Here’s Why Big Hit Entertainment Does NOT Have Female Trainees Anymore- KPOP NEWS

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► Here’s Why Big Hit Entertainment Does NOT Have Female Trainees Anymore- KPOP NEWS
► Big Hit Entertainment audition requirements clearly specify that the agency is only looking for male...
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19 jun 2018

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eatjin Hace 5 días
If glam succeeded the bts would not be here and I love bts more than the world
Katie Tucker
Katie Tucker Hace 7 días
To my understanding BigHit actually does have female trainees however they don’t intend to debut girl groups so they usually debut under other companies. Around the time BTS debuted, female trainees at BigHit included SinB and Eunha of GFRIEND, Chaerin of Cherry Bullet, Sojin of 9MUSES, and Zuny of Ladies choice. There is also a video I once found where BigHit had a celebrity talk to their trainees and the room was full of both male and female trainees edit: found it esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yxPs1i-LUco.html I think there’s more to the story than just the unfortunate failure of glam (they actually were a really good group as far as talent goes) or to avoid dating rumors for BTS, now TXT probably, and any future boy groups.
CC Yang
CC Yang Hace 10 días
I hope that in the future BigHit can give us (girls) a chance to audition/become an trainee/debut 😥.
Natasha Smith
Natasha Smith Hace 12 días
Big hit needs to make a girl group. It would be so successful and break so many records. They'd be a female Bts.
riyadh basir
riyadh basir Hace 13 días
just because he had one bad girl group, he's banned all girls from being trainees at his company? lmao ok. i mean it's his company so he can do whatever he wants but he sounds a lil butthurt💀
Manuel III Curameng
Manuel III Curameng Hace 14 días
I think if they didn’t disband they would have been one of the biggest girl groups
Thank god bighit will never release girl group ❤❤❤
Madison Dow
Madison Dow Hace 21 un día
If they didn't disband. They probably would've become Big like BTS or maybe like Blackpink
Aniyah jones
Aniyah jones Hace 23 días
Exactly this is not even fair just bc of them many other talented girls who want to go to *BIGHIT* and not other now cant go but that's stupid for them to just say no to all girl groups just bc of that🙄😖😤😢😭
liker Hace 23 días
7:59 what? 8:23 what?
Khanaja Scott Productions
If this isn't a kdrama, i don't know what is 😖
ianne Hace un mes
and for those who doesn't know, sinb and eunha from gfriend (from source music ent.) became bighit trainees. they were just sent to source music because bang pd and source music's ceo are bestfriends.
Jimin’s Lost Jams
bro what if he doesn’t want any female trainees because he’s already hiding a few
clouded thoughts
clouded thoughts Hace un mes
7:59 "Your browser does not support video" 😂😂 And at 8:22 again oh my 😂
Julienne freestyle
Julienne freestyle Hace un mes
Whats probation
I want a cup of *tae* with *suga* and a *kookie*
BigHit stans: New MV's? Bighit: Just for you~ BigHit stans: New hairstyles? Bighit: Just for you~ BigHit stans: New concepts? Bighit: Just for you~ BigHit stans: What about a girl group? Bighit: WHO ARE YOU~
iluxxchim C
iluxxchim C Hace un mes
SASHA KAWAII Hace un mes
Actually GLAM is BIGHIT second girl group the first BIGHIT girl group is BANANA GIRL
Some Weirdo
Some Weirdo Hace un mes
7:50 8:21 “Your browser doesn’t support video???”
GBlackTanRedTwiceXoKon Forever
And that's why female bighit trainees were moved to source music
Abdelmnim Altwaiq
Abdelmnim Altwaiq Hace 2 meses
these trainees will be young imagine a scandal with a member of bts and a 15 year old
Bin Bin
Bin Bin Hace 2 meses
*I wish they would give a second chance* 😢
Mapofthesoul Persona
But imagine any girl group being as close to bts as txt is now, armies would go wild especially the obssessive fans
Leah Williams
Leah Williams Hace 2 meses
Here is the thing banning girls to become trainings is crazy because one of bighit decides to debut a new boy group again and that group makes the same mistake GLAM did. Not only girls make awful decisions like that a guy might end up making a mistake like that.
Eruna Hace un mes
@Jorge Rocha True many "armys" are girls xD tho
Jorge Rocha
Jorge Rocha Hace un mes
also they want to protect bts and txt from crazy fangirls. you never know what is gona happen
Eruna Hace un mes
I feel like everybody could make a mistake tho. So its life.
Jen Niccole
Jen Niccole Hace 2 meses
"Your browser does not support video"
Alisha Dsouza
Alisha Dsouza Hace 2 meses
That's like discrimination though..they shouldn't be too superstitious like😒😒just because one girl group..no girl group like? Damn
Jorge Rocha
Jorge Rocha Hace un mes
and what happen if a crazy fangirl try and get accepted and she does something that can damage bighit and bts or txt. if they want to be just boys it is fine. Also it is more easy to became a female music producer like Adora than became a female traineir at bighit
ZoZoGANGte Is Hansy but He
Why won't they train girls? Are they crazy? If they don't give opportunities to girls like boys,,,?? Have they forgotten,? Girls are more in population than boys and because of girls... Boys bands gets fan.. without girls your entertainment will be nothing. Got it.... 😂😂😂😂
ZoZoGANGte Is Hansy but He
@Jorge Rocha yeah maybe you are right. But the truth is no girls= no fan.. you know boys likes to play pubg and other games and no time for music? Hahahaa I just wonder if there are less girls in the world who will be famous??
Jorge Rocha
Jorge Rocha Hace un mes
it is more easy to became a female music producer like Adora than became a female traineir at bighit
Miss Bunny
Miss Bunny Hace 2 meses
But you know there are talented girls out their who are looking for opportunities to work..... but it's ok i respect their decision.....
Miss Bunny
Miss Bunny Hace un mes
@Jorge Rocha Hmm.... right maybe i can give that a try sometime....i just really like to write songs compose them and sing but I'm toooo young
Jorge Rocha
Jorge Rocha Hace un mes
it is more easy to became a female music producer like Adora than became a female traineir at bighit
That's Awaseome
That's Awaseome Hace 2 meses
queen destiny queen Jay Savage Squad
Bighit should just stick to male groups and its good that they do
sis Hace 2 meses
TXT Is here yall Jungkook isn’t the maknae anymore
_ttran Hace 2 meses
the closest girl group to bighit is prob gfriend because bighit sent 2 former trainees from bighit to source music
v taehyung
v taehyung Hace 2 meses
right now if big hit open a girls audition most of them just gonna come because of they are bts fan to be near bts.. imagine how fuck up it could be if the casted one is one of the sasaeng fan..I think big hit just they lack of knowledge how to handle and manage girl group thats why even when they train and produce glam they hand the management to source music..and after what happen to glam I think they become more traumatize and not confidence to manage girl group..I think most of big hit producer and trainer are male so they dont really know how girls work..of course the stylist and make up artist are mostly female..I just mean the one who directly train the trainee are mostly male, the upper management..
Katelinlmao 38
Katelinlmao 38 Hace 2 meses
Because they have BTS and TXT and clearly that’s enough for them
Taehyung‘s Gucci
Taehyung‘s Gucci Hace 2 meses
I dreamed of being a kpop idol despite being not korean because i want to show my talent. I dont know why, but i like to be in bighit, since they really train the trainees and attitude, (not like the other agencies dont) but also the way bighit handles bts amaze me. I was training myself and was hoping i can audition in one and be accepted. This is just my opinion. K bye
кσσкlєиє Hace 2 meses
glam would be as famous as blackpink, probably even more famous
forever bts
forever bts Hace 2 meses
It's somewhat sad. Only because of one girl mistake you treat every girl like her. We can't only blame her also. She is also a human, she can also made mistakes, the bad thing occurs when if she again repeats her mistake. Don't be like that you never commit any mistake. In everyone's life there is always a incident which they done by mistake. Bighit should think that what if army never give the second chance to them what if army also thought like that glam do scandals then it definitely means bighit other groups also do scandals so we stop staining them. What if this happen. Would then bts ever be able to become this huge? Now take the example of senguri, he is a guy , he do a big scandal, but is that means yg stop taking boys trainees? One of 2ne1 member also do a dating scandal but did yg stop taking female trainees? (i am not against that member, i am just giving example). Not every girl want to audition for bighit just to meet bts. Girls also want to make their identity at global level with a different concept, they also want to be famous like bts. Some girls also have those experiences which are experienced by bts members .They also want to let the world know about them. And if every company think like that taking female trainees will let them in more scandals then there will be no group like girls generation, blackpink, twice, red velvet, etc. Do these groups let their company in scandals? Even they are the strongest pillar for their company support. Every one needs a second chance. If every person stop giving second chances to others then there will be no legends present in this world because every legend do some mistakes and then learn from them. If you want to avoid scandals, do some methods by themselves rather than banning them. You can use your old building to train girls trainees to avoid contacts from other boys. You can set some rules to avoid them interacting with each other. There are many ways you can avoid scandals. And even if you frightened from sasaeng fans, they can even come in contact with bts by becoming their makeup artist or any other employee of bighit. So you can't stop them. Hope you will accept female trainees soon because their are not much time left for other talanted girls, not every army is below than 2002 Birth years there are Others army too who are from 2000,2001,2002,2003and even from1999 etc who want to show there talent and want to achieve their dream . Bighit you can also change kpop girls group stereotype just like how you change boys group stereotypes At least try once maybe that girls grouo get much more success than bts. All girls are not same. And now you are such a big company then why a girl try to do such scandals and lost such a golden opportunity. Even glam is a girls group formed by a collaboration between bighit and source music maybe this doesn't happen if you debut a girls group like bts, fully in your control not with others Girls can also do much hard work like boys. Just believe once. Please edit:Not every talanted armu can wait for 5 to 10 years. You will definitely lose some great talents if you keep waiting for 5, 6,7,8...years.
Jorge Rocha
Jorge Rocha Hace un mes
and they will start audition global adituion but it is form male again
Celestial Plays
Celestial Plays Hace 2 meses
The intro tho why is no one talking about it 😂 Is it from a real news channel
Jeon Jungkookie
Jeon Jungkookie Hace 2 meses
*I didnt know that GLAM was in Bighit entertainment.. I didnt even know their is a group called GLAM😑 someone pls. revive me by playing the songs of BTS*
Jungkookie and WORLDWIDE handsome
If I audition I would do it for army to show how much bts gives us strength and passion and infinite love for us to be ourselves to love yourself ...I don't get how close do you even get with bts I don't think its that close cause you be busy😂 My 12 yr old logic
Miss Kim
Miss Kim Hace 2 meses
Im not like her so not all girls like her
Emily Eguizabal
Emily Eguizabal Hace 2 meses
I'm twelve, I'm not Asian, and I wanna be a kpop idol. I want to try out for bighit just to see. But my mom thinks I'm too young, but the younger the better. I love bts, and bighit isn't the only kpop company I want to try out for. Cube and Sm are on my list. But I would like to be in bighit bc I want to have good training, groups in this company have so much talent, and I'm not doing to meet bts..... I just wanna be a kpop idol badly
Arwanka Lamare
Arwanka Lamare Hace 2 meses
😅😅😅😅I'm 12 too and wanna be a k pop idol too but my mom don't know I wanna be an idol and if I tell her I wanna be an idol she'll never let😅😅
snsmystic Hace 2 meses
in light of the Burning Sun scandal, could there have been some incriminating truth to the video the ladies tried to blackmail the male actor with? Although, regardless, it's not right for them to blackmail him on their own accord.
erinmsullivan Hace 3 meses
sigh. it's hard out here to be a girl -__-
Tae_WithSomeSuga_AddSomeHope Weise
But what about BLACKPINK?
Phylicia Hace 3 meses
Actually I really wanted to see a girl group from bighit (but I know it would not happen) cause to see GLAM’s concept looks kinda cool to me☹️😭💔 . If only they could behave well and give their trust to the company, I’m sure they could succeed like BTS.
Phylicia Hace 3 meses
And to know that some BTS’s member like RM might had been there and witnessing the whole thing.. OMG that’s just so sad and frustrating 😖☹️😭😭💔
Jayven Rivera
Jayven Rivera Hace 3 meses
Let's wait for the future maybe,bighit will debut a girl group...we don't know,people's mind change so yah let's wait. (Sorry for my bad english,english is not my first languange)
Jung Aria
Jung Aria Hace 3 meses
They should get over glam scandal it’s just stupid
May Ann Liao
May Ann Liao Hace 3 meses
Kapokpokan eh kaya na trauma na si BH na magcreate ng new girl group di rin natin masisisi. #PhArmy
Kpatelboston Hace 3 meses
Do you know how much Big Hit would have banked on SeeU, the Korean Vocaloid? Literally her figurine model for the MMD (Miku Miku Dance) program is seen about. Such a shame that the voice of SeeU herself, Dahae, is the one who screwed around a whole lot. I wonder if SeeU is still popular in Korea past this mess & if so how popular.
Shyan Arms
Shyan Arms Hace 3 meses
because of one member no other women or girl will be able to get in !!!!! THANKS ALOT
Jungkookie Hace 3 meses
It was confusing but all I can is.... *most of GLAM’s members had problems/issues*
nekopii Hace 3 meses
Damn those two girls be baaaad
Choi Elynn
Choi Elynn Hace 3 meses
TXT just officially debuted as a group. Yes, BTS is the older brother group of them. Now, I wait another 5-6 years for another group (which BH hopefully changed their minds about girls and debuts them, too).
Aɪᴋᴏ Hace 3 meses
Why are you all comparing them to BTS? Srsly stop.
Mysic Da One
Mysic Da One Hace 3 meses
Don't blame anyone, it's in the past. The girls have done with their bad past. Please don't leave a bad words to them
viviana soledad peña
Y lo de su grupo y su disolucion fue muy extrano. Hay que considerar q la gencia no era reconocida y existian abusos que se evidenciaron con bts.con la diferencia de que ellas eran chicas y no lograron tanto exito q bts
viviana soledad peña
Lo que si es seguro eran super talentosas esas chicas
viviana soledad peña
Mmm todo ese tema me parece muy turvio.por que la salida repentina de una del grupo y despues lo de las otras dos.es raro.abria q preguntarle a las chicas q paso realmente
Bianca Perez
Bianca Perez Hace 3 meses
Big Hit only has BTS and soon he will also have TXT
Hyun Woo Sung
Hyun Woo Sung Hace 4 meses
armys you know someday bts will disband and atleast look at it maybe at that time bighit will accept girlgroups
Arwanka Lamare
Arwanka Lamare Hace 2 meses
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm when BTS will disband I'll cry 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
Cakeu사라 Hace 4 meses
Why couldn't they just kick 1 of them out though.
Im Bored
Im Bored Hace 4 meses
Well they created Bts so good enough
i don't know nan molla
We respect ur decision pd nim But life is all about second chance. Please try once ..
Lovely Hace 4 meses
Tbh girl groups only bring trouble and drama most of the time, so i respect bighits decision.
K-Pop Gomez
K-Pop Gomez Hace 4 meses
All groups in bighit are so handsome and good style and the new Group txt too
Yoon Ash
Yoon Ash Hace 4 meses
Bang PD is an angel.
Alya Syahirah
Alya Syahirah Hace 4 meses
Sinb and eunha were big hit trainees:)
Goo Tem
Goo Tem Hace 4 meses
I want to be his new his girl group's trainee
ItsmeJm !
ItsmeJm ! Hace 4 meses
Source music and bighit is a kinda sister group, soumu produce only gg and bighit bg
Wanna One Choke Me With their faces
I feel like if Bighit keeps debuting boy groups just imagine the surrounding. They would see BigHit as in not the once "BigHit" but a very genderlizing company. Now they have a new BTS brother group . Next they need to have a BTS sister group. Just saying .
Robbie Violante
Robbie Violante Hace 4 meses
“Your browser does not support video”
Bangtan Bella
Bangtan Bella Hace 4 meses
Why does it say, “Your browser does not support video” when its from the subtitles that the channel put on there?
Chelsea Anonymous
Chelsea Anonymous Hace 4 meses
Everyone says it's just one member but it was two out of a five girl group. I can understand given the issues both members had involved men one being obsessive and the other being criminal why they would want to essentially cut their losses. I do think they ought to give it a try producing AND managing their own group though rather than a shared group. However given the worry of sasaeng and extortion I can see why they think it's safer to attempt to keep BTS as far away from women as possible lol
khairun Hace 4 meses
Did Glam and The Ark the same group with a diffrent names? I'm confused
Ash Hace 4 meses
i dont really like girl groups so i dont really mind
BUTTERCUP Jones Hace 4 meses
Mystery Meme
Mystery Meme Hace 4 meses
Big hit needs to die together with bts
Alice Bz
Alice Bz Hace 4 meses
I feel kinda bad because i acknowledge what a good company Bighit is. Since the beginning, Bang PD's vision was to create an entertainment company where the artists could produce their music and not some stupid stereotype trendy mass-media bias groups / music. That's why BTS's music is so addictive, they address deep society issues that normal entertainment companies don't like to be any part of, they have profound meaning and they have their own distinct style. The boys are actually singing their music, their songs, spreading their ideas, their voices to the fans. But there are a lot of female trainees out there deserve this kind of company too. And it's really hard to find a good one like Bighit because even though there maybe some companies like that, they may not be as successful as Bighit is now. I've watched a lot of girl groups struggle and I just hope one day Bighit gives female trainees a chance again.
Okay Maja
Okay Maja Hace 5 meses
This sucks some girls are really talented and would want to audition but no because of b...LADY they can't. Well you see James Charles has been through some scandals and he still keeps going i know it isn't a ''fair'' comparacing but Bighit should give some girls another chance. Its just too bad 1 member fucked up.
preetikaisapotato Hace 5 meses
They had a girl group before?! I never knew that!
Jenni Yep a KPOP Fan
I know a bighit girl group and BTS will have scandals but what about the “boy” scandals? I heard that Mochi and one of our goofballs had a scandal I think so I don’t remember correctly, but it said Mochi and one of our goofballs had a scandal, so it’s not girl scandals only but also “boy” scandals.
Jenni Yep a KPOP Fan
I like BTS but I won’t audition just to get close to them I mean if I have to work there i will treat them like a big brother nothing sexual I wanna be a kpop star I love their songs and their a big inspiration for a lot of us but sadly not many fangirls are like that..
Chunky Kitty
Chunky Kitty Hace 5 meses
That pic of the girls in black there's a vid of them dancing in the room where BTS train 😂
Itz AnnU
Itz AnnU Hace 5 meses
Please try to understand bang pd all girls aren't same you have to give a chance
Иikeи AииaV
Иikeи AииaV Hace 5 meses
But, if I have a chance, I want to bcme their trainee.. Maybe their actors too:| I wish that could happen-• Amen..😣🙏😅
Very Very Veautiful Fandom
Alolipa Uli
Alolipa Uli Hace 5 meses
This video was long
amelia almutarreb
amelia almutarreb Hace 5 meses
just cause of one girl group wasnt a success doesnt mean the other will be
amelia almutarreb
amelia almutarreb Hace 5 meses
have you heard their music it is so good they couldve become huge
lol Rinny
lol Rinny Hace 5 meses
I feel like BTS is going to last longer than TXT tbh... Sorry for saying that and TXT didn't even debut yet... I think TXT will last for a long time, but I still feel that BTS will last longer 0_0. Bighit should debut another girl group, maybe even a solo girl. I want to audition ti see if they would even bother letting me be a trainee or even just be there. BigHit is not in the top three companies and it isn't a very small company so it matches what company I would want to go to, but I can't... Bighit style is very good (m/v outfits and dance)
Park G young
Park G young Hace 5 meses
I feel bad for the girls who had to train for along time to debut and then stupid scandals started appearing. Fun big hit
Unrelyrable Mochi
Unrelyrable Mochi Hace 5 meses
While I am a girl myself, and before finding out that Bighit only accepted girls(and also before I was ARMY lol) my friend encouraged me to try to audition with her, but after doing some research I realised that Bighit did not accept females. I was pretty bummed out after the fact that they were hosting auditions a few streets down from where I live, but I do respect his decision. He almost lost everything from the Glam scandal, and creating a girl group could cause a lot of dating rumours and scandals. Not to mention how many sasaengs or fans auditioning for the sole purpose of wanting to meet their biases. It'd be better to leave it the way it is, maybe one day in the future Bighit will debut girl groups again.
Xx_.toxic._xX Hace 5 meses
Of the made a female group I think it would be "Girls Hit"
Kate Garsha
Kate Garsha Hace 5 meses
I wonder where they are now
ღRαʂρႦҽɾɾყ Tαɾƚღ
Can someone explain the 'Glam incident' i know bits of it but i just wanna know the whole thing
Jungkooks Tata
Jungkooks Tata Hace 5 meses
I thought it was just bc some might fans would actually have no interest in being in a group and they just want to get closer to BTS
_vminkookie_ Hace 5 meses
Why cut off mid sentence? It makes it harder to read 'cause your constantly having to stop mid way sentence. Other then that glam would have been good (ig) but it never happend.
Bts4Life Hace 5 meses
It’s kinda sexist cause not many girls are like this. But they were due to 1-2 members so I’m sure he felt we were all this way and was too scared to risk another group feeling it may come out the same. It’s not their fault but it’s kinda sad aswell that they won’t let in another girl group and because the group disbanded because of one member being a moron. But it still hasn’t been confirmed by bighit this isn’t the reason but it’s quit clear now
Yo I'm Yongmey
Yo I'm Yongmey Hace 5 meses
aww crap
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