Hermitcraft 8: A New Hermit has Arrived! Episode 1

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New hermitcraft server member alert!! This is my very first episode from this amazing server. In this episode we have lots of silly interactions, create a starter house, and set up some early game farms and enchanting.

Find all the hermits here: hermitcraft.com/

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Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com and OBS
Minecraft version 1.17
Optifine 1.17

Hermitcraft Logo by @DnatorGames

Minecraft skin artist:

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19 jun 2021






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Comentarios 8 869
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes Hace 14 horas
Just wanted to say I am loving your video. I can’t wait to watch more!
Jomar R
Jomar R Hace 22 horas
I love your voice!!!
Lou Monsta
Lou Monsta Hace un día
Taiga is the best biome
Veronika Koubková
Veronika Koubková Hace un día
how is that a starter house like- i couldnt even sketch that
Georgia McPherson
Georgia McPherson Hace un día
And then she found it
Georgia McPherson
Georgia McPherson Hace un día
We love how she missed the Amethyst cluster
Andrei Jefferson
Andrei Jefferson Hace 2 días
She mist the crystals in the mineshaft. There was calcite
im ugly but
im ugly but Hace 2 días
The video that made 32k people click the subscribe button in 1 day
19 adhyayan das
19 adhyayan das Hace 2 días
stress is a scaredy cat
gego Hace 2 días
im very late to this but, team canada has a new member!!! please get up to some antics with etho and beef:o
Alexis Mallory
Alexis Mallory Hace 2 días
wow nice house
sophia he-sun
sophia he-sun Hace 3 días
Did anyone else think she skipped an amethyst geode at 31:49? Just me? yea I'm hallucinating
Magus Hace 3 días
Lucky mineing
soul & jelly
soul & jelly Hace 3 días
YOUR VOICE IS SO ADORABLE OMG IM SUBBING also im like barely a teen for info im not a old man
naz Hace 3 días
Her voice really reminds me of rapunzel
Carla Gutierrez
Carla Gutierrez Hace 3 días
I was born in 2011
wolfie Butler
wolfie Butler Hace 3 días
Taiga biomes are actually my favorite just kind of the bluish tint is lovely
Marly Surpris
Marly Surpris Hace 4 días
Anyone realize she past geoide at 31:49
Willa Li
Willa Li Hace 4 días
I love how Gem says thank you skeleton while killing the skeleton. 😂
Benjamin Payne
Benjamin Payne Hace 4 días
Where my Newfoundland gang at
zozo lili
zozo lili Hace 4 días
I was born in 2011 :)
Aiden O'Sewart
Aiden O'Sewart Hace 4 días
Also.... Blue flame torches! Those would go great in the cave!
Aiden O'Sewart
Aiden O'Sewart Hace 4 días
You could probably use trap doors and fenceposts to make some convincing roots lining your lil cave
Ann B.
Ann B. Hace 4 días
o.0 your voice is so pretty! A very late, but still welcome to HC~
Kim Navalta
Kim Navalta Hace 5 días
I just started watching because of hermitcraft I love how sarcastic you sound when talking to the other hermits I can't stop laughing.
Danielle Pollastro
Danielle Pollastro Hace 5 días
They're called notch apples. 😐
Kiara Fuller
Kiara Fuller Hace 5 días
You past a geode
TolkienForce Hace 5 días
I usually only watch Grian and Mumbo but GEMINI here has found someone who wants to watch her too! Enjoy HC and I'll enjoy it from this end :)
Kiara Fuller
Kiara Fuller Hace 5 días
16:46 I thought they were gonna rob u
Entertaining Stuff
Entertaining Stuff Hace 5 días
congrats Geminitay
Heart of the Sea
Heart of the Sea Hace 5 días
34:18 *Tree grows* *Ad plays* "That's huge!"
Danielle Pollastro
Danielle Pollastro Hace 5 días
?????? There is no best biome. 😐
yukiandkanamekuran Hace 6 días
I love this 🥺🥺🥺 fave mc youtuber
yukiandkanamekuran Hace 6 días
Ngl I'm also new to hermitcraft, and after watching part of one of your tutorials (worldedit, so I'm following along), I feel you're so nice aaaaa. I love your voice.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Hace 6 días
Birch forest is the best biome? Lol. No way. Taiga mountains are where it's at. 😃
Its_KiwiBean _Gacha
Its_KiwiBean _Gacha Hace 7 días
..canada..hold on- Where you said u lived- Why is that familiar.. .. COME FROM AWAY. AHHFHCJXJRNRNJCJ THE MUSICAL! I just noticed qwq
Chapon Luc
Chapon Luc Hace 7 días
34:38 me while the bee is spinning "You spin me round round baby round round like a record baby round round round round"
Camille Felten
Camille Felten Hace 7 días
Do you know candels can float?
Amethyst Hace 7 días
The two bdubs heads looking at Pearl be like: The council will decide the fate
Briana Mills
Briana Mills Hace 7 días
That it so cool that you are a medical student. My mom works for a hospital
Hector Huaman Meza
Hector Huaman Meza Hace 7 días
So glad to discover your channel! 🥳
Game2 Last
Game2 Last Hace 7 días
Gem finds god apple Me not finding it after opening 1000 of chest
Piyush personal
Piyush personal Hace 7 días
Your soft voice never let my day down : D
TAHIRAH REID Hace 7 días
I like your videos 😍😍😍😍😊😍😊😊😍😍😊😍😍
Psycho Forest715
Psycho Forest715 Hace 8 días
My first time watching one of your videos and I absolutely love your Content! You have gained a new subscriber Ma'am.😁👍
Mando Music
Mando Music Hace 8 días
Sort of the girl verson of Grian but she will be put to death by prank wars because her and Grian have a very similar style… a diffrent favorite biome taste tho.
Imagination Drawer
Imagination Drawer Hace 8 días
Me in empires: *Watches every youtuber's perspective* Me in hermitcraft: *Don't even think about it*
Shawn Tavernia
Shawn Tavernia Hace 8 días
I would like to see a magical cave for the axolotls.
Marren B3
Marren B3 Hace 8 días
etho was slain by iron golem, *everyone else* YYAAAAAAAY
black kat
black kat Hace 8 días
Omg I have been watching hermitcraft since season 6 and I started watching you a year ago so this is a wonderful surprise 😁
Dana Drew
Dana Drew Hace 8 días
I am a Big Grian fan and Canadian. I think I just found my new favorite youtuber.. Good job..
Sarah Macklin
Sarah Macklin Hace 8 días
If i was you i would just let them give the stuff to me and then leave the game and join later and when they leave i would join takke all the good stuff and put it in my inventory then when they join i would leave and keep doing that until they give up :)
Hogz Tcp
Hogz Tcp Hace 8 días
Heard you say you were a Newfoundlander and subbed.
V. T.
V. T. Hace 8 días
Seed money
Jade Plays Stuff
Jade Plays Stuff Hace 8 días
Blue Hero
Blue Hero Hace 9 días
Yes Birch is da best
Small Fry
Small Fry Hace 9 días
TacolTacolTacol Hace 9 días
Eight episode 1 later and its all coming together im now a fan of the hermits
ZE R0 Hace 9 días
This is such a contrast from Mumbo's stuff that I usually watch, which I love. Such variance. Keep up the great content, Gem!
Keira Segura
Keira Segura Hace 9 días
I'm so happy for you Gem :)❤️❤️🎉😄😄
Nevaeh Scheckel
Nevaeh Scheckel Hace 9 días
Ahh fate is being weird! I was painting a girl with orange hair and a mushroom hat with a green background, I've never seen your videos before and you just started playing while I was painting and it looks just like your skin!
Nathaniel Eudaily
Nathaniel Eudaily Hace 10 días
So happy that you are going to be graduating college
Keira Conway
Keira Conway Hace 10 días
My starter house: a weird dirt hut Gem’s starter house: an absolute master piece
BreatheOfFire Hace 10 días
You dont sound Newfinese at All! you must of grew up in sin jawns. People from st johns don't sound like they've been raised like wild ski doos
DarkGlitch01 Hace 10 días
I'm sure u already knew this, but u could've gotten bones from fish, there's a possibility of fish dropping bones, so ye.
D4rkrays Hace 10 días
I'm watching this week's after the start of the season. Gotta say I love to see this perspective of things
Izzy Bolyard
Izzy Bolyard Hace 10 días
My most hated enemy birch Forest The reason is I can't escape them they last forever 😃✌️
Kasen Luminais
Kasen Luminais Hace 10 días
I love you house so much 😻it looks so nice
lucky duhoon
lucky duhoon Hace 10 días
At 31:49 you missed amethyst clusters
lucky duhoon
lucky duhoon Hace 10 días
But you have got them later also, my bad
Nathan Ma
Nathan Ma Hace 10 días
Charli and more
Charli and more Hace 11 días
I'm so early and new episode yay
Adalynn Krajangwongmendez
my sister forced me to watch you, I don't regret listening to my sister
zafiah wilson
zafiah wilson Hace 11 días
You started your youtube canal 2 years before I was born
Achilles Pacleta
Achilles Pacleta Hace 11 días
I totally love Gem! Her personality adds a nice contrast with the other Hermits
Haley Anne
Haley Anne Hace 11 días
Did anyone else see her pass a geode?
kar Hace 8 días
@Haley Anne I think she came back to it later.
Haley Anne
Haley Anne Hace 11 días
It was in the mine right in a tunnel next to a chest in a mine cart
Fallen Spades
Fallen Spades Hace 11 días
Wowie, New Found land! Dude, I could visit you XD jk
Amber Winborn
Amber Winborn Hace 11 días
It’s really hard to tell whether Gem is sarcastic or not
eva woods
eva woods Hace 11 días
honestly i love your voice and your laugh 🥰❤️
Vipekk Hace 11 días
Meanwhile Grian and the crew create a cult
Vipekk Hace 11 días
How much fps is Gem's Minecraft running? I have so much fps but it never quite runs as smoothly even on optifine...Can someone help me?
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar Hace 11 días
66plus22 Hace 11 días
snak1ty Hace 11 días
give me your gender
Mossy Raven
Mossy Raven Hace 11 días
Wanna say I love Stress's accent
spidermonkey’s Gaming
My brother doesn’t like birch and thinks the birch forest is terrible but he’s crazy. Birch forests are beautiful, I prefer dark oak or spruce but love birch planks to add contrast
Leo Fernandes
Leo Fernandes Hace 12 días
I love her voice soo muchhh
Hinata Naki
Hinata Naki Hace 12 días
Hinata Naki
Hinata Naki Hace 12 días
Midnightcat Hace 12 días
gem in empires: umm Joel why do you have all those heads.... gem in hermitcraft: ya so I have like all the heads in the game and most of the other players ones
Thea Eberhardt
Thea Eberhardt Hace 13 días
Watching everyone’s videos to try to catch up and hearing “hey everyone I paid Cleo to kill Bdubs come watch!” never gets old 😂
solarcat Hace 13 días
for some reason since im a girl i love watching other girl creators and hermitcraft has a lot of those. I guess I don't feel as alone on youtube or minecraft
Gavlar Hace 13 días
You are now my favourite hermit, hope you get a few more million subs from this
Adnan Alam
Adnan Alam Hace 13 días
Umm Build Something With help of Grian Maibi ...
some dude that has no life
you are now my new comfort youtuber (with grian ofc)
Isabella Bostwick
Isabella Bostwick Hace 13 días
gem i've never watched you before today and i figured i'd give you a try and oh wow i love you so much, definitely my new comfort youtuber
Dave Edison
Dave Edison Hace 13 días
Dave Edison
Dave Edison Hace 13 días
Wait,I forgot to say welcome to hermittcraft
Dave Edison
Dave Edison Hace 13 días
No,the mooshroom biom is the best cuz hostile mobs can't spon on Mysilium
Riley Lancaster
Riley Lancaster Hace 13 días
Mad_man Hace 13 días
dont get sad mumbo and G are gust prankesters
Gianni Aerts
Gianni Aerts Hace 13 días
You’re a hermit niw that’s amazing! Congratulations! =D
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