absolutely should write a book, I would definitely buy it, and so would a lot of people. The experience and lessons you’ve learned is priceless with living off grid, building off grid, having and raising little ones off grid, creating off grid power and water reserves, etc. It could be great story of your journey or a how to survive book, or a combination of both..
Gilberto Allesina
Gilberto Allesina Hace un mes
In Europe we are also suffering from the climate change, with high temperatures and a terrible drought. Keep going, guys!
Travis Martin
Travis Martin Hace un mes
glad to see yall are finally fencing up the crawl space and will keep snakes out. one extra tip in case you all have not done already is to take some extra of the screen material used for the skirting and secure the screen material over top of the vent stacks on the roof for the plumbing. Reason is snakes can and will crawl into the vent stacks and get into your plumbing and come up through bathtub, etc. I don't recall off the top of my head where you all had the stacks but I am guessing you probably have 2-3 up there. keep it up, y'all are doing a great job. and yes write a book about how solar/electric conversion is not for everyone, it would be impossible for 350MM of us in the US to make this conversion. too expensive, too much space needed, too much maintenance and batteries are already scarce. You all are doing an honorable job, but more importantly showing just how difficult it really is to complete. blessings to all of you.
Annoymous Me
Annoymous Me Hace un mes
Don't forget the dryer vents too need to be covered.
Nina Penner
Nina Penner Hace un mes
@Walk with History yes they have a septic tank
Alan Esterline
Alan Esterline Hace un mes
Makes me think about any vents on the water tanks. I would make sure that a snake can't get into them as well.
Walk with History
Walk with History Hace un mes
@Susan Niman what do they do for the toilet? Septic system?
Pablo James
Pablo James Hace un mes
CONGRATULATIONS! We love you guys, you've been a great inspiration! So happy about the completion of this beautiful retreat of yours. Happy days in your future life, take a rest and go on some holiday soon! You deserve it and you need it, supposedly! Greetings from Colombia (the country in South America, not the US State! ;))!
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens Hace un mes
Excellent job! From someone who also built my own. I’ve been around since the containers were delivered and the first solar was being set up. Onward to the next project.
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor Hace un mes
Hello there 👋👋,how are you doing today? Hope you’re having a good day?God bless you!❤️
Priscilla Artis-Lukoko
Glad to see y'all back! Awesome job Spencer! The skirting really seals the look of the home. Hopefully you'll get newer batteries soon to solve the issue with drainage and that you'll have the rain that is needed for the water supply. Blessings to you all! 🥰💕🤗
Sam Trigg
Sam Trigg Hace un mes
☝☝ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴍʏ ғʀᴇᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ❤.
Carol Jacobs
Carol Jacobs Hace un mes
Well done to both of you. It's been great watching you and seeing the children grow. I look forward to seeing your next project - maybe wind power. Lol. X
Sam Trigg
Sam Trigg Hace un mes
yt☝☝ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴍʏ ғʀᴇᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ…
Carla Wilson
Carla Wilson Hace un mes
It's amazing how far this family has come. From watching from the beginning, to how far and wonderful your house looks. You two should be so proud of yourself and accomplished. Thanks for letting us all follow your accomplishments.
Dr Gunsmith
Dr Gunsmith Hace un mes
Absolutely 🙏 me too been with them from day one.
Ben TheJeepGuy
Ben TheJeepGuy Hace un mes
Have y’all thought about tapping for well water? As like a backup? I’m actually a little surprised y’all didn’t do a wood burning stove for winter time heat to avoid draining the batteries so bad trying to use the heat pumps in the mini splits. As a contractor and a car enthusiast all around handy man, Spencer I relate to you a lot man and wanted to say I have mad respect for you taking on learning to do things you have never done before. Mackenzie, props to you for getting in there and doing it right along side him and being a hell of a support system for building the house. And right back at ya Spencer and supporting Mackenzie in taking care of the kids so she can bust her but learning to improve her editing skills, y’all are a great team! Couple goals for sure! Y’all support each other in the areas they excel in and it’s inspiring! Y’all have inspired me and my wife to look towards a life in a more rural area and a desire to be a little less dependent on “the grid/the system.” I’m envious of y’all’s life, waking up everyday doing what YOU want to do, what fulfills YOUR life and brings YOU joy! And you both get to soak up every moment watching your kids grow up. You are both very blessed, bravo for your courage to jump out there and start a new life, a new direction for your family and maybe even for the next generations that come from you two! I feel like y’all are experiencing the fullness of life that God had created for us, a life that many don’t experience anymore because we are all just little cogs in the machine of life than man has made for this world. Keep it up, you have no idea whose spirits of hope you are keeping alive each week with your videos!
Když holky staví
Když holky staví Hace un mes
You've come a long way and we are absolutely brilliant. You are a great inspiration to us, because it was after watching one of your first videos that my daughter and I finally decided to convert a container into a living space as well. Although only one container, we still believe that it will be an amazing place for both of us. We can't do a lot of things, but we try and learn new things. Thank you for your videos because they keep showing us that it makes sense to follow your dreams. Thank you
July4th Hace un mes
Not sure I've been here since the beginning or seen all the episodes but I've sure watched y 'all a lot. Amazing what you've done. I do have a question about your AC use. Do you leave it on during the day too, or maybe are you cooling the house down late in the evening to have it ready for sleep temperatures? If the house isn't hugely hot to begin with if you're not coolling during the day, then it seems to me as if it would use a lot more energy to cool it to your desired temp from being hot than if it was already somewhat more comfortable to begin with. You didn't say if you were starting out with a cooled house or a hot house so that's why I'm asking. Y'all are amazing, and its been a joy to look in on your work and progress..and having babies, and toddlers...like wow! Remarkable. God bless your family!
Jed Walker
Jed Walker Hace un mes
Hey guys! Idk if y'all remember me but anyway. In addition to the battery upgrade, I would recommend looking into a system where you are connected to the grid to where you are able to sell the electricity you generate back to whatever company is there. Also I have been worrying about the water, but I don't know if drilling a well is the perfect solution because that's just another power drain. I wish y'all the best!
Dale Cronk
Dale Cronk Hace un mes
You all have done a great job on the house!!!! It looks amazing
FINALLY! It's Done!
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