Hermitcraft 7: Episode 63 - THE MANSION INTERIOR

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 63 - THE MANSION INTERIOR grian is back on the hermitcraft server building his minecraft mansion base but this time focusing on the mansion interior. He also discovers there is a secret base in the mansion
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18 ene 2021






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Firedragon Hace 2 horas
Why cant u guys keep a secret
HuweHuwe Hace 4 horas
8:28 I've missed this theme song of grian's timelapse building
Ferdinand Bauer
Ferdinand Bauer Hace 9 horas
You can make a diamond and netherite throne
Ellie Saxton
Ellie Saxton Hace 12 horas
There is still some free glass in the sandstone
Bloodhound Hace 17 horas
OMG Grian I just got the great idea. Build a gladiator arena Where everyone can meet up and fight for rewards and ranks.
Denise La
Denise La Hace 20 horas
h c big brain staff
Alvin Velez
Alvin Velez Hace un día
Hermit craft big bomb society
astretix Hace un día
bruh grian just made me remember of a spoiler i saw on google about mha- :(
itzMelonz Hace un día
Is it just me who gets reminded of grians season 6 base by the rings of impulses base
Beck Vaughn
Beck Vaughn Hace un día
Don't you guys think it would make more sense if invisibility potions didn't have particles?
Aminah Edwards
Aminah Edwards Hace un día
I love grian hes my favorite
Potatoesandsalt Hace un día
I love how grian refers to himself as “we” almost like we helped him build something
Cassandra Hace un día
a wOwWwww fire place
Raphaël Gsq
Raphaël Gsq Hace 2 días
Grain : * discovers a mysterious extraterrestrial engine * Also Grain : "Is there a button to press?"
Whiteout31 OmegaLOL
Whiteout31 OmegaLOL Hace 2 días
Clément Perrin
Clément Perrin Hace 2 días
hermit craft bamboozled challenges!!! cm on
Joe Ma
Joe Ma Hace 2 días
It h c b b s stands for hermit craft big base swap
Henry D
Henry D Hace 2 días
Interior is fantastic
Sirsnacks Alot
Sirsnacks Alot Hace 3 días
In season eight grian should re build the barge but a sunken version
Jesse Kersey
Jesse Kersey Hace 4 días
Those stacks of diamond blocks puts my Minecraft map to shame.
IceKryptic23 Hace 4 días
HCBBS= Hermit craft, button back soon
Immortal Bitz
Immortal Bitz Hace 4 días
When it comes down for bases being grandiose, Grian has it in the bag
Gotchu Hace 4 días
Grian, dude. Your building sense sucks. Mega? Your base is big but it look dldull and lifeless and colourless. Your inability to focus on one thing at the same time is so annoying and not completing priorities really output your personality as a whole. It is abselutely frustrating and provide shitty procastinating lazy bum vibe
Xanderz 101
Xanderz 101 Hace un día
man, people like you are the kind of people that nobody likes. thats one thing to criticize someone and tell them how to improve, but you are just completely rude about it. you wasted your time watching the video and commenting, which just shows that you are only doing this for attention. not cool dude.
Zuriel Audric C. Lumabi
Grian the text are they search it and write it or copy n paste
Jesus is coming guys. :) JESUS IS KING😀 John14:6 hes the way the truth and the life. the only way to the Father. -alllssssooooo heaven:)
Ultitech Gamer
Ultitech Gamer Hace 5 días
Does anybody know the name of the song he uses when he does a timelapse?
MINECRAFT Herobrine Gaming
haven't hear this song for ages 8:53!
Hannah Bond
Hannah Bond Hace 5 días
It’s still impressive tho
Hannah Bond
Hannah Bond Hace 5 días
It’s a wow but not a woooaw
Zoey Stevens
Zoey Stevens Hace 5 días
have you ever heard of Movie Magic? Editing?
Kamataros Hace 5 días
Everyone: just put their name into the HCBBS without thinking Grian out of all people: "should i be doing this?"
Omen Games
Omen Games Hace 5 días
Did anybody else notice the avatar The last Airbender reference for the fireplace?
BentheGremlin _
BentheGremlin _ Hace 6 días
Grian’s entire fanbase is firmly trying to make sure he never keeps a secret
Baronn 1
Baronn 1 Hace 6 días
7:12 nice
Max Groves
Max Groves Hace 6 días
Thoroughly count in Brian’s video 1000000000000
jonas wiederstein
jonas wiederstein Hace 7 días
just an FYI i don't think the greenwood fits not to be rude
Super Pandas
Super Pandas Hace 7 días
The ding ding! It’s from season 6! Mumbo’s Moustache removing machine played it! It’s mumbo jumbo you are AFK!
Master Ted Kenobi
Master Ted Kenobi Hace 7 días
To all the people who spoil things on the server, I hope you never stand on a crunchy leaf again
Jimmy Szewczyk
Jimmy Szewczyk Hace 7 días
CayBean Gamer
CayBean Gamer Hace 7 días
what is the song name that played during the time lapse or is it original because I quite fancy the song and wish to listen to listen to it on say Spotify.
Hrky Hace 7 días
Grian: Please do not spoil this... It's for your enternatinment Stupid fans: *spoil despite that* Grian: U had one job 🤨
Malte Björk
Malte Björk Hace 7 días
H.c.b.b.s is hermit craft big base swap
Litter Ladder
Litter Ladder Hace 8 días
Eminem eating m&ms lol
The Mad God
The Mad God Hace 8 días
Hermit Craft Big Button Society
20firebird Hace 8 días
good god, the man is a serial bamboozler
Semaj Niomet
Semaj Niomet Hace 8 días
Grian, why don't you replace the torches with lanterns? They emit 0F light rather than 0E light from torches, thus allowing you to use less of them. Admittedly, this would use quite a bit of iron, but it could be useful on a trial basis, could it not?
Starry_Cloudi Hace 8 días
22:55 Hermit Craft Big Button Start Just guessing
Kaya Voyce
Kaya Voyce Hace 9 días
Nicholas Leva
Nicholas Leva Hace 9 días
Keep the holes so you can fly in your base :)
Magnemite987 Hace 9 días
I hope the people who spoiled it, there beds are wet
Kaden Riggs
Kaden Riggs Hace 9 días
who else finds these time-lapses super comforting to watch
CheekyRobbie Hace 9 días
To all the people who spoiled Grian's secret, I hope your phone charger only works in a specific angle
Mr. .iconic
Mr. .iconic Hace 9 días
I’m thinking a diamond thrown corner
The Unknown
The Unknown Hace 9 días
HCBBS hermit Craft big branch system
Het Steills
Het Steills Hace 9 días
Oh good. I smell a hermitcraft world war three...
Reagan Kohler
Reagan Kohler Hace 10 días
What if hermitcraft invited a player, whose soul purpose on the server was to grind for materials for other hermits huge projects
Anahi Zepeda
Anahi Zepeda Hace 10 días
P.B Peanut Butter?????????
Fire Fox
Fire Fox Hace 10 días
The new button looks like a nuke or a bomb.
Toxic Me
Toxic Me Hace 10 días
to the people spoiling hermit craft I hope your chargers only work when bent at one very specific angle of 41°
Ilona Nowakowska
Ilona Nowakowska Hace 10 días
If pesky birds can hold such immense loads, does that mean pesky birds are phoenix's ?
Snapps Hace 10 días
is it just me or does grian have the best timelaps music
Ryan Lande
Ryan Lande Hace 10 días
i’m so happy hermicaft fans aren’t like dream fans 😂
Fenn Hace 10 días
Dude I would so love to see the V Shoujo girls do a collab with everyone from a hermitcraft just to see if all of you Hermits can teach him a thing or two about Minecraft because let's just say... They're new to the concept of building in Minecraft.....
TaurusJack Hace 10 días
Alex Bandigas
Alex Bandigas Hace 10 días
Hydrasilva712 Gaming
Hydrasilva712 Gaming Hace 10 días
Alternate title:grian flexing about how rich he is.
Abdalah Nawar
Abdalah Nawar Hace 10 días
Grian steal more doors you dumy jk
sijun chathuni
sijun chathuni Hace 11 días
FennecFox Hace 11 días
Grian: Builds interior. Fans: YESYESYESYEYSYEYSYEYSY
Zaeem Baig
Zaeem Baig Hace 11 días
Grian (before) - doesn’t like using diamond , iron , gold blocks Grian ( now ) - “we’ll flex with some netherite blocks and diamond blocks”
Stray216 Hace 11 días
5:50 great britain intesifies
jesse wolford
jesse wolford Hace 12 días
279 to 269? Very suspicious discount there grain 🤨
Sage Anctil
Sage Anctil Hace 12 días
Elijah Buchanan
Elijah Buchanan Hace 12 días
since diamonds are so common now, they should lose market value
LittleVoidLV Hace 12 días
269 nice
Suspicious Noodles
Suspicious Noodles Hace 12 días
Just realized the song he uses is Pokémon
Equestrian Actor
Equestrian Actor Hace 12 días
Clicked on this with my elbow lol 😂
Alan Murray
Alan Murray Hace 12 días
I wish I had a "Grian" on my server
FLAMEY2000 Hace 13 días
5:49 wEll BUtTer mY biScUiT
i give a chalage to grian or grain to clear the does ocean water or river of lake by putting dorrs
Bristley70 Hace 13 días
Diamond Beacon
Nawat Kumsorn
Nawat Kumsorn Hace 13 días
Grian should make a bell like mumbo's heart
foxquee Hace 13 días
can't wait to see what the "change" is.
Chloe Leonard
Chloe Leonard Hace 13 días
I can't believe the people who spoil everything it makes things so sad
vintage car
vintage car Hace 13 días
Jerry Derkaloussian
Jerry Derkaloussian Hace 13 días
I hope the people who spoil the things on Hermitcraft stub their toe and step on a lego with the same foot.
VinSanity Hace 9 días
y e s
w1ndy64 Hace 13 días
Dragon Gamer
Dragon Gamer Hace 13 días
hermitcraft big bang soceaty
#Laure Hace 13 días
He'll never see this ToT
Oliber Hace 13 días
Matt Plaz
Matt Plaz Hace 13 días
Hcbbs = hermit craft big base swap
Cameron Weaver
Cameron Weaver Hace 13 días
H C B B S. Hermit Craft Big Boom Soon. Maybe who know
Jakob Muniz
Jakob Muniz Hace 14 días
I knew from the start that wasn't it grian wouldn't just show us the enterance, bc some of us can't keep secerets
KingEnderGamer Hace 14 días
Welcome to tutorials with Grian ep 1: how to bring your pets with you when flying
Shadow wolfgiga
Shadow wolfgiga Hace 14 días
It only took about 40 episodes
Not a Person
Not a Person Hace 14 días
Replace the stripped warped logs with diamonds
Caitlin Watson
Caitlin Watson Hace 14 días
What’s going on with the upside down mansion and the stealing doors ......😏
Rushad Masani
Rushad Masani Hace 14 días
Grian You could Make a section in the barge where you can trade things with diamonds.
Dr. Mcnuggets
Dr. Mcnuggets Hace 14 días
You should make a mega 9 beacon, beacon with those diamonds
Dr. Mcnuggets
Dr. Mcnuggets Hace 14 días
17:33 I don’t know how I noticed this but the iron ore is upside down here...I’m as confused as you
Wild windy Bee
Wild windy Bee Hace 14 días
U flexer 😂