Hellboy (2019 Movie) New Trailer “Green Band” - David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane

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Hellboy - Now playing! Starring David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, and Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Penelope Mitchell, with Daniel Dae Kim.
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Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.
Lionsgate and Millennium Films present, a Lawrence Gordon/Lloyd Levin production, in association with Dark Horse Entertainment, a Nu Boyana production, in association with Campbell Grobman Films.

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28 feb 2019






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Comentarios 80
Angelyn Ramos
Angelyn Ramos Hace 7 meses
The first Hellboy is better
Charlie OBrien
Charlie OBrien Hace 10 meses
Guy from the future here. I was hoping it would be good (it wasn't) My advice to the producers who were to cheap to pay Del Toro and Pearlman; Dance with the one that brung ya!
merickful Hace 10 meses
I will never watch this.
Michael Phan
Michael Phan Hace 10 meses
Hellboy vs Logan. Oldest vs Oldest Jackman Mustache. David Harbour vs Hugh Jackman.
Hrishikesh Deka
Hrishikesh Deka Hace 10 meses
shitty cgi dude avatar had better cgi than this shit .
Princess Nausicaa
Princess Nausicaa Hace 11 meses
Is Hellboy rated PG-13 or is it rated R?
Logos With Music
Logos With Music Hace 11 meses
Is Hellboy a Marvel movie or a Dark Horse Entertainment movie?
Armony Bouscailloux
Armony Bouscailloux Hace 11 meses
Autant j'ai adorée les deux premiers, autant celui ci ne me tente pas du tout. Je suis déçu, là, helboy il fout les ch'tons, il est pas beau. Ces partenaire, ils sont où ?
Liz Souto Maior
Liz Souto Maior Hace un año
Preciso assistir esse filme 😍
Glebson Soaresmoura
Glebson Soaresmoura Hace un año
Ebaaaaaaaa Milla Jovovich!
Juan Lebron
Juan Lebron Hace un año
Censored version in Spain ? No my money nooooo
DARK Corp Hace un año
Thanos Red jjj
Miguel Pedrosa
Miguel Pedrosa Hace un año
😂😂😂y para España envian una version censurada anda ya no pienso ir a verla menudo timo
Wagninho Gonçalves
Wagninho Gonçalves Hace un año
Djamel Djamel
Djamel Djamel Hace un año
Milla jovovich is an awful actress. She can't act like à true artiste of this art.
RoiDrag0n Hace un año
You see the fail with Hellboy 3 ? So they needed to remake... Thank you industry
Nikhil VJ
Nikhil VJ Hace un año
why does he look so old and withered
Sorry GooD!!
King 7
King 7 Hace un año
Katta Waiting💓
Jeff A.
Jeff A. Hace un año
Reports are saying the movie only made 12 million for premiering. Lion Gate studios were hoping for at least 25 million. So far the film is tanking. Not surprised, this film looks like they had good intentions but completely missed the delivery.
Jason Romo
Jason Romo Hace un año
What the f is this shit.
Alberto Ochoa
Alberto Ochoa Hace un año
Old he'll boy was better
Al Bernard
Al Bernard Hace un año
It was like they were trying to make this hellboy just like pearlman?? If it's a reboot make him like him. Kinda cheesy
David Golinsky
David Golinsky Hace un año
Can't see anyone else playing Hellboy but Ron Perlman. He made the character.
Matt Hace un año
Cool is this coming on SyFy this weekend after Sharknado?
Matt Hace un año
Smh.. I don't like the way this new guy looks.. His face is evil looking.. he doesn't have the same personality either.. should have just stuck with RP and made Hellboy 3.. With the first 2, it was ironic because he was "Hellboy" yet he didn't look like a villain.. He was cool, and had a huge heart. I don't like it the way this new one looks.. am I the only one?
DARKO Hace un año
wtf did I just see why so bad
Andrew Walk
Andrew Walk Hace un año
Me and my dad are going to see this movie tonight.
zack the dog
zack the dog Hace un año
He looks like comic book Hellboy!! Angular facial features and a squared off block chin!!! I am ready!
Billbo88 Hace un año
The music from the beginning of the trailer....is from the Alien: Covenant trailer smfh
Chris Clinton
Chris Clinton Hace un año
Movie Movie my groovy ghouly! Hellboy is cool- he's all like yeah I'm ugly but check out my awesome smasher!
GSL W Hace un año
The makeup is trash
HG Mantenimiento
HG Mantenimiento Hace un año
I prefer keep the good memory of Ron Perlman version
Ilionei Taukeiaho
Ilionei Taukeiaho Hace un año
Ilionei Taukeiaho
Ilionei Taukeiaho Hace un año
M Lord
M Lord Hace un año
Nice, I can’t wait to watch this when it comes out on Redbox.
William Morey-Baker
William Morey-Baker Hace un año
Parts of the movie look good, i guess, but it just seems too grandeos and big... And generally whimsical. Idk exactly what I mean other than it feels like its got some Mortal Engines vibe to it... That made for Chinese audiences kinda feeling
Fred-D Hace un año
This is more promising than the first trailer
Dmitri Hace un año
JORDAN Hace un año
Please dub in Hindi
E World
E World Hace un año
So evil is good and good is evil ?
Hisoka Hace un año
Is Abe not in this one?
Louie Rey
Louie Rey Hace un año
Damn my mans face looks jacked up. Definitely doesn’t look like this movie will be better than original
joey g
joey g Hace un año
They should have kept Ron Perlman as Hellboy's voice actor! I dont like the new guy haha
Raven Chavez
Raven Chavez Hace un año
Is that babayaga's house? @ 1:50
HardBoiled Eggs
HardBoiled Eggs Hace un año
I think this movie looks great guys cut it some slack. I know you love your originals n shit but like don’t treat this as a remake, treat it as it’s own separate thing and you might actually enjoy it. When you compair it’s obviously not going to meet your expectations
Backpack. X
Backpack. X Hace un año
What happened to hellboy having twins ?? Hellboy the golden army ?? His girlfriend was pregnant ?? What’s going on with that??
praack Hace un año
oh great a remake with a pc cast. could they have made it not another origin story but just take the series on further.... sigh.....
Henry Basquez
Henry Basquez Hace un año
Two trailers looks OK to me. But the second one either red or green band looks so staggering and a total bad ass!
The DeadMobs
The DeadMobs Hace un año
It's kinda of funny this is coming out right directly on my birthday 😅
Santosh Bhuyan
Santosh Bhuyan Hace un año
Ok, this was so much better than that first trailer. I'm actually looking forward to this now.
Edward Na
Edward Na Hace un año
Now we're talking.
Mich Ortiz Palacios
Mich Ortiz Palacios Hace un año
Guillermo del Toro work is just mesmerizing and always has a deep message for the humanity ❤️. Sad that he is no directing this one. This is why it it looks like a gringo parody now.
G_man Hace un año
bring the old actors back they are good at this not this nonsense - you have messed up the story line this is totally way out i'll rather repeat HELLBOY 1-2. bad
Avijit Dey
Avijit Dey Hace un año
It's looks so much vfx and creativity are used.and I am happy and excited to watch this movie
Bodia X
Bodia X Hace un año
Red band always better than green...
patrick allan
patrick allan Hace un año
No Ron Perlman? No thanks.
SUNDAR P Hace un año
this is kinda very boring series !! :/
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh Hace un año
hellboy meets resident evil
olive szabo
olive szabo Hace un año
so....no abe or liz??? the disrespect
diyguy Hace 9 meses
Weimin Sun
Weimin Sun Hace un año
Was that Baba Yaga?
Weimin Sun
Weimin Sun Hace un año
Ron Pearlman would be ashamed.
Weimin Sun
Weimin Sun Hace un año
Rated r?
Jared Gray
Jared Gray Hace un año
After seeing all of the copyright strikes made by these assholes I have come to the conclusion that lions gate are greedy skum and need to be purged from earth
jason! Hace un año
Good luck...
Anie Sevilla
Anie Sevilla Hace un año
Is that milla jovovich OMG
Casual Franssen
Casual Franssen Hace un año
Junior De La Rosa
Junior De La Rosa Hace un año
Este canal es fabuloso Visita el mío, no te arrepentirás esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Im-vFZVibR0.html
Daimon HELLSTROM Hace un año
Better👍 than cringe shazam 👎
Lucas Moura
Lucas Moura Hace un año
Desmistificando Hace un año
These jokes are cringe as hell.
Nilesh Bhoir
Nilesh Bhoir Hace un año
B. N. Willis
B. N. Willis Hace un año
Sometimes... well, oftentimes actually... reboots are neither needed nor desired. This is certainly one of those instances. Guillermo Del Toro gave us two essentially perfect Hellboy films. Now... this?!
Easy life in islam
Easy life in islam Hace un año
j Mc
j Mc Hace un año
Should have left it with Ron Perlman this looks shite
Dimitris Yiangou
Dimitris Yiangou Hace un año
nice story ..with many characters became better everytime..good job
Albert Baby
Albert Baby Hace un año
new way
new way Hace un año
So what was in this first and it is looking better ......happy April..
Wyatt Carter
Wyatt Carter Hace un año
The movie looks good but Hellboy looks stupid the actor does not portray him right it is all wrong but looks like a good plot to the story though but come on you could have picked a better Hellboy
Bvlvi Woodson
Bvlvi Woodson Hace un año
They paid for good comments, this is crap needs to have Ron Perlman and that's just it okay
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