HELLUVA BOSS - Truth Seekers // S1: Episode 6

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Characters talk, and things sure do happen!

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Vivziepop Hace un mes
HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE (helps fund the show) ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OlahNrlcgS4.html Episode One ► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-el_PChGfJN8.html Episode Two ► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-kpnwRg268FQ.html. Episode Three ► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-RghsgkZKedg.html Episode Four ► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-1ZFseYPmkAk.html Episode Five ► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-h2ZmVAdezF8.html
Dredgen Rage
Dredgen Rage Hace 4 días
I understand these take a while hopefully my patience can stay also keep the call back from other episodes jokes
heavy from Team Fortress 2
Okay if you get this, Here and Now then I feel like it's going to be a war going on that's my little Theory for now
Sirena Miller
Sirena Miller Hace 14 días
Episode 7???
jk306 YT
jk306 YT Hace 17 días
Please make more episodes
SourMoon Gaming
SourMoon Gaming Hace 19 días
Kai._Ackerman_lf Hace un minuto
I'm here bc of tt 😭😭😭
YEETrash Hace 5 minutos
IchBinDieLy1 Hace 31 un minuto
This is great C:
I don't think I know you but okay
5:18 You could make a "when doom music kicks in" video from this one scene
#•¿Błack__ Chocolate?•#
OMG! Vivzie, I love you, you're my favourite animator
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher Hace 2 horas
I like the idea that, if demons were being interrogated, they wouldn’t be trying to be all cryptic or menacing or whatever, they’d just be acting like the biggest pains in the ass they can possibly be
Wytch Hunter
Wytch Hunter Hace 2 horas
Alright the show was pretty dam good up till this episode but this episode was a fucking masterpiece
moxxi Hace 2 horas
I want more episodes like this
eleanor rigby
eleanor rigby Hace 2 horas
6:38 lol ow
Global Occult Coalition
Where's the next episode
Will The Lucky
Will The Lucky Hace 3 horas
More plz
Pastel Toonie♡
Pastel Toonie♡ Hace 3 horas
Kaitlyn Blake
Kaitlyn Blake Hace 4 horas
I love this series soooo much.
Mathiias Hace 4 horas
Damn I caught up quick
Pinksplat !
Pinksplat ! Hace 4 horas
Luna gets hurt:blitzo:MY BABY NOOOOO
yumshu Hace 4 horas
Garry Lynn
Garry Lynn Hace 5 horas
lots of comment bro that is bot comment
Raenir Salazar
Raenir Salazar Hace 5 horas
Oh man I love rock operas/insert songs.
Raenir Salazar
Raenir Salazar Hace 5 horas
I would pay money for this as like a 3rd person action rpg/shooter thing. Loona carrying Millie on her back Banjo and Kazooie(sp?) style.
The Heldasmos
The Heldasmos Hace 5 horas
Man this is literally the best ESvid Mini Series I have ever seen! Hit the target riiiiight in me guts! Hoooly Mackerel!
Eric Lougy
Eric Lougy Hace 5 horas
That fight at 14:27 Is probably the best part of the entire show.
AwesomeAustin678 Hace 5 horas
Good lord what are you feeding the animators?!
Temeculous Hace 5 horas
I had a interesting thought, I wonder if the surviving members of each enemy team will join up against imp. So Verosika, Cherubs, Striker, Fizz, n dhorks.
wwoke Hace 5 horas
Allyson Everett
Allyson Everett Hace 6 horas
i…i just love stolas so much
meganivy Hace 6 horas
The detail, the angles, the artwork as we sing about pegging ❤ Now that's fucking dedication.
Rick Hace 6 horas
Never gonna give you up
Thomas Hace 6 horas
This sum Disney shit dawg
Shyia Kerr
Shyia Kerr Hace 7 horas
Dorottya Mák
Dorottya Mák Hace 7 horas
Can be more part?
Scott Talley
Scott Talley Hace 7 horas
The beginning of Moxxie's hallucination being animated on 60's really helps sell the Disney feel.
troll5533 Hace 7 horas
i relly dont like you guys
- Hace 7 horas
Idk if Vivziepop or someone else has said it before, but I have noticed that male and female demons have different horns and hair, as women have black horns with fine white lines and black hair, while men have horns with black lines. and white the same size and white hair.
xXGoldenBoyXx 24k
xXGoldenBoyXx 24k Hace 7 horas
someone if there is a house in New Orleans?.
Agent Toast
Agent Toast Hace 7 horas
Remember guys at DHORKS they really showed how smart they were when they had video evidence at the beginning of the episode only to just realize they have “evidence to be taken seriously” after obtaining the security tapes at their own facility
M4tanker Hace 7 horas
I like how at the end when there going threw the portal the 2 agents are staring like wtf is is happening
PerfectKirby Hace 8 horas
Can we talk about how despite Moxxie being the least physically able of I.M.P., he's still strong enough to dual wield machine guns?
xXrayla Xx
xXrayla Xx Hace 8 horas
This episode really made me realize that moxxie would look amazing in drag
Soeun Pisethrethisak
Error Code
Error Code Hace 8 horas
"I smell....cOLorS"
Roxanne Wolf [Spring Cat]
The entire episode I was like: FUCK YEAHHH
stultus es
stultus es Hace 9 horas
Can there please be a doomslayer easter egg.
That Guy Named Joe
That Guy Named Joe Hace 9 horas
13:00 loona: "one, one one... uhhh one!"
RainingWings449 Hace 9 horas
5:54 Okay that blep is adorable tho uwu
Cuthbert Nibbles
Cuthbert Nibbles Hace 9 horas
5:20 "Spicy wires" Amazing.
Nico Tin
Nico Tin Hace 9 horas
Art at it's best.
Bella Roman
Bella Roman Hace 10 horas
I could watch Moxie and Blitz be interrogated for hours not gonna lie
TendouSimp Hace 10 horas
4:46 "who are you gonna call~?" GHOSTBUSTERRSSSSS
Callie Hanson
Callie Hanson Hace 10 horas
Helluva boss and hazbin hotel are wonderful and need to be full series that are big on Netflix or Hulu or something idk but these shows are amazing to watch
Crystal St.John
Crystal St.John Hace 10 horas
Can you make more episodes there is still a bunch of cliff hangers
LIIDeathshotLII Hace 10 horas
you making a 7 and a 8 and a 9 in the 10th it's one now, because I like this sweetie
Sabrina Hafren
Sabrina Hafren Hace 10 horas
Otohoto Hace 11 horas
Whoa, i don't know what happened to my youtube suggestion, but i just watched the whole season so far and can't wait for more :D And while i love the overall wholesomeness of this show, the scene where stolis is summoned got me curious, and now i want to know what kind of amazing stuff you guys can pull off with some more horrific themed scenes :) Amazing job! Clearly one of the most unique and entertaining show i've seen in a long time!
pepperoni Hace 11 horas
why is moxie teeth is white and blitzo yellow
Jared B.
Jared B. Hace 11 horas
Funny as sh**. I love the vulgar language.
Christian Vasquez
Christian Vasquez Hace 12 horas
more to come i hope!!
CoffeeToffee Hace 12 horas
The fact that Blitzo is literally going through a crack trip whilst Moxie is slowly becoming a Disney Princess..
Gamer_Outcast Hace 12 horas
Come out with the 7th one
JUST&BEATS Hace 12 horas
Yoda Hace 13 horas
These are great, I hope you keep coming out with these.
Comrade Buggs
Comrade Buggs Hace 13 horas
Daddy likey dummy.
Tony Blues
Tony Blues Hace 14 horas
Well... Having finished the season so far, I can safely say..... BEST. FUCKING. SHOW! EVER!!!!!!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Robin Fama
Robin Fama Hace 14 horas
That episode was fire! From the angles and perspectives, combat techniques to the musical, it was amazing!
Werewolf Master
Werewolf Master Hace 14 horas
"I smell... colors" ...so Moxxie is basically synesthetic now
Dat1Guy Hace 14 horas
i just realized vivzie draws a lot of girl characters T H I C C
Dat1Guy Hace 14 horas
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Destine Elizabeth
Destine Elizabeth Hace 14 horas
Anyone try Moxie’s coffee order yet?😂
lincoln garvey
lincoln garvey Hace 14 horas
0:12 is that a scene from spirit : stallion of the cimarron?
Glzzy Dreemurr
Glzzy Dreemurr Hace 14 horas
blitzo: *takes pic with cut-off head while moxxie is just shooting people*
Lucero Ramos
Lucero Ramos Hace 15 horas
para cuando el 7 episodio me podrías responder soy un gran fan😅😅
that blue simp
that blue simp Hace 15 horas
Fruity alert
Zsolt Hace 15 horas
There willbe ep7?
Frogger Hace 15 horas
What a magnificent slaughter fest!
somegirlfromgermany Hace 16 horas
The Stolas entry scene was truly terrifying. Just imagine seeing such crazy shit irl!! I LOVED IT!! Please bring in more of that both in Helluva Boss AND Hazbin Hotel
bohne bohne
bohne bohne Hace 16 horas
Millies thighs take lives
Rejack2life Rejack
Rejack2life Rejack Hace 16 horas
1 million likes you guys are awesome and deserve it! Please keep up the godly work!
Çhöñky šhįbä ïñu
15:52 was that lonna who said look out or Mille
Michael Duran
Michael Duran Hace 16 horas
The acid trip that blitzi was having was way too real
Julie Benitez
Julie Benitez Hace 16 horas
0:14 POV: You paused at the wrong time.
Avoid Lloyd
Avoid Lloyd Hace 16 horas
I really hope there is more of this show, I just found this earlier today and watched all 6 episodes. It has everything I'm interested in 😂. The character development is absolutely amazing
Awinterspy Hace 17 horas
19:00 hey Loona can you send that video to me
J R Hace 17 horas
The animation for the musical was so well done, Disney level, but without all the sexual harrasment
Kolena Hendricks
Kolena Hendricks Hace 17 horas
Episode 7 please please please please. I’m begging you I’ve been waiting so long
J R Hace 17 horas
Girls do get it done
Roberts Hace 17 horas
Hilarious stuff, makes me wonder why netflix or some other channel havn't picked up this series for a full on production.
Lyvia Corti
Lyvia Corti Hace 17 horas
🕘Time🕒 Vídeo: 14:24 (Ignoring The Musical) The First Fight: 2:25 (Start At 0:52 And Ends At 1:37)🕸 Musical: 4:50 (Start At 8:04 And Ends At 12:54)🌈 The Second Fight: 3:37 (Start At 14:27 And Ends At 17:24)🐺 Last Fight: 0:32 (Starts At 17:28 And Ends At 18:00)🛑 Stolas Apperance: 1:26 (Starts At 18:00 And Ends At 19:26)🐦 Coming Back Home: 0:25 (Starts At 20:06 And Ends At 20:31)😈 Unexpected Ending: 0:26 (Starts At 20:31 And Ends At 20:57)🎥 Credits: (Starts At 20:57 And Ends At 22:28)🎶 I was really bored so, yeah XD
Sergey Romanchenko
Sergey Romanchenko Hace 17 horas
18:02-19:20 I waited 6 hecking episodes to see a real threat from him and it was fucking worth it. Love it.
cdawg002 Hace 17 horas
Are more episodes coming or is that it?
Tails Prower
Tails Prower Hace 15 horas
Yes, more on the way. Season 2 is also planned.
Shadow Army
Shadow Army Hace 17 horas
I just NOW realized Brandon Rogers is Blitzo... SIX EPISODES!
Gerhard Kleingeld
Gerhard Kleingeld Hace 17 horas
NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audrey Hace 17 horas
I'm so looking forward to the next episode ! Hope it drops soon lmao
Mr Gunsmatic
Mr Gunsmatic Hace 18 horas
best gay relationship in history
caffeine addicted dweeb living in your attic
Gen Z getting kidnapped:
Ryuga Ann
Ryuga Ann Hace 18 horas
i see why your show is becoming quite popular not just on youtube but on tick tock as well . its really good
coach Hace 18 horas
"Does mille ever peg you"
Mihail Andreev
Mihail Andreev Hace 19 horas
Pretty damn good series I hope there is more to come :)
Gina Hernawaty
Gina Hernawaty Hace 19 horas
I like devil and angel👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Fairy and potato
Fairy and potato Hace 19 horas
The guy who got fired : thank god
Unholy Criminal
Unholy Criminal Hace 19 horas
Pokémon That Wronged Me
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